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MP3 Mind Training for Golf CD Program - Craig Townsend (Dip. Clin. Hyp)

A complete mental training program for competition golfers, including powerful techniques and a daily visualization / hypnosis exercise.

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The complete mental training program on CD – including a powerful daily golf visualization and hypnosis exercise, which maximizes your performance and also helps overcome short and long-term problems, such as 1st tee nerves, the yips, hitting over water, consistency, concentration and confidence problems.

This program helps golfers of all levels move to the next level of golf, and is especially helpful for:

* golfers who are actually much better than their current results or handicap

* golfers who practice fine but find their confidence and consistency disappear on competition day

* golfers who lose concentration after a bad shot, and find it affects their entire round

Most problems on the golf course can be overcome using mental training, regardless of whether they are technical or mental/emotional challenges - and the main reason for this is because the mind controls the body, not the other way around. Most problems in golf are simply caused by the mind being untrained to correctly instruct the body to perform correctly.

Craig Townsend is a clinical hypnotherapist who specializes in golf and other sports (see his bio below), and he discovered that self-sabotage is a common problem that golfers encountered all the time, as the pressure of competition often brings out scenarios which may not exist in practice.

As the mind works just like a computer, it too can be re-programmed to create powerful new results, using world-renowned techniques used by top athletes all over the world. Your mind either works for you, or against you, just depending upon how you''ve "programmed" it to perform - and just like any computer, it can easily be re-programmed to give a totally different result.

Any golfer, of any handicap, can dramatically improve their scores through using mental training. Consistency, concentration and confidence are all best achieved through a regular mental training program, which takes barely any time to do and which strengthens more and more over time.


Do you experience any of these?

· 1st tee nerves / lack of belief in yourself

· Slumps in form

· Regularly recurring problems on the course

· Concentration and technical problems

· Practicing hard but getting no payback

· Doubts, fears, worries and anxiety, worrying about what others think

· Inconsistency in competition

· Great in practice, lousy in competition

· Overly worrying about the "obstacles" such as the bunkers and trees.

· Having trouble mastering a new stroke that you may have been taught by your local pro in a lesson

· Injuries occurring just before competitions


· Improving your scores without practicing any harder

· Overcoming debilitating nervousness, such as 1st tee nerves

· Longer and more focused concentration

· Playing relaxed and on cruise-control

· A calm, clear and focused mind

· A deep inner belief in yourself and your abilities

· More consistent performances in competitions

· A more positive outlook on golf and life in general

· Quick and accelerated learning of new strokes and shots from your lessons

· Playing ''in the zone'' more often (read on for an explanation of what this is)

Mental training can help you overcome most problems and reach the absolute peak of your capabilities. The mental state known as ''the zone'' produces these all-time best performances - where your swing feels fluent, easy and effortless, and you feel you simply cannot do a thing wrong!

The Zone is brought about by learning to allow your powerful subconscious to do your hitting for you, rather than allowing the weaker conscious mind to sabotage the performance as it is well-renowned for. The good news (in regard to your competitors) is that most players have no idea how to get into this powerful mental state - but this CD will show you how to get there more often.

Your recent results in competition will always give you a clear reflection of where your mind is currently directing your golf. Mental training improves your results on the course through a set of powerful on-course and off-course techniques, which will get you into the winners circle more often. Here''s one of the most powerful methods you will use:

Visualization is the best method for programming your game for improvement and success – as it uses the subconscious mind, the control center of all movement, and it is the most widely used mental training method in elite sport today.

Visualization is regularly imagining in your mind the exact way you wish to play in competition, which is a natural function we are actually doing all the time - but often using it in a negative way rather than the way it was intended! (and unfortunately this method works just as effectively in the negative as in the positive).

Visualization is a form of mental programming which also requires a particular level of relaxation to be truly effective - which is the common problem most golfers seem to have with visualizing.

Its essential ingredient is to be able to quieten your thoughts and relax your mind to a specific level – and the visualization exercise on the CD achieves this for you easily, each and every time.

Relaxation is crucial whilst you "run movies through your mind" of successful golf. The main reasons why golfers often have trouble with this are:

· their mind simply won''t quieten down, or:

· their relaxation goes too deep and they fall asleep (and so they miss out on the visualization altogether), or:

· they don''t know exactly what to visualize, or for how long, etc.

