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MP3 LearnToBeRich.com - "Subject To" FAQs Real Estate Course

Spoken word. Frequently asked questions and answers about investing in real estate by agreeing to make payments on the seller''s loan.

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SPOKEN WORD: Instructional, SPOKEN WORD: Audiobook

"Discover the detailed secrets to buying houses SUBJECT TO in Your City, Your State by getting the deed with little or no money down, capturing tens of thousands in instant equity and no bank qualifying..."

Finally, someone who is willing to share the details of buying houses "subject to" in Your City in easy to understand frequently asked questions and answer format...

As active investors in our community and the founders of our local real estate group, we would get new and experienced investors asking us...

"How are you investing in real estate locally?"

We found that once we told them we buy "SUBJECT TO" the existing financing usually with NO MONEY DOWN and NO BANK QUALIFYING we would get asked the same questions over and over again.

So, instead of spending 2 hours with each person answering the same basic questions over and over, we decided to record our answers to the most frequently asked questions about buying real estate with NO MONEY DOWN and NO BANK QUALIFYING "SUBJECT TO" the existing financing (taking over their current payments).

What is "Subject To"?
Learn exactly what buying "subject to" in Your City "is" and "is not". If you do not know what "subject to" is, find out on track #1 and be walked through the entire process of buying a house "subject to" on track #2.

What are some of the advantages of investing "Subject To"?
Buying "subject to" has a lot of advantages over other methods of buying real estate in Your City and some things to be aware of. Get all the answers on this CD on track #3.

Are there tax benefits of investing "Subject To"?
Learn some of the benefits of investing "subject to" over other creative financing options. Taking advantage of the right tax laws can speed up your net worth''s growth rate by 20 to 30% or more PER YEAR! Learn about it on track #4.

What is the difference between a lease-option and buying "Subject To"?
Ever wonder what the difference between a lease with an option to buy and buying "subjec to" is? Learn the BIG difference on track #5.

How do you typically sell when you buy "Subject To"?
Buying "subject to" opens up some great opportunities for selling the houses you buy creatively as well. On track #6, we tell you exactly how we sell when we buy a house "subject to" the existing financing.

Do you hold properties long term when you buy "Subject To"?

There are advantages and disadvantages to holding properties long term, but what about when you are buying "subject to" in Your City? The answer (found on track #7) may surprise you.

What do I need to disclose when I buy "Subject To"?
Avoid legal troubles by knowing exactly what you need to disclose when buying "subject to" in Your City. What you don''t say (or don''t know to say), just might cost you BIG MONEY! Listen to track #8.

Do you use a trust? How does a trust affect any "Due On Sale" clauses?
Trusts can be used personally for estate planning to avoid triggering any "due on sale" clauses, but does that apply or how does it apply when buying "subject to"? Find out on tracks #10, #11, #12 and others.

Are you assuming the loans?
People often wonder if buying "subject to" is the same as "assuming" a loan. Find out the truth on track #13.

Do you offer "Subject To" first when presenting to buy a house?
What is the sequence and structure of our offers? Do we start the conversation with "can I make payments on your loan" or is there more to it? Find out on track #14.

Are you concerned with variable rate mortgages when buying "Subject To"?
Are variable interest rate loans with their low introductory rates and payments good for us when buying "subject to"? We discuss this on track #15.

What is too high of an interest rate to buy "Subject To"?

Someone has a 12% interest rate on the mortgage. Do you buy it "subject to"? Why or why not? Learn exactly when an interest rate is too high and what you can do about it on track #16.

What is too high of a payment when buying "Subject To"?
Someone has agreed to sell your their house "subject to" but the mortgage payment is $200 more than you could ever hope to get for rent. What do you do? Do you buy it? How? Find out on track #17.

What is your plan if a bank does try to call a loan due?
You wake up in a cold sweat from a nightmare of the bank calling due the loan on a house you just purchased "subject to". Can they do that? What do you do *IF* they try... see track #19.

Do you need cash to purchase "Subject To"?

You do NOT need cash to put up as a down payment to purchase "subject to", but you might need a little cash for very specific OTHER expenses. Find out exactly what and how much on track #20.

