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"100 Ways To Explode Your
Info-Product Income!"
It's Like Having 100 Foot Soldiers
Ready And Willing To Defend Your
Info-Product Income At ALL Costs!

Dear Friend,

Don't worry, I won't waste your time with this. There's a strategic proposal aimed right at you and I don't want you to duck...

Here's what this is all about: I'm offering you a new report called "Information Product Infantry: 100 Ways To Explode Your Info-Product Income!".

It includes some of the most covert tactics ever released and they're all together for you in one top secret report.

Are you missing out on NOT knowing these 101 secrets?

1. The "Author It" Tactic
2. The "Time Involved" Tactic
3. The "Turn The Page" Tactic
4. The "Chopped Up" Tactic
5. The "Mega" Tactic
6. The "Original Recipe" Tactic
7. The "Royalty" Tactic
8. The "Can't Be Ignored" Tactic
9. The "I'll Support You" Tactic
10. The "Sell It" Tactic
11. The "Complete Resource" Tactic
12. The "Choose It" Tactic
13. The "Real Life" Tactic
14. The "Trivia" Tactic
15. The "Bestseller" Tactic
16. The "Access Time" Tactic
17. The "Kid" Tactic
18. The "No Confusion" Tactic
19. The "Nowhere Else" Tactic
20. The "Free Refill" Tactic
21. The "Pick Your Poison" Tactic
22. The "Guarded Secrets" Tactic
23. The "Nothing Held Back" Tactic
24. The "Extra Time" Tactic
25. The "Seeing Double" Tactic
26. The "Twist Of New" Tactic
27. The "Navigation" Tactic
28. The "Third Party" Tactic
29. The "Ease Their Concerns" Tactic
30. The "Pet The Puppy" Tactic
31. The "Bigger Is Better" Tactic
32. The "Misinformation" Tactic
33. The "Customize It" Tactic
34. The "Handy Dandy" Tactic
35. The "T And P" Tactic
36. The "Limited Edition" Tactic
37. The "No Worries" Tactic
38. The "Award" Tactic
39. The "Ancient Secret" Tactic
40. The "Serial Number" Tactic
41. The "Helpful Tools" Tactic
42. The "General Public" Tactic
43. The "Authority" Tactic
44. The "Precisely Detailed" Tactic
45. The "Speeding Bullet" Tactic
46. The "Got Gifts?" Tactic
47. The "Traffic Tools" Tactic
48. The "Huge List" Tactic
49. The "Follow The Leader" Tactic
50. The "It's Proofed" Tactic
51. The "Recycle It" Tactic
52. The "Take Action" Tactic
53. The "Small But Huge" Tactic
54. The "Discount Reward" Tactic
55. The "Choose Fee Or Free " Tactic
56. The "News Outlets" Tactic
57. The "Re-Buy It" Tactic
58. The "Don't Do It" Tactic
59. The "Password" Tactic
60. The "Casino" Tactic
61. The "Buy Stats" Tactic
62. The "Feel What I Feel" Tactic
63. The "Bargain" Tactic
64. The "Privacy Policy" Tactic
65. The "Apply For It" Tactic
66. The "Been Around Forever" Tactic
67. The "Mood Enhancer" Tactic
68. The "Talk To Yourself" Tactic
69. The "Get Closer" Tactic
70. The "Follow My Orders" Tactic
71. The "Give Feedback" Tactic
72. The "Lucky" Tactic
73. The "Content Ingredients" Tactic
74. The "Want A Job?" Tactic
75. The "It's Not That Much" Tactic
76. The "Story Time" Tactic
77. The "Peer Pressure" Tactic
78. The "Double Fortune" Tactic
79. The "Emotion Shifting" Tactic
80. The "What Do I Get" Tactic
81. The "Remember A Time" Tactic
82. The "Hear And See" Tactic
83. The "It's A Report" Tactic
84. The "Template" Tactic
85. The "Sounds Real" Tactic
86. The "I'll Publish Yours If" Tactic
87. The "Oh, That's Simple" Tactic
88. The "Something In Common" Tactic
89. The "Agree With Me" Tactic
90. The "Same Choice" Tactic
91. The "Lead In" Tactic
92. The "I Have Faith" Tactic
93. The "Common Sense" Tactic
94. The "Facts Of Life" Tactic
95. The "Past, Present, Future?" Tactic
96. The "About You" Tactic
97. The "Other People" Tactic
98. The "Indirect" Tactic
99. The "Vivid Demonstration" Tactic
100. The "Gave Me Goose Bumps" Tactic
If you have even a passing interest in the topic of promoting information products, then you should really study this in depth report. It presents some of the latest and greatest tactics on the battlefield of information marketing.

