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Creating Perfect Affiliate Bonus Packages

Whats the Secret of Being a Successful Affiliate Marketer?

Selling Other Peoples Information Products is a Fantastic Way to Make A Fortune Fast ...



Build Your Affiliate Marketing in a Way That Is Not Used by 99 percent of Your Competition!!

Generate generous affiliate commissions for yourself using unique marketing techniques that your rivals would never, ever think of using!

Learn how the richest people in marketing work affiliate systems like Clickbank, Commission Junction and Hydramedia to make hundreds and even thousands of dollars per month in affiliate income!

Its all detailed here for you in this new eBook -
Creating Perfect Affiliate Bonus Packages

Learn how to promote your product, attract targeted traffic and land the big sales numbers that you have always dreamed of as a marketer!

Dear Fellow Internet Marketer!

Right at this very moment there are thousands of affiliate marketers, both new and experienced who are all marketing the same products and trying to make a decent income.

This mass of people are all trying to do the same thing - build a business empire by selling someone elses product or service.

What does it mean to be an affiliate marketer?

It can mean hours and hours of hard work for very little return if you are not a strategic seller. Advanced marketers know how rough it can be to make even a minimal sum per month from affiliate sales.

The job of affiliate marketer itself can be simply defined as an individual who has chosen to sell other peoples products or services in return for a commission for every successful sale.

In fact the majority of affiliate marketers just make a bit of money here and there.

They have no business maintenance plan in mind.

Their links decay and become broken.

They dont do any testing or market research to find out if the product or service is oversold.

In the end these beginning affiliate marketers dont make much money, just a little bit of cash here and there.
Do You Want to Be More Than Just A Dabbler in Affiliate Marketing and Make Some Real Money?

In general, the affiliate marketing business is very competitive.

The problem is that you are basically attempting to generate sales commissions by promoting and marketing the identical products or services that are being promoted and created by other people and some of these publishers of these books are ALSO in competition with you.

Furthermore although you dont necessarily need a website to promote your products most of your rivals will have one, as well as other gimmicks and online tools that put them way ahead of the game when it comes to being a good persuasive seller.

At this point you might be asking yourself - Whats the point of becoming an affiliate marketer at all? How do I get the edge?

To get the edge on your competitors you need to capitalize on the fact that the majority of these people are all going to be pushing the same product or service in EXACTLY THE SAME WAY.

Your challenge is to do something different when you go about marketing the same product or service. If you can do this then your chances of making a great deal of money are substantially increased.

In Creating Perfect Affiliate Bonus Packages I focus on the two main ways that you can differentiate yourself from the crowd.

First of all I show you exactly how to construct an affiliate business using techniques that 99 percent of your competition has never heard of, using step-by-step instructions and screenshots taken from my own experience as a successful affiliate marketer.

Secondly I show you how to create irresistible bonus packages that will scoop that sale right out of your competitors clutches!

In my mind that is what the perfect affiliate bonus package is all about - making your customer feel like they are getting the deal of the century!

If you have a great affiliate bonus your customers will feel compelled to buy from you because they are getting so much free and useful stuff!

However perhaps I am getting ahead of myself here, especially if you are a beginning affiliate marketer.

As I was once a newbie marketer myself it was important for me to write an easy to understand step-by-step guide that was explanatory about how to start an affiliate business from scratch.

That is because when I was starting out as an affiliate marketer I always felt that I was about to ask a stupid question.

My lack of information about the basics of the business cost me a pretty penny in the long run. I wished I had done my homework about the business in the first place! It would have saved me a lot of time and trouble and I would be a lot richer than I am today!
In Creating Perfect Affiliate Bonus Packages I start out by teaching you how to construct a good foundation for your business in the first place. I...

Teach you how to figure out if the product or service you are thinking of selling is one that people want to buy

Explain the concept of finding a niche that works to your advantage so that your product or service seems more exclusive

Explain why it is better to select a product first and then select a niche if you want to make the most money possible - the opposite tact of what your competition will be doing to get customers

Give you thorough instruction on how to use Clickbank to find digital information products or Commission Junction for tangible products and services

Explain how affiliates make money on Clickbank

Giving you a thorough explanation of how publishers make offers to affiliates on Clickbank and Commission Junction

Detail what you need to have in place in your own business before you can become an affiliate on Clickbank (the answer may surprise you!)

Advise you on how to avoid falling for Clickbank offers that promise to make youre a millionaire overnight on their affiliate landing pages

Give you the insider story on why over 95 would-be affiliate marketers fail within the first two years of setting themselves up in business

* Teach you how to avoid many common errors made by newbie Clickbank and Commission Junction users that put them out of business

* Give you advice on how to measure how much your affiliate business is costing you in both time and money and whether it is going to be worth promoting certain products

* Elaborate on the concept of buying once and how this affects both you and your customers behavior when it comes to buying and selling

* Show you how to calculate how much money you could possibly earn as an affiliate by looking at the publishers offer on either Clickbank or Commission Junction

* Explain why so many of the offers on Clickbank seem to give their affiliates almost absurdly high percentages

* Why the affiliate commissions are substantially lower on Commission Junction rather than on Clickbank

