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MP3 Jim Emmons - The Only One

Fresh and funky pop tunes with a slight jazz influence.

13 MP3 Songs
POP: with Electronic Production, ROCK: Funk Rock

Hello! Thank you for viewing my page here at CD Baby. I am a singer/songwriter from Mishawaka, Indiana and hope to one day be a successful recording artist. I write and play mostly pop/rock with some jazz and electronic influences. My main instrument is my piano and keyboards with some live percussion thrown in for seasoning.

My music has been a labor of love and I hope you will enjoy hearing it as much as I have in creating it.

Why this name?
It was chosen for me by my Father when I was born. I was named after my Great-Great Grandfather.

Do you play live?
I don''t play live regularly as a solo act, but on occasion I have accompanied some friends of mine who play in local clubs.

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It literally has brought people closer together. I feel that it has eliminated the need for many ''middle-men'' and has made it possible for the artists to connect directly with the consumer and the general public.

Would you still sign a record contract with a major label?
Absolutely! Just as long as both sides can come to a reasonable agreement where the music, production, and promotion is concerned.

Band History:
I started writing and teaching myself to play the piano at the age of 16. In high school, I won several awards for being best male vocalist. In 1988, I also was chosen as one of 25 boys in the entire state of Indiana that was compiled to sing as the Indiana State Choir in Indianapolis for the Governor. I was also chosen to sing at my Graduation ceremony in 1991.

I have worked with several local acts in the South Bend/ Michiana area:

(1996) I performed several of my songs at a Democratic fundraiser for my cousin who ran for office (and won) for the treasurer of Marshall County, Indiana.

(1997) Andrew Witchger/Gerard McDonald: we collaborated on several demos for Andrew.

(1998) Billy "Sticks" Nicks (drummer for Junior Walker & The All Star Band): I produced and revamped 3 songs for him by request.

(1998) Ebony Records/ Forever Gypsy: I did some session work for them.

(1998) My song "Purple Groove" was included on the internet only, fan-release CD "The Prince Inspiration Compilation". It had a limited run of about 500 copies.

(2000) I submitted several short instrumentals to John Hancock and FilmAcres for use in an untitled film.

(2001) I put together a 30 track, 2-disc set entitled "Dolce Stil Nuovo" that had a limited release.

(2002) I recorded and compiled a 12 track CD entitled "Energy" that had a limited release.

(2003-2005) I recorded upwards of 50 tracks for my official ''debut'' CD entitled "The Only One".

(March 2005) I co-wrote and produced 6 songs with my friend Brian Wells.

(August 2005) I sent my tribute song "Flirt" to Vince Guaraldi''s son David.

(December 2005) I have now written, recorded, and demoed over 700 songs and the creativity has yet to wane. :)

Your influences?
Prince - he inspired me to want to write music in the first place. He is the consumate musician because he does it all.

Vince Guaraldi - the most beautiful piano player I''ve ever heard. His heart and soul is very clear.

Rufus Wainwright - An incredible and amazing singer/songwriter.

George Michael - I love his songwriting and his voice. An amazing talent he is.

Koop - I love their mix of jazz and electronica.

Favorite spot?
Favorite spot - the walking trails at Potato Creek State Park here in Indiana in the spring and fall.

Favorite city - Chicago

Equipment used:
Keyboard: Korg Triton Pro
Drum Machines: Korg Electribe and Boss
Soundboard: Yamaha MD-8
Computer: eMac with Garage Band 2
(I like to keep it simple)

Anything else...?
My Favorite Things

Growing up in a household where music was not necessarily the center of our entertainment, I always felt like the oddball for having such an affinity and passion for sounds, melodies, moods, and feelings that are all intertwined with music. I didn''t really have any mentors, per se, that really "schooled" me in what was considered artful or tasteful music. Instead, I had to go about it the hard way and through the years just pick out what I liked and what made me happy the most. Thus, below is a very eclectic list of pop, jazz, electronica, dance, and rock choices that I have selected as a personal insight to a few of "my favorite things". While I have a deep affection for all of the artists below, it wasn''t fair to select more than one or 2 of their songs so as to make room for the collective. These are in no particular order so as not to show favoritism.