"Find Out 100 Ways To Ignite
Your Opt-In Subscribers!"
t's Like Having 100 Rounds Of List Building Ammunition To Use At Your Disposal!

Dear Friend,

I'll make this faster than a speeding bullet. There's a killer offer pointed right at you and I don't want you to move out of it's way...

Here's what this is all about: I'm offering you a new report called "List Building Firepower: 100 Ways To Ignite Your Opt-In Subscribers!".

It includes some of the most effective list building techniques ever designed and they're all together for you in one informative report.

Can you picture being armed with these 100 techniques?

1. The "Specific Date" Technique
2. The "So Many Minutes" Technique
3. The "Here's Your Lesson" Technique
4. The "E-Report" Technique
5. The "Tease Me" Technique
6. The "Great Deal" Technique
7. The "JV Discount" Technique
8. The "Worth It?" Technique
9. The "Virus" Technique
10. The "Swipe Them" Technique
11. The "Republish It" Technique
12. The "Future Goals" Technique
13. The "Future Problems" Technique
14. The "Prize Fest" Technique
15. The "Las Vegas" Technique
16. The "Fast Forward" Technique
17. The "See It Everywhere" Technique
18. The "Multiple Choice" Technique
19. The "My Credentials" Technique
20. The "Confidentiality Agreement" Technique
21. The "100% Pure" Technique
22. The "Look Who's Here" Technique
23. The "Believe Them" Technique
24. The "Collect Them All" Technique
25. The "Next Time" Technique
26. The "Ad Less" Technique
27. The "Give Me Them" Technique
28. The "Swap Me" Technique
29. The "Got Friends?" Technique
30. The "It's Worth" Technique
31. The "Targeted Flirt" Technique
32. The "Give It Away" Technique
33. The "Try A Piece" Technique
34. The "See The Past" Technique
35. The "Waiting List" Technique
36. The "Unsubscribe" Technique
37. The "E-mail Me" Technique
38. The "Keep It Free" Technique
39. The "I'll Pay You" Technique
40. The "Easy Form" Technique
41. The "Budget It" Technique
42. The "Subscribers-Only" Technique
43. The "Barter Everything" Technique
44. The "I'll Be There" Technique
45. The "My Advice" Technique
46. The "Snooze You Lose" Technique
47. The "Famous Guest" Technique
48. The "Skim It" Technique
49. The "Full Of Help" Technique
50. The "Total Them Up" Technique
51. The "A Long Time" Technique
52. The "Personal Touch" Technique
53. The "Gift Subscription" Technique
54. The "Work Involved" Technique
55. The "Goes Both Ways" Technique
56. The "What You Missed" Technique
57. The "Only Mine" Technique
58. The "Stay Current" Technique
59. The "Why Subscribe?" Technique
60. The "How Often?" Technique
61. The "Cold Hard Facts" Technique
62. The "Battle Tested" Technique
63. The "Autograph" Technique
64. The "Ratio Of Visitors" Technique
65. The "Plenty Of Ways" Technique
66. The "How To" Technique
67. The "Top Ten" Technique
68. The "Tip Me" Technique
69. The "Recent News" Technique
70. The "Interview" Technique
71. The "Product Review" Technique
72. The "Web Site Review" Technique
73. The "Personal Profile" Technique
74. The "Word Game" Technique
75. The "Samples Of Products" Technique
76. The "Checklist" Technique
77. The "Calendar Of Events" Technique
78. The "Q And A" Technique
79. The "First Shot" Technique
80. The "Community Gossip" Technique
81. The "Transcripts" Technique
82. The "Questionnaire" Technique
83. The "Free Advertising" Technique
84. The "People Care" Technique
85. The "Common Sense" Technique
86. The "Private Access" Technique
87. The "Product For Ad" Technique
88. The "Viral Article" Technique
89. The "Opt-In Auction" Technique
90. The "Listen To Me" Technique
91. The "Watch Me" Technique
92. The "Keyword Clicking" Technique
93. The "Free Directory" Technique
94. The "Customer Reminder" Technique
95. The "Discount An E-mail" Technique
96. The "Offline Myth" Technique
97. The "Free Compliment" Technique
98. The "Back You Up" Technique
99. The "I'll Share" Technique
100. The "Publish And Grow" Technique
These list building techniques are perfect for Internet marketers, direct marketers, niche marketers, affiliate markerters, copywriters, auction sellers, entrepreneurs, home business owners, info publishers and sellers, webmasters, etc.

