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MP3 +Phloide.com & the Garden Gnome Liberation Front - Deception

$5.99 SALE - along the line of early Ministry, Talking Heads, Depeche Mode, Mad At The World, Missing Persons, Berlin, David Bowie...

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POP: New Wave, ROCK: 70''s Rock

https://www.tradebit.com uses a matrix of 80s alt, progressive, art, and new wave varieties of music with a 70s flair to create a unique listening experience.

Song Lyrics:

1. The Plaid RazzleFlabbenz Searches For His Tune

2. When I woke up
-based on a true story
One night I went to bed with a sinus headache on my mind
Thought I need no medicine, I do it all the time

So I went to bed with a sinus headache on my mind
I told myself in the morning, ya know, I’ll feel fine

Its just one of those things, no reason no rhyme
Just the kind of sign we kinda leave behind

I lay my scars all in a line, dream of bread and wine
To leave behind, ignore the sign, no reason no rhyme, do it all the time

When I woke up in the morning.
Felt like Hell

Sometimes I can’t see the sun at night
Because the world gets in the way

Sometimes I can’t see the sun in the rain
Because the clouds get in the way

Sometimes I can’t see the sun when I cry
Because my tears get in the way

And sometimes I can’t see the sun
Simply because I’ve closed my eyes

When I woke up in the morning…

It seems that anyone
Can make their plan
But we all must answer
For how we play our tune

3. Deception
(Lyrics by Scott Cooper)
Deception is a funny game; One can''t see every move she make
Slight of hand, tests of faith, Only she has got what it takes

Deception is a lovely game; She knows all the right words to say
Soothing of soul, lifting of hearts, Come along she''s looking to play

Deception is a beautiful game; Covering flaws with mask and paint
Sight to be hold, loveliest saint; Hiding her claws from the faint

Deception is a crafty game; A puppeteer for the dying masses
Pulling the strings, selling the lives, Twisting truth to divide the classes

Deception is a brutal game; Talons of steel piercing lost souls
Lying so well, freely she speaks, Love of flesh burning like fiery coals

Deception is a deadly game; Her victims die from wounds unseen
Eating them alive, killing from inside, They believed her whispers of being queen

4. My Old Friend

My dear old friend, oh how I remember
The look in your eyes as we shared our lives

We shared the laughter, we shared the pain
We wiped each others tears and held each other tightly to comfort our fears

On a road of comrades, crossing a bridge of love
Jumped/Dived into a river of passion and proceeded to drown

I will remember you, my old friend
I will remember you, my old friend
I still love you

Oh the price we paid for the fools we became
And the scars of a friendship that would never be the same

Remembering our dreams as they turned to nightmares
And crushed the visions from our eyes

As time moves on wounds mutantly mend
As we numb ourselves with stitches of steel

There are the wounds only God can heal
I pray that Lord will bless your journey

5. Dandelions in Bloom
Hey Mr. Ramapithicus
Come and have a drink with us
And let us discuss
The questions of the mind

Can all that we be
Simply existential anomalies
Does life sing just a Filler song,
Between the primordial and the grave

As I walk down Mulberry St.
Looking at all the people I meet
Searching for dandelions in Bloom

Like the tantric senses that stir my thoughts
Are our dreams nothing more than chemically wrought
And our breath nothing more than Empirical dust in June

Hey Mr. Ramapithicus
Come and join us on the bus
As we travel to what once was
In relative time

Is 18 billion years
Long enough to create our hope, our fears, our dreams
Can the quantum matrix hold
The answer for the longing of our soul

As I walk down Mulberry St.
Looking at all the people I meet
Searching to find their tune

Like the supernova dust that has formed my eyes
Has The Maker woven a beautiful surprise
To cloak it inside a esoterical cocoon

So, Mr. Ramapithicus come play your tune
For you know that all too soon
The earth will call us all into her womb

But within this tailor-made tapestry
Is there a greater singularity
That even tomorrow can never consume

6. Ancient Pages
(Original Poem by Scott Cooper)

Shall we read some words from ancient pages
Telling us the story of the rock of ages
Stage was set before the Universe opened her eye

Do we find life in words from ancient pages
The promise given and confirmed by sages
Paradox incognito born to die

Will we become like birds without cages
Our soul and mind will be our controlling gauges
Ex-nihilo Enigmas, Pieces of the Sky

Death becomes life when Love paid our wages
All to be found in the words on ancient pages
Spread you wings and fly

7. Entropy’s Noon
-“What tells the void it is pregnant with the universe, and what atomic anomaly leads a man to lay down his life for a stranger?”

Deception’s such a tempting game, as she soothingly drains us numb
Impotent ride, anemic estate, In the storm we are left to come undone

Deception is a mind sheltering game, as she shades us in her comfort zone
But as truth comes to light, the cure becomes the plight, and in the light we are left to answer alone

Has systematic truth truly made us wise?
Are we just a cosmic glitch with a side of curly fries?
And hope nothing more than chasing after the man on the moon.

