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Unleashed Sales Media Mentors

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INSTANTLY Drive MASSIVE Amounts of Traffic to Your Website,
Generating All the Leads and Sales Your Business Can Handle
Without Ever Buying Another PPC Ad From Google

Dear Marketing and Advertising Friend,

These days it is possible to make a FORTUNE buying online media buying and affiliate marketing in just a matter of hours. Similarly, you can LOSE a fortune in a matter of hours as well I’m here to make sure that you are NOT in the group that loses a fortune, and that you ARE in the group that makes as much money as you want.

Here’s how I know this…

Let me take you back to 2003. I’m at the helm of an underground online media buying giant. We are spending $200,000 per day. Money is coming and going so fast that my accounting group is pulling their hair out. Yahoo, MSN, AOL, https://www.tradebit.com. I’m buying display based media everywhere.

In fact, I can’t buy anymore…

I’ve got teams of buyers, run by 20 something year old kids spending more money per day than they’ll make all year. We are running 100′s of campaigns concurrently, 1000′s of creatives. We don’t even have time for a Google PPC ad. I’m at the helm of one of the largest underground media buying teams around. The rush is undeniable.

Fast forward to 2010, and I continue to be amazed, astounded and perplexed at what I’m seeing. Virtual armies of 19 and 20 year old kids who have become one man media buying machines. They’ve long since abandoned the unfriendly reaches of Google and their anti affiliate stance, and have been taking home wheel barrows full of money, like $5000-$10,000 per day…profit. cashing in with Ad-Networks, Social Media and other more obscure ways to buy online media. Maybe you’ve heard about these guys or maybe you haven’t. Well, I know them.

I’m Scott Rewick, and I’m your $100M Media Buyer. I’m a 10 year industry veteran, I’m here to help you from losing your but, and offer you a lifeline….. If you are an online affiliate marketer, an online media-buyer, a small business owner…. your business is at risk. In fact, if you don’t embrace the monumental change of online advertising quickly, you are road kill my friend.
Excuse The Obvious Warning…

If your online advertising strategy really is nothing more than “Google Adwords”, time to wake up. Don’t think a Google Slap, or overnight quality score issues can’t happen to you? OK, keep burying your head in the sand! We are entering an unprecedented time of upheaval and innovation in the online media buying world. Sites like Facebook and Twitter weren’t around several years ago. The rate at which online advertising is evolving and changing is only picking up speed. You have no excuse to miss this new wave of online advertising. Miss this wave, and risk losing everything you have in your business.

Consider this my impassioned plea to keep you from missing the biggest opportunity of your life.
See, Here Is The Dilemma You Are Facing…

Let me lay out for you this way. Recent estimates are that as much as 70% of the worlds online media happens outside of Google. Furthermore, estimates are that Google controls less than 6% of the worlds online traffic. News Flash: Google doesn’t own the Internet! Let me ask you, does 70% of your online media buying strategy NOT involve Google? If you are like many others the answer is an emphatic NO. Ad-Networks are coming out of nowhere and doing BILLIONS of ad impressions per month. Facebook is going to do $1B in advertising sales. Pay Per View networks are making an army of 19 year old kids wealthy. Re-Targeting networks, mobile advertising are in their infancy, and gathering steam.
What I Hear Everyday

Affiliates, online marketers, successful direct marketers and small businesses all say to me “Scott, Teach Me Media Buying”. It’s painfully clear to me that there is utter and mass confusion around online media buying. People feel adrift in all the advice, information, and are tired of the “out of nowhere guru’s” that promise to explain this new media world. Let me be clear. If you believe for a second there is some magic bullet out there, or think this new wave of guru’s is going to teach you something that really works…well…I just don’t know what to say.
Does This Sound Familiar?

Have you experienced (or living in fear) of any of these things happening in your business:
A Google slap for no apparent reason and left paying ridiculously high prices you simply can’t pay and still make a profit
completely kicked off Google and left with no traffic whatsoever and not sure where to turn…
Paying super high pay per click costs in extremely competitive markets and the pressure to perform keeps growing every day…

Now Some Good News…I Can Help

We are entering an age where understanding media buying is an essential part of staying alive in this market. Why not let me walk you through this space. I’ve spent $100M (and made money along the way) learning everything NOT to do, and a whole TON of what to do.
Media Mentors Unleashed

Unleashed is a multi-media “look over my shoulder” home study kit. I’ve designed it as something you can read, listen to, and watch. It’s really a resource for those of you that are finally leaving Google and want to dip your toe in the water of Media Buying. I’ve tried to simplify my years of direct online media buying. 10 years in the trenches, spending tens of thousands of man hours deconstructing and dominating some of the biggest sources of online media (Google not included thank you very much). But probably more than anything, I want to help get you to your first profitable online campaign; your first profitable online media buy. We teach building an overall perspective a foundation first. See, nobody teaches this the way I do because very few people have seen what’s gone on over the last 10+ years. We tackle places like

Who is this course for?