"Learn 101 Ways To Expand
Your Private Label Resell Profits!"

It's Like Having 101 Copy Machines
Duplicating And Shooting Out Money At Will!
Dear Friend,

I promise this won't take long. There's an unbelivable deal staring you in the face and I don't want you to turn your back on it...

Here's what this is all about: I'm offering you a new report called "Private Label Persuasion: 101 Ways To Expand Your PLR Profits!".

It includes some of the best private label marketing strategies ever conceived and they're all together for you in one outstanding report.

Here are 101 reasons to click the order buttton below:

1. The "Economical" Strategy
2. The "Better Than Money" Strategy
3. The "Blog It" Strategy
4. The "Missed Deadline" Strategy
5. The "Copyright Violation" Strategy
6. The "Fly By Night" Strategy
7. The "Garbage" Strategy
8. The "Won't Find It Anywhere" Strategy
9. The "Follow The Money" Strategy
10. The "E-zine" Strategy
11. The "Contextual Advertising" Strategy
12. The "Sell Space" Strategy
13. The "No Cost PLR" Strategy
14. The "Edit It" Strategy
15. The "Plagiarize It" Strategy
16. The "Spread The Wealth" Strategy
17. The "Become Famous" Strategy
18. The "I Rather Listen" Strategy
19. The "I Rather Watch" Strategy
20. The "Rank High" Strategy
21. The "Little Report" Strategy
22. The "Time To Write?" Strategy
23. The "Sticky" Strategy
24. The "Tons Of Words" Strategy
25. The "Reoccurring Fee" Strategy
26. The "Virtual Salesman" Strategy
27. The "Not A Word" Strategy
28. The "Never Run Out" Strategy
29. The "Rich Words" Strategy
30. The "Submit And Forget" Strategy
31. The "Money List" Strategy
32. The "Waiting Room Books" Strategy
33. The "Community Content" Strategy
34. The "Offline Profits" Strategy
35. The "Increase Your Conversion" Strategy
36. The "Content Vacuum" Strategy
37. The "With Out Work" Strategy
38. The "Master" Strategy
39. The "Super Affiliate" Strategy
40. The "Display Ads" Strategy
41. The "Unique Content" Strategy
42. The "It Seems Lower" Strategy
43. The "Huge Web Sites" Strategy
44. The "Saturation" Strategy
45. The "Resell" Strategy
46. The "Instant Web Site" Strategy
47. The "What It All Means" Strategy
48. The "Think Twice" Strategy
49. The "Help Your Affiliates" Strategy
50. The "Trade It" Strategy
51. The "Trade Them" Strategy
52. The "They Are Hungry" Strategy
53. The "Auction Off" Strategy
54. The "Coupon Rebate" Strategy
55. The "Keyword List" Strategy
56. The "Content Into Links" Strategy
57. The "Legal Contract" Strategy
58. The "Downline" Strategy
59. The "100% Legal" Strategy
60. The "Programing" Strategy
61. The "Expert Training" Strategy
62. The "Safeguard" Strategy
63. The "Member's Only" Strategy
64. The "Capture And Squeeze" Strategy
65. The "Ready To Go" Strategy
66. The "See Yourself" Strategy
67. The "Multiple Income" Strategy
68. The "Money Shot" Strategy
69. The "Master Bonus" Strategy
70. The "Teaser" Strategy
71. The "By-Line" Strategy
72. The "Funnel It In" Strategy
73. The "Tool Box" Strategy
74. The "TOC" Strategy
75. The "Private Viewing" Strategy
76. The "Pick And Choose" Strategy
77. The "Niche Empire" Strategy
78. The "Magazine" Strategy
79. The "Done For You" Strategy
80. The "Removed Regularly" Strategy
81. The "Unlimited Bonus" Strategy
82. The "Extra Income" Strategy
83. The "Bunch Of Deals" Strategy
84. The "Track Everything" Strategy
85. The "Prediction" Strategy
86. The "Personal Rolodex" Strategy
87. The "Change It" Strategy
88. The "Future Bonus" Strategy
89. The "I'll Show You" Strategy
90. The "Live Event" Strategy
91. The "Always Accurate" Strategy
92. The "Mystery Bonus" Strategy
93. The "Writer Within" Strategy
94. The "Refund Reduction" Strategy
95. The "It Takes 7" Strategy
96. The "Pop It" Strategy
97. The "T And C" Strategy
98. The "Solo" Strategy
99. The "Pass On Bonuses" Strategy
100. The "Up, Up And Away" Strategy
101. The "Part Time" Strategy
These private label marketing strategies are perfect for any entreprenuer, business or information publisher that sells private label ebooks, articles, reports, memberships, sales letters, web site templates, graphics, etc.

