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MP3 Angel - El Poeta

Angel's "El Poeta" is a firm combination of rap,rhythm, and blues,creative lyricism and unruffled R&B title traces that will feed the appetite of anyone thirsty for 'Adult Contemporary Rap".

11 MP3 Songs
HIP HOP/RAP: West Coast Rap, HIP HOP/RAP: Rap

El Poeta Songs

Angel Aaron DeVon Tucker was born on January 21 in Toledo Ohio where he was raised. He started honing his lyric and rap skills at an early age. In the 90's he began recording his lyrics with fellow group members and friends,"The Unusual Suspects". In 1997, Angel and his group were asked to submit a track to a Columbus Ohio based record company called, "Columbus Mob Records",ran by Owen Ratliff. The track titled,"The Plot" was then added to the compilation CD titled,"Midwest Funk Vol.2" which charted at #67 on Billboard's top 200 in 1998. It was during the production of the "Midwest" project,that Angel and his group met producer, David Winfree, who was working with another artist on that same CD project. Angel and the "Suspects" worked with Winfree on a few traces while promoting "Midwest". It was then that Winfree let it be known that Angel's extraordinary talent did not go un-noticed. From that point, Winfree began working with Angel as a solo artist.

"El Poeta" is Angel's debut CD. Under the direction and production skills of Winfree, and Nate Dusseau, Angel delivers a solid effort. With lyrics that are unruffled,sultry,crafty,ingenious and melted over tight R&B title music traces, this CD is captivating. Angel allows you to join him on a journey through his mind's reality. He pours his heart and soul into every track, making you feel his emotion throughout this 11 track CD(there are 10 listed traces,and 1 'ghost' track titled,"One"). Angel describes this CD as, what he likes to call,"Adult Contemporary Rap".

Angel is an entertaining artist who has a lot of good things in store for his fans along with his new musical family (Winfree,Catfish,and Ladi). He is also featured on a new jingle for a soft drink commercial. Can you guess which one? Well, just check out "El Poeta" for now, but keep your ears open for the jingle. It's coming soon.
(3-12 05)
Hey Everybody, thanks for showing so much love on my CD!!! I'm lovin' all of your comments. Feel free to hit me up and let me know what track you're feelin' the most. Much love!!!

I would personally like to thank everyone in Japan and England for showing so much love and support for me and my CD. The sales are "through the roof". You guys are great fans. Hope to see you soon.

Forever grateful,

Yo I really must say thank you. Im having trouble keeping my CD on the shelf and that's the type of trouble I like!!!
So Thank You ALL once again.

Forever grateful

What up peeps!... needless to say, but thanks to fans like you, we're out of cds again and waiting for the "backed-up" manufacturer to fill the order. As the producer of this CD, I'd like to thank CDBABY!and all of you out there who has supported this CD. We can't get cds fast enough. Thanks!!!!


THEY'RE BACK!!!...FINALLY !... I'd like to thank all of you for your support and patience in waiting with us for our manufacturers to release the cd's.....I love all my fans and listeners...and I appreciate you all... Much Luv!!! PEACE


UPDATE: For the next 2mths I will be hitt'n da road. City 2 city state 2 state. I will be listing what city I'm in and who I'm kick'n it with.(7-14-05) Time to hit the road! -Angel-

(7-14-05) 1st stop Detroit. The "D" is on point. Connie,LaToya,& Shalanta are putt'n me up for the night. Chris & TuTu are taken me out. So far we've been hop'n around drank'n and kick'n it. "420". Rite now we're down by the water with a few more ladyz bump'n El Poeta haven a good time. 2nite we party 2morrow I ride. Thanks Ladyz I had a ball

(7-16-05) 2nd stop Mt Vernon IL. Im crashing a B-Day party/fam reun. It's Bump Moore's 50th B-day & Bump got alot of fam. They got the smokers & grills go'n. Much food, much drank, lots of ladyz and much fun. Stacey put me up for my stay thank you Stacey. Tiffany,Troy,LaMeatria,Bump,Buch & many others showed a bra some Mt V LUV. The kids are beat'n El Poeta like crazy Rahjzae 10yrs,Kenzel 7yrs,Jacoby 8yrs and I can't remember the rest thanks little homies. The Moore/Hayes fam put it DOWN! Thanks

(7-18-05) Im on the road agian roll'n the bus politican w/the other artist on the road to. You got Twitch from "Hastings Way" a metal core band.(https://www.tradebit.com) Chunck a poeta and L.B. a rapper from St Louis. A Little bit of luck mixed w/a LOT of hustle. Holla at ya on the next stop Im sleepy.

