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Overnight Membership Site

Overnight Membership Site

The Fastest and Easiest Way for Even Lazy People to Get a Stable, Recurring Income Online?

“How Anyone Can Create Automated Niche Membership Sites Using Free Content --

What if, by tomorrow, you could have
a new recurring income stream depositing cash into your Paypal account... without being an expert or having any content of your own?

What if also you could watch over my shoulder and let me show you exactly how I do it -- in a brand new niche where I have NO experience, NO contacts and
NO content...

If youve ever thought about starting your own membership site or continuity program, but found it too hard, too time-consuming, or just flat out too much work, then you need to know this...
Membership Sites Can Be Easy!

It doesnt matter what youve heard from anyone else, or what youve tried before, the fact is there are easy ways to setup recurring income streams with minimal effort.

Some people will tell you membership sites are a lot of work -- you must be constantly churning out content to make members happy. Well, guess what? Members expect what you tell them to expect!

Tell them they get 1 interview each month... or 1 report each month... or 1 newsletter each month... and thats what they expect. Simple.

Some people will tell you its hard to keep members active -- theyll drop out after only a few months. Well, for every person that says its hard to keep members, there are 2 others that have hundreds of active members for years on end.

Who would you rather listen to, the successful people or the unsuccessful people?

And other people will tell you people dont sign up to membership sites... especially in the current financial situation.

Again, who are you going to listen to? The whiners and complainers who say everything is hard... or... The successful people who are signing up members faster than ever despite whatever is going on in the world.

I know who I chose to model.

Finally, some people will tell you that you have to be an expert to run a membership site... that you need a ton of content on an ongoing basis. My response? BUNK!

Experts are a dime a dozen... content is everywhere. (Ill show you exactly how you can find plenty of both.)

The bottom line is membership sites can be easy -- probably MUCH easier than you ever thought possible -- IF you know a few tricks of the trade.

After building a number of membership sites for myself, and more for my consulting clients, I decided to put together a course showing you exactly how Im setting up simple, automated, overnight membership sites, using free content.

Not an ebook or report youll never read, but a complete, step-by-step home study course using video, audio, and written materials showing how you can copy my simple plan.

All you have to do is copy my plan and replicate my success!

Announcing...Overnight Membership Site

Overnight Membership Site is 5.5 hours of video training content (plus audio, transcripts and workbooks), including 7 content modules (1 introduction module, 5 core training modules, and 1 bonus module), available for immediate download right now.

I show you my exact step-by-step plan for niche membership site domination.

Along with the video training:

* You get MP3 versions of the presentations so you can burn them to CD and listen in the car.
* You get PDF transcripts of the presentations so you can skim, skip ahead, and quickly jump to a specific point.
* You get step-by-step workbooks that ensure you never miss a step -- they make the entire process paint-by-numbers.

Heres just a taste of what you are about to discover:


* The real truth about what you can make with small niche membership sites you create in one day.
* Why the ongoing financial crisis means its the perfect time to start a membership site.
* The single biggest (and potentially most profitable) asset 9/10 membership site owners completely overlook.
* The brain-dead simple way to quickly expand your one day membership site without adding mind-numbing complexity.
* The 5 simple steps to a profitable membership site AND the order to do them in -- most people are doing at least 1 of the steps in the complete wrong order and it severely hurts their chances of making any money.
* A trick I learned at the Melbourne Cup that made me a little over $6000 in 2 months the very first time I put it to use.
* How to fail fast and win BIG. (One reason most people dont succeed is simply they dont fail fast enough.)
* The parrot rule and how it can help you succeed no matter how many times youve failed before.
* What Allen Says taught me that allows you to create websites, content, and marketing super-fast without ever second guessing yourself.
* How to quickly expand a profitable membership site (there are 2 primary ways) to leverage your initial success for maximum money in minimum time.

Module 1 - Membership

* 46 red hot markets always hungry to buy now.
* How to spot a hot niche ready to spend money with you.
* 5 key factors you must consider when choosing a niche.
* The one factor you must consider before starting a membership site if you want to grow it past 4-figures a month.
* The 6 basic membership types and how to choose the best one for you.
* 22 high-profit membership site ideas.
* 15 techniques I developed as a copywriter you can use to create a UNIQUE membership site unlike anything else in the marketplace.
* 11 ways to find new niche market ideas you know are profitable.
* 2 easy ways to setup your site and deliver your content without any complicated software, scripts or expensive tech help.
* The 3 factors to consider when pricing your membership site. (Plus recommended prices for different types of sites.)
* At least 5 different ways to structure your offer, including one that has proven to increase response up to 32%!
* A super-simple method for creating a membership site without a website.
* My breakthrough business model. (The same one that allows me to create a site in one day without content, connections, or experience.)
* Why you dont need an expensive membership site script to build a membership site -- and the sneaky little way Ive done it for FREE.

