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Grab this HUGE "Power Scripts" Package And Start to Make A Fast Profit With A High Demand Products "Profit Pulling Package, Gives You The Power To Create Different Niche Websites" Without Spending A Fortune Hiring A Specialist To Do It... MULTILEVEL EMAIL AUTORESPONDER REPLICATOR THE ULTIMATE OPT-IN EMAIL PROMOTION CGI Script that allows you to sell or give away autoresponder email addresses that send out unlimited followup emails to subscribers. Subscribers can be manually added or just email the recipient. Secure admin and webmaster area provide detailed statistics and management of mailing lists. Admin may add custom footers and headers to all outgoing email. Remove link function. Setup is a breeze. POWER SAFELIST PRO EASY TO SETUP SAFELIST OPT IN EMAIL SYSTEM WITH AUTOMATIC BILLING CGI Script sets up in seconds and interfaces with any paypal account for easy automated billing. Even charge monthly recurring billing for your subscribers! New users simply click a button to signup! They get a confirmation email with instructions which you can customize. Custom headers and footers. Everything you need to quickly setup a money making safelist service. Works with paypal billing. DOMAIN NAME APPRAISER REAL TIME WHOIS SCANNER FOR EXPIRED NAMES IN SEARCH ENGINES CGI Script scans our DAILY UPDATED EXPIRED DOMAIN DATABASE for domain names with high search engine presence. Scans all the search engines that matter including google, lycos, msn, altavista... Threshold value allows you to cutoff loser domains with less than interesting presence. SEARCH ENGINE KEYWORD HARVESTER SCAN FOR POPULAR SEARCH ENGINE PHRASES This script allows you to scan for popular search engine words and phrases derived from your search word. Also allows filtering undesirable words (badword list) which can be modified on the fly. Great for generating doorway pages or getting ideas for domain names or buying search engine keywords. PAYPAL SHOPPING CART SHOPPING CART FOR USE WITH PAY PAL Shopping cart that uses Paypal Pay Pal payment checkout. Takes 5 seconds to setup. All code automatically generated. You dont even have to set permissions. Just upload the files and set 2 paths and you are ready to rip. Design your shopping mall anyway you like by simply inserting the generated itemcode into your website for seamless design integration. My 2 year old can set up this program. Handles shipping charges and everything else you would expect ON HOLD DOMAIN SCANNER CGI SCRIPT FINDS DOMAINS ON HOLD JUST LIKE THE PROS DNSRESEARCH sells lists for hundreds to THOUSANDS of dollars and is making a FORTUNE doing EXACTLY this. Its STUPID. You get a big list of domain names. Sort them out into lists which are about to expire and sell them as "onhold" domain lists. This is the secret to the entire business. DNS RESEARCH TOOL DNS analyzation tool Very useful script for DNS and network analysis. Also useful for network security. Script can be altered to do a number of really cool DNS functions as well. Easy to use interface for NET:DNS perl module. Gathers complete DNS records and does comprehensive lookups in batches. HTML ROTATOR Say goodbye to advertising as you know it. This is the new revolution! MYSQL backend database system allows you to rotate HTML. Similar to a banner rotator in concept but allows rotation of complete HTML (including images, javascript, any HTML tags). HTML can be rotated as an exit system, rotate your start page or you can rotate a frame in a page or just a paragraph or WORD inside any HTML page. It gets better though! This rotator also allows you to categorize your system with unlimited categories of rotations. In other words you can setup a category example such as "marketing" or "webhosting" and only rotate HTML ads appropriate for that target audience. You can sell your ad space however you like (exit pages, frames, whatever) and each client is provided a login to check their stats. If you have a client with multiple ads the convenient interface lets them see all their stats with ONE single user/pass so they dont have to be bothered remembering 500 different passwords - although that is optional too. You can also setup to expire one of two ways. Accounts can be set to expire by number of impressions (when the account holder exceeds the set number of impressions their ad automatically expires). Accounts can also be set to expire by number of days (flat rate advertising). This offers you a dual marketing approach to selling your valuable banner space. We use this very same system to sell ads on our site and it works great. System load is virtually undetectable. All stats are in real-time. Admin panel allows you to browse all accounts and their individual statistics, view all ads at once, modify/delete accounts, and even check the overall stats to your server. Single installation can run ads on unlimited sites. AUTOMATIC MYSQL BACKUP Automate backup and archival of your MYSQL databases Simple to install script which completely automates backup and archival of any or all of your mysql databases. You can use in combination with "Nightly Backup" to even backup to remote servers. Easy to install and reliable. Date stamps each backup so you have no worries about 0k database backups! Just plug this script in and all your MYSQL backup needs are done automatically. MICROCITIES Inserts headers and footers on the fly into HTML Geocities