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MP3 anne davis - letters, prayers, and journal entries

folk-alternative singer/songwriter with textured vocals and soul-baring lyrics--vocally, a cross between sheryl crow, amy grant, and the indigo girls--a true "organic" listen all the way through.

15 MP3 Songs
FOLK: Folk Pop, POP: Folky Pop

*****if there is anyone who would like to purchase my cd, but is unable to through https://www.tradebit.com because you do not have a credit card, that is no problem. i have many people from other countries who buy my cd directly from ME. you can contact me at [email protected]://www.tradebit.com. the cost for the cd is $15.00 US dollars and overseas i usually charge $2.00 US dollars for shipping. please feel free to contact me directly if you are wanting a cd.*****


thanks for stopping by--

i''m really pleased to FINALLY get to share my songs with you that have been recorded professionally out of studios in nashville, tn (which is homebase for me).

after a long slow burn....THEY ARE ACTUALLY NOW AVAILABLE.

thanks for all the encouragement and amazing support along the way.....and now, thanks for wanting to listen! i am truly grateful and so appreciate your continuing to cheer me onward in my artistic attempts.

feel free to e-mail me if you''d like to be placed on my regular e-mail newsletter that will include tour dates....

AND--if i don''t know you, then please know you''re welcome to come and introduce yourself--i always enjoy connecting with my listeners.

thanks for your interest,

i''ll see you there! (:

REVIEW by Pascal Niemeier (known as syngularity)
with https://www.tradebit.com

Sun Feb 27, 2005 9:22 am

Post subject: Anne Davis - Temple Of Contradictions

This female singer with strict focus on Acoustic folk & Alternative pop is surely not really unknown... nonetheless I would like to introduce her to you! Anne Davis offers the incomparable qualities of a professional modern artist, with totally own expression, depth and passion of her messages.

Anne tells us about "Temple Of Contradictions", that it''s basically a prayer, and although she describes her view about temptations and just as dangerous as also exciting emotions - the "human weakness" - she follows consistently her own way, supported by fine musicians... and presents an excellent production! This is a guitar oriented power song, for all friends of unusual female pop, who would also hurry to buy the new album of Sheryl Crow.

Although Nashville is Anne Davis'' homebase, she loves to travel and to play gigs... especially in Eastern Europe! You can get Anne''s album "Letters, Prayers, and Journal Entries" at CDBaby, with 15 energyful and emotional tracks, including "Temple Of Contradictions".



Jackson, Miss. native, Anne Davis'' new self-produced
album, Letters, Prayers, and Journal Entries, a
compilation of thought-provoking upbeat tempos and
ballads from the "folk-alternative" artist, has
been turning ears as it has traveled throughout the
U.S. and beyond by receiving quite favorable college
radio airplay. Davis wrote all fifteen tracks, and the
"organic feel" of the melodies is attributed to the
defining instruments you''ll find on the album.

"What I really wanted to go for was to put together a
project using only real instruments....and that meant
no compromise with using any type of fabricated
sounds, including drum machines." And, that''s exactly
what you''re going to hear--such instruments as the
cello, violin, upright acoustic bass, mandolin,
accordion, penny whistle and the uilleann pipe on the
CD. "I wanted everything to be real....for me, as an
artist, it only made sense for the production of the
project to be as soul-baring as the lyrics."

Sharing a bit of background, Davis matter-of-factly
will tell you, "I perform, sing, and write simply
because that''s what I do. I''ve been writing and
singing since I was a little girl, giving concerts for
my Siamese cat, Feather, and our Greyhound, Zip, in
the backyard with my tennis racket guitar. It just
seemed the thing to do. Years later, I''m still finding
myself writing and scribbling down song lyrics on
napkins or backs of envelopes--and this time, playing
to larger audiences beyond an attentive cat and dog.
Apparently, it''s just a part of who I am and why I''m

Although Davis'' singing began at an early age around
the house and in church, she really began pursuing
music seriously while attending college. During a
weekend retreat her sophomore year at Mississippi
State University, Anne bit the bullet and performed a
song she had written. "Nervously, with hands shaking,
heart pounding, I got up and shared for the first time
one of my own songs and the response was completely
mind-blowing. I remember sensing that evening that
something truly significant had taken place that would
alter my life forever. I was left reeling for
days....I guess it all started that night. Somehow,
I''ve had gigs ever since."

