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Scuba Diving Dive Training Course Manual Guide

5 Volumes - 1000 Pages


VOLUME I (205 Pages)

Chapter 1 History of Diving

Surface-supplied air diving
SCUBA diving
Mixed-gas diving
Submarine salvage and rescue
Salvage diving
Open-sea deep diving records

Chapter 2 Underwater Physics

Physics matter
Light energy in diving
Mechanical energy in diving
Heat energy in diving
Pressure in diving
Gases in diving
Gas laws

Chapter 3 Underwater Physiology

The nervous system .
The circulatory system
Respiration phases
Respiratory problems in diving
Breathholding and unconsciousness
Effects of barotrauma and pressure on the human body
Indirect effects of pressure
Physiological hazards from munitions
Thermal problems and other physiological problems in diving

Chapter 4 Dive Systems
General information
Divers breathing gas purity standards
Divers air sampling program .
Diving compressors
Diving gauges
Compressed gas handling and storage

Chapter 5 Dive Program Administration

Objectives of the record keeping and reporting system
Record keeping and reporting documents
Command smooth diving log
Recompression chamber log
Divers personal dive log
Diving mishap/casualty reporting
Equipment failure or deficiency reporting
U.S.. navy dive reporting system (drs)
Accident/incident equipment investigation requirements
Reporting criteria
Actions required.
Safe diving distances from transmitting sonar

VOULME II (255 Pages)

Chapter 6 Operational Planning

Define mission objective
Identify operational tasks.
Collect and analyze data
Select diving technique6-8 select equipment and supplies
Equipment authorized for navy use
Select and assemble the diving team
Osha requirements for u.s navy civilian diving 6-11 organize and schedule operations
Task planning and scheduling
Establish mission objective
Air diving equipment reference data

Chapter 7 SCUBA Air Diving Operations

Required equipment for scuba operations7-3 optional equipment for scuba operations
Protective clothing
Air supply
Predive procedures
Water entry and descent
Underwater procedures
Ascent procedures
Postdive procedures

Chapter 8 Surface-supplied Air Diving Operations

Mk 21 mod 1
Mk 20 mod 0
Accessory equipment for surface-supplied diving
Surface air supply systems
Diver communications
Predive procedures.
Water entry and descent
Underwater procedures.
Ascent procedures
Surface decompression
Postdive procedures

Chapter 9 Air Decompression

Theory of decompression
Air decompression definitions
Dive recording
Table selection
Rules during ascent
Unlimited/no-decompression limits and repetitive group
Designation table for unlimited/no-decompression air dives
U.S. Navy standard air decompression table
Repetitive dives
Surface decompression
Exceptional exposure dives
Diving at high altitudes
Ascent to altitude after diving/flying after diving

Chapter 10 Nitrogen-Oxygen Diving Operations

Equivalent air depth calculation
Oxygen toxicity
Nitrox diving procedures
Nitrox repetitive diving
Nitrox dive charting
Fleet training for nitrox
Nitrox diving equipment
Equipment cleanliness
Breathing gas purity
Nitrox mixing
Nitrox mixing, blending, and storage systems

Chapter 11 Ice & Cold Water Diving Operations

Planning guidelines
Personnel considerations
Buddy diving
Operating precautions
Emergency procedures
Additional references

VOLUME III (230 Pages)

Chapter 12 Mixed-gas Diving Theory

Boyles law
Charles/gay-lussacs law
The general gas law
Daltons law .
Henrys law

Chapter 13 Mixed-gas Operational Planning

Establish operational tasks
Select diving method and equipment
Selecting and assembling the dive team
Briefing the dive team
Final preparations and safety precautions
Record keeping
Mixed-gas diving equipment

Chapter 14 Surface-supplied Mixed-gas Diving Procedures

Planning the operation
Surface-supplied helium-oxygen descent and ascent procedures
Surface-supplied helium-oxygen emergency procedures

Chapter 15 Saturation Diving

Basic components of a saturation dive system
U.S. Navy saturation facilities
Thermal protection system
Saturation diving underwater breathing apparatus
UBA gas usage
Operational considerations
Selection of storage depth
DDC and PTC atmosphere control
Gas supply requirements
Environmental control
Fire zone considerations
Atmosphere quality control
Compression phase
Storage depth
Deep diving system (dds) emergency procedures
Saturation decompression
Postdive procedures

Chapter 16 Breathing Gas Mixing Procedures

Mixing procedures
Gas analysis

VOLUME IV (105 Pages)

Chapter 17 Closed-circuit Mixed-gas UBA diving

Principles of operation
USN closed-circuit mixed-gas uba
Operational planning
Operating limitations
Predive procedures
Water entry and descent
Underwater procedures
Ascent procedures
Postdive procedures
Decompression procedures
Medical aspects of closed-circuit mixed-gas uba

Chapter 18 Closed-circuit Oxygen UBA Diving

Medical aspects of closed-circuit oxygen diving
Breathing loop
Closed-circuit oxygen exposure limits
Operations planning
Predive procedures
Water entry and descent
Underwater procedures
Ascent procedures
Postdive procedures and dive documentation

VOLUME V (183 Pages)

Chapter 19 Diving Disorders Not Requiring Recompression Therapy

Breathing gas disorders
Oxygen deficiency (hypoxia)
Pulmonary overinflation syndromes
Disorders of higher function and consciousness
Causes and prevention
Thermal stress
Operational hazards
Medications and diving

Chapter 20 Diving Disorders Requiring Recompression Therapy

Arterial gas embolism
Decompression sickness

Chapter 21 Recompression Therapy

prescribing and modifying treatments
omitted decompression
recompression treatments when no recompression chamber is available
recompression treatments when chamber is available
post-treatment considerations
non-standard treatments
recompression treatment abort procedures
emergency medical equipment

Chapter 22 Recompression Chamber Operation

State of readiness
Gas supply
Chamber maintenance
Diver candidate pressure test
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