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The second LP by legendary SF Bay Area metallers offers an original combination of speed-power/thrash metal in the veins of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, DIO. Featuring epic soaring vocals and dueling screaming guitars, it retains a unique style of its own.

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Related styles: Metal/Punk: Heavy Metal, Rock: Hard Rock, Spiritual

People who are interested in DIO Iron Maiden Judas Priest should consider this download.

With a successful self-produced mini-CD released internationally ("Guardians of Metal", 2000) and a highly acclaimed worldwide album ("Ashes of Eden", Limb Music, 2003) released under a major record label to their credit, including a new album, "Spellcaster" (Independent, 2009) released worldwide, Total Eclipse are recognized as being principally responsible for reviving the dormant metal scene of the late 90s in the San Francisco Bay Area and leading a new wave of metal across California and the world.


The second album "Spellcaster," officially released independently in 2009, has received excellent reviews by some of the top metal writers and publications and webzines around the world. Some of these include rock writer icon Beppe Diana who nominated it "ALBUM OF THE MONTH" on HARD'n' (ITALY) for November 2009; Michael Kohsiek of ROCK HARD Magazine (Germany), who gave it 8/10 pts in his review; THE METAL OBSERVER rated it 9/10 pts., Michael the MettleAngel of THE METAL COVENANT 8/10 pts., etc.
Many more world-wide reviews of our previous releases as well as interviews conducted over the years can be found on the blog on the band's myspace page:


1) Hell on Earth
2) Final Evolution
3) Storm Warning
4) Spellcaster
5) Seven Trials
6) Flames of Eternity
7) Above & Below
8) Ashes of Eden PT. II (Previously Unreleased Demo track)


Vocals- Andy Dracons Giardina
Guitars- Erik Cameron
Guitars- Chris Cameron
Bass- Owen Hart
Drums- Ramon Ochoa


Dedicated to the struggle for pure and original Heavy Metal Music in a world nearly devoid of artistic integrity and ideals.
Recorded, engineered and mixed by Uwe Lulis at The Music Annex, Menlo Park, CA. in Summer 2000;
Additional mixing and recording somewhere near the Black Forest, Germany, Summer 2000;
Mastered at The Music Annex, 2000; Remastered by Skot Christopherson at SB Digital, San Francisco, CA, 2009.

Produced by: Total Eclipse and Uwe Lulis
Cover Concept: Andy Dracons Giardina & Jon Jensen
Cover Artwork, CD Layout & Sleeve Design: Jon Jensen
Contact TOTAL ECLIPSE: E-mail: [email protected]://


All the fans in the San Francisco Bay Area and the world for never letting us down and for making our demo mini-CD (Guardians of Metal, independent, 2000) and our first album (Ashes of Eden, LMP, 2002/2003) such a success; God, the Cameron, Hart, Ochoa and Giardina families for just "being" and supporting in every way our endeavors to revolutionize the metal scene, Scott from Club Cocodrie, Craig at The Boomerang (the best sound tech in the world!), Metal Steve at Amoeba Records (SF) and Crebain/Horns of Dargoth, Lucifer's Hammer, Kimo's metal nights, The Giardina Stormbringer Metal Show, Beppe Diana @ Hard'n' (Italy) sei grande fratello grazie per il tuo support! Murio's Bar in SF, Denis & Sentinel Steel Records (couldn't have done this without you!), Michael 'The MettleAngel' Francisco @ The Metal Covenant-thanks for the spiritual insight, Rob Preston, Susan Yasinitsky & Raul, Alina Hernes, Shannon Dulaney, Bear, Jon Jensen, Regis, James Kalt, Dan Jensen, Dan Benbow, Bill Lapp, Uwe Lulis our dear producer and those hot German chicks with tight leather pants, Mario Perotti from Powerslave and Dave Pirtle from Zero Magazine, the bands with whom we had the honor of sharing the stage in the battle for true musical supremacy: Mike Scalzi and Lord Weird Slough Feg, Steve, Dave Michael and Henry of Imagika, Enslavior, Lance and Skitzo, Outrage, Stone Vengeance, Winter Reign, Tremontane, Irablack and Vicious Rumors, Steve Smyth and Testament, all the bands who inspired us from Iron Maiden to Pantera, Judas Priest, Rainbow, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Vai, Satriani, Dio, Guns' N 'Roses, Slayer, Megadeth, Metallica, Helloween, Rhapsody, etc. we forgot a lot of names but wish to include here all those who have come and gone but contributed nonetheless to reviving an otherwise dead musical era. Heavy Music is Forever.

