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Eat Fabulous Fruits & Vital Vegetables For Fun and Vitality!

Fabulous Fruits & Vital Vegetables

A Complete Guide to the Selection, Preparation, and Preservation of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables for Healthy Living

By Georgina Cundall

Subject: Fruits, Veggies & The Economy

What we can do is ask you why it is that we can look at an attractive array of vegetables and go on to order the largest, artery clogging piece of beef on the menu!

Have you ever read a book or an article about nutrition? Sure you have.

Have you ever read a book or an article about living a healthy lifestyle? Certainly!

Have you ever read a recipe? Yes.

But, have you ever found them in a single package? Probably not.

Well, here's a first. We know where you can do just that. Get all those questions asked and answered!

Do you know what single veggie will fight diabetes?

Or what fruit to eat to give you softer, smoother skin?

Sure, we all know how important it is to eat our veggies. And, there probably isn't a soul among us that doesn't agree that fruits are yummy.

However, do you have any idea of what fruit to eat if you need to reduce diarrhea, control your blood pressure, encourage good heart function, strengthen your bones or help a cough? Yeah, that's what we thought.

Or how about this one? What vegetable can help your body lower cholesterol, help protect you against some effects of diabetes, high blood pressure, strokes and retain your skin's smoothness? Unless you are a nutritionist there's a good bet you won't guess that one either.

But don't worry. You can find the answers to those two questions (and lots more) in "Fabulous Fruits & Vital Vegetables."

What do fruits and vegetables have to do with the rotten economy?

Okay, so what does healthy nutrition and eating fruits and veggies have to do with the recession, depression or whatever in the heck "session" they're calling it? If you stop for just a minute or two you'll discover that it has EVERYTHING to do with it.

Look, we all need to cut back and spend less right now, right? Well, what better way than to cut some of those pricey cuts of meat out of our diets. . .especially the stuff that isn't particularly good for us anyway? What better way than to increase our intake of foods that are good for us and cost less too!

Also, if the current crunch has you stressing - STOP! I know, it's easy to tell you to stop stressing over money. But it certainly isn't going to help your health by a long shot if you continue to stress over what you can't control. Control what you can. And, you CAN control your intake of "Fabulous Fruits & Vital Vegetables."

And while you are doing that, you can learn what vegetables and fruits can best keep your body nourished while your brain is going these tumultuous times! Again, stop focusing on what you CAN'T change and focus on what you CAN change.

Heck, by the time we're through this economic speed bump you'll probably be so happy with the new outlook and body that "Fabulous Fruits & Vital Vegetables" have given you that you'll never go back to the old habits. And, that's a good thing.

So, do yourself a huge favor. Stop stressing. Take control of what you CAN and put less focus on what you CAN'T. Not only will you enjoy the taste of the new, nutritious lifestyle you'll learn about, you'll know what to eat and when to eat it to control just about any of your physical challenges.

Grab your copy now and let the economy take care of itself while YOU take care of YOU. You'll be glad you did. We guarantee it.


About the Author

Fruits and Vegetables in Nutrition - An Overview

What is a Fruit?

Broad Classification of Fruits
Simple Fruit
Aggregate Fruit
Multiple Fruit

What is a Vegetable?
Vegetables Formed from Parts of a Plant

Health Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables
Health Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables
Nutrients of Fruits and Vegetables

Suggested Servings of Fruit and Vegetables
Make Fruits and Vegetables an Interesting Part of Every Meal
Ideal Recipes

Cleaning Fruits and Vegetables
Cooking to Retain Maximum Nutrient Value

Uses of Fruits and Vegetables

Use Fruits and Vegetables for their Nutritional Value

Color Food Guide
(a) Red colored Fruits and Vegetables
(b) Green colored Fruits and Vegetables
(c) Yellow colored Fruits and Vegetables
(d) Purple or Blue-colored Fruits and Vegetables
(e) White colored Fruits and Vegetables

Types of Fruits and Vegetables

How to Buy Fruits and Vegetables on a Budget

How to Pick Fresh Fruits and Vegetables at a Store

How to Read Labels on Fruits and Vegetables

How to Clean Fruit and Vegetables
Cleaning Solutions
More Tips for Cleaning Fruits and Vegetables

How to Prepare Fruits and Vegetables that Taste Great
Simple Tricks to Make Tasty Fruit and Vegetable Dishes
Tropical Fruits

Some Other Preparation Methods for Fruit
Fruit Preparations

Basic Cooking Methods for Vegetables
(I) Steaming
(II) Boiling and Simmering
(III) Baking
(IV) Roasting
(V) Deep-fat frying
(VI) Stir-Frying
(VII) Sautéing
(VIII) Blanching
(IX) Poaching
(X) Broiling
(XI) Grilling

Keep Fruits and Vegetables Fresh and Safe to Eat

Refrigeration Tips for Keeping Fruits and Vegetables Fresh

Fruits Recipes
(I) Fruit Juices
(II) Fruit Salads
(c) Fresh Fruit Salad
(d) Spinach and Fruit Salad
(III) Fruit Soup
(a) Orange Fruit Soup
(b) Strawberry Soup with Strawberry Sorbet

Vegetables Recipes
(I) Orange Cup Sweet Potatoes
(II) Healthy Corn and Tomato Soup
(III) Candied Sweet Potatoes
(IV) Crunchy Vegetable Salad
(V) Potato Salad
(VI) Green and Gold Squash Pie
(VII) Broccoli Salad
(VIII) Broccoli and Cauliflower Salad
(IX) Spinach Roll

The Health Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables
1. Apples
2. Apricots
3. Artichokes
4. Avocados
5. Bananas
6. Beans
7. Beets
8. Blueberries
9. Broccoli
10. Cabbage
11. Cantaloupe
13. Cauliflower
14. Cherries
15. Chestnuts
16. Chili Peppers
17. Figs
18. Flax
19. Garlic
20. Grapefruit
21. Grapes
22. Lemons
23. Limes
24. Mangoes
25. Mushrooms
26. Oats
27. Onions
28. Oranges
29. Peaches
30. Pineapple
31. Strawberries
32. Sweet Potatoes
33. Tomatoes
34. Walnuts
35. Watermelon

Nutrient Rich Fruits and Vegetables
Vitamin A: Fruits
Vitamin A: Vegetables
Vitamin C: Fruits
Vitamin C: Vegetables
Fiber: Fruits
Fiber: Vegetables and Legumes
Potassium: Fruits
Potassium: Vegetables

My Wish for You, my Reader

About The Author

Georgina Cundall started to learn about the benefits of adding more fruit and vegetables to her diet when she had some minor health problems.
She was also starting to worry about how she could give her young children a healthier range of foods on a very limited budget.
An additional problem was finding things which the children would actually choose when she wasn't around to supervise.
She discussed this with friends and found her concerns were widely shared, so she decided to put what she found into this book so that other people, especially women with a job and a young family, could benefit from her tips.
Georgina tried many things over the last couple of years and believes that almost everyone will find value in her suggestions in this book, whatever their situation.

P.S. Okay, so you may not agree that eating "Fabulous Fruits & Vital Vegetables" can help you get through the rotten economy. But, if you want to learn what fruits and veggies can help control stress, grab your copy now!
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