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URGENT! You must STOP buying products with your own money!! My pockets are deep, dig in! But hurry, space is limited and the price WILL increase!

You Can Have Access To All Of The Products YOU Want To Sell! This Is Where The Gurus Find Their Own GoldminesOn My Dime!

Join today, and youll have access to THE VAULTthe place where the so-called gurus look to find their products to sellplus hosting, autoresponders, e-commerce, and loads more!

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Updated Sunday, October 24, 2010
From the desk of JayKay Bak, Unselfish Marketers Co. Ltd.

Re: Vault Access, Bonuses, and way too much more to mention here

Im going to be very straightforward with you here todaythis is a GREAT opportunity and I dont want you to miss out on it!

I know a lot of internet marketing gurus. Ive worked with my fair share, and bought products from plenty of others. Truth is, a lot of them buy from me (they LOVE The Vault)!

Chances are you are on a few of their lists. You get regular emails about new opportunities and products to promote. Its a big part of your online business, right?

Have you ever wondered Hey, these guys sure do have a lot of products to promotehow do they produce so much?

Are you ready for the secret?

Shhh...listen very closely

They dontand you dont have to. THE VAULT is the answer.

What if, right now, you could dig into my pockets and use my money to buy the newest software, latest eBooks and articles, and up-to-the-minute tools to help you get started?

What if YOU had some control over what is purchased and made available for you to use?

What if this process repeated itself EVERY SECOND DAYand for less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day, or far less than a night out to dinneryou had access to all the latest and greatest stuff to sell on the internet?

What if you don't even need your own website(s)! My staff will do all the tedious work for you!: For Hand Picked Products We Setup Sales Pages, Uploading, Tweaking and Adjusting to get it right, taking the orders, handling support issues, but still I will pay you 90 of all the sales you bring in? Yup, not 50, 60 or 70...but NINETY!!! You read it right...(setup your own websites, payment processors, delivery methods etc. and of course you walk away with 100 - you choose)

What if I'm willing to pay YOU more than half...simply for referring people to the Unselfish Marketer? I DO, and you will be able to make a substantial recurring monthly income off of referrals alone!

What if being an Unselfish Marketer means that your monthly purchase power will exceed $5,000.00 - yes, FIVE thousand dollars once we close the doors!?! Please check the schedule.

What if you had real EARNING POWER! Choosing from the best products and niches out there month after month, with the work finding it all done FOR YOU?

What if all of this was yoursnot for a reasonable $297, a cheap $197, or a ridiculous $77 per monthNOT EVEN CLOSE!


I can almost hear the opening to that great Saturday Night Live segment, Deep Thoughts, after reading what I just wrote!

Deep Thoughtsby Jack Handy

Okay, Im done with thatback to the fun stuff! What are you able to spend every month on products to promote? Even if you are creative and a producer yourself, most successful Internet Marketers (IMers) still promote through affiliate networking. So how much can you spend? How do you know what to buy? How many different places do you have to look to find what you want?

Shopping for affiliate programs and products to sell is HARD!...but you need those products

5 Good Reasons Its A Bad Idea To Try And
Self-Manage Affiliate Product Shopping

1. Its Time Consuming -

How much time do you think you would have to invest to find 70-100 viable products to choose fromso that you can expand what you offer in the marketplace? Do you find yourself running short on time to create your own projectsor even personal time to enjoy your life, your family, your hobbies? Even if you are getting emails from product creators you trust, you have to spend time hunting for just the right product to selland theyre never in the same place!

2. Feedback -

Its also very hard, once youve found and/or purchased a product, to figure out exactly how and where to sell it, how effective a product it is, just how exactly you should market it. Do you turn to the author? Google it and search through other peoples reviews? Again, time consuming and hard to find the answers youre looking for.

3. Packaging

You may be a whiz at packaging a PLR product, but unless you are, youll need help re-packaging most things you buy in order to prepare them to be sold. Are you ready for that? Where will you learn how to do it? Buy another product to teach you? Outsource it? More time, more money out of your pocket.

4. Support -

Have you ever joined a site, or bought a software package or physical product, and felt like you were trying to put together an entire houseful of assembly required furniture with nothing but the Indonesian instruction manual? (If youre fluent in Indonesian imagine it in Swahili) Is there support readily available to you, or does your guru you bought from either hide behind support processes, or send you to an alternate product to fix your problem?


This is truly the kicker. How much can you budget for each month to purchase new products to market for yourself? $200? $500? Chances are, even those numbers are high for a lot of people. Buying products and license to sell them is expensive. How much can you afford to invest?

So, if shopping for myself isnt the easy way, what is??? Im glad you asked

The Easiest Way To Have Access To The Latest And Greatest Products Online isThe Vault!

