New Business Planning and Marketing Vertical

We are happy to announce that our brand new Business Planning and Marketing vertical has just been released on tradebit!

Among our hand selected products, you will find everything for your marketing and business needs. Our topics include:

1. Business Plan Guides

Starting your own business or want to improve an existing one? Here you will find a range of business plan guides and business plan templates.

2. Facebook Marketing

Our Facebook Marketing section includes a wide range of Facebook marketing guides and Facebook marketing software.

3. Social Media Marketing

We have an extensive range of guides for various types of social media marketing, and software to streamline and automate your social media marketing experience.

4. Internet Business Ventures

Starting an internet business can require many digital products. Here, you’ll find internet business security software, advice, guides on how to create digital products, and general internet business software.

5. Email Marketing

Think you’re a convincing email marketeer? Your selling point is only half the story! Improve your game with our email marketing guides for insider tips, software to automate your email marketing, and templates for a professional finish.

We are also happy to welcome new merchant Jason Matthews to tradebit, who also has his top selling video tutorials listed under digital product creation.

Stay tuned for more great topic verticals and products from us.