Social Marketing Nonsense – the truth

So, “Social” is the new “SEO”? Maybe, but while I was diving deeper and deeper into the topic and tried to filter out the nonsense of countless “consultants” in twitter feeds and affiliate products promoted out there, I thought I share my first findings:

  • The amount of followers and friends means NOTHING. There are services out to buy friends and followers and there is a huge amount of fake accounts out, who follow you to send you direct messages as SPAM!

  • Friends on Facebook: Well, they may have clicked your “Like” or “Friend” button a while back, but they have stopped following you a LONG time ago:

So, do not get fooled or impressed by the numbers.

Scott Stratten tweeted yesterday:

and he got a lot of likes for that. So, if you do automated stuff, connect facebook to twitter, etc., you have a very good chance to be ignored.

Guy Kawasaki, who is well-respected as a speaker and knowledge-source in that topic published a link to an online eBook on scribd a few years back, which still holds some basic nuggets for you to find.

So, engaging YOU as the reader of this post and get you to follow me (for a long time) is the hard part. Doing social marketing is not the new SEO, but it should be an integral part of your online marketing basket that you must handle well!