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MP3 Je Renee Band - Mosaic

Jazzy, bluesy, soulful... a vivid jumble of Bonnie Raitt, Norah Jones, and Joni Mitchell

13 MP3 Songs
JAZZ: Jazz Vocals, FOLK: Folk Pop

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-----How to Say "Je Reneé"

Je Reneé is short for Joley Reneé (my first and middle names), and it is pronounced like J. Reneé, the fine women''s footwear company. But pucker up and French-ify it, utter it like Pépe Le Pew.

-----Je Reneé''s Goal

After writing, arranging, and performing two memorable CDs of "happy tunes," ...
(1) I want to move people spiritually, socially, and physically - like the incredible Stevie Wonder - and also academically, like Rockapella, Dave Yazbek, Joe Raposo, etc.
(2) I want to create a unique style like my bluesy soul-mama heroines Bonnie Raitt and Ashley Cleveland.

-----Je Reneé Music/Voice Sounds Like (the fans say)...

* Norah Jones
* Carly Simon
* Joni Mitchell
* Anita Baker
* Annie Lennox
* Basia

-----Mosaic Info

Genre: jazz/pop (lots of soul and gospel)
Influences: Stevie Wonder, Al Green, Bonnie Raitt

Scott Marchington''s art spawned the title. Each stained-glass piece represents a part of your life, jumbled together to make the one-of-a-kind masterpiece of YOU: hopes & inspirations, family upbringing, spiritual faith, friends, career moves, fears & regrets, stranger-than-fiction stories. Bob Bretz wove the pieces of the mosaic art into the parts of my face in the photo on the front cover. Jim Lacy blended other Marchington pieces behind the lyrics. A visual feast!

-----Mosaic Songs

Friendly (blues rock)
The Story (jazzy gospel)
Open My Eyes (soul/pop gospel)
Oh It''s You (lounge jazz)
Sunny Somewhere (funky pop)
Dark Tornado (alternative pop?)
Nice Night (folk)
Hardened Heart (doo-wop soul)
Rescuer (progressive rock)
He Is My Mountain (pop)
To O. (Latin jazz)
No Lights On (jazzy funk)
Your Beauty (folk/pop ballad)

-----Je Reneé''s Secret Exposed!

I admit it. I love Weird Al Yankovic. Warning II: Former Algebra teacher writes her own loony songs & parodies: "Sum As You Are" (Come As You Are-Nirvana), "Rise Over Run" (Already Gone-Eagles), "Mr. Polynomial" (Sister Golden Hair-America), "Multi-pli-ca-tion of Fractions" (Barber of Seville-Rossini), "Domain" (Cocaine-Eric Clapton), "Pi" (Stand-REM). And my original "Same Signs, Add" could be a Schoolhouse-Rock number - sung by a muppet. Sick, isn''t it?

-----Je Reneé Band Resumé

I believe my purpose on this planet is to create, to perform, and to encourage/drive/stretch people. Here are the ensembles that have shaped the inspirational me.

* UT Austin Longhorn Jazz, Symphonic, Marching Bands
* Austin Symphonic Band
* Bakin'' Brownies: Widespread Panic meets Van Morrison
* Bag of Stephens: soul originals, Ian Moore, Doyle Bramhall II
* Jack Rowe Jones: 80s & Elvis/ Petty/Orbison classic rock
* Pop: 80''s covers, Peter Gabriel to Duran Duran to John Cougar
* Heyday (now LipService): Eagles/ Beatles to Journey, harmony rock
* Ginger Leigh: torchy Bette Midler, dancey Kirsty MacColl, funky Phoebe Snow, catchy originals
* duet w/John Wilson: elegant guitar-flute duet- weddings, events, anything!
* duet w/Tonico Vellani: English, Spanish, and Portuguese pop/jazz vocals with Brazilian guitar-flute-percussion

-----Fave Je Reneé venues to play in Austin

* Steamboat (6th)
* Cedar Street
* Saxon Pub
* Love
* Tuscany
* Vivo
* Freda''s
* Jovita''s
* Bahama Breeze
* Bistro 88
* Mozart''s
* Johnny Fin''s
* Erwin Center
* Bass Concert Hall
* Momo''s

