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MP3 Jack To My Friends - For Sure

stuff that sounds like stuff

12 MP3 Songs
POP: British Pop, ROCK: 80''s Rock

jtmf are

ben cortese: drums, innuendo
mark fern: vocals, guitars, midrange
kurt lorence: bass, nice speakers
dan osborne: guitars, no dancing

backing vox by everyone

keyboards: mark fern, leigh carroll, richard lumsden, mr venturini

lyrics/music: fern/fern
i just want everything: fern/cortese
101 good reasons, sunny day: fern/osborne
handjob: the band

all songs arranged, then rearranged by the band

recorded very slowly
over-engineered by the band
produced, and appropriate magic added, by randy venturini

b/w pix by erica dilcer
live pix by suze huffman
cover art/design by darryl cozza

track list:

1. mary
2. for sure
3. i just want everything
4. all of this
5. 101 good reasons
6. something happens
7. sunny day
8. missing you
9. all you''ve done
10. handjob
11. where i stand
12. singing my heart out


mary - she waves at me from her car it means follow me home she only drives if it isn''t far or won''t end up alone it''s not what you think she just likes her friends to be close by it''s getting early we just sit around and talk and laugh and talk and talk ruffle her feathers she''ll just sit and preen the hurt away mention the weather she just rolls her eyes and says let''s get away holding hands'' enough to keep her warm your prize a smile time to go home now so we walk and laugh and walk and walk come on mary show me where the light is where the right is go with mary she''s her very own place to be


for sure - one day i said get me up out of this bed go outside and see blue that day i met one of my dreams walking around outside it was you don''t fret just yet i can see where it''s going no race slow pace i can tell without knowing for sure .. one night i''m right it''s so hard to be wrong with you right here mmmm mm for sure you''ll be there with me for sure you''ll be there for me my life this sky i can see as far as the stars above my love


i just want everything - mandy sits mandy stares mandy kicks mandy swears at me mandy laughs mandy shares mandy gives mandy swears by me ''amanda'' doesn''t mean the same to me and though they''re only words i just want everything mandy does what she''s told knows just when to get get hold of me there''s no hint of demur just a scratch or a purr says she ''amanda'' doesn''t mean the same to me and though they''re only words i just want everything mandy stands mandy leaves i''m alone i am so empty i just want everything


all of this - getting up''s just like falling down without the pain a great day is just like today without the rain you come in like a breeze but without the wind you say hey let''s start but where to begin you''re all of this and nothing you''re safe and sound and warm you''re all of this and nothing your grace i found i''m yours getting off''s just like getting on without the fun and last night was just like today without the sun you come in like a train but there are no tracks you say hey let''s start there''s no turning back getting fat''s just like getting thin without the food and we''d all play nicer without that sad attitude you come in like the cavalry but there''s no horse and when i ask if you care you just laugh and say of course


101 good reasons - i don''t think i can take much more i don''t know why you must keep score i try and try but still i fail i cry and cry to no avail round and round we go at every turn another sacrifice round and round you know the way we learn is when we pay a price all around the signs are there to see if we just take a look fantasies brought to their knees when everything''s done by the book 101 good reasons to leave you and only one reason to stay 101 good reasons to leave you but i love you so hey .... up and down we go just like a rollercoaster gone berserk side to side and back again how can it end up this much work nothing ever grows without some water and some lovely sun you can''t hear me while you''re going on and on and on and on and on and on and on


something happens - as i watch my face drift by like a lake under my feet just another tear-filled eye this pain is unique so why''s it repeat? like a wind-torn tree in a storm i''ve got to bend i mustn''t break got to stand by the things that i say decisions i make something happens almost every time every time i see you as i watch time unwind like a clock wearing my face and i don''t know what to do with my hands they''re not right seem out of place now i want nothing to do with god he won''t believe in me see there''s nothing up there but sky and discovery something happens almost every time every time i see you


sunny day - as i sit staring at your letters dear i see you''ve made it clear that everything was all my fault so no need for me to make a play coz you now rue the day that you ever laid your hands on me think that i could make it right make it thru without a fight show i''m not just a cause of pain convince you that my heart is yours that right here''s what you''re looking for and that i''d never leave again where''s that sunny day when you came my way now that you are out of sight i''ve lost my appetite for everything i used to crave what i once thought was all to me is nothing like it used to be all i can do is pray for those days i pour myself a memory let it wash away the day since you don''t return my calls i just need to hear your voice let you know i made the choice to be true to my word where''s that sunny day when you came my way


missing you - i know you think i said i love you well maybe i know you think i was talking to myself not likely i say things all the time pretending you are mine it''s a way to pass the time i''ll hold my breath until i kiss you i may turn blue but i can''t miss you i''m already missing you did you know when i think it''s about you do you know when i sleep it''s without you i must have lousy aim there''s noone else to blame when i keep missing you i''ve said my piece it''s up to you now my heart''s my sleeve you''ll fix it somehow i stand here arms outstretched wondering what comes next hoping i''m not a fool.


all you''ve done - all the things i do i meant to do with you those things you wanted to to get a better view inside my head inside my soul without a guide it''s just a whole lot of nothing here to see all the crap i say my mind came out to play on words is where the head games go my idle demon''s working hands are twisting every single thing to shame you drain you face the consequence of all you''ve done


where i stand - if i''ve told you once before i''ve told you a 1000 times if something''s easy to ignore just put it from your mind i could tire of repeating but it still must be said if a thing''s not in your heart remove it from your head. i see from where i stand i can''t see i know from where i stand i can''t know i hear from where i stand i can''t hear why don''t you understand why you don''t understand if i please may interrupt that''s a topic we covered slap me down and shut me up then i might not be bothered if what i say because who i am means it should be discarded just entice me to walk away new pastures rewarded


singing my heart out - are you still there are you still there waiting do you still care do you still care debating i want to see what you see in me coz it''s not there why you believe why you don''t leave why you don''t leave ... sing you a love song it''s the finest one i know singing my heart out for you baby i want you to know where should i look where should i go searching it''s just not the same now i''m in pain hurting what once was there is now just despair and it''s not fair would you believe while i deceive [i] beg you not leave what can i do what can i do convince you no words can say explain away how i hurt you i want to see what you see in me coz it''s not there why you believe why you don''t leave why you don''t leave

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