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Adwords Analyzer

"Discover the Quick and Easy Way to Drive Massive Amounts of Laser-Targeted Traffic to Your Site TODAY!"

Brand New Software Instantly
Uncovers Niche Markets That You Can Easily Dominate!

Here's a new way to find hidden gold online: Jeff's Ad Word Analyzer helps you instantly uncover targeted keywords with high search volume and very little competition. It also shows the supply and demand for all of your keywords.

Ad Word Analyzer is a great tool for affiliate marketers or anyone who advertises on Google or Overture. Well done Jeff!

Dr. Joe Vitale - #1 Best-Selling Author "Spiritual Marketing"

Date: February 27, 2011
From: Jeff Alderson

Dear Friend,

Are you just a little frustrated by online marketing methods that promise the moon but deliver just the dirt? Have you had it with the flood of eBooks and 'gurus' trying to sell you on what worked last year?

If you are frustrated by slow, costly, ineffective methods that used to work, welcome to what works now! Welcome to Ad Word Analyzer.

Whether you sell a product or service, run your own web site or are an affiliate, want more subscribers to your ezine or run a site as a hobby there is one cardinal rule to success on the Internet. Get it right and you can do almost everything else wrong and still succeed.

Get it wrong and you won't succeed no matter how hard you work! That rule?

Getting enough highly targeted traffic is
THE key to success on the Internet!

Only three weeks ago, one of the top online marketers put together a report that outlined the seven most effective ways to sell any product or service online. Using Pay Per Click Advertising, specifically Google AdWords, was his number one choice of marketing methods online!

It's little wonder that Pay Per Click is wildly popular. PPC is the only method that can drive huge amounts of highly targeted traffic to your site TODAY.

You see, PPC advertising is immediate! We often hear of customers establishing their Google AdWords or Overture account and getting traffic the same hour!

Until now there have been two major problems with Pay Per Click Advertising.

It takes too much time.
It has become too expensive for most people to use.
Today both of these problems have been SOLVED by one incredible piece of software!

Introducing *New* Ad Word
Analyzer 3.0!

This is a great product I'm going to personally be using from now on. I was able to put in several keyword phrases I'm going to be working with and find non-competitive search terms for them in just a few minutes.

It will definitely be something that will increase the results of all my PPC campaigns. Thanks Jeff!

Terry Dean - Internet Marketing Coach

How in the world did you do this? This is quite possibly the most AMAZING piece of software I've ever used!

I run Ad Word Analyzer everytime I get a niche idea and within seconds I know exactly how competitive the field is.

Not just that, I can figure exactly which keywords I should target. Definitely one of the best investments I ever made. Thank you so much!

Anik Singal - Webmaster

You Do Not Need to be a "Keyword Expert" to
Succeed with Ad Word Analyzer 3.0!

It's absolutely amazing! Now you can search for keywords AND their related Google AdWords and Overture campaigns using ONE single software program... Ad Word Analyzer!

And it's SO easy to use...

Simply open the program and enter a chosen keyword. With a click of your mouse, Ad Word Analyzer 3.0 will automatically return the following results:

A comprehensive list of all RELATED keyword phrases!

The number of searches that were conducted throughout the previous month for each keyword phrase!

The number of advertising campaigns that currently exist - for both Google AdWords AND Overture!

With one click you will have determined how to best market your product.

You will see if an idea is popular based on the number of searches (# 2) how much competition exists based on the number of ad campaigns under way now (# 3) and the exact keywords you can use to bid cheap to lock in the maximum profits! (# 1)

Think about it! With those three results alone, you've just shaved hours off the time it would normally take to conduct this type of research.

But it gets even better...

Ad Word Analyzer 3.0 ALSO displays the number of websites that are associated with each keyword. Then, it takes that number and divides it by the amount of searches that have been conducted, giving you the exact search to results ratio! So what does that mean to you?

Armed with the results/search ratio for any given keyword, you can immediately gauge the actual supply and demand. The lower the R/S Ratio, the better the odds of you making money in that particular product or service niche!

