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MP3 Vincent Gabriel Antonini - Unforeseen

Ride the Transonic Coaster Experience that you will not want to end. A unequaled intermingle of Acoustic and Electronic instruments, and quotidian sounds that will massage you on the inside. Simple turns lead the way, as you get lost in the Maze of the Unforeseen.

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Unforeseen is aired on the Echoes Public Radio International Radio show with John Diliberto as well as Radio programs in Europe, and as far away as Japan.

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Under the eave publishing (2001)

Unforeseen, from guitar and keyboard artist Vincent Gabriel Antonini
(assisted by Pascal Vincent on recorder, flute and guitar), is a somber yet
beautiful affair that will remind the astute listener of two other
musicians: Tim Story or Robert Rich (depending on the track). In each case,
while similarities are obvious, Antonini should not be accused of imitating
the other two. Specifically, from Story, Antonini mirrors the former¹s
delicate miniaturism, whereby a musical phrase is repeated with subtle
variations and textures added or subtracted as the piece develops (best
illustrated on the opening cut, ³Land Mime²). Similarities to Rich can be
heard on more distinctly ambient/dark ambient tracks, such as the following
song, the haunting eight-plus minute ³The Desert Woman² which features
swirls of synthesizers, sultry flute work, assorted dark shadings (such as
mysteriously echoed rustlings), and arrhythmic wind chimes. Later in the
song, dramatic classic spacemusic synthesizers further evolve the track into
different waters.

In addition to the great music on this CD, Antonini also incorporates an
assortment of ³found² sounds throughout the album. The sounds are sometimes
used as if they were part of the music itself, as opposed to being
³thematic² (as in new age music). ³Off Shore Angel,² for example, opens with
the fluttering of wings and a sad/soft feminine sigh, later introducing the
distorted sounds of what may be children at play, juxtaposed with waves
lapping the coastline. These effects are heard under a bed of billowy synth
washes. ³Floating Innocence² is another Tim Story-like piece, this time
featuring prominent reverbed piano with synth strings in the background and
lovely but mournful guitar work. ³Wheat dreams and fires² (Antonini also has
Story¹s idiosyncratic way with song titles) is a disturbing number, fueled
by a series of drones and horn-like samples, with just a hint of dissonance
(barely enough to register), as well as the sound of crickets and water
lapping at the shore and seagull cries. This track is followed by the one
song on Unforeseen that doesn¹t quite fit - the title track. It¹s an
acoustic guitar and echoed-piano duet which (aside from some synth chorus
shadings) has a almost medieval/Renaissance music feel to it. Another cut,
³At Truth Falls² is also somewhat uncharacteristic (being comprised of
³sunny² sparkling guitar-loops), but it¹s much less of a stretch to consider
this track as ³belonging² to the rest of the CD.

The remainder of Unforeseen features an assortment of tracks, two which
clock in at nine-plus minutes (³Red Clay and the Dead² another darker
floating ambient track, featuring multiple layers of washes and drones, some
of which sound vaguely church organ-like; and ³Condemned² which starts off
with the plaintive cry of a blue jay, before layers of keyboards some
whistling-like in sound, others more drone-oriented are introduced as the
main musical elements). One more track worth mentioning specifically is ³The
Falling Veil (The Desert Woman Part II)² which (obviously) again brings
Robert Rich to mind, even more strongly than ³part I² of the song. Pascal
Vincent¹s flute work on these two tracks (parts I and II) is excellent -
deeply sensuous and primal, yet also ethereal and subtle. Antonini¹s
assorted textures and keyboards serve as the perfect counterpoint (his use
of wind chimes, in particular, is exemplary).

Unforeseen is a strong first effort from Vincent Gabriel Antonini. With the
exception of that one song (which I enjoyed, but it still seems strangely
out of place given the rest of the album), this recording should easily
please fans of the two similar artists I mentioned above or to those who
enjoy melancholic ambient music that is part drone and part melodic in
nature. The overall mood of the album is somber, sad, and disturbing - so
don¹t expect to be cheered by this music. However, just as Robert Rich and
Tim Story can mine the darker human emotions for beauty amid the sorrow and
fear, so too does Antonini. Unforeseen merits a recommendation from me and I
look forward to more from this artist.

