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Paypal Refund??

Posted by clowwwjd2009 
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Paypal Refund??
November 09, 2011 06:57AM
Today I received an email for a paypal refund. I went to my Backend and looked at Sales and it is listed as a "Canceled_Reversal". And it shows a deduction for the product. Now that's a problem because there was never a charge for the product. So it appears that I just paid for a refund on money I never received. I've never seen this type of refund before.
Chuckconfused smiley
Re: Paypal Refund??
November 09, 2011 07:00AM
My Bad,

I guess I need another cup of coffee! I found the sale. All is good.cool smiley
Re: Paypal Refund??
November 09, 2011 10:16AM

I havent got any refunds for weeks now. But today, Tradebit support team seem to have processed many refunds for my account?

Even refunds for purchases made more than a month back where the purchaser has Thanked me earlier. So Whats going on?

Are other merchants getting many refunds, more than usual, today as well?
Re: Paypal Refund??
November 09, 2011 11:00AM
I also received a refund and wondered what happened?

Did this customer wake up this morning (2 months later after the purchase)

and simply needed some change for a latte?

Our general refund policy is 60 days however tradebit may give them more time.

Maybe here would be a good place for Tradebit to clarify the terms.
Re: Paypal Refund??
November 09, 2011 11:47AM
pecno, I have gotten 6 refunds today after not getting any for several weeks, same as you

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Re: Paypal Refund??
November 09, 2011 03:50PM
I am an affiliate and I am having a similar experience.

For the first time ever, my refunds are as much as my sales! And this is after not seeing any refunds for almost a month and a half.

Very puzzling.
Re: Paypal Refund??
November 09, 2011 08:36PM
Actually, my colleagues have now updated me from Germany: The chargebacks of the last weeks have not been accounted for in the statistics, after Paypal changed a small thing in their interface. Martin has caught up with that and all chargebacks that we missed of the last 6 weeks had to be registered by today. That gives you (and us) a bad day in revenue, but now all backlog is cleared and the process was fixed by them... sorry for the confusion, but I guess my team waited for me to post here to the questions!

As many of you know: I am on a conference right now and a bit slow in answering questions. I will fly back in less than 24 hrs and hopefully be faster to answer forum questions then!
Re: Paypal Refund??
November 09, 2011 10:28PM
Sorry for being a numbskull....but where do I find the info on any Refunds/Chargebacks on my sales?
Thanks.I am not sure where to look in the interface.

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Re: Paypal Refund??
November 10, 2011 01:36PM

MyTradebit >> Current Month (Sales Area) >> Show Open Payouts >> Status Column & Comment Column
Re: Paypal Refund??
November 13, 2011 12:10PM
Folks, for over 6 weeks certain refunds have not been accounted for in the Paypal interface. That was a little bug that (naturally) got discovered and abused by some buyers. We have plugged that hole!

Another payout round just left our accounts! We are now only 5 days behind and catching up!