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MP3 Total Eclipse - Guardians of Metal

The first release by the San Francisco-based power/thrash metal band is recognized as a groundbreaking record in the metal scene and received extremely favorable reviews by the international media,including Metal Maniacs,Metal Invader. Sentinel Steel, etc

4 MP3 Songs in this album (26:09) !
Related styles: Metal/Punk: Heavy Metal, Rock: Hard Rock, Spiritual

People who are interested in Dio Iron Maiden Judas Priest/King Diamond should consider this download.

Band Websites: https://www.tradebit.com , https://www.tradebit.com

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Read Total Eclipse Reviews on the myspace blog: https://www.tradebit.com

Andy Dracons Giardina - VOX
Erik Cameron - GUITARS
Chris Cameron - GUITARS
Owen Hart - BASS
Ramon Ochoa - DRUMS

GUARDIANS OF METAL (Self-released, 1999/2000)
Track List & Credits:

1) Guardians Of Metal
(Music & Lyrics: E. Cameron)
2) Bloodbath
(Music: E. Cameron, C. Cameron; Lyrics: E. Cameron)
3) Nevermore
(Music: E. Cameron, C. Cameron; Lyrics: E. Cameron)
4) Storm Warning
(Music & Lyrics: E. Cameron)

All Vocal Melodies by Andy D. Giardina

Produced by Total Eclipse & Ralph Patlan
Engineered & Mixed by Ralph Patlan
Assistant Engineer - Gene Cornelius
Recorded at Prairie Sun Studios (Cotati, CA)
Cover Concept: Erik Cameron
Artwork by Shawn Lux c/o
Lux Metals - Santa Rosa, CA

Some Reviews:

• Renegade 2K Music Organization
Rating: 8,0
By Leandro Barros
Total Eclipse is a newcomer act from the Bay Area of California and ''Guardians Of Metal'' is their very first effort. Although the band members are pretty young, they''re, however, bold players as well as songwriters. The band is clearly influenced by the british acts from the early 80''s, as the music on ''Guardians Of Metal'' is purely and truely traditional heavy metal with an epic approach. Every element that brought 80''s traditional heavy metal to fame is presented on this demo CD, starting by the beautiful cover which brings a dragon flying over an ancient land. The singer, the italian Andy Giardina, delivers throughout the CD some melodic mid range vocals and sometimes succeeds on some falsetos a la King Diamond. Axemen brothers Erik and Chris Cameron display some classy riffs, memorable duels, interesting harmonies and screaming solos. Bassist Owen Hart follows Steve Harris'' school of galloping rhythms. Stick man, Ramon Ochoa, does a pretty good job and uses well his double bass, putting a good amount of energy into the music. All four tracks are killer and memorable, with plenty diversity of riffs and instrumental sections, and also some nice slight tempo changes. Total Eclipse is a prove that traditional heavy metal is still alive in the US. And, most important, that it can still sound fresh and inspiring if done with heart and soul.

TOTAL ECLIPSE Official Page on WIKIPEDIA: https://www.tradebit.com
• San Francisco Bay Guardian Weekly Magazine:
AS THE PREMILLENNIAL resurgence of metal continues unabated for good (Sabbath''s Last Supper tour) and for ill (the unfortunate exhuming of Poison and Ratt), the first wave of young bands weaned on their older siblings'' metal records has reached drinking age and can finally play clubs. A recent evening at Lucifer''s Hammer (where else?) featured Total Eclipse, a group of five kids pounding out two-fisted epics that recalled British heavy metal''s glory days of the late ''70s and early ''80s. The appropriately titled "Guardians of Metal" launched their set, with brothers Christopher and Erik Cameron swapping guitar parts in the classic twin-lead attack style perfected by Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. The band navigated through numerous time changes and riff variations over the course of eight frenzied minutes. The grinning C.W. regulars gave the first of several raised-fist salutes when the song closed on a monolithic crescendo. The Dublin-based musicians made no bones about their admiration for Maiden, plowing into a spot-on version of "Two Minutes to Midnight" for their second tune. Bassist Owen Hart planted a Converse All Star on his monitor and laid out a solid Steve Harris gallop as drummer Ramon Ochoa fell into a high-speed death march behind him. The brothers Cameron blazed along with an accuracy doubtless borne of many a late-night solo-dissecting session on the headphones. As impressive as the young lads were technically, a metal band can only be as palatable as its lead singer. Italian exchange student Andy "Dracons" Giardina delivered air-raid-siren vocals that would have done Bruce Dickinson proud. A commanding presence when singing, he showed no discomfort slipping into the background to allow his bandmates the spotlight during their extended instrumental passages. "Nevermore" showcased Giardina''s knack for coming up with vocal melodies well matched to the Cameron brothers'' multi-riff tunes. The lyrical content of their original songs centered on the time-honored topics of death and wizardry, but one couldn''t really expect a love song over Ochoa''s double-bass-drum-driven beats and Rototom fills. Even when "Storm Warning" got a wee bit too Celtic for its own good, the enthusiastic hammerheads in the audience embraced Total Eclipse as brothers in True Metal. Total Eclipse play Wed/28, 9 p.m., CoCo Club, 139 Eighth St., S.F. $4. (415) 626-2337. (Also Tues/3 with Stone Vengeance and Last Rites, 9 p.m., Covered Wagon Saloon, 917 Folsom, S.F. $4. 415-974-1585.) (Dave Pehling)