A Message to The Golden Order of the Disciples of the Watch:

Time to unhinge the bolts of the gates of wisdom
You thought could never be forced again
As we break down the walls and measure a whole new dimension
To the whole goddamn plan, the scheme of things revamped
The Black Knight could not spill over onto the nighttime sea
Nor the dawn ever burn to a cindering flint,

Armed to the teeth with words and deed, a congregation finally complete,
like spiked tongues we release, devouring every excuse
That they spew, in plain view, sensing a Conspiracy afoot

The Dark Half immortalized, to make sure the past stays alive
And the Black Angel of devastation cut down to size
They defiled the Sacred Mother for the last time, NO MORE chances
To stand in the Center of Darkness, Clutching the PROMETHEAN SWORD,

"Sapiens Dominabitur Astris"

- A.D. Giardina


(Music: E. & C. Cameron, Lyrics: A. Dracons Giardina)

Too much time has been wasted
Eking out this miserable life
The god of the ashes is rising
Beneath the silver sun
Time to experience darkness and sorrow
We'll find someone to blame
For the children of tomorrow

The unspoken truth rears its head
Now you're looking at yourself
A doomsday reflection of eternal wrath
Everyone will pay for aeons of carelessness
And who should have heeded the lie

Go then there are other worlds than these
What unknown power was bestowed
Upon them all to be reborn

I hold the keys to release
The winds of justice upon the unjust
And hold, there is one more powerful than he
Even death can't be worse than this
The war is on to erase and rebuild
Let the devil know he has met his match
Fallen angel, step aside!
Retreat with your legions, Hades!
Anti-Christ, step aside for me!

He has turned his back
Crucified his god
Taken his place among the dead
The spawn of a demon from some forgotten land
Now the traitor stands on trial
They have gathered to do battle in the skies
And the Earth will shake with fear
A power no mortal could ever know
Watch the demons betray their own

Out of the mist the armies poured
Riding through red skies with iron-clad
Fiery wings
Everyone will pay
For aeons of selfishness and somebody
Noticed too late

Go then there are other worlds than these
What unknown power was bestowed
Upon them all
Go then, there are other worlds than these
What unknown power was bestowed
Upon them to bring hell on Earth

(Music: E. Cameron, Lyrics: E. Cameron)

Life, evolve under the sun
How far our world has come
But we have just begun to break the lies
That bind us to this time
Discover your own mind
And power that lurks inside
Deep inside

Passed, through centuries of kin
At birth they will begin
To teach you of your sin
And now, the cycle' s at its end
Their gods are now silent
So join us in our ascent to the sky

See their world lies cold in the dust
We believe, in ourselves we trust
Dream-woven messiah, His words
Are not gone, only the ones who
Would twist them, evolution rolls
On and on

Saviors and demons in our image we wrought
To justify pain that we feel
So bring me the ones who would die for the cross
And I' ll show them a God that is real

(Music: E. & C. Cameron, Lyrics: E. Cameron)

In the Valley of the Wind
The lonely dead will rise again
A child's soul risen to the storm
And in the clouds she was reborn

The voices of their dead are carried
On the wind that blows
And now they've returned for your soul

