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WebAudio - Incredible !

Have you ever wondered how to add web audio to your website without the hassle of monthly fees?

Well show you how in just a few easy steps -- 100 Percent Guaranteed!

Are you reaching your customers personally and generating sales and repeat customers as a result? No matter how good your web graphics are, or how interesting your sales copy is, nothing can compare to hearing a real voice.

In the world of online marketing, credibility is key to getting customers to buy. Most people are hesitant to pay for services or products from a nameless person they dont know, and whose voice theyve never heard. When you add your voice to your web site, your customers can connect with you on a more personal level and overcome one of the biggest barriers to buying online. This will always have the advantage over cold marketing techniques such as static pictures and text.

If you thought that recording audio files for your site has to be difficult, expensive or involves monthly fees, think again. You need to read the information below, because it could change the way you market online forever.

Dear Internet friend,

What if I told you that there was a method of causing your online sales to skyrocket? One that can reach your customers in a powerful way that no ordinary text web page can? Thats simple to use and highly affordable? Would you be interested?

There is such a method, and its revolutionizing the way my partners and I do business online. In fact, the response has been so incredible, we decided that we had to share it with others. Weve discovered that placing audio files on our web sites allows us to connect with our site visitors in a way that no other method can and saw our sales go up.

I used to think that putting audio files on a web site would be a lot of work and hassle, and didnt want to bother with it. Thats why Ive created this software that is incredibly easy to use (you just click and paste the code created for you by the program onto your web site) and in just minutes, you have a working, quality audio web file! Its easy for your visitors, too. They just push the play button and they can hear your message.

Imagine what could happen to your own sales
if you could talk to your site visitors?

Web Audio Plus can kick start sales, and overcome online sales barriers. After all, how do the most effective marketers make sales? They do it by talking to people. Imagine what could happen to your online sales if customers could actually hear your voice, and make a more personal connection with you?

Audio presentations are the hottest new method of increasing online sales. Im no tech guru, but when I found out about audio, I decided to try it out on my own site. I can tell you, it didnt do what I expected. It exceeded it many times over.

Just think what would happen if your sales started going up by 3...5...10...what could happen to your income if you could personally greet your customers when they visit your web site.

Why Audio Works Better Than Text...

To understand why audio works so well in making sales, think back to the last time you bought a product or a service. In many cases, you connected personally to the person making the sale, especially for items that cost a bit more. This sense of relating is key to making a sale, and Web Audio Plus allows you to provide this personal touch on your web site.

Its simple to use (Im no tech guru, and cant work with something thats complicated or involves programming knowledge on my part). So my first requirement is that anything I use has to work, and be easy to use.

Using it is simple enough for a non-techie like me. It takes three short steps:

Use the microphone in your computer, and record the file. You can make it as long or short as you like, theres no limit!
Upload the sound file it creates to your server (you own the file, not a third party)
Cut and paste the code that Web Audio Plus creates for you. It does the work, and it only takes a few seconds to cut and paste the code that IT creates for you onto your web page.

Then watch your sales go up, as customers are
greeted by your personal message.

Its that simple to use, and extremely affordable.

You arent calling in by phone, or paying monthly service fees, which many other audio services require. But its powerful, with built-in features that will give you complete control of what goes on your site-and ensures that customers will be delighted with the results.

Quality sound files that are a snap to create with Web Audio Plus:

Record high-quality Macromedia Flash files - Web Audio Plus was designed to work with your favorite online file format to provide you with high quality and professional sounding audio files.
Record using your computer-with no need to buy expensive equipment. Web Audio Plus lets you record using your computers internal microphone and the programs you already have on it to record your audio message. You can record, update, and fix your files as often as you like, in just minutes! You dont need to call in (and pay high phone charges) or pay each time your record a new file with this exciting program that puts you in control of the process, not an outside person or hosting service.
Let your customers hear you without having to download special programs. One of the best features of Web Audio Plus is that it uses the software already installed in most computers today for listening. Most people already have Macromedia Flash installed on their computers, and thats what theyll use to hear your files. You can reach a huge audience without asking them to go offsite to load special software or plug ins-and risk losing the sale. Instead, they can click your custom button, and instantly hear your message.
Use our powerful Record/Playback feature: with Web Audio Plus, you can record, playback, and clear your music and sound files to create the perfect presentation. Want to make sure that your recording is perfect? Youre in control of what others hear with this simple-to-use editing feature that gives you the results you want.
Let customers hear personal testimonials. Nothing can create instant credibility the way hearing real people share how your product or service has helped them can. You can upload customer testimonials in just minutes to your web site-and see the results in your sales!
What Makes Web Audio Plus Stand Out...

