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Sitemap of - your quick access

Here is the overview over our main services and files on this domain with a short information what you may expect to find in the respective section:

Services and Information

  • File Sharing: Our idea of sharing files with a closed user group.
  • Subscription Management: Extended info on how the collaboration feature works, with subscriptions.
  • File Hosting: The basic feature of tradebit - (internet) storage for your files.
  • Sell Files: Sell your files with your PayPal account - explained.
  • Contact Us: How to get in touch with us.

Tutorials and help

  • Tutorials and HowTo's: A collection of Flash videos and documents to get you started.
  • XML / RSS feeds: Get the list of our latest uploads as a RSS feed for maximum freshness.

Merchant Area (mytradebit)

Forum / Blog

  • Discussion Forum: We try to put all questions and feature announcements into the discussion board. It is a good place to read about all the little hidden features of tradebit!
  • File interest groups: With WordPress we found a nice software to create what we call "Channel Blog", basically a Weblog about different topics covered by tradebit or related sites!

Featured Users

We always have a few users, who who have done very well in last weeks and months with their activities here and promote their approach and usage of the system:
  • ACID Loops: Acidfanatic has designed a nice sub domain and sells a lot of files daily!
  • Music and MP3 Downloads: Andy Shelton shows that an independent musician could start selling within minutes.
  • Flight Simulations: Bryan uses us to mirror some of his large files away


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