Storm Warning

A spirit much too young to leave
Now rides the storm forever free
By your window, whispered pleas
Come leave the flesh and run with me
Open the door and she'll take you away
And with her forever you'll stay

Storm Warning
Storm Warning

Run with the thunder and sail past the stars
With your own wings it's never too far
Storm Warning
Storm Warning

(Music: E. & C. Cameron, Lyrics: A. Dracons Giardina)

Dead, reborn, forever immortal
Seeking out enemies wherever they lie
Power is pain, life and death
And all that's in between
Millennia it took to figure it out
Who cares about these hapless mortals
Nothing matters but victory
For the sake of your beliefs

Something much deeper, darker
Lurks within the hole
And all the dice have been rolled
Onwards we go, we must face our destiny

Far beyond the seven seas
Where the dragon's lair is found
Unchain my destiny
And cast spell for me

Shield me from the dragon's breath
Guide my way through the winds of death
With the wizard at my side I cannot fail
The boundaries of time and space
Have been broken for my sake
To carry my cross unhindered by
Any unearthly force
Legions of immortals behind me

Ride your way through with your wings of fire
Fight the Necromancer and his legions of darkness
That worship gods of doom

And now that all the dice have been rolled
Onwards we go, we must face our destiny
Far beyond the seven seas
Where the dragon's lair is found
Unchain my destiny
And cast a spell for me

Use the mind, the Vril, the Way
The Force to bend the enemy's will
Kundalini will uncoil, awaken the sleeper within
Direct the motion of sound
It can raise the dead and build castles
Unity can be achieved
If you focus your inner energies
An analog view of the world
To transcend this binary state
Life is a game of slow death for those
Who don't know their own destiny
If the only way to be one
Is to lose identity to gain universality
That's the price of wisdom
Are we willing to pay?

And when destruction will come from above
Black dragon's dance cast a spell on my soul
That's where it ends, so pray for your enemies
And their slow descent into the flames of hell

(Background lyrics):
When destruction will come from above
To cover everyone in blood there is a
Lesson to be learned at every spell
So pray for your enemies and for their
Slow descent into hell, that's where it ends
A warrior's fate in the womb of the dead
And lifeless like their gods before them they
Have gone and wandered off into infinity
To dance with oblivion, they will be judged
For their misuse of the arts and will burn
In perpetual flames

(Music: E. & C. Cameron, Lyrics: A. Dracons Giardina)

I stand before the Temple of the Ancients
The pyramid of power glowing brighter as I watch
As I prepare for the first trial
There is a feeling of doom within
I cannot withstand the pain
But I will not acknowledge defeat

Seven trials of initiation
Seven trials of strength
Sand dunes are all around me
Ready to seal my end

So will this become my tomb
This wasteland where others tried before me
The second trial has begun
Battling with serpents and the scorpions that roam

Seven trials of initiation
Seven trials of doom
Sand dunes are all around me
Ready to seal my tomb

There is a sign in the clouds
And have they returned to take me back?
If I could find a way out of this madness
I'd leave and never return again

As I'm running through the sands
The fifth trial of fire and stone
Is trying my reflexes, they have given up
Now all that remains is willpower
And will I survive...

I look towards the Temple of the Ancients
The pyramid of power glowing brighter in the storm
This is the seventh trial
To face the evil spirits of their dead
I cannot withstand the fear
But I will not acknowledge defeat

Seven trials of initiation
Seven trials of strength
Give me what is rightfully mine
Now I rule this land

(Music: E. & C. Cameron, Lyrics: A. Dracons Giardina)

I never wanted another faith
To these gods I would sacrifice
Although it seems that everything
Is falling down

I heard the wise and the strong
And the calling of the wolf
And stood in awe on top of this world
For death awaits us all

These are the flames of eternity
Reflected in your eyes

I evoke you now, for eternity
With the souls and the angels
Of those who believed
The will is a force that cannot be controlled
But we gave up our thoughts
And we're losing our souls

