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MP3 Tom Eggleston - Where is His Love Taking Us Now?

Fresh, original songs with an inspirational Christian message of healing, hope, and redemption. A simple, yet elegant collection of music that will feed your soul.

13 MP3 Songs in this album (39:20) !
Related styles: Spiritual: Inspirational, Spiritual: Contemporary Gospel, Christian

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AMAZING GRACE (Ocarina Instrumental), Music by Virginia Harmony, 1831
I decided to put this arrangement of "Amazing Grace" on this project before I knew that the "Amazing Grace" movie would be coming out. This movie is about the life of William Wilberforce who helped to abolish slavery in Britain. This arrangement is an instrumental version using an ocarina, a globular flute. There are three ocarinas (ceramic and wooden) used in the recording. Ocarinas are an ancient instrument that dates back to central Africa and ancient China. They have been found in almost every culture around the world. An instrumental/piano arrangement is available.

WHERE IS HIS LOVE TAKING US NOW? Words & Music by Tom Eggleston
In August of 1977, my father died of lung cancer after a lifetime of smoking. He was 51 years old. He was a hard working man who worked in the oil fields of south Louisiana. He could fix anything that was broken, had a dry wit and loved caring and providing for his family. Several months after his death, I wrote this song as a way to honor my Dad''s life. A vocal/piano arrangement is available.

When autumn leaves turn rusty brown and winter''s cold lays on the ground,
When springtime fl''wers break into bloom, and summer''s rain takes in the gloom.
Where is His love taking us now?
Where is the peace that shows how to live this life
Without fear, without shame, without tears?
Teach us, O Lord the truth we need,
This is our prayer, this is our plea.
When darkness rolls on ev''ry hand and time counts all the drifting sand,
When sunset brings the morning dew and sunset breaks the ev''ning view.
Chorus (repeat)
When death steals life in earthly rage is God ordaining ev''ry page,
When mankind screams in earthly pain, do people know His truth? Is it so plain?
CHORUS (repeat)
TAG - O teach us, Lord, your love this day!

I WISH THEY KNEW THE SAVIOR, Words & Music by Tom Eggleston
Many years ago, my wife, Delores, and I wrote a musical drama called "Miss Annie" based on the life of Annie Armstrong, the mother of home missions. Annie had a burning desire to share Christ with all people. One of the songs the Annie character sings in the musical is "I Wish They Knew the Savior". It''s a song that encourages us to share the story and love of Jesus. This song is available in a vocal/piano arrangement.

If I could grant three wishes the first one would be,
"That all the world would live in perject harmony."
The second wish that I would grant if I had the right,
"There would be no hunger and the blind would have their sight."
But if I just had one wish to wish that would lead them to the light,
"I wish they knew the Savior" yet they will never know,
Unless we tell the story of how Jesus loves us so.
Some say that wishing''s make believe,
You can wish your life away,
There will always be a raging war no matter what we say,
There will always be the hungry, the sightless searching soul,
But I still believe God''s pow''r and love can make a sinner whole.
So I wish the greatest wish for them that could ever be told.
CHORUS (repeat)
TAG - For I know He loves us so.

JUST A WHISPER AWAY, Words & Music by Tom Eggleston
There is no more powerful than expression of our faith than prayer. Our prayers of adoration, confession, thanksgiving, supplication and intercession are vital as we seek to communicate with our heavenly Father. God cares and listens to the heart cry of His children. SAB and SATB anthems are available of this song.

Have you ever heard a whisper from God on high?
Have you ever heard Him call your name?
Just remember that He wants to talk with you,
He is just a whisper away.
You''re just a whisper away from the Lord,
You can call on His name night or day.
When you''ve fallen and you can''t find your way,
He is just a whisper away.
You''re just whisper away from His heart,
He will lift you from the miry clay,
When you need the tender touch of His grace,
He is just a whisper away, a whisper away.
Have you ever heard the whisper of His still, small voice
As you silently wait for Him?
Just remember that His Spirit is there with you,
He is just a whisper away.
CHORUS (repeat)
Have you ever felt the sorrow of losing one
Who is precious and close to you?
Just remember that the Lord will see you through,
He is just a whisper away.
CHORUS (repeat)
TAG - He is just a whisper away, a whisper away.

THE MASTER''S HANDS, Words & Music by Tom Eggleston
There are some songs that seem to "get in your bones" and this is one of those songs for me. It has the feel of a spiritual. It was written while we lived in Nashville, TN in the late 70''s.