-----Influences in the Je Reneé CD collection

Lennon/McCartney, Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel, Basia, Chicago, Annie Lennox, Charlie Peacock, Harry Connick Jr., Steely Dan, PFR, Fiona Apple, Joe Raposo, Fred Rogers, Rich Mullins, Sting, Linda Ronstadt, Journey, David Gates, Jennifer Knapp, Cleo Laine, Ashley Cleveland, Susan Tedeschi, Carole King, George Benson, Beethoven, Andrew Lloyd Weber, Quincy Jones, the Gershwins, Irving Berlin, Rodgers & Hammerstein, Antonio Carlos Jobim

-----Mosaic song inspirations & lyrics

1.) Friendly (3:10)
when the code of conduct gets tired of fleeing temptation
sound: Bonnie Raitt

Things are gettin'' friendly
You''re here in my face takin'' me back to your place
Feel a little lonely - okay, really lonely
Invitin'' me in, Lord don''t let me sin
You''re way too tempting to me
You make it easy to be friendly
Well, I wouldn''t go jumpin'' on just anyone
But you''re fun, you''re a fixture, you''re the friend who got friendly
We are gettin'' friendly
A shirt on the floor, a lock on the door
Can you rub my feet now, feed me something sweet now
Cross-eyed & breathy, O Lord protect me
You''re way too tempting too me
You break down my propriety
It''s a flimsy little boundary of a spoken word
Haven''t you heard, it all blurred when you got friendly
I can''t stay away from your sweet mouth smiling at me
And your 2000 other parts, O Lord help me!
You''re way too tempting to me
I can''t wait to know your other "qualities"
Please forgive me forgetting my manners, dude
But you''re cute, you''re a keeper, you''re the character who got friendly

2.) The Story (2:26)
Church hymn. Take out the organ and put in some trashy New Orleans drums, tuba, piano . . . so now it''s a parade. Time to dance in church, or wherever.

I love to tell the story of unseen things above
A story of glory, of the greatest greatest love
I wanna tell it to ya ''cos my heart knows it''s true
It satisfies my soul''s longing like nothing else can do
I love to tell the story, it''ll be my theme in glory
Gotta tell the old, old story of Jesus and his love
I love to tell the story, it''s pleasant to repeat
''Cos every time I do, it gets more wonderfully sweet
Not from exaggeration, but hunger for the Word
Of hope and salvation - that some have never heard
Can you believe some still have never heard
I love to tell the story ''cos you can know it through and through
But be thirsty for it one more time like it was brand new
When I get to glory and sing God a new song
It''ll be that miracle of love I had known so long
Tell the amazing story of Jesus and his love

3.) Open My Eyes (4:27)
It''s Anita Castro''s fault! She sang this for an offertory, and I updated the square arrangement into some resemblance of Al Green. Taste the author''s passion and freedom - let it move you.

Open my eyes, then I will see
Glimpses of truth you have for me
Place in my hand the wonderful key
That will unlock and set me free
Silently now, I wait for thee
Ready, my love, ready to see
Open my eyes, illumine me, Spirit Divine
Open my ears, then I will hear
Voices of truth you send so clear
When every wave of a note fills my ear
Everything false will disappear
Silently now, I wait for thee
Ready, my love, to hear and see
Open my ears, enlighten me, Spirit Divine
Open my mouth, let it bear
Warm truth in love everywhere
Open my heart and prepare
Gladness and joy with all to share
Open my mouth, heart, ears, eyes, Spirit Divine
Illumine me

4.) Oh, It''s You (3:58)
Two dear friends I used to work with on musical projects, play cards with, laugh with... it blossomed into romance. As sweet (and rare) a soul mate story as Sheldon Van Aucken''s "A Severe Mercy."
sound: Stevie Wonder? Anita Baker?