Where do you get the money to make up back payments if a seller is behind on their payments?
A seller is behind on their payments and wants to just give you the house because it will be forclosed on if they don''t. Where do you get the cash from to buy these houses when you don''t have $100,000 sitting in the bank? Listen to track #21.

What paperwork do you need to do a "Subject To" deal?
Don''t I need to buy a $14,500 course to get the right paperwork to buy houses "subject to" in Your City? Not if you buy this CD and listen to track #22.

Can you confirm the seller''s current loan balance, monthly payment, taxes, etc. to make sure you are getting what they are selling?
How do you know the seller is telling you the truth? Do they really only owe $52,500 on this house or are there other liens they are trying to hide from you? Find out the real scoop by listening to track #23.

Do you need a limited power of attorney signed by the seller?
What if I forget to get something signed or need to have the orignal seller sign paperwork after they''ve left Your State? Find out exactly what you need and why for these situations on track #24.

What about title and hazard insurance?
Not handling this correctly could cost you EVERYTHING! Proper insurance is the foundation of asset protection. Find out more on track #25, #26 and others.

Does the seller need to sign anything for releasing the loan information just in case you need to call the mortgage company?
How do you make sure you get the mortgage statements and all important information about the house once you buy it "subject to"? Find out on track #27.

Should I get a seller''s property disclosure statement?
What the seller does not tell you could cost you thousands! Find out what you can do about it on track #30.

Can I get the seller to make additional payments after they deed me the house?
Looking for another profit center? Need the seller to make your payments for you to consider buying the house "subject to". Find out how and why on track #21.

How do I make sure I am covered if, after I buy the house, I find out there is an outstanding lien or judgement on the property?

Listen to track #32 to find out if and how you are protected.

Should I set a time frame for cashing the seller out of his loan when I buy?
To commit to a date or not commit... that is the question. Track #33 has the answer.

How does buying "Subject To" affect my ROI (Return On Investment)?
If you think investing in the stock market is good, wait until you see what buying houses in Your City "subject to" will do to your return on investment! We explan it all on track #34.

Is it more beneficial to sit on the house for several years or try to sell it in 1 year or so?

Buying "subject to" in Your City is not the same as the BUY, RENT, HOLD and GET RICH strategy. Learn the exact strategy we use with "subject to" houses and the why behind it. See track #35.

How should I structure selling the property when I go to sell the house to my buyer to maximize profit?
What if I could give you just 2 tips that will boost your profit per deal by an extra $1,200 to $2,600. Even if you did only one per month, that could add an additional $10,000 to over $20,000 MORE to your pocket each year with NO EXTRA work. Listen to track #36 for the details.

What escape clauses, if any, do I need in my contract up front?
Get the REAL answer on escape clauses on track #38.

Where do I get the potential holding costs in the event the property goes vacant for 3-4 months?

Track #39 gives you several options and our first and best recommendation.

Should I use a real estate agent to sell the property?
Professional real estate agents and brokers can be great tools in certain situations. Which ones? Find out on track #40.

What do I need to tie up a deal until closing?
What simple things do you need to do or have to make sure YOU have the deal? Track #41 will tell you.

What filing with the clerk or recorder are needed for a land trust?
The recorder is your friend. Learn what you need to know when buying "subject to" in Your City on track #42.

The above are just some of what you will learn on the "Subject To FAQ" audio CD course.

If you are looking for a 3 hour audio CD with a lot of fluff, like someone telling you about their life before they were involved in real estate for 2 hours and then 20 minutes of real info followed by a 40 minute sales pitch to get you to attend their next $25,000 three day seminar, then this audio CD is NOT for you! But...

If you want straight answers to straight questions about buying "subject to" in Your City then the "Subject To FAQ" audio CD is for you.

This CD is covered by our unconditional 30 day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Just send the CD back anytime within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price. So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by buying now.

Limited Time Bonus: Download a 90 minute tele-seminar on Finding Sellers In Your City, Your State

Listen in on an interview with marketing expert Dan Doran as he talks about the absolute BEST way to find motivated sellers who will deed you their house and allow you to buy houses "subject to" in Your City. This 90 minute tele-seminar is yours free to download.


James Orr
P.S. If you''ve ever thought about investing in real estate in Your City, you absolutely must have the details of how to buy "subject to". The "Subject To FAQ" audio CD will get you up to speed the fastest. BUY IT NOW!

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