The master''s hands lift you up ev''ry mornin'',
The master''s hands give you comfort ev''ry night,
Sinner man won''t you give your heart to Jesus,
And place your hands in the hands of the man.
Give your life to the life that lives forever,
Give your love to the love that knows no end,
Give your heart to the heart of endless treasure,
Give your hands to the hands of the man.
The master''s hands give you help in times of trouble,
The master''s hands give you strength in times of need,
Sinner man won''t you listen to His plan,
And place your hands in the hands of the man.
CHORUS (repeat)
The master''s hands holds the tiny little baby,
The master''s hands gives us freedom to be free,
Sinner man let his love flow gently through you,
And place your hands in the hands of the man.
CHORUS (repeat twice)

GOSPEL FEET, Words & Music by Tom Eggleston
After a year of marriage, (in the late 70''s) Delores and I moved to Nashville, TN. She was the campus minister at Belmont University and an associate at Vanderbilt University. I was attempting to find my way into the Christian music industry with writing, concerts, copy work for composers and whatever I could to help provide for our new family. When family or friends came into town, they would always want to go to the Grand Ole Opry and of course, we when comply (although reluctanly at times.) You can''t leave in Nashville, TN without some of that country music rubbing off. I hope you enjoy this fun gospel country tune and maybe it will keep your feet "a tappin.'' " A vocal/piano arrangement is available.

In a little country church on the backside of town,
You can hear the gospel music forty miles around.
Ev''ry Sunday even''in'' Brother Jake would heist the key,
And ev''ryone would gather to hear the gospel jubilee.
I was raised on gospel music and it makes me want to sing,
The old familiar hymns I heard as I sat on Grandma''s knee,
Oh, I love that gospel music with sounds so rich and sweet,
And ev''rytime I hear it, I wanna tap my gospel feet.
And I still remember Bobby Joe and Lordy how he could sing,
''Cause I wanted to be just like him and let the gospel ring.
Ev''ry Sunday even''in'' it was such a special treat,
To hear that gospel music and tap my gospel feet.
CHORUS (repeat)
BRIDGE - And now I sit in hallowed halls with stained glass all around,
And I listen to the organ pipes, with their full triumphant sound,
But I soon recall my childhood days and dinner on the ground,
And I long for gospel music, that was lost but now is found.
CHORUS (repeat)
TAG - And ev''ry time a hear it, I tap my gospel feet!

THE EYES OF JESUS, Words & Music by Tom Eggleston
(with Chorus of Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus) Words & Music by Helen H. Lemmel. Used by permission)
This lyric imagines what Peter or any of the disciples may have experienced when they first encountered the piercing eyes of Jesus. It must have been an intimate, revealing time in each of their lives. As Christians, we can also imagine what it will be like some day to look into the eyes of Jesus. What an experience that will be! A vocal/piano arrangement is available.

He walked besides the sea of Galilee,
And I stood there as He said, "Come, follow me."
And then I heard Him say, "I''ll make you fishers of men and you''re life will never be the same again."
I felt His warmth and love deep inside, when I saw the kindest eyes of all.
He looked right through where the deepest heartache lay and turned my lies to truth that very day.
The eyes of Jesus are the kindest eyes of all,
They pierced my cold heart with warmth that made me cry,
The eyes of Jesus saw my sing as none will know,
For they shone like gold through the windows of my soul.
I know my life will never be the same, for I felt the change His loving eyes can make,
And then I felt a burning flame within as Christ the Lord forgave all my sin.
And now I see with eyes crystal clear, how I needed His love all these years.
When Jesus saw the tears roll down my face, His eyes were full of tender love of grace.
CHORUS (repeat)
CHORUS (Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus by Helen H. Lemmel)

Several years ago, I wrote a Christmas song titled, "Smile (Everybody Needs a Little Christmas)" and dedicated it to a former youth minister, Todd Nelson and his family, at St. Andrews Baptist Church in Columbia, SC. It is a fun Christmas song that I love to sing during the holiday season. A short while later, I decided that a more universal text was needed. This lyric can be sung all year long. It''s a song that really does "make you smile" all year long. A 2-part arrangement is available.

When you''re all alone and feelin'' sad and lonely,
If only you''d remember how to grin,
''Cause a smile makes you forget about you''re troubles,
And it''s the nicest way to make a friend.
Just remember, Ev''rybody needs to smile a little, Just remember, Ev''rybody smile right now,
So give a funny, little grin right now, And take off that old frown,
For the laughter and the smiles can heal a heartache, For a smile can heal a heartache.
''Cause a smile is just a frown turned upside down. ''Cause a smile can turn you around.
It''s not as hard as you may think to learn to giggle,
Remember blowing candles on you special day.
When you saw the toys and presents all around you,
It brought the biggest grin upon your face.
CHORUS (repeat)
When you''re alone and you''re down,
Don''t let it make you frown.
The best thing you can do,
Is turn your face around.
CHORUS (repeat)
''Cause a smile is just a frown,
A smile is just a frown,
A smile is just aforwn turned upside down.
Yes, a smile is just a frown turned upside down.
Don''t frown just turn it upside down, Smile, don''t frown,
Just smile, don''t frown turn it upside down, Just smile, don''t frown,
Just smile, don''t frown turn it upside down, Just smile, don''t frown,
Just smile! Just smile!