I was scarred by fire, destroyed by the winds
seeking answers to questions that do not exist

These are the flames of eternity
Reflected in you
Golden wings, golden wings of time
Now you see the light
And you know the time is near
I'll bring you back for the attack

These are the flames of eternity
Reflected in your eyes

So death, be not proud
The splendor of the future and the past
Cannot belong or be bought
And the quest is an end in itself

It's the calm before the storm
My time to raise this cup for all
These are the flames of eternity
Reflected in your eyes

(Music: E. Cameron, Lyrics: A. Dracons Giardina)

Save us from ourselves
Great Father of the Sky
This unholy penetration into sacred space
There must be nothing to fear
Now give me all the strength I need
Clad me in your eternal fires
To burn the way for everyone to see
That we're just a reflection of the absolute

I will find the key
Leading to the truth
Inside my soul
Doubts persist for the way of the warrior
I will never give in
Never stall and let time take its toll

As above, so below, never let go
The truth lies in the sky
And within your soul
Deep within the astral plane
Where the sacred book of secrets lies
The Jinn that block my path
All these foes are the spawn of the evil force
They are cast aside as I move along

As above, so below, nowhere to go
The truth lies in the stars
And within your heart

Now the book opens before my eyes
Sacred words never read by man
"They travel" was the word
And I understand why we are here
There is still so much left to do
Never wait for time to take its toll

Free at last see my spirit fly
Over the hills and to greater heights
They travel was the word
And all the elements, they live in me
From now on till the end of time
The strength of fire, air, water and earth
Give me all the strength I need
Clad me in your eternal fire
To burn the way for everyone to see
That we're just a reflection of the truth

ASHES OF EDEN PT. II (Previously Unreleased Demo Track)
(Music: E. Cameron, Lyrics: E. Cameron)

Prisoners of paradise
Dwell beyond these shores
Emotion is never the price
We would pay to unlock the door

Born with a fire inside
And never knowing why
Burning brighter every day
Soon reaching the sky
Listen with me now
I hear a song begin
Whisper upon the breeze
Could be our requiem?

Storm the castle walls
Burn the enslavior of our souls
Now at last, free from the one
In the ashes we stand alone

Burning down the ivory towers
The answers could lie within
Forever searching for the truth
I will find it in the end
Blessed be the weak-minded
Those who cannot dream
Will they ascend to glory
Amidst our dissident screams

As the summer fades away
And the fruit begins to die
Will the fire light your way
Under a blackened sky
Dream of a new horizon
Once eternity bound
When the flames consumed his soul
He was lost and never found

So storm the castle walls
Burn the enslavior of our souls
Now at last, free from the one
In the ashes we stand alone

Open the seventh seal, unleash for all to see
Line up the angels in a grand Septenary
Play us a final song, bring forth our misery
From the ruins of time build the mansions
Of eternity

Dream of a new horizon once eternity bound
When the flames consumed his soul
He was lost and never found
So storm the castle walls
Burn the enslavior of our souls
Now at last, free from the one
In the ashes we stand alone

Wear your crown of infamy
A prophet's blood on sand
Unveil your destiny
As the god of all the damned

The Reincarnation of Total Eclipse- Upcoming Releases:

Stay tuned for the upcoming re-release of our demo "Guardians of Metal,"
re-mixed and remastered with additional material including live covers of songs
by such immortal bands as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Megadeth, Slayer, Forbidden, Helloween, etc. recorded live at venues across the San Francisco Bay Area, and an accompanying album of full additional covers we couldn't squeeze in!

Also look out for a brand new Total Eclipse album with our new and reformed

A. D. Giardina

Total Eclipse "era punitoris" 2009, All Rights Reserved,
Unauthorized duplication prohibited by law.


