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Subject Line: Awesome Flash Opt-in Box Templates That Work Great!

I know your busy building your online business, so i'll be honest and fast...

No matter what business your in, what market your in, what niche your in, or what product you sell, you will need to building a database of customers and leads. Thats the bottomline.

You know it, I know it. It's hard to succeed for the long term if your always having to find new blood every month for your sales team...

If you are struggling with your online business, like I was a few years ago, then its probably down to one thing, and ONE thing only...

Your not building a list, or your doing a poor job managing your lists!

It seems to simple, but its really the reason why most fail online, and even with offline businesses!

It's almost impossible to earn a ton of money long term when your constantly trying to get new leads to your sales funnel. You need a new supply of leads, sure. But you need to capture, and nature the leads you already have!

The easiest way to do that is through an auto-responder service. So that your relationship building efforts with your leads are on auto-pilot, so you can enjoy your life, and not be chained to the desk...

All the mega-successful internet marketers all make the majority of their money from their list alone. I know I do, and so many of my friends. :-)

I know alot of gurus will try and tell you thats is hard to build a list, or that you need to be a mega-geek to figure it out. That's not true.

Heres the truth...

This is something that most internet marketers get wrong, so wrong. It's not really their fault, because they just don't have the tools or resources to fix the problem.

Here's the problem...

You have to make it DEAD SIMPLE for them to sign up, and understand why they should sign up to your list.

They have many options on the internet, and if your using a boring opt-in box, you will find that many people will either miss it alltogether, or they just wont be enticed to sign up. Even if they are already proven that they are interested in your content!

Your doing them a disservice by not giving them your content that they are looking for. You could have the best content in the world, but if you don't have their attention... its all for not...

It's sad, but very true!

Over the past few months I have been doing some covert tests. Spying on my traffic, and making little tests to track my visitors reactions to a few elements... and I found a surprising answer...

This sounds basic... but think about it. Look at your website, your sales letter, is it engaging? You may think its the best thing going online, but is it really engaging? Be honest...

Your probably thinking to yourself right now... "What the heck do I need to do to make my content, and sales process engaging?"

There is a few ways how you can instantly make your content more engaging, and get a better response...

These are all attention grabbers that get your visitors engaged in your website, and sales copy.

In my tests, more people clicked on a button that had an rollover effect rather than one that didn't... Headlines that animated in subtle ways got a better response, and clean easy to read and designs always won over the poor designs.

Look at the difference...

If your squeeze page looks anything like the second example, then you need to pay attention to this letter, and get ready to order FlashOptinPro right now..

I got my "secret ninja" graphic designer to whip up some of the hottest designs for PROVEN opt-in box designs and convert them to flash. He has done a brilliant job, and they look great!

They hit all the points we have been researching on, and we are sure they will be able to increase your opt-ins! Not many template packages can honestly say that!

You maybe wondering why we choice to use Flash for these templates, not just make them nice eye popping graphics? Well, its pretty simple... These are WAY easier to edit!

No use for photoshop, or even Flash itself! All you need to do is edit a small .txt file to change the copy, and editing the a small part of the flash to change the color to ANY color you choose!

Instead of giving you the source files for Photoshop and Flash and expecting you to have both softwares (expensive) and the skills to edit them like what other packages do.

In a few clicks, and copy & paste, your done! Without effecting the quality of the templates no matter your skills or design sensible, they will always work, and look great!

Not only is the copy for your opt-in form easy to edit, but the color of your opt-in form is easy to change too! You are not confined by any color, you can use ANY color you want with these templates. All you need to do is just add your color code to the piece of code you get with your form, and your done!

You can litterally create thousands of different styles, and they will always look and work great.

Let me repeat that...

With every flash opt-in form, you can change the color to FIT your brand! Your not locked in to only 5 colors. You can brand them with any color, just add your color to the line of code, and your off to the races!

Now you maybe asking yourself...
"Why should I use flash instead of HTML/CSS?"

Thats a very valid question. The answer isn't so straight forward. You see... You should be using both if you can.

I created these templates in flash for one reason... They are EASY to edit, ALWAYS keep form, and its hard to break it.

Let me say that one more time. They always keep form, and they are hard to break.