Not only is it easierits much easier on your budget, and offers earning potential like youve never seen! Its the secret of many Dimesale/$7 Gurus, and hundreds of other people, too!

As The Unselfish Marketer, Ive created The Vault as the ultimate resource for infopreneurs, seasoned and beginner alike, to have access to all of the newest info products, software packages, and membership sites available month after month after month. New products are added EVERY OTHER DAY! In July 2010 alone, I added 103 new products!!!

Hi JayKay

I have only just joined a few days ago so have not made any cash from THE VAULT goodies just yet. I just wanted to share the reason I signed up.

I found your page through a recommendation from one of your affiliates Rick McCauley (cheers Rick) and was amazed that you show every product you have on the sales pages.

What made me buy was the fact that I saw in the products list 3 products that I had bought before I found your site, and those three products combined cost me $80 which of course is nearly twice as much as the monthly membership.


If you can keep this level of service up as you go towards 1000 members this will be the greatest resource online for newcomers like me and more experienced guys.

Richard Smith

JayKay, Being your #1 fan has made it too easy for me to become your #1 Affiliate. Since I believe so completely in
your ability to provide EVERY possible product available, it's very easy for me to honestly convince my Subscribers that they MUST become an Unselfish Marketer member or spend the rest of their lives spending money needlessly!

But what impresses me even more than getting every product on the market just because I pay my miniscule membership fee, is that you're never satisfied to leave it at that. You're constantly increasing the value of your site by adding more and more services, memberships, and who knows what might be next now that the Unselfish Marketer is an entire year old.

Good Luck and keep up the Award-Winning work!

Ted Turner

Subject: Did you fall on your head?

Hi there

I'm sure you fell out of your crib when you were a baby... right on you head! Are you NUTS to give people access for all of the stuff in the Vault for practically nothing?

What's wrong with you? Don't you know that gurus make money by selling old rehashed stuff to unsuspecting newbies?

You CAN'T give people all this value! It's not NORMAL!

Go see a psychiatrist and have your head examined.

Louise Fourie

P.S If you delete my account I'm afraid I will have to kill you. THERE IS NOTHING LIKE IT OUT THERE!! Crazy man! ;-)

P.S.S Just in case you missed it, this actually is a testimonial!

I find the products you want to sell, I buy them with my own money, and you get access to sell them all you wantI do most of the work, front all of the money, and you get to keep 100 of the revenue!

The benefits of The Vault are the exact opposites of the problems listed earlier

1. Time -

No more hours upon hours searching for products to sell. No more wondering where to look next, which email promotion to respond to. New products are added every other day for your consideration. Heck, Ill even throw in a world class Hosting Service (more about this later).

2. Feedback -

The unselfish marketer that I am, Ive set up a forum where you can visit with other members. You get to find out from the end users how well programs work, sell, etcNo more searching for feedback all over the internet! Another time saver.

3. Packaging -

We have step by step training videos included to show you how to repackage PLR products to sell for yourself. If youre not an expert at it already, this will be another great time saver, or save you money by avoiding the outsourcing bill.

4. Support -

You really only need to know one simple truth. I support my customers. 100. I am only a support ticket awayfor any issue you may be having. Period. I will not charge you, or redirect you to someone who will. I will not send you in email circleshoping youll get lost and give up. As Jon Bon Jovi would sayIll be there for you, these five words I swear to yougreat 80s power ballads always say it best, I think!


The crème de la crème. This is what you really care about. I know that time is money, but money is money in a much more direct way! Im currently spending in the neighborhood of $2500 per month on product, and that will increase to $5000 per month by the time I close the doors on this offer. Can you spend that kind of cash every month?

Take A Peek At Just ONE Of The Brilliant Products You Can Download!!

May 4, 2010 I Included

This ONE Sister Site + The OTO
SAVES YOU A Massive $125.50
(feel free to verify I DO sell to the World)

Plusif you see something you want that we dont have, there is a wish list for that! Yep, an entire staff searching for the products you want to sell the most!!

Honestly, if youre not hovering over the order button yetI have no idea what is stopping you. You have the opportunity here to establish a product purchasing budget of roughly $1.50 per day, and make all of the latest and greatest available products your own to sell!

Ohhhbut wait! Im not even close to finished yet

In addition to the 70-100 new products each month youll have access to, Im including THESE EXTRAS.

1) 3 GB Hosting - You Save $24.95/mth.
2) 100 Autoresponders - You Save $8.67/mth.
3) Delavo eCommerce Platform - You Save $37/mth.

An all-in-one hosted Admin Access for selling & delivering products, controlling access to membership sites, accept payments, subscriptions and pay affiliates all unlimited and it doesnt matter where you domains are hosted. One central login controls everything!
4) sessions with Eric Louviere - You Save $97/mth.