It doesnt keep costing, and costing. There are several audio products available online, that let you place sound files on your site. But they have a catch: you have to pay each time you create a file, or pay expensive monthly fees to access them, and the sound files are hosted on their server. This means you lose control of your file, and if you dont pay that monthly fee, your recording no longer works. Or, if you want to change your audio file, you get hit with another fee.

I personally like to have control of what goes onto my web site, and dont like to depend on a third party for important files. This is why Web Audio Plus is a great solution: you get to make the file. You get to record and edit it, as many times as you like, and make sure its exactly the way you want it. You have the code, and you own the file, because its recorded on YOUR hard drive and you can place it on your server.

There are no monthly fees. No button fees. No upload fees.

Instead, theres simply a low one-time price that pays for itself quickly once you place your audio files on your site because of the increased results in sales...

But theres more

Fast Action Bonuses:

Audio Web Plus is easy to use. And we make sure you know how to use all of its exciting features!

Have you ever bought software or a new product, and then wondered how on earth to use it? Or spent hours trying to get it to do what you were told it could? Its one of the most frustrating experiences on earth. Thats why weve taken steps to make sure you completely understand how to use what we term the worlds easiest to use audio software package.

When you order Web Audio Plus, youll receive:

- A complete video tutorial that explains exactly how to use this powerful software that allows you to create audio buttons for your web site in just minutes!
- A complete step-by-step Audio Web Wizard that walks you through each step of creating your customized audio button, from recording the audio message to placing it on your site.
- And much, much more!

So how much does it cost?

At this point, you may be thinking, Software that gives me this much control and unlimited recording ability must be pretty expensive. After all many audio programs make you pay each and every time you record by phone, each time you upload a sound file to their site, and cost you monthly hosting fees besides!

What if I told you that you could have this feature-packed audio software program for the price of a good meal for two at a restaurant? And gain access to software that will allow you to create audio files for your web site that will keep selling (and selling, and selling) for you?

For the low price of only $3.95 youll receive this powerful, feature-packed software that allows you to create audio buttons for your web site in just minutes. Normally, software with these types of features costs you three or four times as much, no mention monthly hosting fees. Theres no hidden fees with Audio Web Plus, just a one-time fee that puts you in control of creating your own quality audio files, and custom buttons for your web site.

Theres No Risk With My 100 Percent Guarantee!

Your satisfaction is important to me, and I guarantee it when you order Web Audio Plus with a no risk, you-cant-lose, 100 Percent, no-questions-asked, iron-clad money back guarantee.

If for any reason, you arent thrilled and satisfied with my product, just contact me within 6 months and Ill refund 100 percent of your purchase price. No hard feelings.

This makes it absolutely risk-free to try out the exciting features of Web Audio Plus. Youll have complete control over your audio files that are on your own hard-drive or server, and be able to create custom files and put them on your web site in just minutes! You have nothing to lose-and increased site sales and affiliate signups-when you order this software that lets you produce high-quality audio files and place them on your web site.

Doesnt it make sense to order now, and get access to a product that can help you increase sales? And to use this method to help your affiliate commissions skyrocket? The sooner you do, the sooner you will start seeing the difference in conversions on your site, and response rates, that hearing your message can make. After all, many people respond more to audio messages than to visual messages (studies of learning styles have proven this).

Can you afford to lose sales because you didnt reach some of your site visitors with the method theyre most comfortable with? If theyre audio learners, having a custom audio button can make the difference-and make the sale! So why not take advantage of this exciting opportunity today?

Youll be glad you did.

And I look forward to hearing about the increased response rates and affiliate sign-ups that youre seeing as a result.

Heres to revolutionizing the way you market online, and increasing your income to higher levels with this amazingly effective tool

P.S. Did I mention that I completely guarantee that youll be delighted with this exciting software that allows you to create completely customized audio buttons and files for your web site in just minutes? That youll have complete control over your audio files, since theres no hosting fees, no file fees, only a low one-time price of 49 cents? Its completely risk-free to order this affordable software that can help unleash a flood of affiliate sales, since Im offering you a 100 percent, absolute money-back guarantee: if you arent delighted with the features of our software, Ill refund you 100 percent of the purchase price.

P.P.S. Remember, Im only able to offer this software at this low one-time price for a limited time, because our prices will change as the cost of producing it goes up in the next few months. This is why its important to place your order today and take advantage of this low, low price-a one-time cost that youll receive back over and over again as your affiliate sales and site orders go up!

*You can also put your voice on websites like Facebook or MySpace!
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