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Seo And Relationship Building For Local Businesses

Have your tried and true SEO TECHNIQUES just stopped working for you?


If this is a big mystery to you, then you need to read - SEO and Relationship Building for Local Businesses

It is time to stop living in the past!

SEO and Internet Marketing has changed in the last couple of years!

Stop being like that old wizard who is wondering why the spells he casts just do not work anymore. Catch up on the latest and most effective techniques for making your internet business work for you again.

Do you already have a business and want to optimize it and get it on the internet?

Then this is the ebook for you too!

Just think! Your online business running itself and making scads of cash for you again - just like it did before!

The major search engines changed all the rules and consumers started becoming turned off by overt and tacky SEO techniques that manipulated them into visiting your page!

If you are a new online business person, you will definitely be able to get your business off the ground and on the right foot by following the advice I have put together for you in SEO and Relationship Building for Local Businesses

Whether you are an intensely hard working marketer who has been in the business a long time and has already enjoyed some measure of prosperity, or a beginning marketer wondering what you have to do to make your business work - then you are going to really appreciate the content I have put together in SEO and Relationship Building for Local Businesses.

This is because there have been more than a few changes when it comes to the fine art of search engine optimization in the past few years.

IF you are not aware that times have changed, then it is definitely time for you to catch up and update yourself on what works best when it comes to SEO, or you are going to end up in the same fix I did about a year ago...

My wakeup call was brutal and unexpected ...

Suddenly, after making about $500 a week with my website, I started making about thirty bucks a week.

The bottom fell through my world!

What happened?

Quite simply - everything changed! The attitudes towards the internet and e-commerce changed. And Yahoo, Google, Lycos and other search engines changed the way they gave site content creditability. And consumers changed the way they viewed the websites!

Those practicing even a touch of black hat SEO found themselves banned from the search engines immediately. Practices such as creating portal pages, which worked for most of us for years, suddenly found our sites banned from the search engine listing pages.

Cramming our copy with keywords was no longer working either. It seemed that it was becoming more and more futile to try and fool those search engine bots so that we could achieve a better ranking on the Google Search pages.

In fact, the more we crammed keywords into pages, the more Google seemed to penalize us for our efforts to try and get in the top two or three ranked pages so we could profit from having as many visitors as possible.

Then there was the whole link building fiasco. At first the search engines loved our attempts to put as many links to other sites on our own site as possible. This became a very impractical idea when we discovered that this kind of link building was actually lowering our rankings in the search engines.

I for one certainly was a victim of all of these experiences - just like so many other people who had been practicing SEO online.

Did you know that you are probably sabotaging your entire business using outmoded SEO techniques?

If you are not new to SEO, then you will benefit from what I have to tell you about how business has changed and what you absolutely need to do to get your business back on a solid footing.

Stop wasting your time wondering what went wrong!

I will tell you all about it and how to fix it in SEO and Relationship Building for Local Businesses.

And if you are NEW to the website building and online promotion business I have something very important to mention right here and right now!

The fact is that most of the ebooks about SEO and starting an online business are obsolete in terms of the information they contain, yet the self styled internet gurus that write these books still can make money on them. Most of the information out there about SEO and starting up websites is completely stale!

It is unbelievable to me just how much has changed and how much information is stale when it comes to learning how to apply search engine optimization techniques (SEO) to your websites.
The bottom line?

The learning curve presented to you in SEO and Relationship Building for Local Businesses is really valuable to you if you want to make money by building your website RIGHT in the first place!

My book can also help you build that website the right way, the first time, so you do not have to do anything over again like many of our colleagues have had to in the last couple of years.

If you are a newbie, you are in a very fortunate position, as you will have the solid advice contained in this eBook.

This book is not going to teach you how to design or build a web site, as doing so is almost ludicrously easy these days.

Instead, I am going to teach you the fundamentals of what a web site is and how you can make sure that it achieves the things that should be able to for your business.

So why would you want a business site given that the learning curve on how to do it right is steeper than ever?