Style Now you can setup a true geocities clone not only on a dedicated server but on a VIRTUAL SERVER! If you are using a dedicated server our AUTOMATIC USERADD program combined with a little tweaking completely automates the setup of REAL ftp, telnet, webspace, and email pop accounts. Now add on this program to insert HTML headers and or footers on the fly on every webpage! You can even set this up to work in just a subdirectory of a domain or the whole domain! The applications are endless. Use to put ads at the top and bottom of forums, guestbooks, wwwboards, you name it. Script allows you to choose extentions affected (.htm, .html, .shtml, etc) and sets up in seconds! No compiling or hacking apache. This is the easiest and once again the FIRST program of its kind on the net. SUPER SORTER Sorts any file alphabetically and removes duplicates A CGI Script that you can use to sort and organize ANY text file database. Use it to cleanup email lists, URL lists, addressbooks, absolutely any text file can be quickly sorted into alphabetical order and all duplicates removed. Great tool to use with the whois parser so you dont waste time querying whois over and over for the same domain name. Also a great tool to sort through address books and lists of URLS if you are building a search engine. Works great for flatfile search engines such as matchmasters (not pro version) where you can quickly delete all of the duplicate submissions made from people hitting the submit button multiple times. A great tool for any webmaster. REGEXFILTER PHRASE FINDER Batch Find and Replace Spider Drop this CGI script into any directory on your webserver and run it from the browser or telnet and it instantly does a search and replace (or delete) for any regular expression(s) in every file present inside the directory structure. Smartspider technology locates all files and will completely probe even the most complex subdirectory trees. Use it to replace (for example) any slogan, menubar, graphic link, phrase, misspelled word(s), old phone numbers, etc. Best of all is you can use this tool to remove all of those stupid MICROSOFT spam HTML tags & for example from your entire website. The CGI script counts, logs and reports on all files filtered in real time. CGI script is extremely fast. AUTO THUMBNAIL & GALLERY MAKER Automatic Thumbnail Maker and Photo Organizer CGI Script which you simply drop inside your website and execute and it spiders your entire directory structure, creates thumbnail images and organizes all your photographic content into easily browsable html with thumbnail tables that link to the actual image. Creates true uniform, beautiful thumbnail images - this is not just some cheap html trick. Great way to surf and organize complex image archives and to organize content automatically. You can control the size of the thumbnail images and the look of the html output very easily. Spiders even the most complicated directory structures and wont make mistakes like other programs! Save endless hours creating thumbnail galleries and organizing content by using this program to archive thousands of images in seconds. Thumbnails are organized into a seperate, parallel directory structure and not littered everywhere. Logs all activity and creates files you can use for other applications or simply search through to find that jpeg you lost 6 months ago. SUPER WHOIS INTERNATIONAL TELNET OR CGI WHOIS CLIENT CGI Script works with the new-mangled whois system introduced 1 Dec 1999. A web based whois client for RFC-954 compliant whois servers using the shared domain registration system as revised 1 December 1999. Under the new domain-name regime the whois system is now distributed amongst the various domain-policeHHHHHHHHHH registrars, thereby requiring that we make at least two separate requests (to two separate servers) for each whois record. This program will first go to the "root" whois server and ask for a record. If found, the root server will tell us where to go get the actual record, and then we go get it. You can replace the whois program on your server and run by telnet or run as a cgi script. FORM MAIL REPLICATOR GIVE AWAY FORMS TO TARGET ONLINE CONSUMERS WITH ADS CGI script allows you to setup in minutes and users signup to build forms to use for selling products, surveys, or whatever. Easy to use web based interface helps clients build forms even if they dont have a clue about html. They can also add custom autoreply messages, delete forms and build as many forms per account as they wish. Each form has a custom header and footer area for you to display banners and information so its a great way to target BUYERS. Set it up on a secure server and you have about the best banner targeting available! All administration is done through the browser. Shows you how many forms are currently online and how many forms have been executed. Admin panel allows you to broadcast email messages to all users though the web. Also allows you to add a custom email signature to each outgoing message. HTML PROTECTOR (HTMLOCK) STOP PEOPLE FROM RIPPING OFF YOUR HTML CGI script that prevents right clicking to save images from your HTML and also prevents viewing source code AND downloading the HTML. Completely stops snaking HTML and importation by busting up links trees. This will annoy the hell out of those losers ripping off your HTML source code for sure. Its not 100 bulletproof but will stop 