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Health and Lifestyle on Tradebit
Welcome to Tradebit's health and lifestyle section. Here you'll find detailed and informative materials that are at the forefront of the market for working on the complete you. You'll find the best fitness guides for bulking up and slimming down, the latest hair, make-up and anti-aging tips, the most successful diet and weight loss programs, stress-management eBooks and yoga relaxation techniques, and much more?to help you find the best inner and outer rhythm for your body, mind, and soul.

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Mp3 To Thine Own Self Be True - How To Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Good (small Audio Of Encouragement)

Quitting smoking is not easy, but YOU CAN DO IT! ......Learn a few tips in which you can kick the smoking habit FOR GOOD!............To Thine Own Self Be True - How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes for Good - GRAB YOUR COPY TODAY! 4 MP3 Songs in this ......

8.99 USD

How To Stop Smoking In A Week

How To Stop Smoking In a Week Dear friend Have you been wanting to stop smoking, but havent really known the right way to stop? What if I told you that within a week from starting this one stop smoking program you could be smoke free foreve......

17.00 USD

*new!* How To Stop Smoking Permanently

*NEW!* How To Stop Smoking Permanently Do you want to step your smoking habit? Here's a guide that would help you stop your nicotine dependency and be smoke free permanently. Here's what you will get inside: INTRODUCTION Don't you thi......

4.95 USD
XSeller keywords: fitness, health, how to

Kick That Habit Quit Smoking

FINALLY, Learn How You Can Quickly Kick That Smoking Habit, Easily...Without the Aid of Patches, Pills or Drugs. Discover the Fool Proof Method Your Doctor Never Told You About! If you smoke or know anyone that smokes, drop everything that your......

17.00 USD

10k & 5k Running: Jog, Run, Train & Race 5k, 10k To 10 Miles - David Holt

Race successfully at 5K to 10 miles by building an endurance base with easy to steady running while also playing at speed with Fartlek. Then run a hill training phase with weight and resistance training. Graduate to more endurance with anaerobic t......

ePub format
apps only,

9.95 USD
XSeller keywords: david holt, field, jogging

Zen And The Art Of Running - Larry Shapiro

All that I am, I am because of my mind. Paavo Nurmi, Olympic runner with nine gold medals in track & fieldAll runners strive to get in the "zone," but here they'll learn to enter the ZEN "zone"! By adopting Buddha's mindful approach, you will disc......

ePub format
apps only,

11.95 USD
XSeller keywords: jogging, larry shapiro, recreation

Transforming Your Community Through Dance: 13 Steps To A Great Dance Team - Adrian Flores

I came from a gang rich city; Richmond, California. Dance and support groups gave me a new outlook and a new life. I have a story to tell, read this book and become enlightened, go through my program and be transformed. If you want to help yourse......

ePub format
apps only,

14.95 USD
XSeller keywords: adrian flores, dance, general

Dance The Sacred Art: The Joy Of Movement As A Spiritual Practice - Cynthia Winton-henry

Seize the joy and healing power of dance! Winton-Henry taps into the spirit of dancing throughout history and in many world cultures to provide exercises that help you learn to trust your body and interpret its physical and spiritual intentions. F......

ePub format
apps only,

16.99 USD
XSeller keywords: cynthia winton-henry, dance, general

Dance Performance: From Rehearsal To Opening Night - Kristin Kessel

The curtain opens. Spotlights flood the stage as music plays. A group of young women begins to dance, each moving in perfect harmony with one another. Their performance is flawless-and fulfilling. They have spent many long hours preparing for this......

ePub format
apps only,

26.50 USD

Dance Lessons: Six Steps To Great Partnerships In Business & Life - , Heather Shea-schultz

From Chip R. Bell, the bestselling author of Customers as Partners , Managers as Mentors , and Managing Knock You rSocks Off Service , partnering with Heather Shea, the former president of The Tom Peters Group's training and consulting company Pro......

ePub format
apps only,

24.95 USD
XSeller keywords: business, chip r. bell, economics

Pole Dancing Craze Pdf W/mrr

Dear Friend, Are you worried about money? Would you like to be your own boss? Do you feel that you lack confidence? Would you like to be in better physical shape? What if I told you that you could do all of that in one fell swoop - intereste......

