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Poker Suck Out Bot - Poker Cheating Software

Poker Suck Out Bot may change the way online poker is played forever...

Poker Suck Out Bot is the result of over 5 years of research, design and testing.

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So What Does A "Suck Out Bot" Do?

Well as the name suggests, this software bot manipulates the frequency of achieving Suck Outs in your favor.

To really appreciate the importance of being able to Suck Out in poker, you should know exactly what we are referring to when we say Suck Out...

Suck Out (defined):

(1. verb) To be dealt cards that complete one's hand or improve the hand enough to win even though the hand was previously an underdog.

(2. noun) The situation in which a hand with a highly unfavorable chance of winning receives additional cards that improve it or complete it such that it becomes a winning hand.

Just imagine the potential of being able to influence the outcome of your poker hand before the cards are even dealt!

This is not random number generator synching or predicting the community cards, this deals in what's MOST important in Poker - Having the winning hand at the end of the hand!

What This Software Doesn't Do:
>> Doesn't tell you opponents hole cards
>> Doesn't tell you upcoming community cards
>> Doesn't give you the best starting hand at the table
>> Doesn't let you have pocket aces at will
>> Doesn't calculate odds
>> Doesn't recommend how to play a hand
>> Doesn't play for you like a bot
>> Doesn't require any data entry
>> Doesn't involve collusion
>> Doesn't require any additional purchase of equipment
>> Doesn't replace solid poker play

What This Software Does:
Influence poker room random number generators
Gives you the winning hand even if it's not the strongest starting hand

Let me tell you how this software works. For those short on time there is a simple description and those that want a deeper understanding can read the technical version.

How it works (Simple):
Poker Suck Out Bot sends signals to the random number generators of online poker rooms so that you increase the frequency of being dealt hole cards that will be the winning hand at the river.

How it works (Technical):
The standard for creating an impartial poker game online is the use of random number generation which determines the shuffle of the virtual deck of cards.

According to,

"We understand that a use of a fair and unpredictable shuffle algorithm is critical to our software. To ensure this and avoid major problems described in [2], we are using two independent sources of truly random data:

· user input, including summary of mouse movements and events timing, collected from client software

· Quantis [3], a true hardware random number generator developed by Swiss-based company ID Quantique, which uses quantum randomness as an entropy source

Each of these sources itself generates enough entropy to ensure a fair and unpredictable shuffle."

Reference: [2] "How We Learned to Cheat at Online Poker: A Study in Software Security" -

This page can be viewed in full here:

In a research review by Cryptography Research Inc., the "seed" is discussed.

"The Intel Random Number Generator"
Cryptography Research, Inc. White Paper Prepared for Intel Corporation By Benjamin Jun and Paul Kocher

"A true random number generator (TRNG) uses a non-deterministic source to produce randomness. Most operate by measuring unpredictable natural processes, such as thermal (resistance or shot) noise, atmospheric noise, or nuclear decay. The entropy, trustworthiness, and performance all depend on the TRNG design.

A pseudo random number generator (PRNG) by itself will be insecure without a TRNG for seeding. Seeding requires a source of true randomness, since it is impossible to create true randomness from within a deterministic system.

On computers without a hardware RNG, programmers typically try to obtain entropy for seed data using existing peripherals. The most common techniques involve timing user processes, but these methods are awkward and slow. Methods involving user timing require inelegant user interfaces and cannot be used (or become insecure) when controlled by automated scripts. Some applications use hard drive seek times, but factors such as the drive technology, disk caches, and system timer resolution limits require careful consideration. Measurements of system activity, delays, configuration date, etc. are also sometimes used."

You can read this article in full here:

What this means to us...

Is that once the seed has been generated from random events such as user input and thermal noise, that the shuffle of the virtual deck is also random and mostly out of the influence of the player. Our software mimics these entropy sources that generate the seeds, that influence the shuffle. We have found through years and hundreds of thousands of hands played that the winning hand at an online poker table is determined precisely at the time that seed is generated. This doesn't mean that the predetermined winning hand always wins, after all this is poker and many winning hands are folded because they are weak starting hands or don't hit any cards on the flop in the case of hold'em. This leaves the next best remaining hand at the table as the winner.

This software does not connect to the internet, nor does it tamper with poker site game servers. It does take advantage of the fact that the entropy and seed for your game will come from the a combination of thermal noise and user inputs among other things. The key part to realize is that the user inputs for your random card shuffle will come from a user playing at your particular table. It would not be feasible to pull user input from any other tables and have it influence the shuffle on your current table. You would run the risk of having duplicate cards dealt much the same way as if you shuffles 2 decks of cards together and then dealt.

So out of the players at your given poker table, you will have a 1 in 6, 1 in 9, or 1 in 10 chance (depending on how many seats are filled) of being the source of the user input dictates and increases your chance of being dealt the winning hand. What Poker Suck Out Bot does is give the poker server constant entropy sources as collected from the client software. This deluge of mimicked user input, thermal noise, network traffic, and atmospheric noise, effectively drowns out the potential seeds generated by the other players at your table and poker client software. This causes you to have the winning seed more often and gives you a distinct advantage. Even though it appears that your getting Suck Out after Suck Out to the other players at the table, you are actually influencing the random number generation shuffle algorithm to your advantage.

And just think about how this software will tip the tables in your favor when used in a Heads Up Ring Game or Heads Up Stage of a Tournament.

Have you ever heard the phrase, "The squeaky wheel gets the oil"? Well this software squeaks to the poker software internally to increase your odds of being dealt the winning cards. Your Hole Cards may not be strongest starting hands according to the poker pro's, but Poker Suck Out Bot increases the odds that your starting hard will be the hand that has been chosen to win by the seed.

"Anyone who considers arithmetical methods of producing random digits is, of course, in a state of sin." - John Von Neumann (1951)

How much money could you make playing online poker if you could literally manipulate the outcome of a poker hand before the cards are even dealt?

How would instant wealth change your life?

Here's what our customers have to say:

"Hey man just want to say a big thank you i tried your software at the free tables and then went onto the real money tables and i couldnt believe that this product actually worked i expected it to fail, it really does help tip the odds in your favour. I made 1grand in 10 mins hitting straights and flushes. I am no new player so of course i needed a solid game too but it gave me that edge. Your right in saying you have to lose a few hands to avoid suspicion i had it set to 80 percent. I would keep this software under raps and charge more as it has far greater results that those useless poker RNG softwares. Keep up the good work.


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- Supports playing multiple games (even on multiple sites) simultaneously.
- 100 Undetectable by Poker Rooms
- Compatible with all online poker rooms
- Compatible with all online poker variations (Hold'em, Stud, Omaha, 5 Card Draw, 2-7 Triple Draw, Razz, HORSE, HOSE, Ring Games, Sit N Go's, Tournaments, Play Money, Real Money)
- Does Not connect to the internet at all. Only gives your poker client software entropy/seed sources.
- 100 Legal as it does not interfere with the operation of online poker rooms.
- Suck Out Frequency is adjustable, to help keep opponents from becoming suspicious.
- Simple Interface is easy to use.
- Designed for Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7
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