Only God knows how many nights I prayed
Scared and unbelieving
He is my witness, lover, every day
That you''re the one I''m seeing
In my dreams of how a love could be
How I want my other half to be
Now God has answered yes to me and made me whole
Oh, it''s you
I''m so glad it''s you
Only God knows how He will use us both
One instrument together
Counterpoint melody and harmony
Let''s drown in it together
In our song, I give you all of me
In our dance, you belong to me
And there''s no greater gift than being yours
Oh, it''s you, I''m so glad it''s you
You have been my friend so many years
Now we''re hand in hand in joyful tears
Lover, I don''t want another standing here
Oh, it''s you, I''m so glad it''s you

5.) Sunny Somewhere (3:20)
Straight out of a dream, the band Caedmon''s Call was singing it onstage. Wonder what dream Paul McCartney woke from when he wrote "scrambled eggs"... which became "Yesterday."

Only a little rain must fall
And the living know that they will grow
They know it''s sunny somewhere
All glad to know, to know it''s sunny somewhere
I am a budding tree so tall
I am blossoming and fostering a growing thing somewhere
Yes, I''d be glad to know
To know it''s sunny somewhere
You can read it and believe it''s true
You can see it, and it''s real to you
You can touch it, and that''s enough proof
But that''s enough of only glimpses
I wanna live it through and through
Every day
I am a bud on a treetop tall
Only a little rain must fall
And all the living know that we will grow
We know it''s sunny somewhere
We need each other, teach each other
To know it''s sunny somewhere
We need one another, feed one another
To know it''s sunny somewhere

6.) Dark Tornado (5:55)
I don''t care what Renee Zellweger says about Sugar''s.

He was swept up by a dark tornado
Lifted right out of his skin
Dark tornado
One indulged & one ignored
Wanting more & more
She clawed and she tore
Nothing left but that dark tornado
He was swept up by a dark tornado
Mangled in the rushing wind
Dark tornado
One lover let her in
Brain going for a swim
Calling out for him
Movin'' rhythm of the dark tornado
Twisted, wandering
The dark ribbon never suffering
He was swept up by a dark tornado
Serve me food and cigarettes
Please, for me, pay all my debts
Cover me with your weight, your sweat
Drive me away to what comes next
He was swept away by a dark tornado
Never to be seen again

7.) Nice Night (4:31)
Some March-April and October-November evenings in Austin, you realize the sticky, heavy air is gone. It''s clear and cool and romantic and delicious. I wanted this to sound like Leslie Phillips'' "Liberame."

It''s such a nice night to be saving on my A/C bill
Would be a nice night to unroll my sleeping bag
I think I will
Marvel at the stars
Try to count them all
I love looking up and there''s no wall
Oh, what a nice night!
I''m taking over the front porch swing
And with my friends I will be all quiet
Listen to the crickets sing
Breathe the honeysuckle air
Flutter around the block
Like there''s no such thing as a clock
On this nice night
Don''t you close your eyes
''Cos it''s a sin to sleep inside
Open your windows ''cos it''s a nice night
Another nice night!
Water shimmering in the twilight blue
Warm sunshine winks a pink goodbye
I cuddle close to you
Like flowers feel the sun
Like mountains drink the sea
A private serenade for you & me

8.) Hardened Heart (3:53)
Chuck Swindoll sermon on Mark chapter 8, specifically verses 17-21, keepin'' it sassy

Do you have a hardened heart
Whose eyes you lookin'' through, baby
Don''t you remember
Looks like a hardened heart
Got ears but you don''t hear
Do you not remember, dear
Is your mind free, or still thinking like a man
Loyal to none, work never done
Charming his way to gettin'' all he can
Ain''t no flesh nowhere can fill up your void inside Exalting yourself, your jail, no bail, bet you get tired
Of your hardened heart...
Is it all about you
Then you do not yet understand
Love number one, faithful to none
Mind set on the things of man
Where''s that treasure trove you traded for your poor soul Get behind the glory, not up front, cryin'', vyin'' for control
Liberation, let that anchor hold you fast
Woah, hold me fast
Need a liberator, free at last
Bound in freedom, free at last
Melt my hardened heart
Soften this hardened heart
Hold me fast
Yes I will

9.) Rescuer (4:09)
There is no escaping God''s lock on you, like a vice grip -- like it or not. Who does this sound like?