It's absolutely incredible! ONE program, ONE click, and all the keyword ad campaign information you need is right at your fingertips!

Ad Word Analyzer is a huge time saver! Being able to know how many ads appear for keywords without having to type them in one by one is genius! I've been able to find popular keywords that don't have much competition at all.

Now I don't do any keyword research without first using Jeff's software! Ad Word Analyzer has a permanent spot on my desktop. Way to go Jeff!

Jeremy Wilson - #1 Resource For Google

Click here to drive traffic to YOUR site now!

It Doesn't Matter What You Sell...
"Ad Word Analyzer"

Will Help You Sell More of It !

I opened Ad Word Analyzer the second I downloaded it, and I'm hooked! If you're looking at building sites for Google AdSense, it's a must have new tool. I've already made a note to rewrite several pages of a new AdSense site I'm working on because I've found no one is buying Adwords for the search words the pages were built around.

But that's opened up another avenue. I'm now going to buy Adwords for those search terms and cash in.

Your Ad Word Analyzer works fast and the displayed results are very easy to understand. More importantly, it instantly identifies underdeveloped niches, and search terms worth building campaigns around.

Phil Wiley - All the Secrets Newsletter

Just like you, I'm always looking for ways to minimize my workload. But it's also important to find ways to save money on advertising. So how do I personally accomplish BOTH of those goals? With Ad Word Analyzer!

Here's one example ...

After writing an ebook called "Secrets Of A Successful Pro DJ", I advertised exclusively on Overture for the past year. Then, when I actually began using Ad Word Analyzer, I quickly realized just how much money I could save by advertising on Google!

Here's what I did...

Using Ad Word Analyzer, I ran a search for the keyword "dj". The results indicated there were 39 existing Overture campaigns but ONLY 3 Google AdWords campaigns! I knew I had found my opportuntiy!

The fourth bidder on Overture was paying (and probably still is) a whopping $.40 a click! With the results I was looking at through Ad Word Analyzer, I knew right away I could bid a mere $.05 a click and be listed in the same position on Google.

That would give me an INSTANT savings of $.35 a click!

The bottom line? I set up a Google AdWords campaign for the keyword "dj". I'm currently receiving an average of 23 clicks a day on Google. That might not sound like much traffic. However, I'm saving $2,938.25 a year over what I would have paid without Ad Word Analyzer! And that's on ONE keyword. Multiply that times several keywords and we're talking a small fortune in savings!

Knowledge is Power!

So let me ask you something...

How many keywords do YOU currently bid on... 5, 10, 100? Some keyword experts say you should be bidding on up to 500 or more keywords! If you do the math like I did, you'll quickly see it amounts to a whole lot of advertising dollars you saved, just by using Ad Word Analyzer 3.0!

Jeff's Ad Word Analyzer has simplified my life. It used to take me several different tools and tedious steps to determine keywords I should bid on. Now I have one tool that does it all! This valuable tool saves me so much time and effort!

With Ad Word Analyzer I was quickly able to find several overlooked keywords in the very competitive mortgage market. Thanks Jeff. This baby is going to make me a lot of money!

Chris Carpenter - Author "Google Cash"

Jeff, Ad Word Analyzer is truly a blessing! I like the ease of use and user friendly interface. I was literally up and running the software in minutes. Ad Word Analyzer has already saved me a ton of time and money.

Frankly, I don't know why anyone would even consider running a pay-per-click campaign without this handy tool. This program is pure genius and practically guarantees success!

Malacka - Author "Pay-Per-Click Magic!"

Can You Really Afford NOT To Use Ad Word Analyzer 3.0?

NOT using Ad Word Analyzer 3.0 to establish your paid advertising campaigns is like navigating through a strange room in total darkness. You might get from one end to the other eventually but you'll most likely experience a considerable amount of bumps and bruises along the way.

Why go through that same kind of "blind" trial-and-error process with your paid ad campaigns? Ad Word Analyzer 3.0 can lead you directly and safely to your most profitable keywords!

Just look at all the benefits:

Enjoy more free time by knowing how many competitors are bidding on YOUR keywords, so you know exactly which ones are going to make you the most money.

