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MP3 Iasos - Sacred Sonic Tools

A tool box of powerful sounds (not music) - each designed to tune-up your energy fields in a particular way.

14 MP3 Songs in this album (58:18) !
Related styles: New Age: Healing, Avant Garde: Experimental, Instrumental

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"Sacred Sonic Tools" includes an unusual assortment of "potentized" sounds with unique abilities This project may be of special interest to sound-therapists, light workers, therapists, body-workers, leaders of spiritual/metaphysical groups, and anyone interested in using sound for self-improvement and energetic tune-ups. These sounds have been widely field-tested, and they are potent!

Here are the APPLICATION NOTES for each tool (audio track):

Optimum-reception Posture: Lying on your back.

There are 2 components to this sound: The bells & gongs and the water sounds. The sudden beginning of the bells and gongs tends to “shake energy loose”, after which the entire system tends to re-arrange itself into a more coherent pattern, due to the sustaining bell harmonics. Then the water sounds tend to wash away any energy that has shaken loose that does not really belong with you.

Accordingly, this sound has a shake-up and re-integrate effect and also a cleansing effect. It tends to cause subtle body re-organizing towards greater coherency and also a removal of accumulated energetic debris.
Optimum-reception Posture: Spine-straight, sitting or standing.
Headphones highly recommended!

Useful for stimulating & activating the crown chakra and the chakra directly above the crown chakra (a few inches above the head - directly above the spine).

Also useful for filling your subtle bodies with Light. It’s useful when applied with any visualization or intent to fill yourself with Light.

If you ask your Higher Self to merge your “future” Light body with your “present” self, this sound can potently activate this merger, for the sake of increased resonance between your “future” Light Body self and your “present” self. It thereby promotes Light Body activation.

This also has a general stimulating and waking up effect on any sluggish energy systems.

3. CLOUD PRAYER (5:06)
Optimum-reception Posture: Any position that promotes rest & centering for you.

This sound has a profound calming effect. It can be used for transforming emotional agitation or an overly-excited state into a deep restful calm.

It can also transform a calm state into a state of profound stillness. The stiller the waves are on a pond’s surface, the more detail with which you can perceive through the waves to see what is on the bottom. Likewise, as water corresponds to the emotions, the stiller you can become emotionally, the more detail and clarity with which you can receive inner guidance - from your Higher Self, your guides, your angels, or any Light Being. Profound emotional stillness promotes transparency in inner reception. (Hence the expression, Be Still and Know that I Am God.) This music can help induce such profound stillness.

And finally, this music is effective at inducing a sense of sacredness, which can be useful in a wide variety of sacred activities.
(An extended continuous half-hour version of Cloud Prayer is available on Iasos’ Timeless Sound album.)

4. FAIRY DUST (2:43)
Optimum-reception Posture: Any position is fine.

This sound has a strong resonance at the highest frequencies that CDs can reproduce. Consequently, effective application of this sound can only come from speakers or headphones that can effectively reproduce very high frequencies.

FAIRY DUST produces a highly stimulating effect on your etheric body. It enlivens and vitalizes your etheric body.

It also sensitizes the listener to subtler energies.

And, it produces a most interesting side-effect: This sound tends to attract beings from the magical elemental Nature kingdom: elves, gnomes, nature-spirits, and fairies. This is because this sound has a strong resonance with the actual real substance called “fairy dust”. All the beings in the elemental kingdom are specialists at transforming mental patterns into etheric patterns and then transforming etheric patterns into actual physical patterns - like a flower or leaf. These beings can condense and solidify their own life essence on the etheric level into tiny golden liquid bubbles of living light - This is what “fairy dust” actually is! If you befriend the fairies in your own backyard, you can actually ask them to sprinkle you with their fairy dust, and this will have an even more stimulating effect on your etheric body than this sound. At any rate, this sound makes them feel “right at home” - even in the middle of a man-made environment. If you want to attract these beings, just repeatedly-play this sound (cycle-repeat) where they can hear it.

5. WOOMFA’s (Interstellar Thunder) (1:44)
Optimum-reception Posture: Squatting.

Effective application of this sound can not come from tiny speakers - you need speakers or headphones that can really reproduce deep bassy frequencies.

These very bassy sounds have a potent resonant interaction with your bottom chakra - the energy center at the base of your spine. And they have an even more powerful resonance with the chakra directly below your base chakra - the chakra a few inches below your spine.

This sound can be used for ‘thawing out” any base chakra that has become energetically “frozen” from some past trauma.