Module 2 - Construction

* Why the technical stuff should only take you 10 minutes.
* How to get your first site setup in just one day without any fancy membership site scripts.
* 2 simple ways to protect your content -- its all point & click and so simple youll wonder why youre not doing it already.
* The 5 simple steps to developing a membership site.
* A FREE content management system you can use for your site that is more powerful than any of the paid options. (Some of them run up to $3000 or more, but you wont pay a cent!)
* The simple customer contact system that uses a service you probably already have but arent using anywhere near as effectively as you should be.
* The quick & easy way to accept payments and get the money in your hands ASAP.
* Where to get FREE graphics, FREE website designs and FREE themes for your sites.
* My 3-pronged approach to building simple membership sites using free software. (You dont need any expensive scripts or complicated software.)
* 4 advanced options you can bolt on to your existing site that make managing your site quicker, easier, AND more profitable.
* Possibly the most powerful combination of 2 scripts ever put together -- one puts your marketing on autopilot and the other manages your entire membership site. (And you wont believe how inexpensive they are!)
* The 4-letter word to keep in mind at all times.

Module 3 - Content

* 5 different types of free content you can use to quickly build a high-quality site without any special expertise of your own.
* What the Warrior Forum can teach you about creating an autopilot business.
* 6 ways to employ your members to create content without paying them a cent!
* What to outsource... when to outsource... and how to outsource to college professionals for pennies on the dollar.
* Free software to create premium quality content as good as you see in a magazine.
* 2 pieces of free software every Internet marketer should own if they want to profit from audio content.
* Simple ways to create video content (you dont even need a video camera) and dramatically increase the perceived value of your content.
* A little trick I learned from a bar girl during my days as a roadie that reduces your refund rates.
* 2 easy ways to automate your business so you can spend more time at the beach!
* What the fashion industry can teach you about working less and making more money.
* 4 ways to quickly increase the perceived value of any piece of content so you can command premium prices and have people happy to pay you... even though the content is exactly the same!
* Why every piece of content you create should be a sales piece.
* How watching the TV show Lost can reduce your refund rates... increase your traffic rankings... get members more involved in your site... and flat out make you a ton more money!

Module 4 - Marketing

* The ONLY 2 things you need to master to make a fortune marketing on the Internet.
* Why LT + HPP + HC = $$$
* How to sell at higher prices and still have your customers love you.
* The one skill that propelled me from losing $10,000 to now pulling in up to $2000 in a single day -- without a product launch.
* The simple membership site salesletter formula anyone can use to create a salesletter that will get the job done.
* #1 mistake most copywriters (even the pros) make that hurts conversion rates... and... 6 words that will stop you dead in your tracks before you make the same mistake.
* Why you should write to children even if you sell to adults!
* How to structure an irresistible offer. (A great offer with average copy will outsell a bad offer with great copy!)
* 2 FREE services that can triple your profits.
* The 4 tests that have the biggest impact on your conversions.
* Simple ways to ramp up your member profits overnight.
* How to turn 1 member into 10... and... 10 into 100!
* My bread and butter traffic plan for a new site.
* How to get instant traffic to your site.
* The golden goose of Internet traffic -- it converts higher, costs less (its FREE), and grows your business faster than anything else. Period.
* When (and why) you should pay for traffic. (AND when FREE traffic is the best choice.)
* A simple 3-step traffic plan for any site.
* How to turn a small trickle of traffic into an unstoppable torrent. (It takes a little time but its well worth the effort.)

Module 5 - Automation

* How to work less, make more money, and enjoy owning membership sites!
* The 3 types of automation -- what they are, how they can help you, and when you need to implement them in your business.
* 6 ways to make content work for you... youll work less, have fewer refunds, and save money on outsourcing.
* How to create a hands off marketing system that runs itself. (Never worry about getting traffic again!)
* A proven marketing funnel that ratchets your earnings higher and higher.
* How to turn lazy, ineffective affiliates into raging fans that send traffic to you day and night.
* How to automate a product launch! (Imagine a fully automated product launch being unleashed on your prospects every single month.)
* 2 pieces of software that leverage your computer to do the work of 10 people. (Thats NOT hype -- big business have been using this stuff for years but most marketers dont have a clue.)
* 4 simple steps to financial freedom with membership sites.
* What an old school business guy thats never even sent an email can teach you about building an automated Internet business than makes money while you sleep... and... while youre on holiday!