Dominate your market by using the "supply and demand" of each keyword to immediately eliminate the ones not worth your time or money!

Gain hassle-free insight into your competition on US Adwords without using a proxy server! This means ANY country in the world can view US ads instantly!

Enjoy complete keyword freedom with 100 compatibility with Wordtracker (Now, you can get complete analysis on your Wordtracker keyword lists).

Build a huge master list of your best keywords to copy-and-past right into your pay-per-click campaigns!

Have complete control of your research with the option to export your results into text, HTML or CSV format!

Control your costs as Ad Word Analyzer 3.0 automatically identifies your least to most expensive keywords by the amount of Google and Overture campaigns each one has!

Treat the search engines with respect using built-in search courtesy levels ('Low' for when you need your research fast and 'High' for everyday use).

Tap into the goldmine of new markets around the world by viewing Overture and Google data in over a dozen countries... all with a click of a button!

Skip through the information you don't need to find the golden nuggets you're looking for when you sort through your research alphabetically, by the amount of searches and results, the R/S ratio, and the amount of Google and Overture campaigns!

Get your job done quickly with the option to tell Ad Word Analyzer 3.0 to skip over data you don't want. Including, Search count lookups, Overture ad count lookups and/or Google ad count lookups!

Save time with your Google Adwords campaigns by saving your keywords with quotes, no quotes or square brackets. You can also select more than one at a time or even all three (this could take you hours to do manually)!

Spy on your competitors ads to get detailed insight on your competition without opening your browser! Plus, you get links to Google and Overture for each search term so you easily visit your competitors sites!

Instantly eliminate words with too much competition or supply to get the words with the highest profit potential by using filtering options!

Plus, With Just Released Version 3.0 All New Features Add Together For Your 'Ultimate Keyword Research Tool!' Allowing You To:

1. Collect CPC (cost per click) data to get the FULL picture if you should bid on a keyword or not. You never have to pay outrageous bid prices on a keyword that is unlikely to ever turn a profit!

2. Know the estimated amount of clicks each keyword is likely to produce. This vital data lets you know what keywords are going to be your bread and butter so you can focus your attention on them for maximum profits!

3. Reveal the most profitable keywords with click-button ease using advanced 8-option filtering system! Filtering options include the ability to find keywords with Low Google AdWords Competition, Low Overture Competition, First Page Ad Opportunities, Lowest R/S Ratio, Most Popular Keywords, Best KEI Ratio, Lowest CPC, and Highest Daily Ad Clicks.

4. Create your own custom filters to gain full control over your search data... leaving no valuable gem of data out of your reach! Save your keywords based on any combination of data to meet your needs no matter how unique your market is.

5. Save full Ad Word Analyzer reports of ALL your valuable data in one place so you don't have to spend your valuable time redoing research you've already done!

6. Turn on and off all of the data fields you want with the click of a button so you only see what you need - whether you want to turn off overture ads when you're focused on AdWords research or turn off everything, but keyword names when that's all you need!

And, new version 3.0 has a vastly improved design that makes doing your keyword research quicker and easier than you ever imagined!

No doubt about it... whether you're promoting affiliate programs or you're the webmaster of your own domain(s), Ad Word Analyzer 3.0 is the one program that can quickly turbo-charge ALL your keyword ad campaigns! Click Here To Invest In Your Copy Now

You Can't Lose With Our 100 Satisfaction
60-Day Money Back Guarantee!

Because we're so confident you're going to love Ad Word Analyzer 3.0, we're willing to extend an ironclad, 100, you-can't-lose money back guarantee. Order Ad Word Analyzer 3.0 right now. Try it out and put it to the test! If you aren't completely satisfied, then we don't want your money. Simply contact us anytime within 60 days and we'll refund all of your money! Fair enough?

Time IS Money!
How Much Is YOUR Time Worth?

You know that your most valuable asset is time. That's why you do everything you can to automate as many online tasks as possible. Ad Word Analyzer 3.0 will save you huge amounts of time while helping you drive more and more targeted traffic to your site!