* How you can make thousands using the renewal commission options offered by sellers on Commission Junction

* List the advantages of selling products on Commission Junction over selling them on Clickbank

* How to promote services for banks, credit card companies, mortgage lenders and online dating services at Hydra Media

* Show you how to tell by looking at the commission percent whether or not the publisher is also selling the product and is in direct competition with you

* How to understand the Clickbank concept of gravity (which is the sites way of telling you which of their products are the most popular)

* Tell you exactly why you may or may not want to promote products that are already aggressively and successfully being promoted by other affiliate marketers on Clickbank and Commission Junction

* How to assess the sales letter page of a publisher to help you decide whether or not you can sell their product

* How to examine the testimonials on products to find out whether they are for real or not and whether or not they can be a good indicator of whether or not a product is successful

* Why video testimonials are better than written ones when it comes to assessing a products value

* How to create the automatically generated hoplink that you will use to sell Clickbank and Commission Junction products and services

* How to use a URL shortening service to shrink the very long Clickbank affiliate links and use a URL name that is more appropriate to the product - this makes it easier for both search engine spiders and people to find you!

...and much more basic information about Clickbank, Commission Junction, Hyrdramedia and how to set up your own affiliate business as inexpensively and effortlessly as possible!
Do You Want to Start An Affiliate Business Selling Products for Publishers Right Now?

Of course the main focus of this eBook is on how to promote your products in ways that are different than those of your competitors...
In Creating Perfect Affiliate Bonus Package I also give you lots of information about -

* How to use analytical tools to start selling a product before it is discovered and becomes too popular with other affiliate marketers to make a profit with

* How to seed the market with your promotional materials so that nobody can grab your slice of the profits once the money starts rolling in

* How to write promotional articles and publish them on EzineArticles, GoArticles and Article City to attract unique targeted traffic and get 1000 to 10,000 more articles a month!

* How to build free web pages using blogger sites and other mini-site building resources

* Why it is so important to get your own domain name

* How to find a host online so your web pages have somewhere to live

* How to build a squeeze page on your site that is designed to collect information from your visitors

* How to create review pages to sell the products you are promoting

* How to use pages with hot content to keep targeted visitors buying from you again and again and spreading the word about you via word of mouse

* How to offer a free gift to your subscribers so they can quit that page

* How to link your squeeze pages so that your site visitor is led directly to your landing page

* How to set up at least one intermediate webpage that you control which you use as a gateway or front door to the affiliate product that you are promoting.

* Why you dont need to trick people to get them to subscribe to you

* How every visitor to your site can ultimately become worth a dollar in income that you earn a month

* How to use free autoresponders online to manage the delivery of your content to subscribers

* Where to find articles, videos and news items that will serve as sources of information that will encourage people to visit your site on a regular basis

* How to use Pingoat and Feedshark to ping your information so your blog ranks high in the search engines

...and lots more information about how to persuade people to land on your online sales page where of course, you are going to offer them the most amazing bonus package ever along with your product.

Create Compelling Bonus Packages That Instantly Sell Your Affiliate Product Each and Every Time!

Your affiliate based business is never really going to get past square one unless you focus on creating the ultimate bonus package!

You can have the most sophisticated product in the world sold from the most attractive website ever seen and youll never make a single penny if you dont put together a great bonus package!

In Creating Perfect Affiliate Bonus Package I teach you all that you need to know about and discuss all of the issues to do with using bonuses to become a supreme seller including-

* How to write an amazing sales letter that focuses on the bonuses you are offering and also works with your unique affiliate link to send customers to your Click bank landing page

* How to come up with a bonus package of your own to bribe people to buy a product or service through your link

* How to write copy that makes it appear that the value of the bonuses is much higher than the price of the product that they are buying

* How to know when it is a bad idea to use bonuses (for instance when signing up people as leads for a mortgage lending company it is specifically forbidden to offer incentives)

* How to make sure that you are acting within the rules of the affiliate program that you joined

* How to create a series of unique original products for your offer that are spin-offs of its original content

* The importance of stating the monetary value of everything you offer on your site so that your visitor thinks he or she is getting a great bargain

* A method of creating unique products using other peoples articles so that you will not be accused of plagiarism

* How to market Master Resell Rights Products and use them to your advantage

* How to use Public Label Rights Materials to produce unique products

* Where to find sites online that can provide you with resell products that you can give away as is

* How to use Project Gutenberg as a source of free material

* How to produce your own unique material from scratch!

... and a lot more information about the time, effort, expense and commitment it takes to create a truly profitable affiliate business that is based on creating fail proof and recession proof bonus packages!

You might think that I include a lot of foundation information in the eBook but hard won experience has taught me that without building your business properly from the beginning, your perfectly put together package wont matter because nobody will even see your carefully crafted landing page.

As long as you have a system or process set up to maximize the profitability of your business from the beginning and a great series of bonus products to offer you can make lots of money

Set up your online marketing business for long-term success!

Dont think that this book is just about putting together little eBooks and guides. Everything in this eBook is practical and proven to work and if you put it all into effect these strategies can bring you in thousands of dollars more during the month.

Are You Ready to Make A Nice Monthly Nest Egg For Yourself As An Affiliate Yet?
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