And much, MUCH more!

As you can see this course is jam-packed with everything you need to know to get started with your own overnight membership sites.
Im laying everything I know out on the table
and giving you the exact step-by-step
process Ive been using...

As soon as you get the course you can watch the videos (or listen to the audio or read the transcripts, if you prefer), and see what Im doing... why Im doing it... and how you can do the same.

PLUS The simple workbooks/checklists make it paint-by-numbers.

Imagine how easy it will be to setup your own recurring income streams simply by following along with the videos!

“So Whats This Going To Cost?”

OK, lets look at what it could cost you...

I started off probably a lot like you. I didnt have anyone to show me the ropes. Figured Im a smart guy, I can read some forums and learn it all myself... it cant be that hard, right?

Ha! It took me months to get my first site setup. And I didnt really have any idea of what I was doing. Sometimes I think it was pot luck my first site actually made money. I stumbled and stuttered and made more embarrassing mistakes in those first few months than I care to remember.

How much money did I waste during that time? Honestly, I dont know... and I dont really want to think about it. But I guarantee it was a lot more than the small investment youll make today.

We both know time is money, right?

Even if I valued my time at minimum wage rates -- say $5 per hour, 5 hours a day, 5 days a week... thats $500 a month -- and it took me a few months to finally fit all the pieces of the puzzle together... youve got to figure that learning process cost me a few thousand dollars in total.

I dont know about you but if there was a way to shortcut that learning curve -- a way to save thousands of dollars -- Id jump at this opportunity.

Just think... if you could get your first site setup in a few days, rather than a few months, imagine how much extra money youll make, and how much sooner youll make it.

You Could Waste Months Of Time And A Few Thousand Dollars...

And you still wouldnt have any guarantee of success.

And you still wouldnt discover even half of the strategies and tactics covered in Overnight Membership Site.

That reminds me, what youve seen so far is only part of the program -- theres still an entire other module!

The Overnight Membership Site course is an excellent learning tool and gives you everything you need to get started creating you own membership sites right away. But sometimes you just need to see something done to make it really sink in.

Which is why I created this extra Bonus Module...

Bonus Module - Live Example

In this special bonus module you are going to watch over my shoulder as I develop a brand new membership site -- in a niche I know absolutely nothing about, where I have no contacts, content, or experience -- and see exactly what Im doing every step of the way.

Youll see why I chose the niche, how I decided on the product, where I got the content, how I put it all together... and... the results!

Maybe Ill land flat on my face and the site will bomb. Or maybe Ill hit one out of the park and create a brand new revenue stream right in front of your eyes.

Either way itll be an exciting process (for both of us Im sure), a beneficial learning experience, and a real eye-opener to see a membership site put together in just 1 day.

Im sure by now you can see the true value of this training program -- the potential to save you thousands of dollars and months of effort... tips, tricks & tactics to make you more money, faster... a proven system to create profitable membership sites overnight.

What if you breeze through the Overnight Membership Site training then create a site that brings in $3,000 a month. How much would that be worth to you?

What if you created 2 sites that each brought in $2,000 per month?

Or what if you get the course then only develop 1 membership site, and its only a moderate success, bringing in just $1,000 a month... youre talking about a recurring income stream worth $12,000 a year.

Lets say the course only cost $297...

Would you invest $297 one time, to make $12,000 each and every year?

Would that be worth it to you?

Of course it would. I doesnt matter who you are, an extra $12,000 always comes in handy.

Thats a big chunk out of your mortgage, a family holiday to Disneyland, or one years lease payments on a 2008 Mercedes CLS550 Coupe...

Rest assured... Overnight Membership Site wont cost you anywhere near its true value.

It wont even cost you $297.

Because my schedule is already packed with building and growing my own membership sites, not to mention those of my consulting clients, I simply dont have the time to devote to marketing this program at its true value.

So to make sure the Overnight Membership Site program flies out the door and clears up my schedule Im going to release it for just $5.

And remember... you get 5.5 hours of video training... 1 Introduction Module & 5 Core Training Modules...MP3 audio files and PDF transcripts of the presentations... step-by-step workbooks that walk you through the simple process... PLUS the Bonus Module where I show you a live demonstration of setting up a profitable membership site in just 1 day!

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