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MP3 adVerSity - To Whom It May Concern

Lyricism and raw emotion meets a new age in Hip Hop production..

12 MP3 Songs in this album (45:26) !
Related styles: Hip-Hop/Rap: Hip Hop, Urban/R&B: Rhythm & Blues, Type: Lyrical

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To Whom It May Concern.. is the first official studio release from adVerSity. To Whom It May Concern is a blend of upbeat lyrical triumphs and personal tales of the life of adVerSity. Never one to follow trends, adVerSity is dead set on proving why he is like no artist before him.

What is the story behind the name of the album, "To Whom It May Concern"?

The album was named To Whom It May Concern, because it is a personal album to me. In today''s market, alot of the music sounds the same and is very formatted. You record this type of song for radio, this type of song for the ladies and the artists are really interchangable. Nothing is personal, nothing is from the heart and I wanted to do the opposite of that. With that not being the current trend, I named the album To Whom It May Concern because it isn''t for everybody, but those who get it will appriecate it that much more.

How would you label the album, Hip-Hop, Underground, Conscience?

I try to avoid labels. At the end of the day, it''s Hip-Hop music and it''s real. I think that''s all that should matter. As long as an artist, gets behind that mic, is honest with himself, and gives a 110% every time, it shouldn''t matter what they call it. I think Hip Hop gets too focused on labels at times. Is it mainstream, street, urban pop? Who cares as long as it''s real.

Why should people check out this album?

This album is for people, who really still enjoy Hip-Hop music. I''m a fan first so I focus on making the type of music I want to hear. I had gone through some life altering events over the last 2 years and wanted to capture that in the music. From graduating from school but still being stuck in a dead end job, to lost relationships, to fights with alcholism & depression, I wanted to make an album that captures all that and I feel I did. I like to tell a story and by the end of the record, you should be able to understand that much more, who adVerSity really is...

"To Whom It May Concern.." Rhyme & Reason

Dollar And A Dream:
"All I got is a dollar and a dream.."

Dollar And A Dream is the first record off of the album. I didn''t really wanna have an intro, I just wanted to go right into the album but it had to be the right record and I feel Dollar And A Dream is that record. It''s an uptempo track, it''s catchy and conscience at the same time. You can sing along with the chorus, but if you listen to the verses I''m talking about growing up in a single parent household, and defying the odds while chasing my dreams. I believe the record manages to be fun & inspirational at the same time.

Deja Vu:
"America''s new Idol, got a Spark like Jordin.."

This track is crazy, first time I heard the beat, I knew I had to go in on it. It''s another example of being "mainstream/lyrical" at the same time. The chorus is very club oriented with having a good time with the ladies in the club, but on the verses I''m being very lyrical. Punch line after punchline. You gotta listen to it a couplf of times to catch everything. Also if you pay attention I''m showing love to my city, like always, from the Jordin Sparks reference above, to the UofA Wildcats & Steve Nash.

602 Boys:
"Keep banging out hits, like a detail shop.."

This track was the jump off record for the album. It is actually the oldest record on the album. I got the record from the homie Sero, at the end of 2007 just before I moved to Cali. The record was really grimey and I wanted a hard record for my city, in case life didn''t lead me back home. The record has an energy of it''s own and I wanted to keep it conscience as well like. It was the perfect street single and people really gravitated to the video. Shouts out to Michael Strub on that one.

Drivin Nowhere:
"Somedays I ride out, no destination, headed towards success but I lost my motivation.."

I got this record from the homie Cashous Clay from Florida. It had a real smooth, laid back feeling to it and I wanted an everyday concept to it. Whenever I''m in a bad mood, I would hop in the car, roll down the windows and listen to some music. This record capture that feeling, something to ride out and zone with. The record is actually a double entendre with driving nowhere meaning riding around in your car with no destination and having a drive in life but your not getting anywhere with it.