15.00 USD

Bringing The Body To The Stage And Screen: Expressive Movement For Performers - Annette Lust

As stage and screen artists explore new means to enhance their craft, a new wave of interest in expressive movement and physical improvisation has developed. In Bringing the Body to the Stage and Screen, Annette Lust provides these artists with a ......

ePub format
apps only,

48.99 USD
XSeller keywords: modern, dance, performing arts

The New Rules Of Posture: How To Sit, Stand, And Move In The Modern World - Mary Bond

"The New Rules of Posture is a good adjunct to bodywork of all kinds, from chiro­practic and osteopathy to Pilates and yoga. Read it thoroughly, let it soak into your experience--your body will thank you." --Thomas Myers, author of Anatomy Trains ......

ePub format
apps only,

18.95 USD
XSeller keywords: exercise, fitness, health

Muscle Building Inferno With Private Label Rights

WHATS INCLUDED IN THIS PACKAGE? 1. 50 page High Quality Ebook - This high quality ebook contains many stratgies and tips for successful muscle gain, the natural way! Covering many strategies and tips on muscle gain, this niche is exploding r......
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22.00 USD
XSeller keywords: muscle building inferno plr

Packing On The Muscle Bodybuiding Manual

"How To Quickly Pack On Swelling Muscles and Explode Your Physique In a Matter of Minutes a Day Without The Use of Drugs or SURGERY!" Learn the secrets in using your own body weight and the law of gravity to INCREASE your muscle mass as you stri......

9.99 USD
XSeller keywords: bodybuiding, gaining mass, muscle

Muscle Building

Get Ready To Get Ripped! There are real techniques that you can follow that will not only pack on muscle in a shorter amount of time but it won't cost you a dime in the process! No more supplements, no muscle magazines that mislead you, no more......

9.95 USD

*hot!* Beauty For Newbies

Do you feel like an ugly duckling sometimes? Doesn't it seem like everyone else seems to know the best ways to present themselves, from their hair, to their skin, to their makeup? Beauty does come naturally, but knowing how to ac......

9.95 USD
XSeller keywords: beauty tips, download ebook, how to

Reinvent Yourself With Color Me Beautiful: Four Seasons Of Color, Makeup, And Style - Joanne Richmond

It wasn't luck that propelled the first Color Me Beautiful guidebook to become a major bestseller, creating a sensation that continues to change lives today. It introduced a whole new way of looking at clothes and makeup. Like the first book more ......

ePub format
apps only,

19.95 USD
XSeller keywords: beauty, fitness, general

Health And Beauty Tips - Hair, Skin, Nails

Health and Beauty Tips. Natural beauty is the best type of beauty. It is recognized by many to be the most amazing and pleasing form. Plus, when you are beautiful, you have a better self image and you have a better outlook on life. The key is b......

7.00 USD
XSeller keywords: beauty, health and beauty tips

How To Beat Stress On The Job - Barry Lenson

Interruptions, ringing phones, overbearing bosses, calls from rude customers -are those only a handful of the stresses that you face at work? You can sit there and take it, or you can take control and beat workplace stress today with the easy-to-u......

ePub format
apps only,

8.95 USD
XSeller keywords: barry lenson, general, help

How To Beat Anxiety, Panic, Phobias And Stress; The Small Illustrated Handbook That Shows You How To Do Three Simple Things To Get Control Back Into Y - John Smale

How To Beat Anxiety, Panic, Phobias and Stress is a small illustrated handbook that shows you how to do three simple things to get control back into your life. The methods and techniques will help you to overcome your anxiety problems, as they hav......

ePub format
apps only,

11.50 USD
XSeller keywords: anxieties, help, phobias
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Why pay attention to Health and Lifestyle?

Taking care of your health and and leading a healthy lifestyle is of paramount importance to both the quality of life and your lifespan. Although this is generalizing, and many people that lead unhealthy lives go on to be a hundred, it's ultimately a numbers game.

The fact is: if you want to maximize your chances of living a long life, with a good quality of life even in the autumn years, you've got to get active.

Too many distractions in 2013

It's all too easy in 2013 to spend the entire day and a good chunk of the evening staring at an LCD screen. Many of us sit at a desk and work with a computer the whole day, only taking breaks long enough to top up on coffee. This type of sedentary lifestyle is bad for both the body and mind, both of which are built and have evolved around the physical concept of movement.

