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Ultimate Exit Popup Software RR

"Why Let Over 95 Of Your Visitors Leave Your Site
Without Spending A Single Dime... When There Is
A Tool That Will Stop Them In Their Tracks And
Suck Them Right Back In?"

Today it is harder work and more expensive than ever to get traffic to your site. It makes sense then to take steps to turn as many visitors as possible into prospects
if not confirmed buyers... before they can leave to buy from someone else!

Would it help if you had access to the ultimate tool that helps suck in extra optins, can increase conversions by 200 to even 300, makes your site as sticky as flypaper and simply cannot be stopped!

Yes, that was a loaded question because I knew your answer would be a resounding "Yes." In fact, I have yet to find anyone seeking online business success who has answered anything but a loud "Yes" to that first question.

Now how would you like it if I were to just cut to the chase and tell you what that tool is?

Well, if you read the name on the header of this site let alone the domain name then you already know what that Ultimate tool is... an unblockable, unstoppable, Ultimate Exit Popup which, if you use it, does have the power to revolutionize your Internet marketing success.

Still here?

Then I can tell you want to know more, so here's the deal:

A REAL Exit Popup

Immune to ALL popup blockers

Shows up ONLY when your visitors hit their back button or try to close your sales page

Not an irritating script that is enabled if they accidentally move their cursor outside the active window

Dynamically serves up any page, form etc. you want to show behind the popup (can you say upsell, downsell, audio, video, live chat or just about anything else you can think of!?)

Take all of that and then add to it the fact that you get a totally simple to use, step-by-step interface that hands you not just the code you must then past into your web pages like so many other scripts, but rather gives you a totally complete HTML page that you save and simply upload to your server.

As copy and paste, push-button easy as it gets in just 5 simple steps.

This is no DHTML trick based on timing, scrolling or mouse movement. Your popups will be totally unavoidable and activated only when a visitor tries to close the window or leave your page.

Once activated, a visitor must interact with your popup before they can do anything else with their browser. You are in complete control.

The bottom line this is powerful stuff.

Now let me ask you, do you remember the good old days when regular exit pop-up windows used to work?

That was a few years ago before the newer browsers included their own popup blockers and hundreds of other popup blockers became available on the market?

Why do you think so many website owners used exit pop-ups back then?

Exit Popups helped web site owners everywhere
make their own personal fortunes

But arent popups becoming a thing of the past with the newer browsers and the hundreds of popup blockers available on the market?

You know what, those are good questions and to answer them lets take a quick look at the recent evolution of popups in general.

Phase one:

First we had the standard popups that basically load a new window either in front of, behind an existing window.

Next came the standard exit popup that was triggered when a user tried to either close the page they were on or navigate to a new page. Yes these were highly effective and yes they were also incredibly irritating as you were forced to sit and wait for that new page to load before you could do anything else (the porn industry mastered working with this tool as they often created a seemingly endless series of popup after popup, one right after the other).

Both of these types of popups widespread use brought about a whole new industry as companies capitalized off of web surfers desire to block all of these popups. To date, a search for popup blocker returns 258,000 results.

The popup blockers of today whether they be purchased or included with a browser, are able to catch just about any and every popup that opens a new window in order to show up.

Phase two:

The DHTML popup or Hover ad now the coders were getting truly creative and started writing software that serves up what looks like a popup, but is actually still a part of the existing HTML page in front of the viewer.

These things were and are still great as they enable the user to create all sorts of effects and looks for their popups, from sliding or dropping in to spinning into the picture, to all sorts of different shapes and looks (youve no doubt seen the yellow sticky popup that was all the rage for a time).

This new breed of popup is still used widely and is still very effective. The only problem with them is up until recently there was no way to activate a DHTML popup when a person exits a page. It wasnt in the code.

Phase three:

Mouse, or cursor, activated popups yet another great and creative piece of coding at work. Since there was no way to activate a hover ad when a user closed a window the coders had to get really creative when wanting an exit oriented popup.

What did they do?

They tied the activation of a Hover ad (or now a lightbox overlay) with a users mouse moving outside the active window.

This is slick, pretty darned effective and almost hits the mark as an unblockable exit popup. There has been a flurry of these hit the market recently, each one a little better that the ones before them in functionality.