This sound can also be used for vitalizing and energizing the base chakra to create more balance with the other chakras, for those whose higher chakras are more activated than their base chakra.

And, this sound can also be used for grounding. For this application, the grounding effect is more pronounced when the person simultaneously visualizes a beam of white light passing through the spine from above and anchoring solidly into the center of the earth.

This sound can also be used to energize your feminine connection to the earth by vibrating and enlivening the chakra which is a few inches below your base chakra. The specialty of this chakra is to connect and ground you to the earth.

These Woomfa’s are a further development of the Woomfa’s at the beginning of Blue Fire Realms from the Elixir album by Iasos.

6. GLITTER SWEEP (Etheric Brush) (1:28)
Optimum-reception Posture: Lying on your back or standing.

Just as a brush sweeps through your hair, straightening it out and removing any “kinks” in your hair, this sound performs an analogous function etherically: This etheric brush smoothes out the energy flow channels and removes any “kinks” (local blockages in the energy channels) along the way. It thereby promotes smooth unobstructed energy flow through your etheric energy channels. It’s often a useful tool to use at the end of a session.

If this is heard with stereo headphones, it also tends to balance the left and right brain hemispheres.

Optimum-reception Posture: Standing with arms out-stretched.

The “Transmuting Violet Flame” is a higher-dimensional energy that is specifically designed to purify the “substance” or “matter” of several dimensions - for example, clearing etheric blocks, or melting away dense emotional energies, or cleansing karmic accumulations. This is “intelligent” substance that can respond to mental intent and the heart’s desire. In fact, the Violet Flame Angels dedicate their entire service to bringing and dispensing this energy whenever and wherever it is called and requested.

When this flame-like energy is invoked (invited and requested), it descends down into this physical dimension where it is invoked - as a violet ray, and then etherealizes back up as violet flames. In this process of dimensionally returning home, this energy functions as an inter-dimensional cleanser - purifying all the substance it passes through - simply by raising its vibrations to significantly higher frequencies! Dense matter can not stay around higher frequency matter and is centrifugally “thrown off” as the spin rates increase - like a wet dog throwing off water by quickly rotating along its spine.

Whenever you invoke the Transmuting Violet Flame to pass through any aspect of your personal reality, the more vividly you can sense these energies, the more potently these energies can influence your energies. The TRANSMUTING VIOLET FLAME Sound can amplify the vividness with which you sense these purifying flames, and thereby amplify their effectiveness for you. And sensing these brilliant violet flames is really an exhilarating experience!

These sounds also provide the Violet Flame angels with a familiar and comfortable acoustic environment within which to perform their service for you. Remember to thank these angels from your heart for their service to you. Your heart’s gratitude, love, and appreciation is their “tip” for this service. (And they love receiving it!)

Optimum-reception Posture: Lying on your back.

Just as lying in a hot tub with the Jacuzzi bubbles going can be very relaxing, likewise, just the sound of bubbles can have a profoundly relaxing effect on all levels of your being, thereby decreasing the “background noise” in your energy-systems. At the same time, these bubble sounds also tend to produce a mild cleansing effect on your etheric body.

If you listen with stereo headphones, you will also notice bubbles “passing through” your head.

Optimum-reception Posture: Any position is fine.

Laughter in general performs two wonderful functions on the emotional level. First, it brightens up your feelings or “perks you up”. Technically, it raises the frequencies at which you are vibrating emotionally. You could think of laughter as “delight that is just boiling over”.

Secondly, it dislodges and releases pockets of dense emotional energies within your field. You see, laughter is the emotional equivalent of soap suds. Just as soap loosens up dirt so it can get washed away more easily, likewise, laughter loosens up pockets of heavy emotions stuck in your emotional field (like anger, annoyance, fear, sadness), so they can easily wash away into the light.

So laughter serves to raise your emotional frequencies and to dislodge and release accumulated pockets of low-frequency emotions.

Because of emotional resonance, laughter is contagious. And so, just the sound of laughter can easily induce brighter feelings in others. And fairy laughter just happens to be one of the most “potentized” and high-frequency forms of laughter around.

If your emotions affect your health, and if laughter up-shifts your emotions, ... hmm, just think ..... laughter is the best medicine!