Unforeseen: Unforeseen (Under the eave publishing - 2001)
Vincent Gabriel Antonini utilizes every sonic source at his disposal... including "landlords and strange sounds in the night"... intriguing ambient compositions result. Broodingly low xylo-tones twinkle across the gorgeous spectral panorama of Land Mime, wrapped in wavering piano chords and thin layers of six-string twang. The Desert Woman reclines in stunningly vague undulations of sonic murk; various dronetextures sweep in all directions. Muted coos and throbbing aquatic fluids are topped by the slow-moving tones of Pigeon and the Whale (1:24).

The eerie electrosymphonic abstractions of Wheat dreams and fires spread in luxuriant pools of enchantment, just before more-musical Unforeseen lightly sways on a warmly lilting drum-and-strum. Funereal resonance burrows into the pulsating sub-bass depths of Red Clay and the Dead (9:47), an intertwining of low currents and barely-there sheens... almost as impenetrable as the foghorn sonorities of Eleven-Eleven. An impressive 70-minutes of D.I.Y. soundscapery; a low-key approach really works for these not-too-polished but adeptly-arranged gems. B+ Keep it up, Vincent (and keep me posted).

Listening to this very atmospheric album is like visual introspection.
Antonini?s sophisticated intermingle of electronic and acoustic sounds create a
very dense atmosphere in which a lot is going on. Sometimes melancholic and
semi-dark in nature, you still remain the feeling that there always will be
light at the very end of the tunnel you?re ?sort of- going through. The
acoustic intermezzo?s of acoustic guitar & atmospheric lingerings shine more
positive, not to forget the flute-sounds which incarnate the same inviting
flavours as the former music of Robert Rich. This is atmospheric music to
feel & absorb in its finest elements, leading to what always will be left:
Hope. Highly recommended for experienced ambientsfans who like to wander
somewhat further off the road?

-CD Baby Customer:

I'm really glad to hear that you're releasing another album, as I totally loved
_Unforeseen_. It's great music to relax with and to work with. Many of the
tracks are so peaceful that they bring back memories of my Lamaze classes. And I
can imagine your music providing the soundtrack for movies, too. Have you ever
pursued that venue?

I'm not one of those people who can right artsy descriptions of music, but
please suffice it to say that I truly enjoy your work and wish you the best of
luck in your music career.

Thanks for writing, and please let me know when the next CD comes out.

Jill R. Hughes
Cincinnati, OH

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Instrumental Awe for the Ages, June 13, 2002
Reviewer: A music fan from Philadelphia, PA

I picked up 'Unforeseen' several days ago, and it is becoming the rhythm of my life. Vincent Gabriel Antonini is an artistic genius. This album needs to be heard by anyone who's ever held close a musical instrument. Mr. Antonini demonstrates a master's skill in birthing sonic exhileration from mute objects of wood, metal, strings and skins. The sheer range of emotion captured in this work is breathtaking. This is comfort music to get lost in, to absorb, to use as a reflector of one's rarely tapped inner spirit. Music fans world-wide owe Vincent Gabriel Antonini a debt of gratitude. 'Unforeseen' opens our eyes and our hearts to the extreme boundaries of life's glorious potential. It is a musical vehicle to ride on the journey to inner peace and discovery. May the songs be with you.

April 29, 2002
Reviewer: lmorrea from Newtown, PA United States
Listening to the CD a friend lent me, I had to purchase one of my own. His music transports you to a place of peace and thought. I'll play it over and over.....

Greatly improved Love Life, July 18, 2002
Reviewer: victor from Philadelphia pa
All I can say is that this is the music you would hear watching a snake shed his or her skin!
It made a difference in my love life. I could relax and focus while being in a dream state. I do not mean to say that this CD is a sex CD because the music could take it's passengers anywhere they want to travel. It is like a warm Bubble Bath on the inside while a storm is brewing outside. I would pay real money to hear this live!!

Awesome!, April 1, 2002
Reviewer: An 11-year old music fan
I listened to it in my mom's car one day, and I couldn't help but buy one for myself. I usually don't listen to this kind of music, but I instantly fell in love with the sounds of this CD. I really like the first track called "Land Mime." It's Great. You'll never hear anything else like it!