San Francisco's Bay Area is known, at least in name, by every metal fan. In the early Eighties dozens of bands such as Metallica, Testament and Slayer stood on the first steps of the ladder to fame in packed clubs. It was a pity that the apparently bottomless pool seemed to dry up in the Nineties. But in 1996 Erik Cameron and his brother Chris formed the band TOTAL ECLIPSE ( After a search for musicians who shared their passion, they met drummer Ramon Ochoa in 1998. A short time later experienced bass player Owen Hart joined the band. The line-up was completed in January 1999 by singer Andy Dracons Giardina - also in PANDEMIC ( ), and now the only original member from Total Eclipse's old line-up - who had already made a name for himself in his native Italy before moving to the USA to finish his academic studies and advance his musical career (Andy's latest side-project, PANDEMIC - one of the most influential and recognized bands to emerge from the Bay Area metal circuit - showcases a fusion of modern and traditional thrash/power/grindcore/melodic death/black metal. Pandemic's LP "Infecting the World" was released in 2007 and received very favorable reviews and worldwide attention).

The chemistry between the Cameron brothers and the rest of the band was just right and within a year they had enough material for a demo. The Total Eclipse "Guardians of Metal" EP was released internationally in 1999 and caused a riot in the press.

Encouraged by the demo's success, Total Eclipse contacted producer Uwe Lulis (Grave Digger, Rebellion, Wizard, etc...) and before long the band had signed a deal with Limb Music; the album "Ashes of Eden" was released world-wide to much critical acclaim. Legendary Piet Sielck (Iron Savior, Blind Guardian, Paragon, Heavenly) was also involved in the mixing and production of the album. In 2004, the original line-up disintegrated following a decision made by the Cameron Brothers to pursue a different musical direction. After parting ways with Limb Music, and having legally acquired the name of the band, Giardina decided to find another label to release their new second album, "Spellcaster," also produced by Uwe Lulis, recorded in the Bay Area and - appropriately - somewhere near the Black Forest in Germany, then remastered in 2007/08 in San Francisco. The music is an expansion of the sound of the Ashes of Eden album and the Guardians of Metal demo, but taken to the extreme and definitely proof of the musical evolution of the entity known as Total Eclipse.

Meanwhile, in 2006 Giardina had begun his involvement with his side-project PANDEMIC, playing shows promoting the band and recording a full length LP (âInfecting the Worldâ) which was released in 2006. In October 2007, following the PANDEMIC project, Andy Dracons Giardina decided to resurrect Total Eclipse after the band's 3-year hiatus from the scene, and simultaneously release the long-awaited second LP "Spellcaster". After many hardships, including a brief stint with a potential new reformed line-up that didn't quite work out, the quest to fulfill the reincarnation of Total Eclipse continued and, in 2008, with Divine aid, the band found Brian Davy to fulfill drumming duties for the second coming of Total Eclipse, in anticipation for the recordings of the next upcoming LP which is currently in the final stages of the mixing process. In March, 2010, Gary Pryor joined the band as temporary session bassist. Andy Dracons Giardina, of course, reprises his role on vocals and as "sonic transducer," but is also handling guitar and bass duties on the upcoming 4th Total Eclipse release.

All Total Eclipse albums and individual songs will soon be available in digital as well as physical format on CDBaby, i-tunes, among others- this will include also the re-release of the âGuardians of Metalâ original mini-CD, and the new upcoming album.

In the meantime the new album "Spellcaster" is available worldwide also through various renowned distributors, among which: SENTINEL STEEL RECORDS -US ( ), HIT-MAN RECORDS- Japan (, ),HELLION RECORDS- Germany ( , ),FOREVER ROCK - Germany ( ,Sub-division of our former record label Limb Music GmbH),- ROCK IT UP RECORDS -Germany ( , ), AMOEBA RECORDS (San Francisco, ), SHAXUL RECORDS ( , ); the band is looking for more distributors world-wide interested in carrying "Spellcaster" and spreading the bandâs MESSAGE.

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