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Lijiang, China travel documentaries, commentary in English

The ancient city of Lijiang in Yunnan china Province and the strategically important to the economy and the rugged terrain skillfully together, true, perfect preservation and reproduction of the ancient style. After numerous ancient dynasties building the baptism of vicissitudes, which integrate the cultural characteristics of each nation and famous. Lijiang also has the old water supply system, the system criss-cross, delicate unique, still play a role effectively. December 4, 1997, held in Naples, Italy, UNESCO World Heritage Committee at its 21st plenary meeting the selection criteria on the basis of cultural heritage, C (II) (IV) was included in the World Heritage List

Speaking of the evolution of this culture, the highest level in the ancient city of Lijiang is particularly reflected in the earthquake and the ensuing 96 years, the rapid development of tourism, the Chinese gradually replace Naxi dialect spoken in Yunnan as the main language of the ancient city communities, and the young Tennessee couple also started to educate their children in Chinese. Before in 1990, Lijiang, Naxi spoken in the ancient city is a social communication tool by default, even if the children of Chinese education in school, but young Naxi Naxi between the family and they are nothing but communicate with the Naxi language. Booming tourism industry in 1996 to bring confidence to the people of Lijiang, driven by commercial interests in the dialect of Chinese spoken language as alternative Lijiang Naxi (Old Town) of the communication tools, which makes the future of the Naxi culture is even more severe. However, with the dance hit song, Naxi net, East Buggy Nikkei popular songs such as the ancient city of the Naxi language, meaning the return of Naxi culture, the trend of local emerging.
Gender customs
Today Han as a patriarchal society, the family most of the Lijiang Naxi dam by men in charge, and with the Lugu Lake Mosuo women is different from the patriarchal system, Naxi women bear more than the Han women bearing the domestic and social obligations . In the Old Town of Lijiang, forty-year-old men plant flowers in aviculture quite common, it gives too satisfied with the status quo Naxi impression of complacency, in fact, in addition to master outside the home, which is also traditional commercial Lijiang economic rather than the handicraft economy are linked. Naxi women not only to take home, but also to support the family, the original Square Street in the city markets, butcher surgeon mostly middle-aged women, while men are in the money side, watching. 80 years, South China Morning Post reporter in the city shut the door to see this scene, so come to remain matriarchal Naxi community legacy conclusions. In 1253 before the Mongol conquest of Lijiang, Lijiang Naxi and Moso Lugu Lake in a matriarchal society with, since 1253 the Central Plains of Chinese Culture of wood tend to gradually make Tennessees patriarchal family was the impact of the Han, 1723 Han stream to replace wood family in the official rule of Lijiang, a large number of Han Chinese values, including the patriarchal norms of society and parents arranged marriage system has become popular, Naxi women not only lost control of the family, and because of free love and sexual freedom was conflict with the Confucian system of the Han, Naxi girl Dying sharp rise in the number of people, some of the private life of men and women are scheduled to move to Mosul communities across the Jinsha River, looking for free love. Naxi born after the 1970s young men and women no longer follow traditional values, they and the mainland, like the younger generation, the influx of Western culture from the Naxi ancestors once had to find the spirit of freedom.
Naxi in history has ever believed in Buddhism, Lamaism, Taoism. But with some way of life by the religious influence of the national differences, Naxi people do not believe in a particular religion. In todays Lijiang, the Naxi people even in old age, it is difficult to find a very devout believer. Ancient Naxi Dongba religion is a primitive religion, but it is more full of color and not a civilian elite religion.
Lijiang language
Lijiang Naxi spoken and dam area is the main language of the Naxi community. And in the Old Town of Lijiang, Yunnan, Han Chinese dialect (also known as Yunnan words) is the most widely used language, but the family in the ancient city of Naxi Naxi spoken with family members . Lijiang, the younger generation can speak Mandarin, some young people in the tourism industry is able to speak very fluent English. As some of the older generation of Naxi old church had received Western-style schools of basic education, so the streets look at the Old Town of Lijiang to seventy years old and foreigners freely communicate in English is not wonders, famous Lijiang Xuan Ke is even more fluent in English to foreigners amazing. Driven by commercial interests in the Chinese dialect spoken as alternative Lijiang Naxi (Old Town) of the communication tools, which makes the future of the Naxi culture is even more serious. But with the dance hit song, Naxi net, such as Naxi Nikkei East Buggy songs popular in the ancient city, which means the return of Naxi culture, the trend of local emerging.
Some Naxi 2200, there are more characteristics of a strong picture of the text to word as a thing, or matter, or a meaning, but vivid picture of the different requirements of its beauty, but the beginning with simple strokes the event, objects to express the outline of Italy. Both should be simple, but also a word with a word to distinguish. There is also a phonetic language Naxi, a total of more than 2,400 symbols, mostly repeat variant, compared with more than 500 commonly used words, this word is Dongba master, a small amount of the Dongba characters are written with a standard sound .
Customs, characteristics
Finally, a tribal matriarchal society - the small village of Brigham goddess fell into the small mountains of the village fell into the water
Lugu Lake is located in the small northern village fell into the water, in a surrounded by mountains, a hill facing the Lugu Lake valley. A small village fell into the water side of Lugu Lake, Yunnan Province, the last village, Yunnan and Sichuan border line in the village, lake road was cut in this apparent in two: gravel road in Yunnan, Sichuan, asphalt is. Little arable land fell into a small village, can only grow some corn and potatoes, raising both livestock and fishing every household, but because of land resources and the limitations of geography, their standard of living can only make ends meet. A small residential village fell into the water far away from the lake, about ten minutes walk. Here, beside Lugu Lake curved, covered with reed grass lake, sitting on a large downed Zhu Caochuan to, from reeds to be drawn between, very poetic. Dance derived from the ancient Dongba Naxi Dongba dance rhetoric of social life, many movements are simulated for a variety of animal movements, the image is very vivid. Dongba dance is an important part of Dongba culture, Dongba Religion of Dongba scriptures have a special account of the Dance Notation Dance Dance teaching material and dance history. Poetry and Lishui Jinsha large ethnic dance, Lishui Jinsha choose to take the most representative of all ethnic groups in Lijiang cultural image, in the form of dance, poetry and painting to performance, as the ancient city of Lijiang is another bright spot to attract tourists. Lishui Jinsha to dance in the form of poetry and painting, a blend of different water Lijiang bred strange mountains and unique culture in Northwest Yunnan Plateau Meteorology, Koreas Gu Naxi ancient kingdom of absolute cultural treasures, choose to take the most representative of all ethnic groups in Lijiang Cultural Images in all directions to show the breadth of Lijiang unique national culture and national spirit. Naxi ancient Naxi music, in addition to widely spread in the community of Sycamore unity of the three warm Maida, A hot, more than three dance and other tunes, there are large classical music . instruments are flute, clarinet, reed flute, two yellow, Nanhu, in Hu, Ogo, Sugu Du, sanxian, pipa, zheng, Joseph, Yun Luo, wood points, bell , conch, drum, suona, trombone, cymbals, strings, etc. Lusheng and mouth, of which many are passed from the Mainland.
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