5) Main + OTO - You Save $125.50
6) 3 PLR Reports every month - You Save $17/mth.
7) 4-7 new Videos every Month - You Save $67
8) 200 PLR Articles every Month - You Save $17/mth.
9) 20 Keywords Lists every month - You Save $12/mth.
10) You Save $97
11) You Save $97
12) You save $97
13) You Save $97
14) You Save $47 AND You get Resell Rights too
15) 19+ hours of training - You Save $197

Plus many, many more!

Lets take a for instance example right nowjust look at the hosting that is included

UnselfishMarketers Our Sister Site Offers You Free 3GB Pro Hosting

With 3GB Space, 50GB BW & 1,000 Domains - NOPE, it's not a crappy Web Host account with remotely hosted MySQL, no cPanel and all kinds of restrictions like this *fine* support answer: "Sorry but 777 CHMOD is not allowed". NOPE, it's not an obsolete Pentium4 solution either - Say Hello To Quad Core Power - FREE!


UnselfishContactor Our Sister Site Offers You 100 Free Autoresponders

You need to automate your email, lead generation, prospect management & customer follow-ups or you've lost 90 of the battle. A lot of HOPE is getting you nowhere in your quest for turning the internet into your livelihood --- And an autoresponder is your most important tool... PERIOD! From me to you: 100 Auto Responders - FREE!


Ill set you up for perfect automation, and you get three options!!! Check out the system I use JVexecutive, plus its two newer children over here JVMHosted and JVM3

Hosted For Your Convenience. Plugin To Your eCommerce Automation Of Choice

Are you kidding me?!?

Nopeand I know people who pay more for their hosting and autoresponder service than youll have to pay for this entire UM membership!!

Look, I know this is a lot to take in. Here is what a few other members are saying about usthen I promise, Ill wrap this up so you can get to earning money!


I hate it but...

I may be forced to cancel my membership before 2031. Geeze! Man you just keep heepin' the good stuff on your members.

I've been totally taken a-back with the Quality and Quantity of Software, eBooks, etc. in the Vault.

I tell you, I hardly have time for downloading all of it and with more and more new Products, you may need to throttle back just a bit and lets catch our breath.

Have a great day, and Thanks to You and YOUR Staff for doing an outstanding Job.


Larry Williams

Hi JayKay

I just wanted to tell you that I love this site! I pop in every second day or so to see what has been added and it is like opening a lucky packet! I feel like a kid again :-)

I have to tell you that this site has saved me so much money! I don't buy anything elsewhere anymore. If I want something and if it has not already been added (because you're like the Wish Genie - before I can say: Get it! - it is most likely already here!) then I just put in Vault Wish, and voila - like magic it appears!

I have cancelled all of my other content memberships, and I don't even go to take a look at what is on the dime sales - I know sooner or later it will get here and I just love that!

I am also just green with envy that I did not think of this first! :-)

I am happy to stay here for the next 30 years :-)


JayKay you have restored my faith in Internet Marketers!

To be honest I was starting to get a little jaded with all
the Mega Offer emails that never really delivered.

You deliver time after time and to cap it all youre human too! Not many of the big guns would bother to respond to emails personally but you do.

Its hard for newbies (and experienced online marketers) to find a genuine offer I reckon The Vault (and all your other offers too) are just that GENUINE and they are amazing value to boot!

I have emailed my lists and have recommended they check you out really soon.

Thanks again JayKay its a pleasure to deal with you.

Steve Radcliffe

The Unselfish Marketer Brings You The Vault
Plus TONS Of ExtrasAll For Just $47 per month!

Thats right, you get it all for about $1.56 per day! Thats all you need for your entire product purchasing budget! $47 buys you $2500-$5000 worth of new material each and every month!!!

Plus hosting.

Plus training.

Plus loads of extra memberships, guides, a forum, direct support from the Unselfish Marketer himself

Plus so much more I cant list it all hereI promised Id wrap this thing up, remember?

What did you spend $1.56 on today? Coffee? Diet Coke? A pack of chewing gum? ½ of a Red Bull? Or maybe several hundred dollars worth of product to increase your earning power by a factor of 10? Could be

With My Unconditional 100 Money-Back Guarantee, Youve Got Absolutely Nothing to Lose!

I am so sure that you will love the Unselfish Marketer and that you will find it incredibly useful and beneficial to your online business, that I am offering an unconditional guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied with your membership, simply notify me within the first 30 days - and I will cancel your membership and refund your money, in full, with absolutely no questions asked!

Thats ONE FULL MONTH to take advantage of everything there is currently inside the Vault and at the same time carefully monitor that NEW FRESH PRODUCTS are added consistent with schedule..!