She should''ve been dead by now
But he keeps saving her for something
He''s keeping her in the dark
But she still keeps wondering
She should''ve been gone by now
But he keeps running after her
She should''ve been gone by now
She should''ve come tumbling down
But he keeps holding her up there
He never lets her out of sight
She has no clue he''s always there
She should''ve been dead by now
But he loves protecting her
She should''ve been gone by now
It''s for your own good sometimes (grace)
It''s for your own good sometimes (Don''t make me face it)
No, no more wasting time standing still
She should''ve been empty now
Spent, broken, all used up
He never lets her out of sight
He just keeps on filling her up
She should''ve been dead by now
But he wants to rescue her
She should''ve been dead by now

10.) He Is My Mountain (4:06)
When Ronny first saw Karen, he knew. It took Karen 7 years, but then she could cite very convincing proof that they were destined to be together. Strong protector and beautiful bride.

In front of all of you
God and all of you
I testify my love for him
So nervous
Public commitments
Of what I desire to do for him
But I can say with confidence
He is my mountain
You know the desert''s so dry
But he covers me
With springs of loving water I cannot deny
He is my mountain
In front of all of you
I don''t know how to
Make promises I''ll have to keep
I''ve been waiting
For his kind of love
That wants to meet my deepest needs
Like the breeze refreshes me
He is my mountain
Cool shade keeping me alive
Safe from the burning flame
He enfolds me, covers me into the night
He is my mountain
How do I count the ways he shows me
How softly he speaks my name
How priceless is his faith in God
Who brought us to find our joy and pain together
Our joy and pain together
Together live, together love
Like the breeze caressing me
He is my mountain

11.) To O. (3:33)
Original title was "To Frederica"... until he popped out Adam Daniel. Word endings apply to either gender, since Rebecca wanted it to be a surprise.

You hardly make a curve on her front line
You hardly put a burden on her spine
Or her bladder for that matter
It don''t matter
''Cos her love''ll endure it all
Gladly all
I hear him call you O - for "Offspring"
But when he sees you, O, he''ll make that phone ring
Climb the ladder, holler & blabber
It don''t matter that you don''t yet have a name
He''ll love the same
¡Mucho gusto conocerlo! o ¡Como me gusta conocerla!
It''ll go by faster than that biker boy named Lance
You grow into a diamond, never harvested by chance
You were made for something greater
Will you wait, or will you run and chase it down
Once your feet touch the ground
¡Mucho gusto conocerlo! o ¡Como me gusta conocerla!

12.) No Lights On (5:44)
a bunch of different Proverbs, mostly from chapters 3 and 5 in the Bible, keepin'' it funky

Here comes the storm, why won''t you listen
Fool that you are, you don''t know why
Weavin'' off the path like you''ll get away with it
What joker told you such a lie
Wise woman wailin'' in the street "You''ll destroy yourself"
So won''t you please pick something that will edify
Fasten it around your neck, wear it like an ornament
''Cos more precious than silver is it
More precious than silver is it
I wonder why there ain''t no lights on
Can''t see nothin'' but black in this town
Cry, baby, cry when pleasure is over
Down came the wind and blew it away
Here comes her lovely shine, like a jewel
Hear her words of life, love what they say
You''re swingin'', she''s spyin'', she''s sighin'' "You could be rich with me"
Or be poor, naked, destitute, and blind without
Other lips drip honey, heavy with delicious things
But more bitter than wormwood is it
More bitter than wormwood is it
I wonder why there ain''t no lights on
Can''t see nothin'' but black in this town
Wise woman wailin'' "Why you destroying yourself?"
Por favor, please pick someone who will edify
You go pourin'' your affection onto someone else, and I can tell ya
More bitter than wormwood is it
I wonder why there ain''t no lights on

13.) Your Beauty (4:14)
pricked pride, tongue spewing venom, bruised spirits crushed, black heart exposed, Jesus still opens His arms