99.99 of the idiots that cant create content thats for sure and will give them one hell of a headache trying to rip off your site. WHOIS DATA PARSER PARSE WHOIS DATA INTO FLATFILE FORMAT Simple script allows you to parse TLDs .com, .net, and .org into delimited flatfile databases. All data is extracted including domain owner information, all contacts, email addresses, name servers, and more. Complete whois information is stored in final database. Lightning fast parsing and no limitations on how big or small your parsing jobs can be. Great for doing marketing campaigns as both email addresses, names, and domain names are included in database which makes it easy to use for contacting webmasters on a personal basis. Great tool for constructing search engine databases. DOMAIN STALKER There are hundreds of domain names expiring every day. For one reason or another people give up on their sites -- theyve lost interest, or because of current situation with advertising on Internet they cant afford to pay for hosting, or maybe they simply didnt renew their registration in time. But old links from other sites are still there. In fact, some expired domains have thousands of old links still pointing to them. Its a shame that all this traffic is going nowhere. Webmasters work hard to get links on other popular sites, and here we have hundreds and hundreds of old links pointing nowhere. Wouldnt it be great to be able to find those expired domain names with great link popularity, simply register it, and get hundreds of unique visitors practically for free? This handy CGI Script which probes Internic for domains on hold status. Intuitive browser based point and click interface allows you to use keywords to scan for domains about to drop or that have recently dropped. Stores domain name lists in flatfile format so you can easily interface with our AUTONIC domain registration bot. You can also manually just click on the domain name to register quickly through network solutions. Another greatly useful feature is the ability to scan each domain name for search engine links. SUPERCLOAKER THE MOST ADVANCED HTML CLOAKING TECHNOLOGY AVAILABLE The old days when you had to cloak page by page are over. When I first invented HTML cloaking in the mid 90s you had to install a special page for EACH html page you wanted to cloak. Now with supercloaker a single 5 minute install will protect your ENTIRE WEBSITE. Furthermore, if you have ability to fully utilize .htaccess you dont have to use .shtml extentions so the cloaking is 100 transparent. NOBODY has ths technology... until now. The program comes with a recently updated list of spider IPs and these lists can be updated and found all over the net. Keep your precious HTML protected with SUPERCLOAKER the most advanced HTML cloaking software online. POETRY BOT INTELLIGENT POETRY WRITER ROUTINE This awesome script allows you to entertain your visitors with randomly generated poems in any style you want. Just change the simple text files containing nouns, verbs, and the like and you get randomly generated poems in any style you want. Ginsberg was chosen as default. The point of this script will not be obvious at first. Sure its fun to play with and entertaining but the power of this script was when I hacked out the routines to generate titles for websites to spamdex the hell out of adultcheck and other sites... dont worry, its coming soon. In the meantime have a little fun for a change. SALES LEAD GENERATOR EFFECTIVE SALES LEAD GENERATOR OR SURVEY CGI SCRIPT Easy to setup CGI Script that generates highly targeted sales leads or perform surveys by allowing your website visitors to register and download a free sample of your merchandise, a coupon, discount code, tutorial, information, or any other incentive. Requires visitor to enter valid email address in order to receive free download access. Registration form may be customized - only required field is email field and opt-in checkbox. All information collected in the form is stored in a flatfile database which can be easily imported into Excel or Access. Also works with our Xtractor Pro Mailing List Manager and Microextractor CGI Scripts to send out more information about your company if they opt-in. Script allows registrants to opt-out so there is no worry about sending email to anyone that did not request it. GUESTBOOK REPLICATOR MULTILEVEL GUESTBOOK PROMOTER Forget link-o-matic. They suck anyway. This is a multi-level free giveaway guestbook replicator that is completely self contained. Easy to install. Setup and users can create with a simple form an instant customizable guestbook on any topic they wish. Each "sub" user even has their own admin panel. The master admin panel keeps you in control and allows you to blast messages to all the message boards (you can charge for this by integrating with one of our many billing systems). Since everything is cross-linked this makes a great spider trap to give you traffic. Your custom header and footer are displayed on every single page. Admin point and click allows total control over the entire system. AUTOMATIC USERADD CREATES REAL USER ACCOUNTS VIA WEB FORM From a simple 2 form field (username/password) this script creates a REAL ftp account. Any mediocre programmer can also add other routines to add mail accounts, etc. A great building block and you wont find this type of script ANYWHERE on the net. We are the only site with this