If you have ever used HTML/CSS with your forms then you know how annoying it can be to get the form to look right, and be positioned right. If you never touched html/css before than this is an even bigger challenge!

I am "ok" at html and css, but once I start editing form code. I go crazy! It's just hard, and there is no easy way around it. You gotta work with css hacks, use advanced class styles, and so much more.

With these templates they are already designed, and since they are flash. They never lose form, and you can't mess them up!
Here is a demo of one of our "Wide Opt-in Forms"


As you can see... The animation is nice, the design works well, its easy to read, and the style of the forms and font is PRE-DONE and EMBEDDED inside of the flash. So you litterally can't screw this up!

If these templates were in html/css with one little mess up in the code will throw every out of place. When people are viewing them inside of FireFox, Internet Explorer, and Sarafi. Everyone is seeing something slightly different!

So its impossible to get it all to look right... all the time! Thats why having them in flash will help you increase your conversions, and sign ups. Your opt-in forms will always constant across all your sites, and on ALL internet browsers.

Lets get into how cool these flash opt-in templates are...

You have seen all the gurus selling with their fancy video squeeze pages, but with this package you can collect the opt-in from the video directly!

This is a really exciting and new flash player. Just enter in your FLV url into the html, and you can instantly start building your list straight from the video.

The best part of this player is that your affiliates can share and post your video directly on their blog.

Imagine having YOUR OPT-IN FORM on someone elses website! Yes, this allows you to do it, but its even more effective because you can have your video telling them the offer.

This unqiue player can be branded with ANY color, and it always looks beautiful...

As you can clearly see that these opt-in forms are designed to be generic, and effective.

So you can use these for ANY niche, and any market! So no matter if your in the real estate niche, dating, self-help, or a b2b. You can still use these templates and maintain the effectiveness.

-- $47 Real World Value --

We are just getting started!

This is a full featured, no hold bar type of package. I don't want to leave you with half a toolkit, I want to give you the entire set, so you can build your list in many ways.

For me, one of the easiest ways to build a list with no product, and no "upsell" is to give away GOOD free content. The best way to publish this content is through a blog. So I had my designers come up with a nice blog side bar collection...

This is a superb package...

Using your blog is one of the best ways to build your list on passive-auto-pilot. With this set of 3 beautiful flash templates, you can start buiding your list in style!

Just plug-in your autoresponder service, and edit the headline copy with a simple .txt file. These are designed to fit nicely into any side bar of any blog theme that is currently available online.

You wont have any trouble using these right away with your blog. Just copy and paste, and add your AR services.

You can check out the look here...

As you can clearly see that these opt-in forms are designed to be generic, and effective.

So you can use these for ANY niche, and any market! So no matter if your in the real estate niche, dating, self-help, or a b2b. You can still use these templates and maintain the effectiveness.

-- $47 Real World Value --

As you can see already.. This package is already worth more than $197, but we have more...

We also put together a package of forms that can be used for your squeeze pages. This is where this package shows its true flexibilty, because these forms can be used for squeeze page regardless of your niche or your industry.

Check this out...

This is an awesome package, because you use these templates on a squeeze page. You can use the blog side bar opt-in froms too, but these are wide, and very noticable!

You can put a killer headline over them, and really make them work with very little work.

I have two very stylish, and popular looks to each form. The first is a nice edgey design, that makes it drop dead easy for anyone to sign up to your list.

The second is a nice web 2.0 rounded corner design! This one is really hot, and will be sure to get your landing page attention!

So you can use these for ANY niche, and any market! So no matter if your in the real estate niche, dating, self-help, or a b2b. You can still use these templates and maintain the effectiveness.

-- $47 Real World Value --

Now with just those 3 sets of flash template packages this would be worth more than $197, but I really wanted to make this offer a complete no brainer, so I added these 3 AMAZING bonuses...

These aren't bonuses that were thrown together, or things we bought the rights too. These bonuses are created FOR THIS OFFER exclusively.

So you can only get these bonuses through the this offer... You are going to be shocked with what we have here...

Instantly and quickly make your youtube videos start building you a list!

I have a super nice little bonus package for you. I am going to give you 5 youtube video opt-in templates that you can use right away. You will be getting the full source, psd files and everything so you can edit, change or add anything you want to these templates.