Now, you can probably tell from my comments above that I do like and am impressed with these popups. I own several of them and have tested and used them.

The one flaw I have found is that they are too easily activated at times you may not want them to be.

Think about it ANY time a visitor moves their mouse outside the active window the popup is activated. Yes, you can code links on that page like with any popup so when they are clicked the popup does not come alive. Thats great but only gets at part of the problem.

What happens when a visitor accidentally runs their mouse outside the window, like to answer an Instant Message, retrieve an email, hop into an open application they are also running there are all sorts of reason folks MAY end up leaving the active window for a time, not wishing to actually leave it or close it for good at all.

Do you see the possible issue here?

You Need A True Exit Popup

If you dont really care about when your exit popup shows up these can be great tools but what if you want a true exit popup that is virtually unblockable in every widely used browser and only, yes only, shows up when a person truly tries to exit your page?

Enter The Ultimate Exit Popup:

How does it work?

This dynamic popup is served up only when a visitor hits the back button, hits the refresh button or tries to close the browser window. You no longer have to deal with worrying that your exit popup will show up any time except when someone tries to exit.

Basically, they will be stopped dead in their tracks.

Your exit popups will be totally unblockable by all of the most widely used browsers:

As well as many more.

In fact, this technology was actually built into those very browsers that work so hard to protect you from all other popups.

It was originally put into place for the medical and financial industries so when someone tried to close a page they were forced to stop and truly confirm that this was the action they wished to take. This is a nice feature to have in place if you are about to accidentally empty out your bank account or prescribe treatment for the wrong patient!

Now, besides the fact that your popups can't be blocked, here is another very cool feature.

When your popup is activated it will show over either the same page your visitor is currently on like any other popup or...

You can have a brand new page dynamically appear in place of the one they were on right behind your popup.

New message dynamically generated

Why would you want a new message to appear?

Think about it, that visitor had decided to leave your site.

They were as good as gone, bye-bye, adiós, zài jiàn, au revoir, arrivederci, sayônara, cheerio, ciâo, ?? ????????, or any other way you want to put it!

If you want to get anything out of them you have to speak to them in different terms. Obviously the first message you shared with them wasn't a fit or they wouldn't have tried to leave.

You managed to stop them with an unblockable exit popup which is a huge step forward.

Now, you need to hit them with an offer, a question, a gift, or anything else that will ultimately squeeze profit for you out of that hard won, valuable visitor who just a moment ago was worth absolutely nothing.

This is the sort of smart marketing that
separates the pros from the amateurs

In the world of Internet Marketing there are a small handful of pros using ALL of the steps necessary to get the maximum impact from their efforts. These are the multi-millionaires everyone else wants to become.

It's not good enough to slap up a sales letter and then sit back, happy to sell to 1-3 out of every hundred visitors you manage to get your site.

To achieve the level of success you want market to your prospects as completely as possible which means taking the extra steps that most folks out there aren't bothering to do.

Match the message to the prospect and your level of success can go through the roof.

Remember when I mentioned 95 of your site visitors leaving without making a purchase or even giving you their contact information?

Here's another dose of reality for you... if it was ONLY 95 most people would be jumping up and down with excitement. The reality is most marketers are lucky to convert anywhere from ½ to 3 of their traffic.

Let's stop for a moment and do some quick math

Don't worry, you don't actually have to do a thing. Just follow me for a moment and a light bulb should come on over your head.

You have Wonder-widget for sale at $37

100 visitors = 3 sales (you have a pretty good sales letter which converts at 3)

3 x $37 = $111

What if you managed to stop all 97 people leaving without buying and managed to get 10 of them to go for a "Lite" version of your widget at $17, so they can try it out with very little risk?

10 x $17 = $170

You would normally have to drive another 167 new visitors to your site to generate that $170.

Using The Ultimate Exit Popup technology you were able to make a special offer before they left and managed to make that extra $170 on autopilot, without having to work to get a single new visitor to your site.

With the UltimateExitPopup 100 visitors = $271

I won't even get into the fact that your Widget is so cool that a number of those "lite" version owners will later upgrade to the full version for another $20 each!