I recommend it, March 27, 2002
Reviewer: A 12-year old music fan
This CD was one of the best i've heard in a long time. I've been recommending it to all of my buddies. Although kids my age should be listening to pop music and rap, I feel drawn to this type. It calms me down, I actually like to fall asleep to the sounds of the cut "Land Mime." This CD soothes the soul! It's something everyone should have.


WOW, February 28, 2002
Reviewer: christine edmonds from Philadelphia, PA USA
I'm actually not "into" new age music per se, but this CD has changed all that. All my yoga buddies are getting a copy and my way cool brother in Brooklyn is getting one,too.
The sounds are really atmospheric (cloudy, bright, grey and moody, thunderously quiet) and put me in the mood to face another monday, regardless of the weather.

I seriously recommend this to anyone with an open heart & mind

It's mine, getyour own, February 26, 2002
Reviewer: A music fan
This Cd has a way of getting into your quotidian life. It is not wallpaper though . It seems personal and calms the mind. It puts me in a relaxed state of mind and that is https://www.tradebit.com sound on the record is well done. There are a couple things that could be better but it does not take away from the overall vibe, good work..


The best of the unknown gems, February 19, 2002
Reviewer: A music fan from Philadelphia
I first listened to this CD at a friends house and was blown away! Let me first say I am a big fan of new age and atmospheric music and this CD has some of the best music I have heard in a long time. The cuts " Floating innocence", "Red clay and the dead" and "Unforeseen" are truly magic. I can't believe this is not on a major record label.

Bottom line: If you like Robert Rich, Steve Roach or any good new age music you will love this offering.

Album Description

This album is an exploration into opposite feelings. One track sinister and the next open minded and hopeful.
All the instruments are played by hand the old fashioned way by Vincent Gabriel Antonini with help from friend Pascal Vincent and include Guitars, keyboards, bass recorder, bass guitar, drums, percussions, flutes, wind, air, rain, keyboards, house-hold items such as drills, screw drivers and even whistling radiators as well as rocks,oceans, rare birds and other assorted animals as well, trains in the night, and landlords knockin at the door. The human experience both exotic and familiar. There is also a booklet of poems inside the CD as well. Unforeseen is neither bad nor good, chaotic or joyous. Just hidden around the corner always fragile giving change its odor. Enjoy

Review from
> the Dutch Electronic music fanzine
> (https://www.tradebit.com)
English translation follows Dutch..

Vincent Gabriel Antonini ? Unforeseen
(Eigen beheer cd-r; 2002)
Van deze uit Pennsylvania afkomstige musicus heb ik maar weinig achtergrond
info kunnen achterhalen. Hij omschrijft het album als een experiment, ?an
exploration into opposite feeling, a reflection of what goes on beneath the
calm waves for all of us?. Klinkt aardig mysterieus en complex, en dat wordt
ook weerspiegeld in de 70 minuten op het album, dat overigens alleen de
titel draagt en uiterlijk een wat naargeestige indruk maakt. Vincent
bespeelt ?samen met een vriend- zowel electronische als akoestische
instrumenten, en gebruikt daarnaast een hele reeks minder gangbare
ingrediënten om het geheel te kruiden zonder dat het experimenteel wordt.
Verkijk je echter niet: luisteren naar deze cd met kalme, introspectieve en
benevelde ambientklankvlakken is een behoorlijke kluif om te absorberen. De
gebruikte fluitklanken doen nog het meest aan het werk van Robert Rich
denken, terwijl de wat mismoedige sfeer met sporadisch licht beklemmende
ondertoon ook positieve momenten laat horen van m.n. zacht akoestisch
gitaarspel en soundscapes. Je behoud al luisterend a.h.w. steeds het gevoel
van een vaag lichtschijnsel aan het eind van de tunnel, en dat maakt deze
muziek ?voor mijn in ieder geval- heel speciaal. Dit is intrigerende
belevingsmuziek waar je gericht naar moet luisteren om ?m ten volle te
waarderen. Een geschikte cd voor de bevorderde ambientliefhebber die wat
verder kijkt?. Info en soundbits op https://www.tradebit.com


Tags: best friend poems, nature poems, rap wallpaper
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