1) "Pink Cashmere" - Prince (1993): This song definitely has the top spot because it''s absolutely one of my favorites of his. I first heard it the night before "The Hits" came out and it was shortly after midnight. I was up in my music room, the lights were off, the moon was out, and as I heard this song for the very first time, I was absolutely blown away. Prince should''ve released it with the other material from the aborted "Rave Unto The Joy Fantastic" album for which it was intended in 1988.

2) "The Klondike Valley" - Bauer (2001): This song is a light, quirky, and playful tune that brings to mind ski slopes, snow, cold air, and the time of my life. The entire album this song comes from "Can''t Stop Singing" is one of my favorites.

3) "L''Observatoire" - Bertrand Burgalat (2001): The first time I heard it I was just absolutely in love with the synthesized string sections. It has such warm tones and being set in a minor key, it has such a melancholy and sad feel to it. I''ve yet to know what the lyrics mean since it''s in French, but the title means "The Observatory". I''d almost rather not know because it would probably ruin for me what I''ve imagined the lyrics to mean.

4) "Save Your Love For Me" - Nancy Wilson (1960): My God what a voice this woman has! This classic song is quintessential jazz for me. Every songwriter, musician, whatever, should have this song in their library. It''s probably THE most beautiful, heartfelt, and touching song I''ve ever heard. Nancy''s voice is uniquely and absolutely like no other.

5) "A Quiet Place - Take 6 (1988): Whenever I hear this song, I feel a little closer to God. It literally takes me within myself and makes me feel so blessed for everything He has given me. Everything. Their voices are just phenomenal.

6) "Be Thankful" - Natalie Cole (1977): If this song doesn''t make you want to just jump up and literally say "Thank You" to the Man above, you''re not listening close enough then. This song puts me in a positive frame of mind. We ALL should be thankful. Every one of us.

7) "All Blues" - Miles Davis (1959): This song is absolutely magic to me. It is also quintessential jazz for me. When I first head the album in it''s entirety I was completely blown away. This song in particular reminds me of a warm autumn day and I''m walking down a tree covered lane while the wind is blowing the leaves down all around me. Many a night has the "Kind Of Blue" CD put my mind at ease and sent me into a peaceful slumber. Thanks Miles.

8) "Theme To Grace (live)" - Vince Guaraldi (1968): I first had the pleasure of hearing this song on the 1968 album that he did with the San Francisco Boys Choir. Although I loved it and thought it was really beautiful, it wasn''t until I first heard the 1966 live version from the Grace Cathedral album that I literally said out loud "Oh my God" with such awe and humility and sat in my chair just completely stunned. It is definitely THE most beautiful and heartfelt piano performance I''ve heard thus far. Vince is one of my musical heroes and although I love the majority of his work, this song in particular is my personal favorite. This is another song that, when I hear it, makes me feel closer to God. Thanks Vince.

9) "Strawberry Blonde" - Ron Sexsmith (1997): This song is such a great ''girl next door'' type of love song. Or rather, the girl from around the corner, as the story goes. It always reminded me of a sweet girl I knew who always had a smile and something nice to say. Thanks Brenda.

10) "Summer Sun" - Koop featuring Yukimi Nagano (2001): This is definitely THE most upbeat and happiest song I''ve ever heard. I can''t get enough of it. The video is very striking with a modern contemporary edge. Even though this is more of a pseudo-jazz or a disco-jazz type song, it is sure to boost your spirits in the middle of January. It does mine.

