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This Is A Complete Ebook And Website Package With Master Resell Rights Certificate Included.
This ebook comes with a professionally designed website for you to change any way you want.
You can resell this package over and over again.
Your customers can resell this package over and over again.
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Youre just one good web sales letter away from a million dollars

At Last, a Unique Treasury of 37 Proven, Successful Web Sales Letters -- Yours for Only $14.95

Special Bonus - You Get Unlimited Free Re-Sale and Re-Distribution Rights

To All Would-Be Internet Marketing Millionaires,

Famous copywriter Ted Nicholas (who has made many millions of dollars) didnt say *web* sales letter. The Internet didnt exist when he started making his direct marketing millions.

Think what an advantage we have over him.

You want to sell more of your products and services on the Internet, am I right?

Sure I am, or youd be a chat room right now.

Odds are, many of you have so far failed to sell much at all of your products and services.

Are you blaming the so-called recession? September 11?

Are you driving traffic to your site but failing to make sales? Paying more for your ads, banners and pay per click engine placements than youre making?

How much do you want to succeed online? What difference would it make to your life to know that you had the skill to sell any worthwhile product on the Internet?

Despite what youve read, the 3 keys to Internet success are NOT traffic, traffic and traffic.

Theyre NOT even targeted traffic, targeted traffic and targeted traffic.

The ONE key to mining the Internet gold mine is targeted traffic converted to sales.

Whether you have a 500 page content rich site or a stripped down to the barest essentials minisite, what you need is a web sales letter that *makes the sale*

If you can talk, you can write a web sales letter. You dont have to know any secret ways of putting words together -- just keep them one after the other :)

The trick to learning how to write web sales letters as anything else is to learn the *structure*

Thats what this book teaches you -- the pieces of web sales letters plus the principles that make them work.

As youll see, a lot is common sense. Not rocket science or brain surgery.

You learn by example - taught by many of the greatest web copywriters online today.

Jonathan Mizel
Yanik Silver
Terry Dean
Declan Dunn
Dr. Ken Evoy
Mark Joyner
Jimmy D. Brown
Collin Almeida
Neil Shearing
Phil Wiley
. . . and more.

Ill let you in on a deep secret -- none of these success stories was BORN a good web sales copywriter!

Nope - they all came into this world just as naked as you and me. Imagine that! :)

Whats made the big difference in their lives is that sometime between that birth and the beginning of their online wealth they studied GOOD copywriting.

They read and re-read books by copywriters. They read and re-read the junk mail they received. They read and re-read the classic sales letters. They learned the structure of sales letters. They learned the principles behind that structure. They learned by example.

They practiced. They wrote sales letters. Then they read and re-read the proven winners and compared their efforts to the masters, and changed and re-wrote their letters.

Then they tested their efforts in the marketplace and tested and changed what still didnt work.

Some of the greats included in Web Sales Letters Supreme were professional copywriters before they started their online careers. But many started their online businesses first and learned copywriting because they had to.

Many of them are NOT professional copywriters. They started out as a doctor, a pizza delivery dude, a Kinkos clerk, a reporter . . . all self-educated, self-trained copywriters.

Now you can leverage their efforts by studying the successful web sales letters they have produced

What these Internet pioneers had to do was adopt traditional direct sales letter techniques and methods to the Internet.

There are technical differences related to the media, plus some different psychology involved.

In Web Sales Letters Supreme you get:

Easy to understand explanations of the 8 main parts of a web sales letter supreme. Once you know the structure, you can piece together an acceptable letter.
The psychological principles you use to convince your prospects they MUST BUY your product
The 3 Ps that are the foundation of a successful web sales letter. You must understand these before you start thinking about the mechanical parts of a web sales letter. Theyre not hard, and theyre basic.
11 more examples of great web sales letters to visit online
An entire chapter of tips on how to format your web sales letters. When I put up my first web sales letter I made a basic typography error because of what I knew about offline printing. You can avoid repeating that mistake and others that I and others have made.
A web copywriting resource site
Learn from 37 different proven web sales letters

Aspiring copywriters have always studied successful sales letters. The reason is obvious.

The best way to learn what works is to learn from what works.

You can buy books that consist of nothing but direct mail sales letters. For aspiring Internet marketers, there are two problems with these books.

1. Some of the letters are quite old. Is the venerable headline Do You Make These Mistakes in English? inspiring for copywriters aiming for modern Internet customers?

2. All of the letters are direct mail pieces. Although there is much for web copywriters to learn from direct mail copywriters, the media are different and have some different technical requirements.

