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MP3 Jose' Luis Diaz - Screaming With My Eyes

This is highly emotional progressive-rock heavy metal....

8 MP3 Songs
ROCK: Progressive Rock, METAL: Heavy Metal

This disc was one of the hardest projects I''ve ever done.
It''s hard to get things done when the world keeps draggin me out of the studio.I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I enjoyed creating it.
I''d like to thank each and every one of you who checked out my last cd. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am in the process of writing material for my next project. I may do two at the same time. Theres still a lot of stuff on the soft side I gotta get out of my system,(yeah, I got a soft side,,,), but there are plenty of hard drivin ideas in my head still.
TURN IT THE**** UP NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyways, to refocus;
All of my material is done on a 10-track. I record on 8 and mix down to two. The final product is on stereo and I prefer to use a cheap packaging. Every song has a story behind it. If you hear one you like feel free to e-mail me and ask the story. I will reply as soon as possible.

Just now I''d like to send thanx out to three bands that are the first I got in touch with since leapin online to do this.
ALLICIT out of Tyler TX
Dirty Children out of Marina Del REy CA
PRELUDIUM(https://www.tradebit.com)Prauge,Czech Republic
These arew dang good bands so I encourage you to go listen to them!!!!!!!!NOW!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for checking this stuff out everyone!!!!
I''m going to remix a lot of these songs and re-release them as a compilation of some https://www.tradebit.coms may take a while so bear with me.(I''ll do songs from "nobody wins!!!! as well,maybe even some unreleased stuff).
Look for a slightly different sound on my next project. I''m going to take some advice from a friend.(That would be Jay Conddiotti of Dirty Children)
Please feel free to e-mail me anything(good or bad) about any of my material. Just click on the link to the left of the page you find my cd(s) on.
4/24/05: I''m still hard at work on my next project.,,,And still hard at work on my day job.(ha ha,,,).
I been asked by quite a few people whatever happened to certain songs from the past. I have some of that and it will come up If I can get it to sound right.
I''m currently in the process of having to update my drum hardware. My keyboard has been exhausted of all it''s good drum tracks!! This is something I wish I could have done a long time ago. Wish me luck?
Just wanna say Thanks to all of you whom I asked for advice on press kits. Thank yous go to; Jay of Dirty Children;Robert of Preludium;Jason of Allicit; and Daniel at cdbaby.
Now it''s time for me to get up off my keister and start tryin to take the world by storm. I hope I scare a lot of people,(heh,,heh,,heh,,,,,).
SHOULDI WRITE MORE???????TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AHA!!!You readme.
I''m sure glad someone listens to me somewhere.
I know I got you all jumpin from this one to the other cd and for that i apologize.#3 is almost done and I feel GREAT about it. Hang in there and hold on to your socks!!!!!
Hey, it''s 5/16/2005!!!!! "----- --- -----" is complete. stay tuned for the release!!!!!!! There is a light in the darkness, it''s your armor. NOTHING FADES ''TIL WE LET IT.
This album is now available on some download sites. You can buy the whole thing or just your favorite song(s). SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I need to know if any one who''s reading this is doing so from, or is from Victoria,TX. We need to talk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Website is up.(https://www.tradebit.com) Check it out.
I''m workin on my next project as you read this.
It seems I''ve got a lot of attention as of late. I hope clear channel stays attentive.
This cd did not turn out to be loaded(as they say) with enough strong tunes. I understand. Don''t buy it. Instead, just get the tunes you want at a digital download site. Leave the tunes you do not like far behind. I''m not here to defend this cd so i''ll leave now,,,,

Good to see so many people finding the legasyssongs website!
Visitors are coming from all over the world. This is due in large part to Jesse Delao.I''ve been lucky enough to get onto A.O.G. MEDIA''s COMPILATION Volumes 5 and 6, and hope to make it onto #7 as well. With all that''s going on right now, I''m still hard at work on my next project. Several songs are done but I''ve yet to set a release date. Stay tuned.

I''m a musician. Every since I can remember, I''ve loved music. I miss being in a band right now. I miss being on a stage even more. My heaven these days is standing in front of my amps with my eyes closed. There''s a slight breeze that washes over me. 520 watts of power sets me free!

Since I started up all these web pages, I''ve made new friends and found new bands. Most of which I may never meet. This world in here is populated by an infinite array of personalities. Each individual brings something in here that counts. I bring myself and my music. I hope I "count".