*Affiliate Marketers Tired of Google Slaps *Novice and Expert Media Buyers Who Want To Grow *Online Business That Want To Grow
What Stops People From Moving Outside of Google?

Three barriers have kept most affiliates, media buyers and advertisers from blowing up their business with new media – the very secrets that let you blow past Google and into boatloads of cash! Here are those 3 barriers:

Barrier #1: Ad Networks are too complicated and difficult to learn. (Hundred+ ad networks out there. which ones work?) –I can show you.

Barrier #2: It takes too long to grasp just the basics. (Even beginner seminars took a minimum of 2 full days… sometimes 3 days, or more – plus travel time to and from the seminar location.) –If you’ve ever bought on Google, you are 95% there.

Barrier #3: It’s too expensive (how does $50 to start sound?)
Why is this course so important?

With so much mis-information out there, coupled with so much change, continuing to rest your hopes with Google, centering your online strategy around article marketing, blogging, and other short term marketing opportunities is simply not going to cut it. If you’re still on the fence about joining this program consider this:

-Ignoring the new media revolution is tantamount to putting your head in the sand and thinking you’ll succeed

-I guarantee you that 95% of what is being taught out there in terms of successful media buying is either wrong, short lived or misleading

- This may be the last time I teach this material at the level I’m teaching it.
You Need A Simple To Understand Road Map For The World Outside Of Google!

What people aren’t really teaching these days is a comprehensive system; a look at the world of online media buying that is exploding outside the walls of the Google kingdom. That’s what this guide is. A media buying road map. But better yet, it shows you where exactly I’ve bought profitable media over the years and how you can do it too.
See What Others Say…

See what other marketers are saying about my experience:

Others say…..

Hagai Yardeny, founder of Digital Moses says…

“Scott’s experience and knowledge of affiliate marketing, media buying and direct response is impressive and I encourage anybody who wants to get the fast track on this new wave of advertising opportunities to jump on board. Learn from a 10 year veteran and blow past your competition”

Jay Weintraub, Founder of LeadsCon says…

”“Scott brings over 10 years of online experience to what he does, and his passion for the space shows through in this course. I know few people that bring the depth of experience that Scott brings.”
Are You Ready To Get Going Today?

NO Risk 14 Day Money Back Guarantee!

You can download this guide immediately (even if it’s 2 a.m.) and begin using the information to plan your strategy and get results. If you do not have a plan, do yourself a favor and get this guide right now……before it’s too late…

The single reason TO commit should be obvious: It is the one skill-set, above all others, with the power to fuel your success in everything you do from here on out. Facebook, Twitter, Ad-Networks? You are going to be dead in the water without a comprehensive guide on how to dominate in these markets. Sites like these, and the army of cutting edge ad networks, cost per view players, banner re-targeting networks, and mobile networks are the wave of the future, and the next evolution of online marketing. Failure to understand these networks means a slow and painful death.

Here’s what we’re doing: When you you buy Media Buying Unleashed (which begins May 15th)… …you are getting a personally written guide which outlines the new landscape of media buying, and goes into detail on how i became one of the more prolific media buyers over the last 10 years. Each page, each chapter is broken down and comes with first hand media buying experience. I’m going to provide you with both a digital copy so you can get immediate access. Want a printed copy? Just ask!

…we will give you full-privileged access to interviews I’ve done with Internet luminaries Yanik Silver and Susan Hill… … absolutely free. Yanik is a legend in the Internet Marketing world and runs a multi-million dollar Marketing empire. Susan Hill recently one 2010 Marketer of the Year and the esteemed Underground Conference.

This is an exclusive JUST for folks in this upcoming program. Right now,this is the ONLY way to access these interviews.

…again totally free

…you get an unedited copy of my speech at the world famous UnderGround, where I spoke about some of my experiences buying media. Right now, the

only way to have seen this is by paying $3,000 to personally attend the event.

…You get a new guide on my Top 5 Places to Buy Online Media. Only to be given away to the first 1,000 users. I help you skip through the 995 sites you don’t need to buy media from to be massively successful. These 5 sites are where I’ve made 95% of all the money I’ve ever made online.

…You get access to my library of over 5 instructional online media buying videos. Real world, live examples, broken down step by step so that even a person just starting out could understand.

…all free

There is very little time left to decide if you’re coming with us… … or remaining where you are in your life. This is a proven program and the only one of its kind out there. We’ve set upa legitimate once-in-a-lifetime opportunity here. Perfect for entrepreneurs, biz owners and even rookies who realize it’s time to learn the most powerful (yet simple) system anywhere for succeeding in online media buying. As you will see, we’ve bent over backwards to make this amazing program within the reach of almost everyone.

There is a commitment. You will need to follow through. However, we’ve made it easy. You’ve likely never been taken by the hand and guided like this before. You’ll soon get used to accepting the personalized help, though. It’s fun, once you get moving. This train is leaving the station soon. Should you be on it? Make your decision. See what’s up, and please choose wisely. If you join us, I’ll see inside the program.
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