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Who is your competition and how do you compare?

Posted by PotentialBuyer 
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Who is your competition and how do you compare?
April 29, 2005 10:20AM
Hello tradebit team,

pure interest: who is your competition and how do you compare with them? Do you talk openly about these things?

Potential Buyer(!)
Re: Who is your competition and how do you compare?
April 29, 2005 10:42AM
Hi there!

Yeah, sure we talk about that - even in public smiling smiley - but I guess there is not much to say.

We respect payloadz.com, they have done a good job for the PayPal community with the development forum they provide. We have been reading there a lot during the development process of this platform. But they also have a total different approach and a total different price structure. I guess the major difference is, that you can start there for free, but you have to pay a percentage of your sale and you pay for traffic.

I do not know much about bitpass.com, seems like they are not as present as payloadz.

There are some others, as far as I know, but these folks concentrate more on specific niches, where I believe that a broader audience is better for all people using tradebit.com.

For us the major approach is "traffic-centric" - that means we want to drive as much traffic to this platform as possible to make merchants successful.

All in all, if you have specific questions about any features, I would be happy to answer these here...



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