New Merchants on tradebit

Hello all!

I hope you’re all having a Happy Valentines Day! Today is a day of love, and so I want to take this opportunity to show some love to all of our loyal existing merchants and to also welcome some of our newest merchants.

First, I want to welcome Shalhavit-Simcha Cohen, the newly crowed Miss Fitness Israel, who will be making an exciting contribution to our Health and Lifestyle vertical. Stay tuned to see her unique health and fitness advice, which incorporates both the mind and body.

Second, I’d like to welcome author Jason Matthews, who writes on a variety of interesting topics, from SEO and marketing eBooks to  his own spiritual novels.

We are in the process of developing a new online business and marketing-oriented vertical, so if you have new products that you’d like for us to promote, please send me an email at

Finally, don’t forget to check out our Making Music vertical when you get a chance. You can find lots of information about playing a variety of different instruments, music theory and production and the music business.