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The easiest way EVER to create your own Business web site

The easiest way EVER to create
your own business web site...
for complete beginners!

Build a web site

"Simple step-by-step guide for business owners to take their company to the Web. It's like having your own personal tutor to guide you through building your first business site..."

"Easy foolproof video enhanced system for complete beginners to launch a business web site even if you don't know a link from a button! "

If You Can Type, You Can Make a Web Site.

Hi, my name is Milana and I am the owner of the First Business Web Site.

If you are completely new to web design, you came to the right place. Most business owners who want to have a web site hire a web designer. They are afraid it is too hard, takes too long to learn, and HTML sounds just like a rocket science.

The truth is, if you have worked with a computer before and surfed the 'net for a while, you can build your own web site in a matter of days!

I have created a product that is based on a simplified approach for complete beginners. It takes you step by step through the process of making your first web site. From choosing and registering a domain name, adding text, pictures and links, to putting it on the Web.

* You will NOT need to learn HTML to make your web site!
* You will NOT have to buy any expensive programs!
* You will be able to change your web site ANY time you want!

Simple Video Instructions
But here is the BEST part: every step of the way is demonstrated through a video clip that any computer can play. Want to know how to make a link? Click on this little camera and play a video, then try doing it yourself. Want to know how to resize a graphic? Play a clip and you will see me do it. Many people who are using this e-book told me, "Milana, it's like having you right next to me by my computer!"

Video Instructions

As a former music teacher who wouldn't even touch a computer for years, I know what it feels like to be scared of technology. I didn't want to read all the techno-talk. I just wanted someone to SHOW me how to do it. Years later I remembered it. Instead of creating another book on web design, I decided to add videos for a faster and easier learning process. Just look at some of the things you will learn in the video clips:

* Adding text to your web page and changing its size and colors in seconds!
* Inserting pictures and links by a click of a button!
* Making a link so people could e-mail you directly from your web site
* Saving and viewing your web page in a browser (just the way your visitors will see it!)
* Enhancing your web page by adding a background
* Inserting separation lines and a list of items, benefits or features
* Making a table and adding text and pictures inside it
* Editing simple HTML code behind your web page
* Putting your web site online, so everyone in the world could access it

Let me just say this: there is a hard way and an easy way of learning things. Reading a tutorial full of technical jargon and confusing procedures is a hard way. Watching someone else do it right in front of your eyes - IS THE EASY WAY! Click Here for Table of Contents

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You will also find out how to reveal design secrets of other web sites and use free images on your pages. If you are a complete novice in starting a web site, then you will greatly benefit from reading about:

* what steps are involved in putting your business on the Web
* how to choose and register your own domain name
* where to find a good hosting company (and what IS a good hosting company...)
* what 3 tools you will need to make your web site and get it up and running
* what information should go on your web site

If you have very little money to invest into your web site, this is a great product for you! All you will ever have to spend on your web site is the hosting fee (where your web site will be stored). And I am paying just $5.00 to have this web site.

Best things in life are FREE.
And so are your web designing tools!

What do you need to create your own web site? Three simple tools:

* web editor (to create it) (editor note: It's in the "CRASH" package)
* text editor (to modify it) (You can just use Notepad -- on any Windows)
* FTP program (to put it online) (DITTO on this too!)

Netscape Composer is the best web editor for beginners. Best of all, Netscape Composer is FREE! You have to pay for most of the other web editors. But this program can be downloaded free along with Netscape Communicator - a popular Internet browser. Netscape Composer looks exactly like MS Word. Same toolbars, same menus, same interface. It is a web page editor that allows you to insert text and pictures as if you were creating a regular document. It is one of the WYSIWYG programs - "What You See Is What You Get". It is much easier to use than other web page editors, and you are a complete beginner - you won't feel intimidated by it. If you get this interactive manual on a CD - Netscape Composer will come with it, so you won't have to wait for it to download.

Text editor - you already have it! If you own a Windows system, then Notepad or Word Pad can be used to modify your web pages. If you work with a Macintosh, then Simple Text or Page Spinner will work perfectly.