technology. PERL SCRIPT DECRYPTER HAVING TROUBLE CUSTOMIZING SOME LOSERS CGI SCRIPT? Dont you HATE it when you are trying to customize a script and they strip out all the new lines in some lame attempt to keep you from taking out their spam and making it look the way you want it to? I mean thats the whole POINT of perl - thats WHY its a beautiful NON-COMPILED language. Well, this little tool is the solution ALL WHOIS CDOMAIN PRO CLONEWARE Works just like cdomain. Increased the speed of performance with all the features a professional registrar needs. All whois does everything cdomain pro boasts only better. Enables researching domain name availability for all registrars (not just internic). This script is a nice service for webhosting companies. Allows user to search for domain name availability with ANY registrar. Also does global searches based on keywords so if you cant register you can search all the other NICs in the world (i.e. .uk, .mx, etc.) to see if you can register something like or whatever. Adding new registrars is a snap and installation takes maybe 2 minutes. CLICKBLASTER MYSQL MULTILEVEL CLICKTHROUGH AFFILIATES SYSTEM Clickblaster will send you so much traffic your provider may actually shut you down. This is a seriously hardcore promotional engine with a mysql backend for ultraspeed and ultralow CPU drainage. The system tracks hits through 3 levels and even to the point of sale. Thus you track the "hit and runs" or primary clickthroughs, the people that actually surf through your site to a secondary page, and even to a 3rd (or tertiary) page. Various rewards are distributed depending on the QUALITY of the clickthrough traffic so you dont get screwed by losers trying to cheat your system. There are 4 variables to compare. Initial clickthrough, secondary page, tertiary page, and sale. The 2nd, 3rd, and sale pages can be hidden ANYWHERE on your server making it a virtual nightmare for anyone to try and hack through. Banners are served from the AFFILIATES server which minimizes server load. Impressions are not tracked in this version because well - who the hell cares anyway? The point of this clickthrough system is that when an affiliate earns a specified number of "credits" they earn a free prize, free password, or whatever. All screening is done manually and the great thing is everyone that signs up is automatically stored in a handy email database for future marketing. Tracks with cookies and our special IP tracking for extra security. You really should try this one out on our site to get a feel for what this is all about. All I can say is when I launched the predecessor (bannergate) I was completely unprepared for the level of traffic this was about to generate. This is now the second generation of this type of clickthrough marketing tool and I feel it is a superior design. Bannergate has its place, but this in my opinion is like the atomic bomb. Members can check their stats in realtime. Admin interface allows easy overview of accounts and deletion of dead accounts. Once user has surpassed your predefined threshold an email is sent out to the administrator notifying that a free account has been earned. .SUPERSTATS LOG ANALYZER DONT BUY WEB TRENDS! THEY SUCK! I purchased Web Trends awhile back. The program looked great, but was virtually useless. Everyday you had to download your stats (10-20 megabytes of data) and then Web Trends would spit out a ton of data which I manually checked and found to be innaccurate. I also signed up for their affilliate program but they never sent me a dime. Worse was 50 of the data analysis was completely worthless. Thus, I invented a completely automated version of their program except I took out all the bugs and didnt waste time making pretty graphics. This is a hardcore statistical analyzer. Calculates raw hits, page views, bookmarked visitors, home page views, unique visitors, bandwidth, page views per visitor, operating systems and browsers used, error reports, lists top refering URLS, most and least popular webpages on your site, and even does security checks to warn you of hackers trading passwords and networks launching password hurler attacks. This may not be as pretty as Web Trends but its a hell of alot more useful. Runs automatically via crontab. .BANNER GATE Clicks for password promotional system A completely new concept in marketing your password site. Allow users to signup and send you unique clicks for free access to your password site. Instant account activation, secure code blocks uses of image tag and frame triggers. Tracks both with cookies and IP addresses to prevent cheating. Members can check their stats in realtime. Admin interface allows easy overview of accounts and deletion of dead accounts. Once user has surpassed your predefined threshold an email is sent out to the administrator notifying that a free account has been earned. 