I''ve been listend to in countries around the globe. I''ve made new friends in a lot of those countires. I''ve sold lots of single songs in the digital download world. I have my sights set even higher.

I want your attention. I am a musician. I pour my heart and soul into every song I write. Judge me honestly. Real friends don''t hold back. I''ll never hold back when I write a song. I''ll never hold back when I judge someone elses song.

I admit I spend a lot of time in here. But then again, I''ve been locked to my desk all week. I miss spending time with my muse(Glenda). I miss getting my hands on my guitars. What I miss the most though, is getting noticed. 106.9 played my "cupid shoots to kill" on the sunday club lonestar show. That felt good and Adam West read out my entire bio. Site traffic increased and has not sagged since,(https://www.tradebit.com) You can now even browse for me on the 106.9 home page. That''s a bonus I never expected. My hat tips to the station in gratitude. I''ll never stop writing and playing, but even a little attention would https://www.tradebit.com know I give it to you. That''s why I''m here, you have mine.

I know my voice aint much to listen to. If I had a band I would''nt sing lead-vocal. If I had managment and PR, I would''nt have to do those jobs either. I wish I had all the things in my life I needed that would let me work on my music more than I do. I''ve been out of the studio all week and in charge of operations at my day job. My boss is on a much needed vacation. I''ll need one soon as well.

I''d had this written out far more eloquently earlier. An accidental keystroke vaporized it though. I don''t ever give up though. I wrote it all again. That''s me. I don''t quit. Ever. If you get the chance to hear my music, let me know what you think. Rate it, comment on it, thash it, trash it, smash it, or blast it. All I ever wanted was honest friends. I still don''t know if I''ve found any. Except maybe(and I am sure), for Jesse Delao, of A.O.G. MEDIA. He works his but off to bring unknown artist and bands from around the world onto compilation discs that he then sends litteraly, "around the world". He''s not out to get rich off people like the big companies. He''s the selfless helmsman for any artist with enough conviction about their music to take the first step and open their minds to new https://www.tradebit.comh big record companies, profit comes first. That''s why you hear songs you don''t really like all day long.


KEEP PUSHING BACK THE CLOUDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9/22/2006-(I''D LIKE TO SHARE SOME INSIGHTS) - September 22, 2006
This is just a paste of a letter from a good friend who recently did and interview with a filmaker. The film which percipitated the interview is called "ELECTRIC PURGATORY". It''s a documentary about blacks in the Rock-N-Roll industry. The film looks to be an eye opener from the trailer I''ve seen. Anyway, I was asked for insights and this is what rolled off the top of my head.:
Easily done.
My mom would rather I do soft tunes all the time. I respect her for that and do oblige her often. But deep down inside there''s a rage that burns like nothing else can to get out and express itself with volume, distortion, and the wildest flesh-melting tones I can come up with.
I sometimes catch a glimpse of the pioneers such as Charlie Christian, Clarence Brown, Django R., Jimi H., Segovia, this list has no end,,, and I soak up what they were doing back then and try to emulate it in some way. I don''t think I''m ever successful, but nonetheless, I really try to feel it.
I''ve been called many names in my life. From across the spectrum, nigger, black mother fucker, spook, beaner, spic, this list goes on as well. My heritage spans many races, but my soul spans only the human race. I have little or no regard for the racist element on this earth. Racism comes from everywhere and leads to nowhere.
Most of my family listens to R&B, soul, funk, rap, etc. But a few listen to Metal, blues, and even classical. I listen to it all. I respect them and everyone else for whatever they listen to. Give me a choice and it will be something loud!
These days the music industry is shaking a bit from the threat of indie unsigned and unknowns getting exposure and eating away at the base of their profits. In desperation they now pull out the dirty pool trick of acts they''ve held back on. These artists are very talented and the music is new and for the most part unheard. I''m sure they would have been bigger long ago without the big companies.
I''m not Hendrix. I''m just me. An unknown artist who believes in what he feels inside and tries to share it. I don''t expect fame or fortune but it would be nice to have a bathroom I can play baseball in.[;-)] the worst thing anyone can do as an artist is limit their "expression-form" to an ethnic narrow-mindedness. As for myself, I believe that just because light has a visible spectrum, that does not mean that that''s all there is to the spectrum.
I will always be, LOUD! I will always be, PROUD! And, I will always be, PUSHING BACK THE CLOUDS!!!!
Jose'' Luis Diaz/LEGASYS

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