Finally, FTP, the magic tool that makes your web site visible to anyone in the world! WS_FTP is my choice, but there are many more others available - also completely FREE.

Of course, you will need a graphics program to design your own images. But, believe me, the Internet world has been extremely generous to web designers. You can find tons of free pictures and web graphics to use on your web site, and I provide a list of my favorite places to get them.

"Sticky" sites make your
visitors stay longer and shop bigger

If you have ever heard of the term "sticky site", you might have wondered what that means. People "stick" to your web site when there is something for them to do. And when there is something for them to do - they stay on your site longer. And the longer they stay - the more likely they will buy from you.

One of the most important things that will make your site "sticky" is making it interactive. Let your visitors ask a question on the forum, or offer them to participate in a poll... These features are fun and extremely easy to set up. I will guide you through how to:

* set up your own message board in minutes
* let your visitors send you information directly from your web site
* add more interactive tools to your site - completely FREE!


E-commerce. A modern buzz-word. Learn what it means, and how to start selling directly from your web site. Accepting credit cards online can be a nightmare, or a breeze. This manual points you in the right direction and reveals 12 important questions you need to ask your credit card processing company before doing any business with them.

You must have heard this word before - HTML. What is it? It is a language of the Web. I can prove to you that you can write your own HTML in seconds if you decide to! Chapter 7 - "HTML is for dummies!", will take you through the basic HTML tags and show you how to put them together to make a web page. You will also discover the easiest way to change the HTML behind your web page using your own text editor.

But how do you make your web site dazzle with colorful professional graphics? Do you make them yourself? Sure you could. Better yet, use graphics created and given away for free by graphic artists and web designers. My list of the best places on the Web to get free graphics, will turn your site into a top-notch professional looking site in minutes!

And for those who want to learn more...

If you already had some experience with web sites, you might get your beyond basics questions answered in this manual. You will find out how to:

* Use an image instead of a color as a background
* Use someone else's background for your web page
* Redirect one page to another (in case your web site address changes...)
* Use a dark colored background and still see the text (creates a great special effect on your web site)
* Add a music background to your web page to enhance your visitors' experience
* Add animation to your web page
* Create a new folder on your web site (for organizing files)
* Add hidden comments just for you to see
* Return your web page to the way it was before you made changes
* Add a link to a specific spot on the page
* Fix missing images on your web page (you see a lot of those on a newbie's site :-)

If you are stuck - help is here!

You might be worried about what to do if you are stuck and can't get your web site up and running. It's the biggest concern of all newbies! That's why I created a web design forum where you can get help. Post your question and either I or another forum visitor will help you out.

What you get

Order Web Design CDThis manual is offered in both online download and CD format (which comes with online download, as well, for your convenience). Both will provide you with the manual with video demonstrations of creating your first web site. Look below for more details.

In short, what is the difference between and Online Download and a CD Version? With a purchase of a CD you will save yourself downloading time of all the programs necessary to start your web site, and you will have the "Create Your First Business Web Site in 10 days!" as a hard copy.

Other than this, it will be the exact version of what you get with a download. And don't forget - if you purchase a CD, you can still start reading the manual immediately without waiting for it to arrive in the mail!


"Milana, your new e-book is an absolute goldmine for ANYONE - even if they have NO experience whatsoever in web designing! But the most surprising aspect is your price; for the information you spill, you should be charging AT LEAST DOUBLE your current price, and that's just putting it mildly...

If there's anyone out there that wants to design websites - and design them FAST, they NEED your e-book NOW!

Zahid Saddique


"Milana, where were you and your book five years and $25,000 ago? To think that I could have done it all myself brings tears to my eyes... There it was. I finally had a down to earth, easy to read, easy to follow, made up of clear and concise language, with step by step instructions I could follow. And more than that, it was witty, entertaining and serious at the same time. Milana's approach is light and airy and I don't feel as if she is talking down to me..." ( Read complete review here.)