I could be wrong but it looks to me like you just went from capturing and converting 3 out of every 100 (3) to pulling in sales and contact info for 13 out of every 100 (13)

That would be a sales conversion increase of 333 percent!

Here's one more way to look at it:

Pre UEP: Visitor Value (the value of each visitor to your site) = $1.11

Using UEP: Visitor Value = $2.71

That means you earn an additional $1.70 for each and every visitor you send to your site!

Imagine what this could do for your overall sales, optins, product development, etc.

This is truly powerful and again is the sort of stuff that separates the men from the boys (or the women from the girls if you like).

Stop and think for a moment what you would do with a 333 sales increase.

Now imagine what this would mean with a product that sells for $397 instead of $37. Or, how about a product that generates monthly, residual income for you once you get folks into the loop.

Again... POWERFUL!

So, now that you see the potential in using this tool I know you want to know what it will cost you to put it into place.

Now, Im going to share a couple of very important things with you here.

First, there are only a couple other tools even remotely like this out on the market today and one of them sells for $397! Yes thats right, they offer it for $397 without blinking an eye.

That may seem a hefty price but when you weigh it against what you stand to gain in sales and subscribers it literally pays for itself, possibly even overnight.

Second, the only other tool claiming to provide this capability is nothing more than a set of instructions that involve playing with HTML and copying and pasting code here and there... what a mess and waste of time.

The UltimateExitPopup was designed with the end user in mind so all you have to do is follow the 5 simple steps in the user interface and presto!... you have your new sales page with code in place, ready to ftp to your server and start nailing visitors as they try to leave your site.

The interface even links to a clear, step-by-step tutorial you can access any time you want should you feel you need to.

It really could not be any easier.

So what then will it cost me to get this tool?

Here's the deal:

First of all I am not about to charge you $397. Yes, the returns you can realize by using the UltimateExitPopup could quite easily pay for that in the first week even.

To me however that is just too steep a price tag which would put this well out of reach for all too many struggling marketers who should be using this technology. The idea here is to make this available and help other marketers carry themselves toward their goals.

Yes, that may sound a little melodramatic but ask anyone who has ever worked with me and they'll tell you that I doing business with complete integrity is very important to me.

That said, I do know I could be charging $97 and probably get it all day long.

I'm still not going to do that though.

I have decided to make this technology easily accessible for just about any struggling marketer (the pros will snatch this up without blinking!) and set the price at just $27.

If for some reason that is too much of a stretch for you then you really need to evaluate whether or not you should be starting or running the business you are in at all. I don't mean to come off as harsh, but there are some realities that we all must face from time to time.

So again, $27 is all it will take to own your own copy of the UltimateExitPopup. Shoot, you could have your first popup set up and nailing folks as they try to leave in as little as 15 minutes from now.

My friend, your investment is not even a dollar a day over the next month and in return you will have the ability to double or even triple your sales and optin conversions.

Can you say "No Brainer?"

So what else is there to tell you?

I have to assume you would like to have some sort of guarantee in place to make this purchase completely risk free wouldn't you.

I already told you I'm a stand up guy... isn't that good enough?

Well, I really don't blame you. I've bought plenty of products that didn't turn out to be even a fraction of what I hoped they would be so I can understand any hesitation you may have.

I've also never been the sort to buy something, get what I need from it and then return it for a refund and I am going to assume the same goes for you.

That is why I am willing to lift all of the risk off of your shoulders and place it firmly onto mine and offer an iron-clad, 30 day money back guarantee on the UltimateExitPopup.

I'd say that is pretty straightforward and definitely pretty fair.

Basically, you have a full 30 days to play with the UltimateExitPopup script at zero risk. You can use it to put UltimateExitPopups in place on any and every site you own.

You are of course also welcome to let it sit on your desktop collecting cyberdust... but please don't do that as it takes just minutes to use UEP and the returns for those few minutes can simply blow you away.

If then at the end of thirty days you feel UEP isn't for you, simply let me know and I'll issue you a prompt 100 refund, no questions asked.

So now the only other question is "What are you waiting for?"

You're still here and still reading so you give me the opportunity to tell you to hop to it, take action and click on the red button below to secure your copy of the UltimateExitPopup today.

You can be putting your first UEP in place in less than 15 minutes from now.
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