30 days after installing bannergate on one site they received over 50,000 FREE impressions and 2900 UNIQUE clickthroughs. The best part about this is it only costs you a password for the traffic. AUTONIC Automatic Domain ONHOLD stalker and grabber Stalking out a killer domain name that is on hold status? Set autonic to run on crontab every morning with Internic reboots and it will query whois automatically to check the current registration status. If Autonic finds the domain name to be available it will instantly register it automatically. Also sends you a copy of the registration form. NIGHTLY BACKUP Automated website archiver - mirror - backup utility If you make money online then you know your website is your lifeline. Keep your password databases, billing databases, or even your entire website safe and secure on multiple webservers! Now you can sleep assured that your files can be restored in seconds from a perfect backup done automatically as often as you wish. Easy to setup script that will archive and transfer a copy of your entire website or any directory of files to another server to provide you with a nightly, weekly, or monthly automated backup. Files are not overwritten so there is no danger of file corruption caused if backups fail and write 0K files. SUPERFAST BANNER ROTATOR MYSQL BACKENDED BANNER ROTATION SYSTEM Not only is this the fastest banner rotator script known to mankind it also has cool new expiration concepts for selling ads. You can setup multiple accounts and each account holder can login with a username/password to check their impressions, clickthroughs and CTRs in realtime. The cool thing is you can set accounts to expire one of two ways. Accounts can be set to expire by number of impressions (when the account holder exceeds the set number of impressions their ad automatically expires). Accounts can also be set to expire by number of days (flat rate advertising). This offers you a dual marketing approach to selling your valuable banner space. We use this very same system to sell ads on our site and it works great. System load is virtually undetectable. All stats are in realtime. Admin panel allows you to browse all accounts and their individual statistics, view all banner ads at once, modify/delete accounts, and even check the overall impressions and clicks to your server. AGENTS UNLIMITED MULTILEVEL AFFILIATE SOFTWARE SOLUTION Affiliate engine capable of integrating into virtually any billing system allows you to reward affiliates commissions for referred sales. Our newest system supports unlimited levels of payouts to drive your sales through the roof! Each payout level may be set to a percentage of the sale or a flat rate commission. Similar interface and features as our popular Agents of Fortune Professional including instant account activation, secure text links, real time statistics, easy database backup and restore. Simple integration into virtually all online billing systems and shopping carts. Negligible server load requirements. Ergonomic statistical interface allows zooming into sales records from year to day to sale. SLOT MACHINE OPT IN EMAIL COLLECTION SCRIPT Clever opt-in email collection cgi script which allows visitors to your site to play a virtual "slot-machine" to win a product or get a free membership to your website. Player can "warm-up" spinning the slot machine as many times as they want before spinning for real. Multiple security features allow you to prevent abusers from using bots or cheating the system. Requires real email address to collect prize. If you setup the slot machine for "products" you can also customize and link the slot machine images so visitors are looking at products from your site. When they click on one of the images they are taken to a special product information url. Great way to build targeted email lists from your visitors and great promotional tool. SUPERMALL MYSQL BASED MULTIPLE VENDOR SHOPPING MALL SYSTEM Supermall is much more than a shopping cart. Supermall allows a single mall administrator to sell merchandise from multiple vendors by drop-shipment (like CD-now does). The administrator can add vendor information to the mall and add individual items provided by each vendor so when an order is placed invoices are emailed (or can be faxed through email-fax translation services) to vendors and orders are drop-shipped so you never have to actually stock any inventory. The mall client interface allows browsing by categories (yahoo-style) or multiple keyword searches. All features are accessible by the admin panel to allow easy editing and administration of the mall. Customers and the administrator can check and print out confirmation pages created when an order is approved. Supermall supports manual credit card validation and real-time validation through Stores customer information in mysql which you can use for future promotional purposes. No HTML required to add new items - simply fill out forms and pages are generated for every item. Each item page can have html, pictures, etc. Item pages give you maximum search engine visibility unlike cgi-generated html pages. Many more features planned for future upgrades including statistical and profitability reports. Easily integrates into any of our affiliate software packages MATCHMASTERS PRO MYSQL PERSONAL CLASSIFIEDS DATING SCRIPT Based on our popular matchmasters script this is a more serious solution for dating sites. The pro version uses powerful MYSQL database structures and modular code design to allow complete customization of the searching/profile parameters and html output (cosmetics). Capable of altering the search parameters/fields to unlimited option or keyword based search fields. Multiple keyword search logic allows matching for complex search profiles. Admin panel allows counting members, bulk emailing all members, login/edit/delete of member profiles. Members can upload photos, search, bookmark profiles, view member photos, and send private email messages