Anne''s passion for music bleeds over into camaraderie
with fellow musicians, which has taken her overseas to
perform in music festivals in Hungary. She says she
would love to play in Eastern Europe again in the
future, and spread over into Western Europe as well.
After college, Anne moved to Nashville to discover why
her heart pulled so insistently for her to pack her
bags and head her loaded-down car in that direction.
Thus, the impetus for Letters, Prayers, and Journal
Entries was born.

In the past, Davis had dabbled in the studio many
times, walking out only with demos, but she knew when
it was time to move forward with her first full-length
project. "People continually began asking me for
product after gigs, so it became apparent what I felt
I needed to do--I hated sending them away empty
handed." After spending several years in the studio
persevering through many obstacles, including a
debilitating illness known as CFS, she has finally
emerged with the finished product of her debut CD
release. "There were so many days I wondered if it
would ever happen....so the day the CDs showed up at
my doorstep, it felt incredibly surreal. I remember
opening up a box, pulling out a CD and just looking at
it almost in disbelief."

Her songs explore a sense of questioning that easily
resonates with cross-generational segments of
listeners. One of the most popular songs on the album,
"Temple of Contradictions," meshes upbeat melody with
poignant lyrics that contemplate such strong emotions
as guilt, shame, and wrestling with temptation. Other
songs such as "Where the Roads Cross" and "No, I''m Not
Going Anywhere," though both favored ballads, offer
different streams of thought. "Where the Roads Cross"
reveals fragile, uneasy questioning, while the song
"No, I''m Not Going Anywhere" strongly declares
steadfast commitment in relationships. "Days Like
These" and "Journal Entries" stir up nostalgic
emotions of days gone by as well as reminders of
reasons to hope. Also, included in the list of 15 cuts
are "Until That Day" and "May Your Cokefloats Be
Overflowing," which were both wedding songs written
specifically for good friends.

It''s these soulful, human lyrics that are so relatable
and reflect Anne''s penchant for translating complex
emotions and thoughts to the everyday listener. It''s
her hypnotic melodies and raw, textured vocals along
with her quirky, down-to-earth persona and sense of
humor that make Anne so believable and endearing to an

This singer/songwriter, also pegged as a "poet,"
describes her live performances as "wearing her
heart on her sleeve" experiences that she shares with
her audiences, even to the point of her reading from
her journals as well as singing songs that literally
have come straight out of her own journal entries.
Anne says sometimes she goes barefoot when she plays
out because it seems symbolically fitting for her to.
"At times, it can feel almost too vulnerable, but then
again, I''m reminded--isn''t that what we''re all in
desperate search of--something that''s universally
revealing, honest and even a bit messy. Being
tranparent and real has a way of ushering in
contemplation about life that we can all identify with
and say ''me, too!....I, too have felt this way before,
and what a relief to know I''m not the only one who
has.'' I believe we are all waiting on someone to play
our song....wherever we may find ourselves in life at
the time."

Though all musicians who played a part on this project
are professional studio musicians, and most certainly
noteworthy in their own right, some might find it
surprising that Ron de la Vega, who plays regularly
with Nanci Griffith, contributes his talents on
several songs on this freshman CD release. "For me, it
was a true honor to have Ron participate on this
project--it was like he knew what each song wanted
added to it, and he never just pushed through any of
the songs....it''s not his style....he''s such a
sincere, true musician.....each song was treated with
great respect, sensitivity, and excellence....needless
to say, it was one of those highlighted studio moments
you tuck away in your memory."