Did I close your open heart
Did it run away like a child, wounded
What a tender work of art
Finely crafted, lovely & delicate
Please forgive me for the razor words I use
Oh, but you don''t love me any less
In your beauty and my ugliness
Your beauty, my unloveliness
How to mend your broken heart
Now locked away in the darkness
How to frame your work of art
Abundant, holy & sensitive
All that hopeful talk, but still I don''t come through
But you don''t love me any less
In your beauty and my ugliness
Your beauty, my unloveliness
In that awful place of loneliness
All I ask is put a good word in for me
You meet me in my loneliness
When people promised but they forgot me
You''re with me in my loneliness
Mercy bringing sweet relief for my misery
Down deep in this dark hole
Get me out, it''s not my home, I want you
Equip, prepare my soul
Color it all over with hesed blue
All I ask is that you put in a good word for me
Show me you did not forget
You show me every chance you get
In your beauty and my ugliness
Your beauty, my unloveliness

14.) Gsus (God''s Favorite Chord!) (3:49)
This praise-song-a-la-Phish bonus track is only available on custom orders when you email me. No art, just hand-written song titles & dedication to you or another name you specify.

-----Mosaic Talent

*Brad Gilley of 54 Seconds, the Recliners
drums, percussion
*Wil Landin of Jimmie LaFave, Joe King Carrasco
bass, tuba
*Stewart Cochran of 54 Seconds, Ginger Leigh Band
piano, organ, clav (tracks 1, 2, 5, 8, 9, 11)
*Kerry Wilkins of Thomas Hughes Band, Blue Mist, Standing Room Only (with Kyle Turner)
electric guitar (3, 4, 5, 8, 11)
*Jack Rowe (Jones)
electric guitar (1), acoustic guitar (7, 12)
*Mike Nichols of Yard Apes
electric guitar (6, 9, 14), acoustic guitar (9), BGVs
*John Wilson of Lust Control
acoustic guitar (10, 12, 13, 14)
*Professor David Lee Box - tenor and baritone saxophones
*Russ Haynes - trumpet
*John Pointer of Boom Box - cello
*Brian Sebastian - triangles, cowbell, gongs, exotics
*Dan Poole - congas
*Jill Yates Box - bassoon
*Joley Flowers - music & lyrics, arrangements, lead & background vocals, piano (6, 7, 9), keyboards (3, 4, 5, 9, 11-14), flute, pennywhistle, percussion

Produced by Luis Guerrero and Joley Flowers
Recorded and mixed by Luis Guerrero and George Coyne
Recorded at Parrot Tracks Studio (tracks 3, 4, 8, 12) and at Lowlight Sound, Austin, Texas, 2004
Engineer: Luis Guerrero
Mastered by Luis Guerrero at Lowlight Sound, Austin, Texas
Art direction by Joley Flowers
Front cover graphics by Bob Bretz/Studio Z Creative Services
Liner notes & tray card design by Jim Lacy/Photolage
Photography by Travis Thrift, Dan Lemon, Sanjay Vrudhula
Art by Scott Marchington
Duplication by Matt Wiedemann (https://www.tradebit.com)

-----Thank you to these influences, inspirations, sources of grace in my life:

God, Christ, Mom, Dad, GMH, PPJ, Justin, Jordan, Marsha, Nita, Ed, Erik, Anna, Cindy Ellis, John Wilson, Patita & J & A, Bekah & 18 Hales, Sally, Candace, Robb, Horn-No-More, Jonelyn, Kaaren, the Lemons, Cory, Dennis, Mike & Deb, Tanisha''s clan, Dancing DV & Travis & Craig & AShaw & Jester & Dallas Dancers, George, Carl "Bangy-Twang" Koonce, Melanie, Tricia, Leece, Rob G & Trio, Motsey, Theo, Monica, DingleDwarf, AnnPW, Dammit Janet, Uncle Oatmeal/Kirby/Anthony/Coach Nic/Mozart''s groupies, Nathan Walker/MHS ''87, Lance, Isaac, BenDK, AMF, Jimmie, FEFC Impact Community Groups/Rio Lado peeps, Ginger Leigh Band, LipService, Bakin'' Brownies, Jack Rowe Band, Betty Soo, 54 Seconds, Eliza Wren, Lainie, Production Block, Calliope Talent, Body Business, Harcourt buddies, NCS Pearson, Harrell sermons, Swindoll sermons, Bridget & Andromeda & German & Sulema, Stevie Wonder, the Beatles, and Luis & Jim & Bob & Matt.

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