Raleigh Pinskey

Full One Year 100 Money-Back Guarantee...

You don't have to make your decision right now. Try it first. I strongly believe that my manual will teach you how to create your very own business web site easily and effectively. MilanaBut if you don't find that this interactive step-by-step guide is the easiest way to discover web site design, I will refund your entire fee within the next 12 months - NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Order Before June 14 and Get 8 Bonuses FREE!

Bonus #1 - Killer Net Ads. Writing Words That Scream BUY ME! Bob Silber is taking you through the psychology behind successful selling and teaches you to positively manipulate people's minds. His analysis of successful advertisements is incredible! And finally, his Anatomy Of A Master Sales Presentation says it all.
$17.00 Value!

Bonus #2 - The Complete Guide to Building Your Own Web SiteThis e-book takes you further in web site design. Discover how to build your own forms and clickable images. Learn about using free scripts, background music, frames, and animated graphics. Read about how to make your own META tags for Search Engines, and how to create your own PDF files. A Fully Interactive Training Workshop for anyone who wants to build a web site.
$11.97 Value!

Bonus # #3 - 30 Days Free Access to Ready, Set, PROFIT! Gain unlimited access to Harmony Major's new membership site "Ready, Set, PROFIT", designed to help you increase the profit generated from your e-commerce website in just MINUTES a day. You'll also be taken behind the scenes to discover both the good AND bad results of the techniques Harmony Major uses to promote her own products and websites online each and every month - NO SECRETS KEPT.

Bonus #4 - Magic Letters - How To Write So People Buy Now! If you want to make money on the Internet - this eBook is the first step. It will teach you to write in a way that will make your site visitors rush to the order page. Discover the most powerful words to use that really work.
$9.97 Value!

Bonus #5 - 7 Secrets to Unlimited Traffic Discover the most important things to do to generate major traffic to your web site. This is an ebook that offers seven suggestions on how to increase traffic to your Web site. Learn about targeting, ezines, search engines, and other techniques that take advantage of the power of the Internet to bring more traffic to your site. It's incredible visual interface makes it easy and fun to read.
$9.97 Value!

Bonus #6 - Net Success - Build a Successful Web Site that generates cash flow effortlessly!This is a fast, no-frills guide to earning money on the internet. In a compact, "checklist" style, you will get the explanations and the "features to look for" in many internet marketing issues: affiliate programs, banners and banner exchanges, web site hosting services, reciprocal links, publicity, traffic analysis, communities, and much more. Discover at least 25 ways to make a consistent income from your web site. This e-book discusses affiliate programs, autoresponders, chat rooms, forum, payment systems and much much more. That "checklist" style gives hundreds of quick guidelines for successful marketing in newsgroups, email, and other venues.
$19.97 Value!

Bonus #7 - Interviews with some of the most successful and established business owners who are making a more than a modest living with their web site. People like Marty Foley, Paul Austin, Harmony Major, Kacper Postawski and others are spilling their guts out on how they became successful.
$14.97 Value!

Bonus #8 - Sample 3-page web sitefor you to practice on. You can see how to interconnect pages within the site, and how links, tables and images are placed on the web page.
$50.00 Value!

Listen, let me be completely honest with you. If you called me and asked me to make you a web site, I would charge you anywhere from $350 to $2000, depending on how large it is and how much work is involved. You would still have to market it and test different sales copies, colors, banners and whatever else is involved in testing a web site to make it successful. Wouldn't it be much easier for you to make changes any time YOU want without spending your money on a web designer?

This e-book will cost you just a fraction of what you would have to pay someone else! $47.00 for the download version is all it is. Click below to place your order via a secure server:

"Create Your First Business Web Site in 10 days!" in PDF format. You can read it with Acrobat Reader available free from Adobe web site. This manual is about 4.7 MB and takes about 20 minutes to download (on 56K modems). The manual will tell you exactly which free programs you need to start a web site and where to get them. The manual includes 17 video clips to show you how it is done in real time. Plus... 6 Bonuses - as promised!
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