Audio Aggression Online Magazine:
This 4 song EP was KILLER! This epic/traditional heavy metal band from California incorporate influences from Iron Maiden/Judas Priest and you won''t find anything modern about this. This is totally satisfying for yours truly! Metal diehards take notice to this one! (Metal Mark)

Metal Invader Magazine, Issue #37 November 1999:
Another band from California comes from out of nowhere and takes our minds away with their music! Epic metallers TOTAL ECLIPSE introduce themselves in the metal crowd with their first demo and show their fangs early on. Epic metal of high standards that leaves no-one untouched, pushes this group to be added in that long U.S. list that is comprised of bands that are a guarantee for good metal music. Four long in duration tracks, with the guitars of the Cameron brothers reaping and the harsh vocals of Andy Giardina giving the signal, make us admire this quartet''s love for original heavy metal. TOTAL ECLIPSE combine melody with toughness and the result is melodic. Friends of epic metal, make this demo yours by sending $8 to the listed PO Box.

Metal And Hard Rock Area Webzine
Rating: 7.5/10
By Keith Langerman
Total Eclipse are an extremely promising metal band from the San Francisco Bay Area of California, who offer up ample evidence of talent on their debut demo CD "Guardians Of Metal". Combining classical and traditional metal (Iron Maiden, Judas Priest) influences with a hint of thrash into what the band refers to as "Epic Metal", Total Eclipse have come up with a mostly satisfying 4 song demo here. From the clear sounds of acoustic guitar that opens up the first track "Guardians of Metal" you get the sense that this is going to be a classy ride! One that is confirmed once the heavy rhythm guitars kick in with a great riff. At over eight minutes there''s plenty of room here for extended instrumental sections, which are served compliments of guitarists Erik and Chris Cameron over a galloping rhythm which recalls vintage Maiden. A good start indeed, but it doesn''t quite prepare you for the rest of the tracks which get progressively better with "Bloodbath", and absolutely killer on the seven and a half minute "Nevermore"! Vocalist Andy Giardina ,who sounds a bit restrained during the first two tracks really opens up! There''s definitely the makings of a world class metal voice here! This is a great track, which is only slightly hampered by what sounds like a few misplaced notes during an otherwise excellent guitar solo. The demo ends with another great track "Storm Warning" which boasts another killer guitar riff, along with a very memorable chorus, and which ends with the same acoustic guitar passage that started things off, only played an octave higher. All in all Total Eclipse have recorded a very good debut demo CD, albeit slightly flawed in spots. But, when things come together (which is most of the time) it''s incredible! This is a young band that with a bit more musical maturity could easily rise to the top of the metal world. Along with Tramontane and Electric Punishment, Total Eclipse is evidence of a new uprising of metal in the San Francisco area, one that will hopefully continue to grow and flourish. (For info on ordering the demo CD visit the Total Eclipse website at https://www.tradebit.com ) Personnel Andy Giardina: Vocals Erik Cameron: Guitars Chris Cameron: Guitars Owen Hart: Bass Ramon Ochoa: Drums Produced by Total Eclipse and Ralph Patlin

Snake Pit Magazine
By: Matt Coe
Another Internet search discovery here, this debut four song EP showcases a California quintet unafraid to buck the current times and take a myriad of European band influences ( from IRON MAIDEN and JUDAS PRIEST to KING DIAMOND ) to accomplish a phenomenal CD, Instantly noticeable are the playing styles of all four instrumentalists - schooled in Metal Basics, they can deliver jaw dropping riffs and slight tempo dynamics without losing sight of a song''s needs. The epic eight minute plus "Guardians of Metal" proceeds from faster speed riffing to dropping in a cool acoustic/lead interplay part 2/3 of the way though the song. "Storm warning" features a nice rendition of an English battle theme on guitar/bass before kicking in to the lengthy melodic solo section. Vocalist Andy Giardina ( originally from Italy ) has pleasing middle range and emphasizes the melodic nature in an above average manner - but I feel he could belt out some parts with more strength or energy. Maybe this will develop over the course of the band''s future - But as of now this four song/26 minute plus CD demands your dollars as I believe this act won''t remain unsigned for long. I haven''t heard this good of a self financed Metal CD in my lifetime - Buy and become a " Guardian of Metal" !! Website: https://www.tradebit.com