SURVIVE, Words & Music by Tom Eggleston
One of the great concerns for this society is the continuing decline of the family unit. I know of no family that has not been affected by divorce either directly or from the extended family. Divorce is not only difficult for the spouses involved but even more difficult if children are part of the separation. Even in this tragedy, God is the source of strength that sustains us and guides us through these storms. With God''s help, we can survive any crisis that comes our way. A vocal/piano arrangement is available.

A woman''s life is shattered when her husband walks away.
She only feels the guilt and blame, she doesn''t know the words to say.
She knows the grief and loneliness of losing life''s control,
Now she needs the arms of Jesus to soothe her aching soul.
She will survive, she will survive,
With the healing hands of Jesus, she''s living, she''s alive.
She will survive, she will survive,
There is hope for all God''s children, she will survive!
A husband feels the sting of pain when his wife walks out the door,
She says she needs her freedom, but there''s someone she''s waiting for,
She''s leaving two small children without a mother in the home,
Can this father raise these two young boys and do it all alone?
They will survive, they will survive,
With the healing hands of Jesus, they''re living, they''re alive.
She will survive, she will survive,
There is hope for all God''s children, they will survive!
Is the pain of the past a memory that just won''t go away?
There''s comfort in the words of Christ, "I will be with you ev''ry day."
There''s power in His Holy Word to see beyond your fear,
So lift your eyes unto the Lord, His presence will appear.
You will survive, You will survive,
With the healing hands of Jesus, you''re living, you''re alive.
You will survive, You will survive,
There is hope for all God''s children,
There is peace for hurting millions,
There is vict''ry through God''s only son,
You will survive, you will survive, you will survive!

LOVE LIFTED ME, Public Domain, Words by James Rowe; Music by Tom Eggleston
I have always thought that this hymn needed a tune that better reflected the text. The tune has a celtic feel. The verse is in a minor key (Cm) and the chorus gets a lift with C major. An SATB arrangement is available.

I was sinking deep in sin, far from the peaceful shore, far from the peaceful shore,
Very deeply stained within, sinking to rise no more;
But the Master of the sea heard my despairing cry,
From the water lifted me, now safe am I.
Love lifted me! Love lifted me!
When nothing else could help, Love lifted me.
Love lifted me! Love lifted me!
When nothing else could help. Love lifted me.
All my heart to Him I give, ever to Him I''ll cling.
In His blessed presence live, ever His praises sing;
Love so mighty and so true merits my soul''s best songs;
Faithful loving service, too, to Him belongs.
CHORUS (repeat)
Souls in danger, look above, Jesus completely saves;
He will lift you by His love out of the angry waves;
He''s the Master of the sea, billows His will obey;
He your Savior wants to be, be saved today.
CHORUS (repeat)

This song was written as a prayer for our soldiers who are serving in the armed services in many dangerous places in the world (especially Iraq.) This is not a protest song, rather, it is a sincere prayer that the Lord will bring our soldiers back home safely and soundly in His timing. A solo and 2-part arrangement are available.

Bring them home to their loved ones,
Bring them home from the war,
Keep them safe for the journey,
Bring them home, bring them home,
Keep them safe, Bless them Lord,
Bring them home, bring them home.
The journey''s been long and the sacrifice great,
The soldiers are worn, how long must they wait,
For many have been lost and fam''lies left alone,
We ask O Lord, bring them safely home.
CHORUS (repeat)
For mothers need their sons,
And sons need their wives,
And babies need their touch,
O Lord, please spare their lives!
CHORUS (repeat)
Keep them safe, bring them home.

WHAT WILL YOU DO WITH THIS JESUS?, Words & Music by Tom Eggleston
While attending the SC Baptist Convention annual meeting, the current president, Dr. Don Wilton, preached the annual message. He posed a question, "What will you do with this Jesus?" that inspired this song. It asks some important questions that both believers and non-believers should answer. It is available as an SATB anthem and also a hymn that congregations can sing. It has a strong message of commitment and invitation.

What will you do with this Jesus?
What will you do with this man?
When will you know His loving kindness!
When will your heart understand?
How will you live without Jesus?
Why won''t you give your heart today?
When will you feel His tender mercies?
For He''s the Truth, the only Way!

What will you do with this Jesus
When storms are raging all around?
How will you know peace and contentment
When troubles come and take you down?
Will you accept His salvation?
Will you bow down on bended knee?
For He has come to bring redemption,
Accept this gift, it is free!