"Uncover 101 Ways To Boost
Your Product License Sales!"

It's Like Having 101 Credit Cards With
No Limits That You Don't Have To Pay Back!
Dear Friend,

I'll make this short and sweet. There's an amazing proposal right in front of you and I don't want you to ignore it...

Here's what this is all about: I'm offering you a new report called "Resell Rights Renegade: 101 Ways To Boost Your Product License Sales!".

It includes some of the most potent resell rights marketing strategies ever invented and they're all together for you in one incredible report.

Are you missing out on NOT knowing these 101 secrets?

1. The "Growing Demand" Strategy
2. The "Tedious Labor" Strategy
3. The "Grab Your Share" Strategy
4. The "Copywriter" Strategy
5. The "Those Look Good" Strategy
6. The "Ghost" Strategy
7. The "Ready To Roll" Strategy
8. The "Times It By 12" Strategy
9. The "Loaded Up" Strategy
10. The "Brand It" Strategy
11. The "Package It Up" Strategy
12. The "Free To Profit" Strategy
13. The "Instant Business" Strategy
14. The "Junk Yard" Strategy
15. The "Keep It All" Strategy
16. The "Only A Few" Strategy
17. The "Don't Charge Them" Strategy
18. The "Opt-In Incentive" Strategy
19. The "Content Included" Strategy
20. The "Hard Copy" Strategy
21. The "Physical License" Strategy
22. The "Army Of Affiliates" Strategy
23. The "Fire Your Boss" Strategy
24. The "Workshop" Strategy
25. The "Ever-Changing" Strategy
26. The "Don't Wait" Strategy
27. The "Definition" Strategy
28. The "Win/Win" Strategy
29. The "Zero Rights" Strategy
30. The "Just Upload" Strategy
31. The "Early Advantage" Strategy
32. The "All Covered" Strategy
33. The "Untapped" Strategy
34. The "Almost Gone" Strategy
35. The "Current Totals" Strategy
36. The "Never, Never" Strategy
37. The "Invest For Profits" Strategy
38. The "Won't Do Anything" Strategy
39. The "Hassle Free" Strategy
40. The "Less Or More" Strategy
41. The "Sky's The Limit" Strategy
42. The "Follow The Leader" Strategy
43. The "Be The Host" Strategy
44. The "Highly Classified" Strategy
45. The "Tiny Ads" Strategy
46. The "Visitors To Sales" Strategy
47. The "Make It Back" Strategy
48. The "Only Once" Strategy
49. The "Time Investment" Strategy
50. The "Partner With Me" Strategy
51. The "Blue Ribbon" Strategy
52. The "Become A Master" Strategy
53. The "Perceived Value" Strategy
54. The "Powerseller" Strategy