Aspiring direct mail copywriters have been using books such as this for many years. Until now, there has been no such book for web copywriters.

I just went to Amazon and found a good example of a book that direct mail copywriters can use to learn their craft.

The Worlds Greatest Direct Sales Letters by Herschell Gordon Lewis and Carol Nelson

You should also notice that the retail price is $79.95. Amazons price is $55.96 plus postage and handling.

Thats three times more than youll pay for Web Sales Letters Supreme.

You can also learn copywriting by attending one of Randys copywriting bootcamps. Last time I received a mailing for one, the price for one weeks training was only $5000.

Thats how much aspiring direct mail copywriters value that skill.

Cost savings and anthrax are forcing many small and large businesses to substitute web sites for direct mailings.

Web Sales Letters Supreme consists of WEB sales letters, not direct mail pieces.

If you want to send out direct mail sales letters, buy those books and study direct mail sales letters.

If you want to put up a winning web site, study successful web sales letters.

If you read and study the web sales letters in my book and learn and apply the principles to your own web sales letters, Im convinced that youll convert far more of your prospects into buyers than you do now

If you read and apply what you learn in this book to your own web site . . . how many extra sales would it take to pay you back the price of this book?

I dont know what your profit margin is, and since your investment in Web Sales Letters Supreme is only $14.95, most of you would more than make back the price of this book with only ONE extra sale.

Get your copy of Web Sales Letters Supreme Now!

So if you make more than one sale that you wouldnt have made otherwise, Web Sales Letters Supreme is a worthwhile investment.

You get an additional value that you will never get from an offline paperbound book --

Free re-sale and re-distribution rights!

Thats right. Once you own Web Sales Letters Supreme you not only own your personal copy - you own the right to sell it, give it away or distribute in any way you see fit except spamming.

You can charge the same $14.95 I charge or more or less.

You can sell or give it away to your current customers.

You can give it away as a bonus for buying a product of your own.

You can give it away as a bonus to people who buy a product you sell as an affiliate.

You can give it away as a bonus for subscribing to your ezine.

You can sell or give it away to your affiliates.

You can sell or give it away to people who signed up below you in affiliate programs.

You can sell or give it away to people who signed you up in an affiliate program.

It makes a great Christmas or birthday present for anybody doing business online.

You can do anything you want with it except spam or change it.

Thats it. Dont spam. Dont change it in any way.

What if you dont have a product of your own? -- hire yourself out as a copywriter
The only difference between you and the people who write web sales letters for others is that they have learned their craft.

(Actually, not all of them have learned it. If you study Web Sales Letter Supreme youll know more than some professional web copywriters.)

Plus, they have some experience. You wont start out making $1000s per sales letters as the top professionals do, but youll find that when you know how to create web sales letters that move products, businesses will pay handsomely for your services.

10 Times the Investment in One Year Guarantee

Im so sure that the 37 web sales letters in this book can teach you how to write effective web sales letters that Ill make this more than fair guarantee.

You have one year to read, study and apply what youve learned from Web Sales Letters Supreme. If you dont make back at least 10 times your investment -- $149.50 -- Ill refund the money.

If you read, study and apply the lessons you learn from the proven web sales letters in this book, you cannot help but make that $149.50 -- unless youre already a great copywriter who already knows everything that Mark Joyner, Dr. Ken Evoy, Yanik Silver and all the others do. If so, my hats sure off to you!

Get your copy of Web Sales Letters Supreme Now!

What if you still think you cant write an effective web sales letters yourself? So you plan to hire out that task?

You still want to learn to recognize a good letter when you see it. Your customers will have the final word about whether any given web sales letter is effective or not, but you can and should be able to recognize weak headlines and letters.

Not all web copywriters are equal so you want to study the best work so you can recognize it when you see it -- and recognize when a letter needs improvement before you test it.

Besides, hired copywriters cant do everything for you. They dont know your product or your business as well as you do. Theyll still need you to tell them how your product benefits customers. Theyll still need you to decide on the price, what bonuses to give away and what your guarantee is.

Also, skilled copywriters dont come cheap. One good web sales letters will cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Can you afford to pay that every time you want to sell a new product?

Paul Barrs

P.S. Youll get a book of 37 terrific web sales letters so youll learn how to write your own profit pulling web sales letters, plus free re-sale and re-distribution rights. With a make 10 times the price in one year guarantee so you cant lose.

Order now -- because learning how to recognize and write excellent web sales letters is a skill no Internet marketer can hope to survive without.

Get your copy of Web Sales Letters Supreme Now!

Only $14.95

Order Today!

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