No matter how many keywords you currently bid on, Ad Word Analyzer 3.0 can pay for itself the very first time you use it. Remember, with Ad Word Analyzer, I was able to uncover an extremely profitable keyword that had very few ad competitors. And that alone saved me $2,938.25 a year on advertising!

One of the challenges we faced with Ad Word Analyzer was exactly what to charge for a product that could literally bring thousands of extra dollars your way every month. We were told to charge $500 to 'limit the market' so not everyone could achieve these stunning keyword successes. We were even encouraged to keep Ad Word Analyzer a secret so we could rake in the profits without anyone knowing how we did it!

What we decided was to offer Ad Word Analyzer 3.0 for a price anyone could afford so that everyone could benefit from the stunning profits that bidding on the RIGHT keywords can produce. In that light, we settled on offering the full Ad Word Analyzer 3.0 package for only $77!

The decision is entirely yours. You can sit back and watch every other marketer beat you at creating the best and most lucrative keyword ad campaigns. OR, you can invest in Ad Word Analyzer 3.0 for only $77 and leave your competitors in the dust once and for all!

Hi, Jeff... I can't begin to tell you how thrilled I am that you decided to release Ad Word Analyzer. Considering the amount of time and effort this one program saves me makes it well worth the investment!

Believe me, there's only a few high-quality software products I personally endorse and recommend to my own clients and business associates. And your Ad Word Analyzer happens to be one of them!

Maggie Lietz - Author "Emarketing 4 Success"

This is an incredible product! I thought I was dominating my top keyword choice with a # 3 ranking on Google. Using Ad Word Analyzer one time showed me how to get even more traffic while spending less money.

This is one of those rare finds, a product that pays for itself over and over again. The more I use Ad Word Analyzer, the more money I make! Best of all, I'm paying less for great keywords now than I was before! Now that's a win-win in my book!

Charlie Page - Directory of Ezines

This new release has taken a great product and made it FANTASTIC! The regional settings option has now made Ad Word Analyzer a serious Global Marketing Tool.

Anyone interested in finding niche markets, pay per click promotion or traditional SEO, can't afford to be without this software.

If this product doesn't pay for itself then you're using it wrong!

Paul Manuel - Webmaster

Act Now And Receive The Following Free Bonuses...

Since we know it's 100 to your benefit to act right away, we want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to say YES today.

If you respond immediately, you'll also receive the following:

Free Upgrades For Life - There's nothing worse than buying software and constantly having to pay for upgrades! We hate wasting money on upgrades and you probably do too. We'll be sure to notify you each time we release a new version of Ad Word Analyzer and you won't have to pay a dime!

PPC Campaign Calculator - Stop trying to guess which campaigns will turn a profit. Instead use this handy calculator to work out the potential profitablilty of your ad campaigns on both Google and Overture before spending any money! Run the numbers and know at-a-glance where you stand.

Strip Numbers Software - Automatically removes all the numbers from a text file - leaving only keywords. Perfect if you've copied a list of keywords from the Overture Search Term Suggestion Tool or from Wordtracker after doing a competition search. A great time-saver. Not available anywhere else.

Mark Joyner's CIIM - The Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript is a 50 page PDF ebook. It features specific advice that you can use immediately to increase your sales. Everything is 'scientifically' proven. Several years ago this ebook sold for a whopping $197! You can still pick up a copy for $47 on other websites but it's yours free when you order now!

Under The Radar Secrets - The little things you do can make a BIG difference. This 31 page PDF ebook features powerful tricks of the trade for using Ad Word Analyzer to dominate the pay-per-clicks and achieve high search engine rankings. Put these tips to work and you could easily increase your profits 50 or more!

You Can't Lose With Our 100 Satisfaction
60-Day Money Back Guarantee!

Because we're so confident you're going to love Ad Word Analyzer, we're willing to extend an ironclad, 100, you-can't-lose money back guarantee. Order Ad Word Analyzer right now. Try it out and put it to the test! If you aren't completely satisfied, then we don't want your money. Simply contact us anytime within 60 days and we'll refund all of your money! Fair enough?
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