Blessed With A Burden:
"I''m seeing more downs while driving for this touchdown.."
I had the Blessed With A Burden concept in my mind for a while but never put it down. I heard this beat and it captured what I had been looking for. At the time I had just got back home from Cali and had some issues going on. Behind on bills, stressing, and I just had to let some stress out. I think anyone going through the day to day struggle of trying to survive should relate to this.

Set Me Free:
"My boys say chill don''t fall for her, but I''m a man so I gotta stand tall for her.."

While working on this album I had the pleasure to work with alot of different talented artist. One of them being female vocalist Lareece. She was a local songstress looking for a chance to show off her talents. I didn''t really have anything for the ladies and wanted a record that was fun and uplifting in a way that anybody could relate to. Once we found the right beat, we threw ideas back and for and this ode to a couple having one another''s back through thick or thin came together.

No Respect:
"Shit can get ugly like Lil Kim''s facelift.."

I don''t normally do this but uhhh.. I had to vent a little on this record. The beat went hard so I felt I had to do the same. I had some mixed feelings you can say about 9 to 5''s, people stereotyping me, the Hip Hop scene in Az. Just had to let my feelings be known. I don''t normally come off this "harsh" in a record but I felt it was needed.

100 Miles & Runnin:
"Don''t ask me why, close ya eyes, help me reach for the sky.."

This record is probably one of my favorites on the album. I prefer the moody, dark, emotional records and this track has all of that. Listening to the beat, it has a bridge, hook & then verse selection. The Hook is very high energy and then the bridge isn''t melodic and it has the breathing sample on it. So it just felt like as the verse is explaining my story of running away from my problems towards better days, I stop during the bridge to reflect and catch my breathe. The hook drops back in and I''m back runnin. I thought it was very creative concept and not like anything I''ve done or heard before.

Walk With Me, Talk With Me:
"I''m tryin to do it right, tryin to read theses chapters/tryin to find out if there''s a heaven for a bastard.."

Another personal favorite of mine. I heard this track and the first thing that came to mine is this would be perfect for KiD CuDi. It''s another dark & emotional record. I, again, wanted to do something unique so as the verses progress you hear the emotion and urgency in my voice build with the record. The thunder in the background gets a little stronger and more consistent with the vocals and the messagel. The listener can really feel what I''m going through on this record. Come take a walk with me, but can you weather the storm?

Me & My Mic:
"Growing up all I had was me & my mic.."

As a child I was very socially awkward. I didn''t know how to communicate with people, I was uncomfortable around large groups of people and growing up without my father I didn''t know how to stand up for myself. That lead to a very difficult and lonely childhood. I started writing and making music when I was about 10 or 11 so growing up that''s all I really had. It''s one of those records where you record it, but have a hard time listening to it afterwards because it hits so close to home.

Who I Am
"They wanna know.."

This is another record that I like, but I honestly feel it probably went over alot of people''s head. I get asked all the time to label what type of music I make. Is it underground, mainstream, socially conscience, backpack? I always say it''s none of those, it''s just me. It''s my story so you can''t really classify me with any style because my music is forever changing much like I am as a person. On the first verse you got the mind state of a listner who''s into the "mainstream/gangsta rap" style of Hip Hop and they''re confused as to what I bring to the table because it isn''t what''s in style right now. The second verse is a "conscience" listener who feels I''m not underground enough so I''m not helping Hip Hop. And the final verse is me saying I''m neither, I''m adVerSity, and by listening to this album from start to finish you should understand who I am, not what I should be labeled.

What Happened?:
"Somedays I don''t think I''m cut out for this rap shit/cuz I don''t fit in with this wack shit.."

This record actually came together out of nowhere to. The homie Fucha & Mr. Khao$ had just started doing some work together and Fucha gave Mr. Khao$ a beat cd. Mr. Khao$ let me check it out and I heard this record and just started writing. I wrote about my anger/displeasure in where Hip-Hop is and where I was in life after my Cali trip fell through. I just had to put it all on the line. The hook came from just that, being back in town and the tone in some people''s voice like," What happened, I thought you were about to blow up, I thought you were on to big things." Haters. I once again, pissed, felt I had to let the audience know what I''m going through.

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