The late great Hunter Lee, also a Jackson, Miss.
native, who was the one and only uilleann pipe player
in Nashville, contributed to "The Crucible Song."
Davis remembers, "The day he came into the studio to
lay down his tracks was one of the sweetest studio
experiences I''ve had to date--I wept most of the
entire time he played--there was just a connect there.
Even he commented on how natural it felt for him as he
''went with it'' and let the song lead....our time in
the studio had this cool dynamic going on that felt
like some sort of a Divine appointment--I just wish he
could have heard the final mix of the song before his
premature death."

Anne currently performs in coffeehouses, college bars,
pubs, festivals, and benefit concerts. Eventually, she
intends to take it to the road as her body becomes
more "roadworthy." Currently, Letters, Prayers, and
Journal Entries is now available online at https://www.tradebit.com and https://www.tradebit.com. Additionally, the CD (as well as t-shirts) are available on Anne''s website at https://www.tradebit.com. For more information on correspondence, booking info, or tour dates, Anne may be contacted at [email protected]://www.tradebit.com or 601-992-9756.

Sharper Communications
https://[email protected]://www.tradebit.com


NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Vulnerable ... seeking ... hopeful ... quirky. Acoustic folk/alternative singer-songwriter Anne Davis does justice to these adjectives and more, having toiled seven years at "turtle speed" for this 15-song blend of faith and insightful reflections drawn from actual Letters, Prayers, and Journal Entries.

Appropriately titled, the debut independent release reveals the Jackson, Miss., native''s thoughts on faith, friendship and courage. Her quirky behavior weaves humor into a song written for a wedding, "May Your Cokefloats Be Overflowing." Davis says it playfully uses imagery as it testifies about our "skipping like children into the arms of the Creator and how that compels us to want to walk out lives of worship."

As befitting a Nashville studio project, the music is REAL. "Organic" is the word. No drum machine here, only bonafide drums, piano, mandolin, accordion, a gamut of guitars, an acoustic upright bass, layers of cello and violin, a penny whistle and what? Uilleann pipes! The tracks are rich with texture and "raw" vocals, intimately vulnerable in sharing the writer''s observations.

Davis is a self-described "ragamuffin in desperate need of Jesus everyday." Her songs speak of a soul pressing in to hear God guide and affirm in the midst of trials. Her words are hopeful, honest, searching and transparent ... thoughts that many have but are afraid to voice ... challenging questions which lead to hope ... songs truly representing Davis'' wondering of hardship and struggle - and how that relates to her faith.

They communicate the heart of a woman learning what it means to grow as a committed believer with questions. A baffling, long-term illness continues to plague the 32-year-old Davis--possibly a virus picked up during a missions journey to Hungary to staff as well as play at a music festival a few years back. As she recovers, she acknowledges, "I''m just grateful to be able to return to playing out and finding myself behind a mic--one of the places where I feel the most at home."

Her personal battles have deepened her compassion for others struggling and suffering daily - be it an illness or acts by their own hand. Moved by a documentary on runaways and heroin addicts in Portland, Ore., Davis re-wrote "Never Too Far," a song she penned in college. Although she had a friend in mind then, Davis says she felt she was writing to a runaway. The Oregon teens'' pain "broke my heart" and Davis said it fueled the fire in her even more to reach
out to the orphaned generation - ones that seem so lost and hope-deferred.

Other songs of note are the energetic "Temple of Contradictions," about desiring integrity but falling short of the goal. Following is an intensely honest ballad, "Where the Roads Cross," a plea for reassurance and deliverance. The richly layered "There''s A Light" showcases the project''s acoustic arrangements wrapped around a tune of encouragement. Packed with 15 songs, Letters, Prayers, and Journal Entries tempts with a smorgasbord that connects with a variety of tastes.

Davis will return to Nashville venues this fall to promote the new release. She currently performs in coffeehouses, college scenes, pubs and festivals, as well as youth groups and benefit concerts. Eventually she intends to take it to the road as her body becomes more "roadworthy." Jackson stores are embracing the debut CD with its placement in Bebop Music and Family Christian Stores. Also, the project is already receiving airplay on college radio. More information on concerts and where to purchase the CD may be obtained by writing: [email protected]://www.tradebit.com.