anonymously. Many more features planned for this systems future upgrades. May be implemented as a free "attraction" to your existing website or easily integrates into billing systems to charge for services. MICROSEARCH CUSTOMIZABLE WEB-BASED SEARCHABLE MYSQL DATABASE Need to put a searchable database online? Microsearch allows you to easily generate custom, searchable databases with unlimited searchable fields (keyword or selection based). Creates https://www.tradebit.coml and https://www.tradebit.coml interfaces automatically. Admin interface allows search and delete of records quickly. Mysql archtitechture for handling large databases with the fastest search technology. SUPER SPIDER URL SPIDER AND DOMAIN EXTRACTOR SCRIPT You are going to love this script! A simple, yet powerful cgi script with mysql database interface that will allow you to spider the internet and collect unique urls and domain names at the speed of light! 5 minutes to configure, set your starting url and the spider will start probing the internet from the starting url collecting every single link and unique domain name it finds along the way. A great way to construct targeted marketing databases or start your own search engine. Script allows you to select spidering depth or just leave it until your hard drive explodes with data. This script is a masterpiece. AVSCHECK ADULTCHECK CLONE AGE VERIFICATION SYSTEM Basically this is a clone of adult check age verification system. Probably even better than their software actually. Mysql database backend and payment gateways allow you to run your own Age Verification System. Built in 2 level affiliate structure allows you to payout commissions to both webmaters that refer members and webmasters that refer other webmasters. Search the entire AVS database by keywords or browse by category. Generates signup messages, realtime cc processing. Webmaster lounge lets them see their commissions in realtime or tweak their sites. Admin interface gives you overall control to approve or delete sites. You can also revoke commissions to webmasters in event of fraud or chargeback. MIME MAILER E-COMMERCE FRIENDLY FORMMAIL THAT LETS YOU SELL SINGLE FILES BY EMAIL SECURELY Finally! Now its simple to sell single files with MIMEMAILER. Easily integrates into any of our billing systems such as IBILL Processor (use as webgood page) or Mastergate, or any of our other systems. Simply use MIMEMAILER as your "Thank you" page and you can instantly send single attatchments automatically! Security protocols block people from sending multiple copies of the file to their friends or multiple files to themselves. Requires no modules and can be setup in about 1 minute. SUPER WHOIS Whois client for RFC-954 compliant whois servers CGI Script works with the new-mangled whois system introduced 1 Dec 1999. A web based whois client for RFC-954 compliant whois servers using the shared domain registration system as revised 1 December 1999. Under the new domain-name regime the whois system is now distributed amongst the various domain-policeHHHHHHHHHH registrars, thereby requiring that we make at least two separate requests (to two separate servers) for each whois record. This program will first go to the "root" whois server and ask for a record. If found, the root server will tell us where to go get the actual record, and then we go get it. AFFILIATE AD ROTATOR MYSQL Affiliate code rotation system HEY! This is NOT just another banner rotator - although it DOES rotate banners, the concept is different. Similar to our superfast banner rotator but instead of rotating just banners - this script actually rotates AFFILIATE HTML used by sites like,, et.,al. Thus allowing the serving of banner images from REMOTE servers. Provides ability to quickly rotate at random your affiliate ad partners and also countercheck their statistics against yours to see if anyone is cheating you. Accounts can be set to track by impressions, clicks, or days. You can set price per click, impression, or day and the system will keep track of all your affiliate codes as they are displayed on your site in one convenient interface. System load is virtually undetectable. All stats are in realtime. Admin panel allows you to browse all accounts and their individual statistics, view all banner ads at once, modify/delete accounts, and check overall statistics and payouts you are earning from affiliate programs. Also a great script to trade banner space with other sites that use their own tracking software. AUTOMATIC BOOKMARK AUTOMATIC BOOKMARKING CGI SCRIPT INCREASES RETURN TRAFFIC Automatic Bookmark is a cgi script that will automatically pop up a "bookmark" suggestion box for new people that visit your site for the first time. This Script increase the percentage of Return TRAFFIC! Unlike using straight javacode, the script will not "annoy" regular visitors or people that return to your site by popping up the window every time they return. The first time a new visitor hits your "target page" the bookmark window pops up but never again. This is a great way to get your site bookmarked by more visitors. You can also execute the script by using javascript (eg: close window type scripts) so if they quit their browser the bookmark window pops up. Also a great way to collect custom 404 (page not found) traffic by redirecting to this script. INSTALLMENT PLAN ALLOWS IBILL ACCOUNTS
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