Temples of Eternity Magazine #6
By Dimitris Starakis
Another great discovery from the States! TOTAL ECLIPSE hailing from California and only after two years since there formation, they manage to release a demo-CD that will excite every epic metal fan! Four songs of medieval epic metal with the traditional harsh sound of the eighties have surprised us and we are really anxious to see what else this talented group has to offer! From the WARLORD-influenced acoustic opening of Guardians of Metal to the same kind of closing of Storm Warning this CD is full of massive metal harmonies, with the raw vocals of Andy Giardina to remind me a little bit of Mark Shelton. Speedy moments are mixed with mid-tempo tunes and create an ideal recipe of authentic epic metal. I''m totally sure that once you buy this CD, you won''t stop listening to compositions like the immortal Guardians of Metal and the cult Storm Warning! So don''t judge fast by saying that these guys are novices in epic metal. This demo CD can easily prove you wrong! HAIL BROTHERS! Get this CD by sending $8 to there headquarters: Total Eclipse, P.O. Box 2449, Dublin, CA 94568, USA.

Metal Maniacs Magazine
April 2000 - Firing Squad Demo Reviews
by Ula Gehret
Provided that the madness surrounding the Millenium ( a word I hope never to hear uttered again from this point on!) hasn''t brought about the extinction of the human race as we know it, welcome back to another edition of the demo-delving, not-always-kind-to-the-unsigned Firing Squad! As there''s a couple overflowing U.S. Postal Service bins filled with demos staring me in the face, let''s cut straight to the chase and see what awaits... Leading off is a NoCal throwback heavy metal quintet by the name of Total Eclipse; not only does the band moniker (on loan from a vintage Iron Maiden B-side) top off what sort of band this is, but so do seemingly familiar-sounding songtitles such as "Storm Warning," "Nevermore" and the title track "Guardians of Metal." Total Eclipse''s dual guitar approach is not quite as heavy or punchy as some of today''s throwback bands, relying more on outright melodies that harken back to the earlier part of the ''80''s rather than the latter half, with a sibling guitar team making more use of their clean channels than anything else. Andi Giardina''s vocals are not particularly powerful, but he has a fluid enough voice, and the Italian-born frontman retains enough of an accent to give the band a strong European flavor. While the band could probably make better use of some of its seven-minute epic numbers, there''s still enough going on to sit well with fans of labels such as Sentinel Steel, so fans of this ilk should write for ordering information on the four-song Guardians Of Metal CD. Contact Total Eclipse, https://www.tradebit.com , https://www.tradebit.com ,

Metal Rules
Rating: 3.75/5 | Reviewer: Rick Maloney
Total Eclipse is an up and coming band from the Bay area in California. This is an area known for turning out such metal heavyweights as Testament, Exodus and the once mighty Metallica. Total Eclipse play a melodic brand of metal combining the power of Judas Priest, the epic tendencies of Blind Guardian with a tiny dose of Bay Area thrash thrown in for good measure. Total Eclipse formed in 1996 in Fresno, California by brothers Erik (guitar) and Chris (guitar) Cameron. They moved to the Bay area in 1998 and recruited Ramon Ochoa on drums and Owen Hart for bass duties. The final piece to the puzzle was Andy "Dracons" Giardina who had been in various bands in Italy before moving to the U.S. to pursue his musical career. The musical influences of Total Eclipse range from Queensryche, to Iron Maiden, to Judas Priest with some Blind Guardian and Slayer thrown in for good measure. If you like epic power metal with progressive tendencies then Total Eclipse are a band that you should keep your eye on. I don’t mean any Dream Theater influenced keyboards just some nice time changes and different beats. This is the first recordings that the band has made but you wouldn’t be able to tell it from this disc. Although a little rough in spots it’s a great showcase of the bands music. The CD kicks off with an interesting classical guitar piece and which segues into the opening track aptly titled as "Guardians of Metal." If these guys are the guardians of metal than I think we have true champions! This tune just rocks! Lots of cool guitar harmonies highlight this track as does the drumming of Ramon Ochoa. The song slows down in the middle with an interesting little bridge before screaming back into the original riff. Damn cool! Track number 2 is entitled "Bloodbath" This track is a little more groovy in spots but again screams metal! "Nevermore" is bit of a faster track which shows the thrash influences of the guys. The final track is "Storm Warning" This is a fitting closer to a metal CD. Lots of great guitar work by 21 year old Chris and 19 year old Erik. Again this song has an interesting bridge and a very progressive feel. The rhythm section of Owen Hart and Ramon Ochoa is tight on this track and lets not forget the mandatory high pitched vocals from Dracons. The disc closes out with the same classical guitar piece giving the disc a nice feeling of closure. Can everyone scream HEAVY METAL!!!!!!!! Total Eclipse are a great indication of what''s happening on the North American metal scene. True metal is finally rearing its head after years of being subdued under the burden of the great rap explosion and bands such as Korn Chamber. With an average age of just under 23 years of age Total Eclipse have a great future ahead of them. "Guardians of Metal" is a great introduction to this band. Lets just hope there are more up and coming bands out there like Total Eclipse to hold the flame of metal high!! If you would like to know more about this new band you can check them out on the web at https://www.tradebit.com

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