Humans evolved to the top of the food chain on planet Earth through hunting and building with our legs and hands, but our society quickly reached the point where a small number of people carry out these tasks for the rest of us. This means the rest of us tend to get lazy, with no biological imperative compelling us to be active. All most of us need to do is walk to the stores to get food and water (and just about anything else we need).

The choice of the individual

So it falls down to the choice of the individual to pay attention to his or her personal lifestyle and wellness, and to do so for the long term benefits to both the body and mind. Many choose not to pay attention to what their body is telling them, choosing instead to lead an inactive lifestyle pursuing only the countless distractions of the modern digital consumer age. But these almost always results in health problems later on in life (sometimes soon rather than later).

The good news is that it is rarely too late to change one's lifestyle and take a different path - a path to fitness, well-being, improved moods and cardiovascular capabilities. Leading an inactive lifestyle and paying little attention to things like nutrition is contrary to our genetic make-up and almost always results in feelings of despair and futility. But it's amazing how quickly one can reverse this and start to feel better after reviewing eating habits and within a few workouts.

Positivity is never far away with the right attitude, and you can make quick improvements to your life if you have the right motivation!

Where to start?

Before you start enrolling in any fitness programs, it's crucial that you take stock and assess your current medical status and fitness levels. Consult a doctor or physician and have him or her check out your general health: weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.

You should never dive head first into any fitness program without first getting all the facts about your physical condition, ESPECIALLY if you have lived an inactive lifestyle for an extended period of years or more. Give your body a chance to adjust and it will pay dividends in the long run.

Make small changes

After a full medical assessment, and once the results are in and you know more about your current physical condition, it's time to start making incremental lifestyle changes that will benefit and support your new fitness regime, when it begins in earnest. If you smoke, now is the time to quit! No excuses: stub those cigarettes out forever, as they decrease your ability to take in oxygen when you perform cardio exercise and are full of noxious chemicals that are hazardous to your health.

If you're a heavy drinker, reduce or stop drinking completely. Alcohol is a depressant and will do nothing to help your feelings of hopelessness and despair, and only increases your sense of self-worth as long as it takes to metabolize out of your bloodstream.

Seek professional advice and counselling if you are having difficulty stopping either smoking or drinking.

Improve your diet by cutting out white carbs and junk food, or at least reducing these down as much as possible. Lots of wholegrains and vegetables with lean meats (if you're a carnivore) will restore your body's natural order. There are lots of healthy recipes out there that taste great, and all the more so once you cut out the drinking and smoking.

Make sure you drink plenty of water every day (at least 2 litres) to flush out all the toxins of your previous lifestyle!

Make bigger changes

The next step is to find a fitness program that works for you, that includes both aerobic and anaerobic activity. For example, running and lifting weights is a good way to stay in shape, but doesn't work for everyone.

There will be associations and clubs in your area so get involved and try out different things to see what works for you. Be part of a group that motivates each other to get fitter. Join a fitness studio and get an induction from a personal trainer - this is very important to avoid the possibility of injury - and get into the habit of going for a few hours at least 3 times a week. A fitness studio membership doesn't usually cost much, and you can usually choose a ""pay as you go"" membership option.

Join a swimming pool and go swimming five times a week or take up cycling and go for an early morning ride every day before breakfast. The possibilities are both endless and exciting!

The combination of following a good diet and exercise program is a fantastic weight management routine and you'll soon see pounds fall off, if you are overweight. The key is to be consistent and to keep it up! If you have a bad week and fall off the wagon - drink or eat too much and don't feel like or have enough time to go to the gym - then try and work through this rut and get back into your routine. You'll feel better for it!

Stick with your new health and lifestyle

Remember, your fitness is for life - not just for a week, a month or a year! Once you have found your best optimal fitness and nutrition routine, the real work begins in sticking to the program and not falling back on old habits.

Tradebit is here to help you! We have free tips of getting fit for all the family and hundreds of health and lifestyle fitness plan downloads that will assist you in making big improvements to the way you live you life.

From ebooks and other products with information on healthy eating and nutrition to guides on starting a running program, pilates, yoga, lifting weights workout or even aerobics music to burn calories from home. We have downloads and free advice on keeping fit during pregnancy, getting in shape fast for the summer or a holiday in the sun and lowering your stress levels or beating insomnia for good.

Shed pounds, feel good, look great and sleep like never before - with the help of Health and Lifestyle on Tradebit.

No account needed to download: one click purchase and instant download for all products on Tradebit, so you can start getting fit in no time at all.