They work with ANY flash player, so you can use them with your self-hosted videos or other video sites. These templates are killer!

Just drop your youtube video embed code into the html template, and your ready to start building your list! These can be used with email marketing, fit into a blog, your minisite, or create a killer squeeze page out these!

-- $27 Real World Value --

You maybe thinking... There is already alot of youtube video templates out there, why would you want these ones? Well... These have a way better look and feel to them that you WONT BE EMBARRASED about using.

Think about it... Most of the template packages out there are not good. Sure, they save you a ton of time, but they are just thrown together by a freelance designer who has NO idea about marketing, let alone anything about direct response style marketing.

Most template packages are done by marketers who outsource the work, and tell you thats its been researched, and proven to work... Bullocks!

This entire package was design by my personal "secret weapon" designer who has been creating HUGE successful sites for many well known clients, and knows a thing or two about what makes people buy. Just look at this sales page... Think I designed it myself? Heck no!

My "secret weapon" designer did, and he made this product. The quality of this sales page is only reflection of the quality you will be getting when you order today.

Now... before I get ahead of myself here. You may be asking... What if I don't have a sales video? Well, we got just the thing for you!

I created a full step-by-step video course that will teach you how to create a quick & easy sales video with Photoshop & flash alone....

This is a TRUE gem because I personally go through how I create fantastic videos in flash that look amazing and work like gangbusters!

Now, you wont see any other tutorials like this because I am one of the few people who actually create videos in flash - Little people know how, and it was never possible before until NOW!

I explain why, and how simple it actually is...

In these videos your customers will learn...

* How to setup your sales video project so that you can finish in unless than a day!

* The real secret to how to get a video to convert well, and why most people are doing it ALL wrong...

* The method I use to all the files fit nicely in ONE psd file, and how you can do the same...

* How to export and import every scene and asset from photoshop to flash to right way...

* Understanding how flash works, the basics of layers, importing and exporting...

* The magic of ULTRA-SIMPLE animation that is abosutely stunning, and its a true winner!

* The key to what REALLY makes a video professional, and its NOT what your thinking!

* The easiest way to set it up, and how to export your video...

* How to cut the size of your video down to one tenth its size so people can view it almost instantly online...

In less than a day, your customers will be able to make "award-winning" sales videos that convert like crazy!

The difference between this training and other video training course is that I don't teach you how to a make simple slide show and call it a sales video...

I am teaching you REAL direct response video styles that work like crazy. These same tactics have allowed me to get up 10 conversion rates and my video on over 50 blogs in less than a week!

Oh... did i forget to mention that I also got more 300 sales in less a week too?

These videos are killer, and they are completely unique to this package...

-- 6 Videos In This Series - $97 Real World Value --

Now to just make this offer a COMPLETE NO-BRAINER, I wanted to add that extra bit of value...

If you scroll down to the bottom of this sales page to order your copy today, you will notice a nice buy now area. Everything about this block is on purpose, and by design. The colors, and the style has been researched and tested by many to be the best.

I went ahead and got my "secret weapon" designer to design 4 completely customizable and ready-to-go order now areas. You can simply plugg these into your mini-site and start to see the dramatic effects happen right before your eyes!

This is a $47 value, that I am throwing in for free...

I just had to throw this bonus into this amazing deal, because I have seen so many people asking for great buy now buttons. So I put together a package of 4 template styles that you can use right now!

These are based on proven tests. Everything right down to the font, and colors. It's all been tested to show that these are winning combinations!

You are going to be getting the full source to each template style. You can easily change the color, or add anything you want because you are getting the Photoshop Editable File .psd.

If your in a rush, you can just copy & paste the html into your sales letter, and your good to go!

- $47 Of Real World Value & Exclusive To This Package -

Here Is The Full List Of The Features Of The Templates

Designed For The Best Return
Increase your list building profits...

Create Better Sales Pages...
Use these templates to be seen as a pro!

Full Set Of .PSD Files
Each set has its own .psd collection...

Full HTML/CSS Files
You get the full source to edit & play with!

Build A List Fast...
Opt-in form in the side bar...

Never Touch Any CSS!
Don't worry about internet browsers!

Save Money On Designer Fees!
Design value of over $1,497!

Use For Any Niche!
The Design is perfect for any market...
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