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Turbo WP Themerator

You Only Get ONE Chance to Make a Great First Impression...
...Are You Blowing It??

"If You Can Point and Click,
You Can Create Unlimited Professional-Looking
WordPress Sites that Make Readers Stick
to Your Pages Like Glue..."

...for less than it costs to hire someone to design just ONE theme for you.
By John Delavera, creator of the ENTIRE line of Turbo Products
And Your Name Here (Authorized Reseller)

Dear Marketing Friend,

Is there a crab stuck to your nose?

When my friend Joe was in high school, his cousin Alice and her parents came to visit him for a month.

Joe was hoping to fix Alice up with his best friend David, so she would have someone to hang around with.

David was a great guy, top in their class, funny, and had his own hotrod car.

Girls loved him.

So naturally Joe thought David would be a good match for Alice.

The day she was due to arrive, David and Joe were crabbing from the public pier.

They were pulling the pots up and sorting the crabs by size; little ones were thrown back in, big ones they kept.

One crab was HUGE, the biggest they'd ever caught...

...so Joe began chasing David with it, threatening to let it pinch him.
(In Joe's defense, just the previous week David put a six foot snake in the cab of Joe's truck. Joe didn't "find" it until he was flying down the highway and it coiled around his ankle.

In his great haste to remove the snake from his leg, Joe forgot to watch the road, plowed through a farmer's fence, and narrowly missed hitting his cows before landing in an irrigation ditch.

As you can imagine, Joe couldn't wait to properly "thank" David for the excitement his prank brought to an otherwise dull day.)

What can I say...

...they were young, they were guys, and like every other teenage boy (myself included) they did dumb stuff like that.

So there's Joe, chasing David down the pier, when David flat out trips over a fisherman's bucket.

Down he goes, and since Joe can't stop in time, he trips over him.

As Joe's falling, he hurls the crab at David...

...and it lands square on his face.
Next thing Joe knows, David is howling like a banshee, screaming...
"Get it off me! Get it off me!"

They had no idea just how hard a crab can pinch until that moment.

David appeared to be having a seizure, screaming and jerking violently back and forth, trying to get the crab to let go of him.

That's when Joe heard the girlish laughter.

His cousin Alice had come down to the pier to find them.

Her first sight of David was with a crab stuck securely to his nose, and David howling and doing a jig to beat the band.

Talk about bad first impressions!
Joe got the crab pried off of David's face...

...but there was nothing he could do about David's embarrassment.

Alice doubled over in laughter, tears streaming down her face.

Poor David was beet red and speechless.

And no matter what he did after that to try to impress her...

...Alice would never go out with David.

Is there a crab hanging from YOUR nose?

You have exactly ONE chance to create a businesslike, profitable first impression with your future customers.

What kind of impression are you making???

WordPress Themerator is the ONLY software that allows you to custom-create truly unique, professional looking WordPress themes with just a few clicks of your mouse.
Don't be fooled into thinking your WordPress Theme isn't important...

...because it's CRITICAL to your success.

Think of your website like a sports car.

You can have the fastest sports car in the world... But if it LOOKS like you found it in the junkyard, NO ONE is going to take a second look at it.

Same for your site.

You can have the greatest content in the world, but if its "packaging" doesn't convey your professionalism and commitment to your readers, you're sunk before you start.
The Beauty of WordPress, Combined with WordPress Themerator, is You can Have a Website that Rivals Any Static Site, Yet it's as Easy to Build, Maintain and Grow as a Blog!

Because of their outstanding features, WordPress blogs can be your traffic magnets.

You can create them in a hurry, and milk them for maximum results.

But if you don't have Themerator software, you're going to have to either create your own theme from scratch, or settle for an over-used stock theme that makes you look like everyone else.

A word of caution: unless you're a coder, do NOT fall into the trap of trying to build your own theme from scratch.

You'll waste hours of your time, and most likely you won't be impressed with the results.

Your customers won't be impressed, either.

And with a stock theme, you're even worse off, because you're stuck trying to make your content fit someone else's generic idea of what your site should be.

And that someone else has never even met you...

...nor do they care one bit about your site or your success!

However, with your own custom-designed theme...

...your website will stand apart from the others, because you'll have your own unique, individual brand.
Because it's custom-tailored to suit your particular needs, by the ONE person in the world who knows your business better than ANYONE else, (you) there will be no other theme exactly like it in the world.

And this holds true whether you're building one site, or a thousand.

Do You Know Why It's CRUCIAL to Have a Professional Looking
Website that Makes Readers "Stick" to Your Pages Like Glue?
First, it gives you instant credibility the second a person lands on your site. Make a great first impression, and readers will stay longer, read more, and click on more links. It's just human nature to trust in appearances. Make a bad first impression, and your readers won't stick around long enough for you to try to change their minds.

Second, the longer a person stays on your site, the more chance you have of getting them to click on your affiliate links and adsense links. That means more money in your pocket.

Third, the longer they stay on your site, the more likely they'll be inclined to subscribe to your email list, thus giving you the chance to sell to them time and time again.

And don't forget how important it is to have easy navigation. You can actually go overboard in customizing a site if you don't know what you're doing. Spending a fortune for a unique site will be a total waste of money if it confuses your reader into leaving.

Whether you simply want to keep your Blog looking sharp, sleek and up-to-date, or you're creating hundreds of money-making Adsense sites, WordPress Themerator is guaranteed to get the job done for you.
You've noticed this yourself: when you land on a website that is professional looking, you stick around longer, read more, and click more.

But when you land on a site that looks like it was tossed together by your 7 year old nephew, you're onto the next site like greased lightening.

You get ONE chance to make a first impression.

You work hard to get traffic.

Or maybe you spend a lot of money to get traffic.

Or both.

Bottom line, when someone goes to your site, you want them to hang around long enough to make you money and or want to come back again.

With Themerator, you can...
Create UNLIMITED professional looking themes.
Custom tailor each theme to your particular business or niche.
Constantly keep your site on the cutting edge, able to make slight adjustments or major changes to your theme in just seconds, whenever you want.

Make your blog look like a custom built static site, without all the cost and maintenance headaches
If you are updating old sites, or creating new ones, this is the one piece of software you MUST HAVE.

The average Internet marketer creates 6 to 10 new websites every year. If you're promoting adsense, you probably create a lot more than that.

How many money-making niche websites
would you like to have if you could create them
with just a few clicks?

With Themerator, it's just that easy.

And on the topic of niches:
How to Start Your Own Business with
Just this One Piece of Software:
Of course there are numerous ways to enhance your business with Themerator. You can
Improve your companies image
Keep traffic on your pages longer
Build numerous sites sell affiliate products
Build numerous Adsense sites
And so forth.
But did you know you can also use the Themerator software to create your own business?

Hundreds of people are joining WordPress daily.

Every single one of these marketers needs a WordPress theme.

Most of them are smart enough to know the importance of having their own professional, custom created theme.

But they don't know how to build it... and that's where you come in.

Offer to build them a custom theme of their own...

...Charge them whatever you like...

...Spend a few minutes creating the theme., and...


You've got a high-demand service that takes you very little time to perform, yet pays handsomely.

If you only charged $50, and you only created one per day, you've got an $18,250 per year part time business. You might charge more or less, and make more or less sales, I don't know.

But I do know you can recoup your investment on this software in just a sale or two, and have a lucrative side income that lasts for as long as WordPress is around (which I predict will be a very, very long time.)

Most people will use Themerator for their own personal use. But isn't it nice to know you can also use it to create your own business?
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