Davis wraps it up well when she says, "I perform, sing, and write simply because that''s what I do. I''ve been writing and singing since I was a little girl, giving concerts for my Siamese cat, Feather, and our Greyhound, Zip, in the backyard with my tennis racket guitar. It just seemed the thing to do."

"Years later I''m still finding myself writing and scribbling down song lyrics on napkins or backs of envelopes - and this time playing to larger audiences beyond an attentive cat and dog. Apparentally it''s just a part of who I am and why I''m here."

--Sharon Harper is a free-lance journalist in Nashville, Tenn. who has written for CCM, the Nashville Banner, and various industry magazines.


"Anne Davis isn''t afraid to read her diary outloud. In fact, she sings it...Davis croon(s) nostalgic lyrics taken directly from her own journal. The songs tell stories about Davis'' personal and observed experience with relationships and faith." --THE RANKIN COUNTY NEWS, Brandon, MS

"Thanks so much for the copy of your CD-I really like it-thanks for sharing your very personal journey through your music! I especially like: AWAKENING, TEMPLE OF CONTRADICTIONS, JOURNAL ENTRIES, DAYS LIKE THESE, DEAR NANNY, and found UNTIL THAT DAY very moving, extra special." --Tim from Manlius, NY

"Can we talk about how wonderful your CD is and how i find myself singing your songs in the shower and at the grocery store? IT''S AWESOME!!!!!!!" --Necole from Birmingham, AL

"i love GET LOST...it is the main song that continues to play over and over in my head even as i''m laying in bed at night trying to get to sleep....also, DAYS LIKE THESE, MAY YOUR COKEFLOATS BE OVERFLOWING, UNTIL THAT DAY...i really would love to come hear you play live sometime....you''re on a roll...." --Jan from Jackson, MS

"I have your CD and I have absolutely worn it out! I love it. Particularly ELEVATOR MUSIC, COME A LITTLE CLOSER, and DAYS LIKE THESE. Oh, and I love the cokefloats song. I think that is one of my favorite. keep being great....your new biggest fan." --Tracy, a college student, from or near IN

"...I received your CD this morning!!!! what can I say? you sing like an angel!!!! I love the two tracks NO, I''M NOT GOING ANYWHERE and WHERE THE ROADS CROSS...they reached a part of me and the tears just started flowing...there are such beautiful lyrics in all the songs(have been playing it over and over)...You are my music of hope..." --Anne from the UK

"Your CD is amazing. I''m so impressed by how profesional and well done it is. Your songwriting just blows me away. I can''t tell you how proud and happy I am for you." --Rebecca from Portland, OR

"Thank you greatly for your beautiful, talented, amazing, well-worth-the-wait CD!!!!....rock on....you did it...and you did it with flying colors! I am so incredibly proud of you...I have tears in my eyes at the moment. LETTERS, PRAYERS, AND JOURNAL ENTRIES is playing on a regular basis at my work and at home....And i can say i knew you when...." --Karen from L.A., CA

"Thanks for the CD-I received it in the mail today and I am listening to it now-what a GREAT finished product...." --Melissa from Mobile, AL

"Wow, what a nice project. Seeing your picture, hearing your voice brought back many memories of days gone by. You have truly been blessed, it shows it in every song on this project. Tears flowed as I listened to your LETTERS, PRAYERS, AND JOURNAL ENTRIES and once again as I read the credits....I am extremely proud of you." --Tom from Nashville, TN

"WOW!! Thank you so very much for your CD-I loved it-You are GREAT!! Found it to be so soothing!!....will enjoy listening to your CD over and over." --Mellon from Estell Manor, NJ

"...just wanted to say that i REALLY, REALLY, REALLY liked your stuff...you really have an awesome talent." --Dee from Dallas, TX

"we went with 2 and 3 (sorry, the names elude me right now)
good choruses and insightful lyrics...." --WUSM2, radio station located in Hattiesburg, MS

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