(7-19-05) We pull into Paducah Ky and az soon az I step off the bus two cars roll by and yell out my name. I quess they knew me. The best part about stopp'n here is that I get to see my daughter Dakota "Hi Kota". She will be my 1st stop!
The sun is down and the party has started. Its a fullmoon, bottles of Gin,bottles of Vod, a warm pool,and a bunch of Hott naked chicks. I've only been in town 7hrs so far. (Big Mike where you at bra I,m in your town holla)

(7-25-05) I am still in Paducah Ky at Junie's crib update'n Da https://www.tradebit.com Robinson family showed Luv along/w Raymond Cobb & fam,Dro,Michelle,Big Mike aka Mikestro,Jerri West,Brenda Matthews,Kiki West Jonhson,the Shackleford fam & the Blakmore fam. I holla'd at a few DJ's they love the CD. I blew into
105.5 The CAT(Give a holla to the nice look'n ladyz in the front office) so get on the phone and let them know what you want to HEAR! (270) 442-1055 105.5 The CAT. Next stop will be the ATL Ga. htt://https://www.tradebit.com

(7-26-05)7:30am I pulled in to the ATL and I feel great. Aneilius (https://www.tradebit.com swoops me up. He already got me a radio interview on https://www.tradebit.com 89.3 w/Vic"VICXL" Walker (770)912-7249
https://www.tradebit.com so make sure you all tune in 7-29-05 from 2:30am to 5:00am. Feel free to give us a holla and let me know whats popp'n. Well Im out for now time for a shower & shave.(7-27-05) Day 2 in the ATL and we'er off. Aneilius,my son Diamante aka Man BKA Money,& I (ANGEL) are hang'n out at Lenox mall. We ran into Danny(zone3) he told us about his boss Adrian Z Sosebee([email protected]://www.tradebit.com) they do visual effects,photography,& DVD production. Then we met Michelle Robinson from DC. Michelle is try'n to get her play( He's not your soul mate) off the ground. So show Michelle some LUV. We stopped to eat and we met Rodger he realy liked my CD(EL POETA) thanks Roger. We leave the mall and that is when we met Minka Cole. Minka spent her last on my CD(EL POETA) thanks Minka. We all got on the same train so Minka and I(ANGEL) talked for a wile she is a up and coming DJ "Go MINKA thats my DJ". Minka your cool peps hit me up sometime. As Minka got off the train John(the stunt man) said "I couldnt help over hearing you guys. So what you got?" next thing you know we'er politican with John(the stunt man). Yo it was a pleasure to met you all. Keep it EZ and remember to tell all your friends about me.

(7-29-05) I gotta give a holla to Torrey Williams. We rolled out wile I was in the ATL. Torrey also has his hand in the Screen Printing biz, Fabric Painting, Self & Family Portraits. He even hooked me up with a custom shirt. You can hit him up at (678)772-5087.

(8-2-05) Now Im out in logan OH. Have'n a great time at the Tripple P Ranch. The Porter family will put me up for my stay. We are set'n around get'n some well needed r&r, as well as shoot'n the sh*t, have'n a few drinks enjoying the land. They also have cabins that you can rent for the wkend and the cabin is BEAUTIFULL!!! Thanks and I will be back soon.

(8-3-05) I was on my way to Dayton OH, but ended up in Columbus OH and Im ready to PARTY! Untill I got the news that all the store's that carrys my CD(EL Poeta) are sold out. That's great. So now I need to make a pit stop to restock, cuz when your and indi you get it done yourself

(8-3-05) I must say to all my fans in JAPAN "I LOVE YOU"
You guys are my top buyers. I would love to come to Japan and do a show or 2 or 3 or 4. So if that sounds good to you hit me up at ([email protected]://www.tradebit.com) or([email protected]://www.tradebit.com)

(8-7-05) Im restocking my CD (EL POETA) and it hits me that so far all you read on here is about kick'n it and fun. I do want every one out there reading this to know. A lot of HARD work goes into this. I don't have a recording deal so everything we do is on us. Plus no matter what level of the game your in its always important to give back,dont just take! I give back and it feels a hell of a lot better then drinking and smoken. My point is Im about so much more than what you read or what you hear, Im not out on one big party.