10. LAGOON WAVES (6:59)
Optimum-reception Posture: Lying on your back.

In many fields of understanding, water corresponds to the emotions and the emotional body. Lagoon Waves are the sound of water when it is in a very calm state - any calmer and the water would no longer even make a sound. Predictably, the sound of water in a very calm state has the effect of calming the emotions in the listener. There is very little man-made music that can calm the emotions as profoundly as the sound of very calm waves.
This is often a useful tool to use at the end of a session.
Also, one effective combination of tools is alternating Fairy Laughter with Lagoon Waves, since they have complementary functions with the emotions: The laughter enlivens and upshifts the emotions, while the waves calm them down and smooth them out.

Optimum-reception Posture: Lying on your back.

Imagine you are bathing in a liquid pool of bell harmonics that are slowly shifting. Each of these bell harmonics is a liquid version of a crystal tuning fork. As each of these bell harmonics continues slowly rippling through different frequencies, it occasionally passes through a frequency that is already “alive” & vibrating in one of your energy fields - one of your “primary frequencies”. During that moment when they are both vibrating on the same frequency, this bell harmonic resonates with your primary frequency, thereby making it “hum” with more vitality. It also fine-tunes its relationship with your other frequencies, so they all become even more harmonically-related with each other.
In other words, these shifting bell harmonics occasionally pass through a primary frequency in one of your energy fields, and when they do, they “enliven” your frequency and fine-tune it into a more coherent harmonic relationship with your other primary frequencies.

Also, any treatment or energetic work with crystals or crystal energies tends to be resonantly enhanced by these bell harmonics.

This sound is a brief excerpt from the 30-minute piece, The Valley of Enchimed Peace, which is on the Jeweled Space album by Iasos.

12. THE ANGELS OF PURITY (excerpt) (5:27)
Optimum-reception Posture: Any position is fine.

They say that Harmony is the “keynote” of Heaven. Harmony means energy patterns that are related to each other in such a manner that they support and reinforce each other, as a living self-sustaining system, rather than patterns that interfere with each other and eventually cancel each other out. Coherence means a high level of harmony or integration within the energy patterns of any system. Harmony and Coherence point in the direction of increased health, life, and well-being. Lack of harmony points in the direction of decay, disease, and discomfort.

Your various energy bodies - your physical body, etheric body, emotional body, and mental body - are all continuously influencing each other, moment by moment. The emotional body especially has a potent affect on your other bodies, since a rather large portion of your life force passes through your emotional body.

Harmonious music tends to induce harmonious emotions. And then harmonious emotions tend to influence your other bodies to also resonate into a coherent state of harmony, which, among other things, tends to induce good health. Harmonious music then can start a chain reaction of increased coherence/harmony, that begins as sound, influences your emotional body, and then influences all your bodies into increased coherence, order, and well-being. This is one of the primary ways that music healing actually works. Notice it is not really the music that causes the healing, but your emotions. All the music does is influence your emotions.

This music contains a highly-concentrated amount of musical harmony. And so, it soaks your emotional body in a bath of extreme harmony. To the extent that your emotional body responds to this harmony, it in turns influences your other bodies to likewise resonate into a highly refined state of harmony, order, and coherence - and all with the effortless ease of just simply listening.

This version of ”THE ANGELS OF PURITY” is an excerpt from the full piece with this same name.
The full version of this piece is on the album by Iasos released directly after this CD.

13. BROOKS (6:14 )
Optimum-reception Posture: Lying on your back.

The sound of a vibrant brook - with vital rushing water - tends to induce energy flow. Consequently, this sound can be used any time and any where you wish to transform sluggish or stagnant energy into a healthy vital flowing current of energy. It helps “stuck energy” get “un-stuck”. This effect is further enhanced with the use of headphones, which creates the sense that you are, not nearby, but right inside the brook, amidst the bubbling water, as it’s constantly changing while flowing down stream.

Optimum-reception Posture: Spine very straight - standing or sitting.
Headphones highly recommended!

Within your spinal cord is a pillar of light, or a tube of your life essence, connecting all your energy centers (chakras) and continuing upward as an electronic channel towards the God/Goddess source of your own Being - truly your “life line”. These 3 ascension waves are specifically designed to clear the energy flowing through your pillar of light and to remove any blocks along the way. Having your spine extremely straight facilitates this process.

Each of these sounds begins at the lower energy centers and then progressively moves upward along this tube, until it vanishes - while traveling upwards along your “life-line”.

Also, you can ride this sound upwards - along your “life-line” - to the higher octaves of your own Being, if you enter into this experience with this clear Intention.

Many people find this sound useful as an “enhancer”, for numerous ascension-related activities.

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