With this offer, you really do have nothing to lose...
and a lot of the latest business-building tools to gain!

Please Read Our Terms Of Service Yes, it's Important :-)

Again, if you arent ready for this investment in your own future, I guess I really dont have anything else to say

If you are, however, ready to jump in and start turning a significant profityou need to know a few more things. Ready?

I've added NEW FRESH Products To The Vault Every Second Day Without Fail Since October 6th, 2006

July 11, 2010 was the official 4th Anniversary of this system, so YOU have found a Proven & Battletested Membership that will be here until 2031 when I shall retire. Betcha someone takes over

ANDas a member you'll have Exclusive Rights to make recurring income!

Yep, The Affiliate Program is a closed doors members ONLY since I want YOU to make money WITH me, not FOR me..!

Refer people to the Unselfish Marketer and earn more than half of their monthly fee. Thats right, I pay 51, plus I take care of the PayPal fees! Refer just 2 people and you own membership fee is paid for life LOCK IN YOUR RATE TODAY! - It may increase tomorrow (is HAS 5 times already. It's not a lame empty sales gimmick) The rate WILL increase to $67 at some point in the very near future.

Only 1000 memberships will be sold! Period. Thats it, and then I close the doors. You will then be in a truly exclusive club, and the faster we approach that magic number, the faster my buying powerputting products at your disposalgrows!

Buy With Confidence

2Checkout & PayPal are authorized retailers of goods and services provided by Unselfish Marketers Co. Ltd.

Members Monthly Fee Members Make
More Than Half Your Purchase Power..!
Monthly NEW Products Vault Value
At Signup
First 100 Sold Out We Pay Affiliates Your Current Minimum $648*
101-200 Sold Out We Pay Affiliates Your Current Minimum $1,967
201-300 Sold Out We Pay Affiliates Your Current Minimum $3,897
301-400 Sold Out We Pay Affiliates Your Current Minimum $6,070
400-500 Sold Out We Pay Affiliates $1700 $2100 $2500 $8,960
501-** $47 $23.97 $2800 $63,572
**-1000 $67 $34.17 $5200 $63,572
Waiting List Closed Doors Unless Someone I don't see why they should :-) Cancels

Check Out The New 6mth & 12mth Subscriptions - Save BIG Time

* I'm a firm believer of conservative pricing. The $ amount reflects the actual purchase price and not the "rammed-up" imaginary value frequently used on the Internet
(Real Life Vault Value On Launch Date Over 4 Year Ago Was $361.00)

** I Still Haven't Decided How Many Members I'll Let In Before I Raise The Fee To $67
So Leaving Today You Risk Your Chance To Grab The Low $47 Membership Fee

I rest my case :-)

Seeking YOUR Success,

JayKay Bak
JayKay Bak

CEO & Founder of The Unselfish Marketers Co. Ltd.

Scandinavia Asia
Unselfish Marketers Co. Ltd. Unselfish Marketers Co. Ltd.
Attn: J-K Bak 21/189 Moo 5, Soi Nernplawan Plaza
Moellevej 4 i Nongprue, Banglamung
4100 Ringsted 20260 Chonburi
Denmark Thailand

Do You Really Need More Bonuses..?

Alright, how about --- A HUGE Package of 257 step-by-step "HOW TO" Videos with Full MRR (Master Resell Rights) The internet claims it to be a $397 valuebut I'll settle with a $147 value and the fact that the videos are GOOD & Educational. You can never learn too much.

These 257 Internet Marketing Videos come to a total playing time of over 35 hours. . . Exactly Two Thousand One Hundred and Fifty Eight Minutes -:)

You'll learn everything from creating a website to making it successful with the help of these step-by-step videos. It covers almost every subject. Here are a few examples:

How to make your website professional and user friendly. 60+ web design tricks
How to make your website search engine friendly so spiders visit your site again & again
How to add VIRAL effect to your website, so you get constant stream of visitors
How to choose a niche topic with lots of profitable keywords
How to build your opt-in list and profit from every subscriber
How to boost conversion rate of your website
How to get Free traffic for your website

These are only a few of the topics you are going to learn.

If I list all details here, this sales page would be longer than I promised

Check Out The New 6mth & 12mth Subscriptions - Save BIG Time

P.S. Are you looking for bonuses? Scroll UP + Check out the
...It's All Yours!

View The Vault | Privacy Policy | TOS | Testimonials | Member Login | Affiliate Login


This service is being sold and guaranteed by Unselfish Marketers Co. Ltd. (Scandinavia)
Our postal address is: JK Bak, Moellevej 4i, 4100 Ringsted, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Telephone: +45 3696 4888 (Office Hours: 1am-9am EST) :: Unselfish Support

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