(8-10-05)Im on the road again. On my way to Columbus OH. Its about 1:00 am and i just got done watching Larry Wright and that sexy,SEXY host of his CeCe wrap up another show at KALAS party house 614 472-0100. It was cool to be part of that show plus I got to check out some fellow artist. I got to holla at Mike(The Mad Wiz) and Joshua what up fellaz, and I got chance to holla at Creed from LIFELINE ent. Keep truck'n!

(8-19-05) I was up at CAR STEREO ONE politican w/ Mike Couch and he is gonna hook me up by pass'n out some of my promos Thanks Mike. I also spoke w/Johnny Ramsay he is the drumer for the group DOWNSPIRAL visit them at https://www.tradebit.com or https://www.tradebit.com I love to meet new people cuz i can tap into new ways of thinking. It was cool talk'n to you guy'z KEEP IT EZ.

(8-30-05) What up? I have not hit the web in a min. I have been BIZZZZZZZY but bizzzzzzzy is good and I will get every one up to speed. But I need to talk about hurricane Katrina.
The death toll is crazy and everyone has to evacuate their homes. I encourage EVERYONE to do what you can, no matter how little every little bit counts.
People can not go home for months, and some people are still there. Dead bodies
are floating all over New Orleans, people are stuck on their roof tops praying for HELP!
If you do not know what is going on, watch the F*~K'n news. If you do know how can you not help? We are getting help together in my home town, please get the ball rolling in your home town.

As the producer of "El Poeta", I spoke with "ANGEL", and we both decided that it was time to have a giveaway for our fans and readers. Okay, here's the deal....all you have to do is be one of the first 20 people to listen to the "snippets" of the CD at the top of this page...then scroll below and "write a review" on the CD. "That's it...simple, huh". Then we will send you a FREE "ANGEL"CD & POSTER !! This is our way of showing our appreciation to all of you for your support. Just send the name and address of where you want your Cd & poster sent, to my e-mail at, [email protected]://www.tradebit.com....we will not give this information to anyone....WE PROMISE!! "Go ahead"...have fun with it". I would also like to invite you to check out more "ANGEL" topics by hittin' https://www.tradebit.com. Under the "memberlist" section, go down and click on "WINFREE", and there you will see all of the "ANGEL" topics. Or, you can take a short cut and click on the"Angel's Website" above, and it will take you to the HIT MECCA site. Check out all the other artists at HIT MECCA. Click on their name and see what's new with them and their music..."they're hot !! Answer the" POLLS" for the artists on this "cool " site...enjoy yourself !! - WINFREE

Sept. 30th 2005
What up? It has been awhile but you boy has been on the grind 4real.
I'm in Baltimore Ma, doing some promo for the CD. I'm meeting a lot of cool pep's
Thanks Baltimore 4 show'n a bra so much luv.

Oct 1st 2005
I'm back in the ATL for 1 day and I must say ya'll got some FINE women down here. 2day is all about promo and if you have not got it (Angel El Poeta) GO GET IT!

Oct. 8th 2005
The Motor City is one of my favorite stops. This wkend is about haven so fun.
My cuz Andre (The Ice Man) Tucker flew in from Houston TX, for some R&R.
Andre works for the Fox network in Houston and after covering the hurricane he felt like it is time 2 chill! So I call up the party pep's Connie and her crew, of course we had a ball ya'll and the best part was that my little bra Big Ash came to party with us.
For ½ a century Columbus International Festival has been a window to the world's cross-culture and ethnic roots. The goal is simple PEACE! I went to Columbus with another artist by the name of JP (coming soon to stores near you). We had a really good time and I got to meet other artist. I was politian with a group called "THE BODY" https://www.tradebit.com they came all the way from New York to be there. See what they are about check them out they are tight! Yo it was cool to have met you all Luv, Peace, & Soul holla at ya boy.


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