55. The "Residual Income" Strategy
56. The "You'll Lose Money" Strategy
57. The "Buck" Strategy
58. The "High Ticket" Strategy
59. The "Bold Statement" Strategy
60. The "Want More?" Strategy
61. The "Rear End" Strategy
62. The "Multilevel Support" Strategy
63. The "Just Sit Back" Strategy
64. The "Tons Of Searches" Strategy
65. The "Easy Success" Strategy
66. The "Write It Off" Strategy
67. The "Prewritten" Strategy
68. The "Batteries Included" Strategy
69. The "Wait Is On" Strategy
70. The "Rehashed" Strategy
71. The "Turn The Key" Strategy
72. The "No Upload" Strategy
73. The "Wide Variety" Strategy
74. The "Freedom" Strategy
75. The "My Investment" Strategy
76. The "Food" Strategy
77. The "No Hiring" Strategy
78. The "Should Sell Well" Strategy
79. The "Honest Reason" Strategy
80. The "Reseller Comments" Strategy
81. The "In The Dark" Strategy
82. The "Name It" Strategy
83. The "Code Of Honor" Strategy
84. The "Don't Risk It" Strategy
85. The "In A Box" Strategy
86. The "Freshen It Up" Strategy
87. The "Big Collection" Strategy
88. The "Next One Free" Strategy
89. The "Imagine The Profits" Strategy
90. The "Quick Start" Strategy
91. The "Genius" Strategy
92. The "Technology" Strategy
93. The "Take Away" Strategy
94. The "Mark It Up" Strategy
95. The "V" Strategy
96. The "Clock Is Ticking" Strategy
97. The "Unrestricted Rules" Strategy
98. The "Multimedia" Strategy
99. The "Clear The Future" Strategy
100. The "Gathering Place" Strategy
101. The "Electronic" Strategy
You really can't afford to miss a single one of these resell rights marketing strategies. Imagine, you could be just one strategy away from retirement! So, take your pick! How would it feel to miss one strategy that could have made you a small fortune?

Discover 100 Magical Ways To
Increase Your Affiliate Commissions"

It's Like Being Armed With 100 Magic
Affiliate Wands That You Can Wave At Will!
Dear Friend,

I'll just get straight to the point. There's a spellbinding offer on the table and I know you don't want it to disappear...

Here's what this is all about: I'm offering you a new report called "Super Affiliate Wizard: 100 Ways To Increase Your Affiliate Commissions".

It includes some of the greatest affiliate marketing strategies ever created and they're all together in one mystical ebook.

Have you heard of these super affiliate strategies before?

