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MP3 Stevenmarque Society - MAD LOVE

Gothic and Literate Heavy Metal

16 MP3 Songs
METAL: Gothic Metal, SPOKEN WORD: Poetry

"Stevenmarque is at once one of the most attractive and repulsive characters in Rock Music History."

Every generation has its charismatic spiritual leaders, its gurus. Some are believed to be true saints while others generate unspeakable depravity and are shunned. Still others create life, love and legacy quite beyond the opinion or judgement of an audience or even a civilization. It is this latter group; that is dealing in what Jung described as the ''collective unconscious'' and in so doing channelling true liberation from the universe and the linked synchronicity of futant potentials without regard for popular, fear-based boundaries.

"He is the epitome of both the archetypal mad scientist and exiled romantic poet: Voltaire meets Dr. Frankenstein. He is particularly POWERFUL however, because he is also becoming a kind of political leader to a multitude of bewildered youths. He is the founder of his Society, though he often seems to be engaged with some sort of unknown superiors. If you were to meet him in a bar he may be in a corner with his attention in some beautiful woman''s blouse, amid any number of other reckless or dangerous liaisons in various states of undress and liberation while at the same time composing some cryptic device or design on the table top. He believes himself to be the savior of the truth. He provides for it''s protection. He looks after it with the same care as the proverbial Mother Goose. He is however, unforgiving and not open to suggestions by those who seek it or him. He is a metaphoric dictator in every sense of the word. His silky smooth voice, charming mannerisms and power make him almost irresistible to members of the opposite sex. But make no mistake, he is ruthless in the extreme and will do everything in his power to succeed and dominate even at the expense of anything or anyone capriciously. But, he seems to wear the mantle of despicable despot uneasily. What we would normally consider to be a ruthless enterprise, he seems to conduct with the charm and excitement of a nave 12 year old. It''s so confusing don''t you think? Sometimes you just really really WANT to hate Stevenmarque, but end up falling in love with him and his well intentions. His godlike artistic and political experiments are born from lofty high ideals, but seem to often aquire the more base instincts of the human psyche. He is a philosopher with so many internal conflicting ideals that you just can''t help feel that behind the veneer of confidence is a very tortured soul!""

Stevenmarque is joined by Former Sinisstar virtuoso guitarist China and an all-star lineup featuring among others, Rock Guitar God, Reeves Gabrels, to form his avant guard Heavy Metal outfit: STEVENMARQUE.

A slender figure with voluptuous black lips and a ghouls shrouded eyes, he hides behind his garish makeup and theatrical show emitting torturous and austere sounds of freedom at bludgeoning heavy metal decibels. Yet, somehow, almost immediately all people get it. The imagery is so rich, cascading, fine and brutal; the urgency of his outrage is so compelling and contagious that listeners quickly adjust their long held definition of what a pop or protest song can be. Most of this magic is due to the combination of violence and nurturing, filigree and shadow, that exactly mirrors the extremes of thought and action, ideology and practice, we see in the world we know today. Stevenmarque is in a new arena artistically that no one else has ever been in before, ever.

Piled high with pandemonium, power, grit and social satire, Stevenmarque intends to not just open eyes, but shatter expectations as well. To look at Stevenmarque is to at once recoil in horror, and be compelled to embrace him. The apparently garishly gouged out sockets, hold innocent eyes that beckon compassion and love. Then, no sooner have you been seduced by the innocence of the visage, are you slaughtered by the power, fury and terror of the savage message. These eyes of Stevenmarque, like those of the reanimated corpse of a decadent poet, have seemingly seen it all through the centuries. Though nearly demolished by the sights, they have survived to share their visions. As I reflect on the coming of Stevenmarque in these latter days of the crumbling ashes of what once was a provocative art form: rock music, I asked myself, How do the gods intercede when any other earthly empire burns? Answer: With a new season, a new desire, a new flame. Through raging music, orgies of delight, revolt and celebration, Stevenmarque is this new season of rock. Marque bleeds for the passions of music, science, love, literature and decadence. He never panders to anyone or diminishes his message for the masses, as he should not. Stevenmarque embraces the mystic and the material world, aligning with Centurion and Savior alike. Where other similar artists have been threatening for anti-religious misunderstandings, he is more compelling for his progress beyond pop definitions of good and of evil - liberating because he simply doesn''t value or fit into that enslaving equation. His contempt for everything, whether deemed by authorities to be good or evil, (but in reality equally smothering,) is demonstrated though constant festival, freewill and a ferocious appetite for truth, spectacle and scorching heavy metal. This enigmatic behavior in the face of current ghastly global realities comes naturally to Stevenmarque, and with some related historical reference as well: On his birth date, April 24 AD 64, the Great Fire was started that ravaged Rome for six days. This is when Nero was famously to have ''fiddled while Rome burned''. The Emperor is described singing from the palace roof, from which there was the best overall view of the fire. Watching as it consumed the city, he sang ''The Capture of Troy - reflecting present disasters in ancient calamities, he sang about the nature and inevitability of the destruction. With similar reflection, Stevenmarque''s new CD, ''MAD LOVE,'' was completed and consecrated on March 15, 2005 (The Ides of March,) to be released later in the spring, exactly 1,941 years after the Ancient Roman Emperor gave his first public performance in AD 64. Romans saw it indeed as a bad omen that the very theatre in which Nero performed, shortly after was destroyed by an earthquake. In the ancient spirit of Nero, and all other legendary denizens of debauchery and destruction, Stevenmarque''s first single from his upcoming debut release is aptly titled, "WHEN IN ROME, LET IT BURN." With all of this in mind, please give hail and listen fellow citizens of burning empires to STEVENMARQUE. Who knows what may follow this modern bad omen and its avatar. As we go to press, STEVENMARQUE has spent the entirity of 2005 in the top positions of online music site rankings for Metal, Gothic and Industrial categories, achieving the number one slot in all, and not falling below 20 in any, thanks to 50,000 ardent, voting members of The Stevenmarque Society. Many postings on Metal News sites like Blabbermouth and BWBK, have featured information on STEVENMARQUE in 2005.

"In a time when once fiery rock demons, are now affable and placid teddy bears; when most new torch bearers are just third generation, smeared out carbon copies of copies, StevenMarque brings back sheer original madness, intellect and danger to rock music. His message is exceptionally troubling to status quo institutions, especially those posing as symbols of anything virtuous or good, attempting to condition behavior or beliefs. If there is one figure posed to carry on the theatrical legacy of shock rock it is he."

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