11) "Il Pleur (At The Turn Of The Century)" - The Art of Noise (2001): When I first heard this song, it was late Spring / early Summer and it was very warm with a little humidity in the air. It was around midnight, I was driving home with the windows down listening to Notre Dame Campus'' jazz station and this song came on. I literally pulled in the driveway, ran upstairs, put a tape in and pressed ''record''. It was instant and immediate love. I think I bought the only copy in South Bend because it took me several record stores before I found it. I''m not an opera lover by nature, but this song has such a beautiful piano arrangement with a funky electronic beat to it, that I just fell in love with the whole concept. The entire album this song is on is just amazing. I''ve taken many bubble baths listening to it with nothing more than a bottle of wine.

12) "12.25.2010" - Mansfield (2001): This song is so striking to me. It has a simple little melody with such beautiful backdrops and a sleigh bell rhythm. I could listen to it over and over.

13) "Simple" - k.d. lang (2000): When this CD first came out, I remember being in Border''s at their listening station with the headphones on and hearing "Summerfling" for the first time. It just blew me away with it''s mix of 60''s and modern sounds. It wasn''t until I heard the whole album one day walking at Potato Creek that I discovered "Simple" and just how beautiful it is. It''s really the cornerstone of the album. It was another warm autumn day where the wind was blowing the leaves down and the trees were swaying and it was just such a special afternoon reflecting within.

14) "Jazz Music" - De-Phazz (1999): Cool sounds, cool samples, very slick and well produced track. This song makes me just want to groove to it all day long. An infectious hook.

15) "(I''ll Never Be) Your Maggie May" - Suzanne Vega (2001): This is one of those songs that everyone can just relate to. The type of love song where you''ll never meet the expectations of the other person. It''s got a great rhythm and vibe to it.

16) "This Isn''t Maybe (Lofly)" - Waldeck (2000): This is one of those songs that takes me back to a specific time and place. An amazing job of sampling of Chet Baker''s voice throughout. A weird way of being a dark, yet upbeat electro-jazz song. There''s 2 different versions of this song, and my favorite is the one with the ''Lofly'' in the title.

17) "As" - George Michael & Mary J. Blige (1999): One of my favorite Stevie Wonder songs and George covers it almost better than the man himself! Why this wasn''t released in the US is a mystery cuz it''s a slammin little cut.

18) "Do Your Thing" - Basement Jaxx (2001): The Jaxx boys are just so ahead of their time. What a great cut this is! I remember hearing this when their CD first came out and thinking it would be everywhere cuz it''s so catchy and fun. Well it was everywhere, in TV commercials and movie trailers at least! Good for them anyways.

19) "A Ribbon For My Hair" - Bent (2000): I liken this song to "L''observatoire" because a lot similar qualities. It''s a weird orchestral pop song with lots of opera samples but I just love it. They even used a clock ticking as part of the back beat. Just a very unique and appealing song to me.

20) "The Child" - Alex Gopher (1998): Another weird, but very funky, electro-pop tune. He samples Billie Holiday''s vocals from "God Bless The Child" and makes into a completely new track. A great bass line and very catchy.

21) "Pick Yourself Up" - Anita O'' Day (1992 CD): This was originally released in the 1950''s. It''s just a great swing jazz track that lifts your spirits. She has a very unique voice.

22) "Over The Rainbow" - Aretha Franklin (1988 CD): This was originally released in the 1960''s. Lookout Judy, Aretha''s version is 10x more fierce and soulful. A perennial favorite.

23) "Swinging On A Star" - Bing Crosby (1999 CD): This was released in the 1940''s originally. Just a great swinging tune. One of my favorites of his.

24) "Wait ''Til You See Him (De-Phazz Remix)" - Ella Fitzgerald (2002): A great, moody chill song. It''s got all those warm synth chords and Ella''s perfect voice that just makes me melt.

25) "Breeze On By" - Donny Osmond (2004): Now I''m not a Donny fan normally, but this song is just right on track. Great catchy hook, breezy background vocals, and it''s based on a very well known 1970''s instrumental whose title escapes me. I''m thinking Love''s Unlimited Orchestra? It''s just a nice feel-good song.

