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Secret Law of attraction Collection

This collection contains the following products:
As A Man Thniketh.zip
Thought Vibration William Walker Atkinson Audio book
Character Building Thought Power Audio Book
Art 0f Money Getting audio book
The Master Key System complete edition Audio Book
The Art of Money Getting
PositiveThinking Auto book
The Law of Attraction
Think and Grow Rich Audio book
Napoleon Hill lectures- In his own voice
Earl Nightingale -The Strangest Secret audio book
Fortunes For All - Audio Book by Vash young

"Learn Why Everything You Know About The Law Of Attraction is Dead Wrong!" You are about to discover the forgotten law books that every successful guru knows, but doesn't want you to find out!
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Forgotten Laws That Make The Law of Attraction 10X more effective.
From Troy DavinciDear Friend, There is more to the Secret or the Law of Attraction than meets the eye. I discovered the law of attraction three years ago with the mass success of The Secret. My mother came home and told me about this movie and she knew I would like it so much that her friend who told her about it made a copy for me.

After I saw the movie, one thing that shocked me the most was that I was already using the law of attraction but never knew it (on a small scale of course).

I was using the very same techniques to attract women.

What Do The Rich And Famous Know That You Don't? People like Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Ellen Degeneres, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, George Clooney, Bill Gates, and Justin Timberlake all use these missing ingredients. These famous people and thousands of others, all tap into the power of their minds! You see how they have achieved their goals and are super-successful!
In the early 1900's, a 'New Thought' author wrote a mysterious book all about this missing knowledge a book that the author asked readers to share with friends around the world.

But after awhile of doing what they told me on the movie, I started thinking that if this law of attraction stuff has been around for so long, where did they get it from? And thats when my research started.

I spent countless hours on the Internet, and at libraries (yes I still go to libraries), to find the original books that started this whole law of attraction power, and I found out there is more to this than what was in the movie The Secret. More and more as I got into this and started listening to motivational speakers, they are regurgitating these original books and putting their own spin to it. Tony Roberts, Bob Proctor, Steve Harv Ecker and many others. There is so much more to the secret but theyre not giving you all of it at once. You need to pay more money to go to the next level. Its like taking only a chapter from the Bible and making a whole course and movie out of it. But once people read it and understand, they are going to want more and know that something is missing. Thats what The Secret and law of attraction books are doing that are out now. But Ive spent countless hours finding the books that the gurus of the gurus gurus read.

We all know Napoleon Hills Think and Grow Rich is a classic book of all time. And we all know about his mentor, Andrew Carnegie, who convinced him to write Think and Grow Rich. But have you ever wondered what were the books they read to get them successful? Well it is all here, from the unheard of books to the most popular. Welcome to THE SECRET LAW OF ATTRACTION COLLECTION.

You are getting hundreds of hours of audio books and e-books of some of the worlds most secret books ever written in human history. Some books are taken from as early as the 1800s. You get them all here. There will be no stone unturned when it comes to the law of attraction ever again. With over 30 different ebooks and 8 to 9 audio books, this is the ultimate collection of the law of attraction ever assembled. It would take you hours upon hours to find all these books in this condition with this quality. This is the Harvard of the motivational book industry.

There were SEVEN more books just as AMAZING!
Audio #2
Bill Gates reportedly read this book which inspired him to drop out of Harvard Business School and become the wealthiest man on the planet. This book was originally published as a 24-part correspondence course and sold for over $2000 a HUNDRED YEARS AGO! That's over $75,000 in today's money! (178 pages)This best-selling course was actually banned by the church in 1933 making it near impossible to find any original copies! Can you say, 'coveted'?

Here Are Just SOME of the AMAZING Benefits
You'll Receive Once You Learn
The Secret Law of Attraction !

The knowledge in these books has been hidden and only certain world leaders and the super-wealthy have been privy to. Now, YOU can have access to the information that was taught in the ancient mystery schools.

EXACTLY what The Secret Law of Attraction is, how to utilize it & why you MUST know it!

How The Ultimate Mystery can explain absolutely EVERYTHING from quantum physics to psychics!

How to create ANYTHING in your life money, love, health, happiness & success!

How to SOLVE everyday problems, with absolute 'knowing' and turn them into opportunities!

Why changing your beliefs about certain things creates what you want and it's MUCH easier than you think!

Why MOST people have trouble with the Law of Attraction and how YOU can deliberately use it to attract what you want!

How absolutely ANYONE can become rich and successful, regardless of their upbringing and their current situation.

How YOU can easily REMOVE negative patterns, such as addictions and limiting thoughts.

The truly EXTRAORDINARY scientific experiment that PROVES the Ultimate Mystery... beyond ANY doubt!

How to create believable affirmations to make AMAZING changes in your life, INSTANTLY!

Why FORGIVENESS is so important and how to let go of guilt, anger and jealousy.

What you need to do to change the self-help tips you're doing WRONG to RIGHT every time!

How you can use the power of thought to quickly create HEALTH and WELL-BEING!

How to recognize a 'negative' thought and a 'positive' thought and what you MUST do to FEEL GOOD all the time!

The single process talked about in modern self-help books and WHY missing 'ingredients' to the formula can delay results!

EXACTLY what to do to create the world around you - love, health, wealth and success!

HOLD ON! Everyone deserves a better life and should know the Secret Law of Attraction - But Order RIGHT NOW, and
I'll slash the price by $150 - your cost is only $47.00 !

P. S. I forgot to mention this; there is only ONE Law of Attraction Collection. This isn't a collection of several tips and techniques. so it won't contradict your current belief system. Click BUY IT NOW!
This Is Your ONLY Chance
Ultimate Law of Attraction Collection.

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