There is a fingerprint upon the celestial road
That matches the cryptic prints in my genetic code
Giving hope that Reason stretches beyond Entropy’s noon

8. The Plaid Razzleflabbenz Finds His Tune

All songs written and performed by https://www.tradebit.com and the Garden Gnome Liberation Front, unless otherwise noted (like where our buddy Scott wrote some stuff, and then gave it to us, not knowing we were gonna make a song out of it) ©2002 Bohemian Children (ASCAP)

The Shema (used on Ancient Pages) performed by Shlomoh and Monica Guwazah


"For the scientist who has lived by his faith in the power of reason, the story ends like a bad dream. He has scaled the mountains of ignorance; he is about to conquer the highest peak; as he finally pulls himself over the final rock, he is greeted by a band of theologians who have been sitting there for centuries"
-Robert Jastrow, God and the Astronomers.

80s new wave meets A Small Circle of Friends, Abba, Acoustic Torment, Adam Again, Adam Ant, Afghan Whigs, Against the Flesh, A-ha, Akeldama, Alice Cooper, An Anonymous Band, Andrew Peterson, Anne Di Santo, Arcanjo, Argyle Park, Aslan, Audio Paradox, AutoVOICE, B-52''s, Ballads For the Truth, Bananarama, Bangles, Barry McGuire, Beastie Boys, Berlin, Betrayal, Billy Idol, Billy Joel, Biogenesis, Blackhouse, Blenderhead, Blondie, Bloodgood, Bob Carlisle, Boston, Breakfast With Amy, Brent Bourgeois, Bryan Duncan, Calvin and Hobbes, Celldweller, Charlie Peacock, Cheap Trick, Chris Lindsay Electronic, Chris Rice, Christian Drummers Association, Circle of Dust, Conviction, Crimson Moonlight, Crimson Thorn, Crucial Kick, CS Lewis, Cyndi Lauper, dad, Dancehouse Children, David Bowie, David Zaffiro, Dead to Sin, Death Tongue, Def Leppard, Deitiphobia, Deitiphobia, Deliverance, Depeche Mode, Devo, Devo, Dez Dickerson, Die Happy, Dilbert, dirge, Disciple, Dispute, Don Francisco, Douglas Adams, Duran Duran, Dying Man, Dying To Self, Echo Hollow, Eephus, Electric Light Orchestra, Electric Mayhem, Element of Faith, ELOI, Elton John, Elvis Costello, ErinFall, Ethereal Scourge, Eurythmics, Every Day Life, Extol, extricate, Falco, Family Guy, Fell Venus, Fleetwood Mac, Foreigner, Forgotten Legacy, From Nothing, Gary Chapman, Genesis, Glass Tiger, Glen Campbell, globalwavesystem, Gnashing of Teeth, Godsent Humans, Greg Long, Guns N'' Roses, Hall & Oates, Harvest, Harvey Birdman, HoverConversion, HR Pufnstuf, Hugh Ross, ignatious, Ignite, Imagine This, Impellitteri, Industry Eleven, INXS, Iranaeus, J. Geils Band, Jacks of All Trades, Jacob''s Dream, Jeff Lenhart, Jethro Tull, John Lennon, John Michael Talbot, Joshua Bourke, Journey, Keith Green, Kings X, Klank, Krush, Kurt Kaiser, Leaderdogs for the Blind, Led Zeppelin, Life In Your Way, Life Lite Band, Life Savers, Living Sacrifice, Lost and Found, Love Song, Luti-kriss, Madearix, Madness, Mark Heard, Mental Destruction, Michael Card, Michael Knott, Michael Roe, Milli Vanilli, Mindrage, Missing Persons, mom, Morgan Cryar, Mortification, Mr. Mister, Mud Eye Joe, Nailed, Narnia, Nathan''s Abyss, Never Enough, No Death Inside, Normandy, Opposed, Out of the Grey, Overcome, Ozzy Osbourne, P.O.D., Paradigm Lost, Paramecium, PASS-A-FIST, Pensive, Praying Mantis, Precious Death, Prince, Project 86, Pspazz, Queen, R.E.M., Rachel''s Mourning, Rackets and Drapes, Randy Stonehill, Ravensday, Ray Boltz, ReDeem, Rich Mullins, Roadside Monument, Rock Solid, Rolling Stones, Sacrament, Sardonyx, Sculpture, Selfmindead, Sercher, SinDizzy, Situation Taboo, Six Feet Deep, Smalltown Poets, Sonicflood, Spinal Tap, Stavesacre, Stephen Hawkings, Steve Camp, Steve Green, Steven Curtis Chapman, Stir, Strongarm, Sweet Nectar, Talking Heads, Tears For Fears, Tellus, Tempest, Terry Clark, The Bee Gees, The Cars, The Chipmunks, The Choir, The Clash, The Cure, The Eagles, The Go-Gos, The Human League, The Kinks, The Knack, The Police, The Pretenders, The Ramones, The Romantics, The Smiths, the Teletubbies,, The Walter Eugenes, The Who, These 5 Down, Tiffany, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Tourniquet, Training for Utopia, Travail, Twisted Sister, U2, ug, Uneven Ground, URN, Vector, Veer Chasm, Velociped, Velour 100, Veni Domine, Vessel, Violent Femmes, Weird Al Yankovic, WeltWasher, Wes King, Wrench, xDISCIPLEx, X-Propagation, X-Sinner, Yum Yum Children, Zao, Zoobabies,...

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