Well, chances are after reading this book that you will be able to make a great web site because the fundamentals of web site creation now cross over completely with contemporary methods of SEO.

In the first chapter in Relationship Building for Local Businesses, I talk about how business web sites have changed and are changing still...

In it I discuss ...

* How websites are more about customer service and relationships than they ever used to be

* How supplying information as a service to surfers helps increase your business

* How to capitalize on the fact that people are always turning to the internet to find what they need.

* How the expectations of what people expect to find on a site have been completely raised nowadays

* How to understand the new mindset of the expectant internet surfer

* How to make the most of the Web 2.0 concept

* How to improve a site that is several years out of date

* How a blog figures in the changing consumer landscape

* How to micro blog using a site like Twitter to create even more interactivity between you and your customers

* How to use social resources like MySpace and Facebook to your advantage

* the importance of building solid relationships with prospects and customers

* How to get existing customers to return to you

* Why being impersonal nowadays is a recipe for business failure

* How to think in longer term business development when putting a web site together for the first time or revamping an old one, so that it fits the standards of web 2.0

* Why it is wise to develop the ability to promote and sell your products directly via the internet

* How to understand such things as shipping costs and when shipping could become a problem for you

* How to push what you normally sell locally out on to the global stage

* How to get your marketing message into people’s homes

* How to go from selling locally to globally and potentially increase your sales by millions!

* How to build a user friendly website that gives people EXACTLY what they want so they are interested in what you have to offer regardless of where you are

* Why a flashy website does not do it for people or the Google search engineer robots anymore

* What the wrong aspects are to focus on when you are building a site

* The concept of attracting targeted visitors to your site instead of the untargeted surfer who will not get out their credit card or PayPal permission to buy your product or convert to one of your memberships!

In the past I noticed that online marketers treated their website design and their SEO efforts as two separate things to be worked on and employed at different times.

Nothing can be further than the truth!

The more your website is integrated with the basics of SEO organically, the more targeted buying visitors it is going to attract.

SEO is all about doing what it takes to get your pages indexed and ranked higher.

Did you know that a site that is properly optimized can add a couple of thousand dollars to your bank account every month?


In the chapters on the Basics of Search Engine Optimization and Both On Site and Off Site SEO, I teach you -

* How to do what is necessary to get the pages of your website indexed and then ranked up the league table so you are at least in the top five search results on the Google pages

* How to look at natural search results in the search engine pages to find the key to what keywords to use

* How to examine Google AdWords to find successful keywords

* How to properly use the Google Traffic Estimator program

* All about how the Google algorithms work and how to understand that they change as time passes

* How to comprehend source code on web pages

* Understanding the important changes that have taken place with regard to on-site SEO

* Why it is in your best interests to make your SEO as accurate as possible when it comes to reflecting the content of your pages

* Why making vast keyword lists that cover every single aspect of your business but the kitchen sink will not work for you anymore

* How to choose a domain name that truly represents your business and tells your prospects what you do

* How to build quality and value into your site that will impress the major search engine bots but also impress your visitors - so they keep coming back again and again

* How to write headings and sub-headings that are attractive to the new generation of search engine spiders

* Why it is best to focus your SEO efforts on content rather than on any other aspect of article marketing

* How to use a Word Tracker program in order to make a great and effective list of keywords

* Why creating a free site map to your page is smiled on by the search engines

* How Google is now evaluating external links according to three MAIN categories that you absolutely must know about ...

* The new secrets that you need to know about linking structure that can mean the difference between making thousands or nothing in your internet business

* The value of treating your website visitors more like friends than faceless numbers and how this is part of the whole revisionist Web 2.0 movement that is more about intimacy and functionality with a customer than short cuts to success

Are you ready save yourself thousands of dollars by doing your own Search Engine Optimization instead of having to hire an expert to do it?

Are you ready to put your real world business online and make more money then you ever could by opening another store or office?

Are you ready to receive the most contemporary, up-to-date information about Search Engine Optimization that is available to purchase today?

SEO and Relationship Building for Local Businesses

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