1. The "Best Money" Spell
2. The "Reluctant At First" Spell
3. The "First And Only" Spell
4. The "No Hesitation" Spell
5. The "Regret It" Spell
6. The "Without A Doubt" Spell
7. The "I Didn't" Spell
8. The "Only My Opinion" Spell
9. The "I'm Not Kidding" Spell
10. The "Words Can't Describe" Spell
11. The "Stop Now" Spell
12. The "Best So Far" Spell
13. The "My Idea" Spell
14. The "It Does" Spell
15. The "Thankful" Spell
16. The "Quick Rewards" Spell
17. The "One Is Worth It" Spell
18. The "Worth More" Spell
19. The "10 Out Of 10" Spell
20. The "I Was Skeptical" Spell
21. The "Buying Wish" Spell
22. The "Spent A Lot" Spell
23. The "Biggest Benefit" Spell
24. The "None Came Close" Spell
25. The "Best Ever" Spell
26. The "Not The Only One" Spell
27. The "Similar Ones" Spell
28. The "Crazy Or Not" Spell
29. The "Than It Promises" Spell
30. The "Outdone Themselves" Spell
31. The "Percentage Bribe" Spell
32. The "It's A Joke" Spell
33. The "Long Term" Spell
34. The "Another Scam?" Spell
35. The "Pays For Itself" Spell
36. The "Scared Of Competition" Spell
37. The "One Word" Spell
38. The "Minutes Ago" Spell
39. The "Living Without It" Spell
40. The "Told Loved Ones" Spell
41. The "Seconds Away" Spell
42. The "Rarely Do" Spell
43. The "Anyone Serious?" Spell
44. The "Use It A Lot" Spell
45. The "Professional Opinion" Spell
46. The "Take It With You" Spell
47. The "Honest Owner" Spell
48. The "Recommend It Too" Spell
49. The "Barely Scratching" Spell
50. The "Biggest Complaint" Spell
51. The "Feel Sorry" Spell
52. The "X's The Price" Spell
53. The "Meet Me Halfway" Spell
54. The "Best Thing Since" Spell
55. The "You Realize It Now" Spell
56. The "Wasn't Sure" Spell
57. The "Jealousy" Spell
58. The "Seen It All" Spell
59. The "A Little Extra" Spell
60. The "Long Time Ago" Spell
61. The "Free Promotion" Spell
62. The "Better Than Nothing" Spell
63. The "I'll Train You" Spell
64. The "Right For You?" Spell
65. The "Made A Deal" Spell
66. The "Know From Experience" Spell
67. The "Bought It Again" Spell
68. The "I Won't Sell It" Spell
69. The "First To Hear" Spell
70. The "Over And Over" Spell
71. The "I Found It" Spell
72. The "Higher Income" Spell
73. The "Nothing Like It" Spell
74. The "I'd Be Shocked" Spell
75. The "Can Only Imagine" Spell
76. The "Friends" Spell
77. The "One Word Reaction" Spell
78. The "Done It Again" Spell
79. The "Can't Match It" Spell
80. The "Saw My Friend" Spell
81. The "Stop Thinking" Spell
82. The "Thumbs Up" Spell
83. The "Diamond" Spell
84. The "Opportunity" Spell
85. The "Too Good" Spell
86. The "Good Service" Spell
87. The "Bought Them All" Spell
88. The "Word Burst" Spell
89. The "Excited" Spell
90. The "Physical Reaction" Spell
91. The "Owner Bonuses" Spell
92. The "Sub It Up" Spell
93. The "Won't Without It" Spell
94. The "Honesty" Spell
95. The "Just See It" Spell
96. The "You Won't Fail" Spell
97. The "Weird Sound" Spell
98. The "All The Perks" Spell
99. The "Fringe Benefits" Spell
100. The "Divided And Conquer" Spell
I doubt, you would find a bigger collection of super affiliate secrets of this nature any where on the planet. Did you know that it's possible that just one successful affiliate tactic could give you everything you've ever wanted in life. Why not know as many as you can?

T he Unrestricted Private
Label Rights License!

This means you can do anything you want with them:
[YES] Can be added to Membership Sites.
[YES] Can be packaged as a Bonus Product.
[YES] Can be bundled into a Package Deal.
[YES] Can be sold on Auction Sites.
[YES] Can be sold in Dime Sales.
[YES] Can be Retitled, Rewrote or Redited.
[YES] Can add your name as the Author.
[YES] Can be rebranded with your Links.
[YES] Can be used as Web Site/Blog Content.
[YES] Can be broken down into Articles.
[YES] Can be added to an Autoreposnder eCourse.
[YES] Can be given away or sold without Resell Rights.
[YES] Can be given away or sold with Resell Rights.
[YES] Can be given away or sold with Master Resell Rights.
[YES] Can be given away or sold with Private Label Rights.
[YES] Can edit/change the Sales Letters or eCovers.
Each report includes:
[YES] Does include a prewritten Sales Letter.
[YES] Does include the Product Covers.
[YES] Does include an editable Text file.
[YES] Does include a Thank You download page.
[YES] Does include a Order Button.
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