26) "Fired" - Ben Folds (2001): A co-worker brought in a mix CD to work one day, and this song came on and it was just instant love. The lyrics tell a funny story, but the swing-jazz music is right up my alley. The background, multi-tracked vocals are awesome.

27) "Poses" - Rufus Wainwright (2001): One of my musical heroes and one of my favorites of his. A simply gorgeous and beautiful song. The guy is a truly gifted writer and one of the most prolific people as well.

28) "Cool" - Gwen Stefani (2004): Another force to be reckoned with. Her LAMB CD is amazing but this one song just stands out to me. The video is one of my favorites ever. A very touching story that looks terribly personal. She is such a style icon as well. Jean Harlow reincarnated, indeed.

29) "Just Like A Woman" - Nina Simone (2003 CD): This came out in the early 1970''s and is a cover of a Bob Dylan tune. I''ve heard many other versions and this is clearly the best by far. What a touching and heartfelt rendition as well. I never get tired of hearing it.

30) "Golden" - Jill Scott (2004): God what a voice she has. So much soul and passion. This is one of the most positive, self-reinforcing songs ever written. A good message for all of us. Another tune I never get tired of hearing.

31) "You''re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go" - Madeleine Peyroux (2004): She is clearly Billie Holiday reincarnated. What a voice and what a sad, but upbeat song. Smooth as butter.

32) "Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I''m Yours)[DJ Smash Essential Funk Mix]" - Stevie Wonder (2004): This is the jam of the year. God what a remix! Even better than the original. They took it and funked it right up! Sounds great in the summer with the top down and the head''s a bobbin!

33) "The World Turned Upside Down" - Coldplay (2005): I absolutely love this band. Such a unique and original sound they have. For a B-side, this is my favorite track of theirs. It''s got a great hook and great bridge.

34) "Road Movie" - Monkey House (1999): They''re the Canadian heirs to Steely Dan''s throne. Very similar to their style and sound. Just a great little cut to put you in a good mood. Sounds great with the volume up and the car windows down.

35) "Sunrise" - Simply Red (2004): The song Hall & Oates SHOULD''VE written. They use their "I Can''t Go For That" as the basis of this song, but then in the bridge, it totally changes and goes to the next level. Another feel good song that I never tire of. Very funky, upbeat, and dancey.

36) "You''re Beautiful" - James Blunt (2005): I first heard this as a freebie on iTunes, before this song was a hit in the US and I instantly fell in love with it. I would''ve never guessed that it would''ve been successful in the US, let alone anywhere else. His voice is very unique and different. I''m glad to see he''s doing quite well.

37) "Looking For A New Love (Roca Sound Remix)" - Jody Watley (2005): Far superior to the original version. This is the super funked up techno mix that should be played in discos all over. Very sleek and funky track.

38) "Here Comes The Sun" - George Benson (1970): My favorite Beatles song and George takes it to a touching, soulful level that is simply gorgeous. A perfect song for the winter blues.

39) "Any Other Day" - Astaire (2004): My friend Brian introduced me to this song and it''s simply haunting. A great guitar lick and a haunting bass line. A very moody piece.

40) "Singin'' In The Rain" - Toni Harper (1956): How could this sad song be made so happy and upbeat? This is easily the best cover version. Just a happy upbeat tune.

41) "Juicy" - Better Than Ezra (2005): God what a sexy, funky song. Mick Jagger would be jealous! One of those songs you listen to before getting ready to go out.

42) "Misty" - Ella Fitzgerald (1960): This jazz standard has never been covered so perfectly. Her voice is like velvet. This goes hand in hand with Nancy Wilson''s "Save Your Love For Me". For me, quintessential jazz.

43) "After Midnight" - Kyle Jason (2005): A really slick, sexy funk track. He uses The Temptations'' "Papa Was A Rolling Stone" to perfection and makes it a whole new song. Another great song to groove to with the windows down.

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