The visualization exercise takes you down to the correct level of relaxation each time, which eventually becomes ‘automatic’ each time you begin listening to the exercise. It then mentally guides you step-by-step through a golf visualization, covering all strokes and virtually every typical golf situation, before returning you to the normal awakened state, feeling great and all in around 15-20 minutes. The exercise can easily be tailored to your own needs at the time (eg. for overcoming 1st tee nerves), and the exercise increases in effectiveness the longer you use it.

Effective visualization is the answer to overcoming most golfer''s problems, and reaching the next level of improvement. The main reasons why the daily visualization exercise is so effective is because of:

· Automatic Relaxation - the exercise places you into an easy and automatic state of relaxation (perfect for visualization).

· Helps Overcome Extreme Pre-Competition Nerves - the relaxation and visualization build confidence and help to overcome nervousness

· The Visualization Exercise Gets More Powerful Each Day! - the exercise has been designed to make the exercise become stronger and more effective by the day!

· It Helps to Mentally Release And Overcome Bad Past Performances - the program has shown to help golfers overcome and release ''traumatic'' shots/ rounds from the past, even those they had unconsciously fretted about for up to 4-5 years.

· It Can Even Work While You''re Asleep! - even if you go to sleep listening to the program, you still receive the subliminal benefit of the exercise. (Your subconscious is most open to suggestion when you are asleep or relaxed).

Mind Training for Golf - available on CD, and also via download onto your computer and iPod, details the step-by-step mental training program - showing you how to:

· Tailor your own personal mental training program

· Pre-program your shot in your mind

· Overcome extreme 1st tee nerves

· Use powerful mental techniques during the game

· Protect yourself from getting upset during a game

· Increase your inner belief

· Access ''the Zone'' - the peak of human performance

The program becomes more powerful each day you use it, and it provides you with empowering, detailed techniques and knowledge which you can use whilst out there on the course.

This program is easy to use, and the daily visualization takes as little as 15-20 minutes each day. It shows you everything you need to know, and more.

Not only can it help you to bring down your scores, it can also help to overcome long and short-term problems you may be experiencing. Extreme nervousness, negative thoughts, lack of belief, concentration problems - these problems often seem to dissolve and fade away.

The program is available for what most people might spend on lunch at a restaurant. The true value is the continued benefits you gain from mental training - it will stay with you forever.

This is the answer you have been looking for to improve your scores, overcome nervousness..... whatever your story may be! The mind controls the body, and the mind is unlimited – so this little secret weapon will make all the difference to your game.

Try ''Mind Training for Golf'' today and watch as your performance on the course slowly transforms. All the best of success!


Craig Townsend is Director of It''s Mind over Matter and has worked in the area of mental training for sport and personal development over the past 16 years.

He possesses a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and for 20 years has researched and experimented with various methods of tapping the mind''s potential, combining the subjects of hypnosis, auto and hetero-suggestion, deep relaxation, personal development, meditation, visualization, motivation, NLP, the Silva Method, positive thinking, mind/body medicine, Zen and other eastern philosophies to create a highly effective mental training program which has brought impressive results.

He has worked with National and State level sportspeople of all kinds for 16 years, teaching them the various methods of improvement through mental training, and creating a powerful program which has spawned impressive results in golfers and athletes at all levels.

Craig’s mental training programs have led the way in mental training for sports of all kinds, utilizing a powerful blend of mental training techniques. His interests have also stretched beyond these areas however. Craig’s vast knowledge has led him to lecture across a broad cross-section of the community - business, sport and private practice.

His deep understanding of the various mind techniques has led him to lecture major corporations such as Fujitsu, The Institute of Chartered Accountants, Comverse Network Systems World Group Annual Meeting in Phuket, Thailand, cancer patients at various hospitals, and public seminars on the mind and its influence on our success. Craig passionately devotes himself to increased development and understanding of the mind, and is committed to passing on this information to those who seek greater achievement in their lives.

Please note Craig is a Clinical Hypnotherapist who has derived his program from a vast array of different modalities, which are unrelated to pyschology or golf psychology.

Keywords: golf improvement, techniques, tips, winning tournaments, overcoming nerves and nervousness, yips, putting problems and concentration lapses.

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