And if you know this man, Jesus,
Why are you hiding all His light?
He''ll give you courage to proclaim it,
He''ll give you strength for the fight.
So hold on tight to His promise,
He''s walking with you ev''ryday,
Now give your life to serving others,
And share His love, give it away,
And share His love, give it away!

THE LORD OF MUSIC, Words & Music by Tom Eggleston
This song was written for the 2001 South Carolina Baptist AllSTATE Celebration Orchestra & Chorus. It would also make a good benediction for choir ministries. An SATB arrangement is available.

We will worship the Lord of music,
As we songs songs of grateful praise.
We will play strings of God''s great mercy,
And with one tuneful voice we''ll raise.
We will worship the Lord of music,
Ev''ry tribe, nation, ev''ry tongue.
When we hear Jesus singing softly,
We will show how Christ''s love can be sung,
We will show how Christ''s love can be sung.

TOM EGGLESTON was born in Port Sulphur, Louisiana. He currently lives in Irmo, SC with his wife, Delores. They have a son,
Travis who is married to Clare and have a daughter, Maggie. They live in Athens, GA

Bachelor of Music degree (Cum Laude), William Carey College, Hattiesburg, MS
Master of Church Music degree from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY.

COMPOSING: He has been composing music since 1971 and had his first piece published in 1978. Tom has been a member of ASCAP (American Society of Composer, Authors and Publishers) since 1980.

CAREER: Tom''s career has taken several paths:
1. Minister of Music in 4 Baptist churches (Franklin St. BC, Louisville, Kentucky; Calvary BC, Morgantown, West Virginia; and
Northminster BC, Conyers, Georgia and currently First Baptist, Lancaster, SC) This totals to 14 years and counting.
2. Free Lance Musician (1979-1981)in Nashville, TN as composer, concert artist, music typesetter (2 years).
3. Research Assistant (1981-1984), Home Mission Board, Atlanta, GA (2 1/2 years).
4. National Missionary (1984-2000) at Home Mission Board/North American Mission Board, Alpharetta, GA, (16 years).
5. State Baptist Convention, Associate Director for Music and Creative Worship (2001-2006), Columbia, SC (5 1/2 years).
6. Clinician for XCLAIM Choral Clinics; Consultant for SC Baptist Convention; Christian Artist Concert Ministry (Vocal, Piano).

AWARDS include:
1. Who''s Who in American Colleges and Universities
2. Outstanding Student Teacher Award, William Carey College
3. Outstanding Bandsman Award, William Carey College
4. Ken Prickett Innovative Ministry Award, Home Mission Board
5. First Place Award in Songwriting Contest (Professional category)sponsored by Music & Creative Worship, SC Baptist

EggleSONG ENTERPRISES: Tom has distributed his original music through his own company, EggleSong Enterprises, for many years. He currently has two anthem websites:
1. https://www.tradebit.com (175+ anthems, songs, hymns, and choruses listed in 36 categories; 5 of his anthems have been listed as No.1 Top Sellers during 2010.) This site has over 96,000 scores available.
2. https://www.tradebit.com - This site has 60+ anthems, songs, and hymns available.

CD Project - "Where is His Love Taking Us Now?" - 11 original songs and 2 hymn arrangements
Children''s Stories and Songs - "Stories with Songs" Series - 4 books with songs included
"Timmy B. Fast (The Racing Turtle" with song, "Turtle on a Fencepost" - A lesson of depending on God.
"Eddie the Eagle" with song, "Eddie the Eagle Song" - An audience participation story with a lesson about self-acceptance.
"Rude B. Rooster" with song, "The Bully A-B-Cs" - An important lesson about bullies.
"Callie (the catepillar)" with song, "Caterpillars and Butterflies" - A modern day parable with valuable "life" lessons

2008 - LILLENAS PUBLISHING COMPANY, Kansas City, MO (https://www.tradebit.com)
Included in the “Wonder of Wonders”, arr. Marty Parks (Non-seasonal collection)
“The Old Rugged Cross”, SATB “and “Softly and Tenderly”, SATB

“The Christmas Story”, arr. Marty Parks (Christmas musical), “Praise You for Christmas Day”, SATB (Opening song and Finale Reprise)

2010 - MERCER UNIVERSITY PRESS (https://www.tradebit.com)
Celebrating Grace Hymnal, Easter Hymn, #187, "I Gaze Upon the Wondrous Cross" (March, 2010)
- WORD MUSIC - Included in “The Christmas Song”, arr. Marty Parks (Christmas musical)
“Rejoice, Sing Gloria", SATB, “Hope Was Born That Night", SATB

2011 - SHAWNEE PRESS (https://www.tradebit.com)
Glory Songs Worship Songs Jr., “Marvelous Song”, 2-part Children''s Choir
Anthem, “The Deep Mercy of Jesus”, SATB (to be released this spring).

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