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MP3 Omegahertz - Valsamon

You! It''s time to RIVE from the mainstream, EXIT and RAVE with your "OMEGAHERTZ – VALSAMON"! Feel the lightning action, the exploding contrast, the sounds surround you between stereo! Like nothing else before…

14 MP3 Songs in this album (77:42) !
Related styles: Electronic: Psy-Trance, Electronic: Trance, Mood: Party Music

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You! It''s time to RIVE from the mainstream, EXIT and RAVE with your "OMEGAHERTZ – VALSAMON"! Feel the lightning action, the exploding contrast, the sounds surround you between stereo! Like nothing else before… It is your FREE right to SENCE the true soundtrack of the next generation, to TAKE your "VALSAMON" and EXIT from the customary… ELXIS DISCOGRAPHIC presents the historical 14 track! Album by the known incredible OMEGAHERTZ, "VALSAMON"… After a huge research trough technical spectrum, thousands hours of in and out-door recording, performing, orchestrating, mixing and mastering, DIMITRIOS POURANIS - OMEGAHERTZ delivers you his great work of art, same with its title "VALSAMON" for everyone who has consciously decided to marshaled with LOVE, PASSION and PURITY! NOTICE: It is your FREE right to EXIT and RAVE with your "OMEGAHERTZ – VALSAMON"!


OMEGAHERTZ is Dimitrios Pouranis, an artist who characterized like a brilliant performer of Vocal, Live and Electronic Instruments, of many kinds, like keyboards, wind instruments, flutes, chords, and many more. With his unique style of music as axis in his life and career until today, has a lot of superb releases as also albums and outstanding Live Performances, representing a positive feeling and choice of a lot of people around our world and not only!
Relatively with the music is a composer, sound and mastering engineer, (Bachelor of Science in Music Technology -Preston University- U.S.A.), song writer, disk jockey plus has been events promoter-organizer and radio producer. Deeply through music, is instrument blown player like Flute, soprano and reed, traditional Gaida, chords like "Guebri", "Saz" and "Ud", crust like "Bendir" and "tumbelek" and Keyboards solo player. Also chanter and vocalist in a lot of musical projects. Generally with the "Good" Arts is a graphic designer, site maker, painter, cartoonist, creator of manufactures of several purposes, amateur director and scenario writer. All began the beginning of decade
1990, when an explosion after a sequence, of one after the other, reactions, brought agitation in then data of music, and not only. Was a social come back of an older revolution of movement of love of solidarity and comprehension. It was the music that characterized as "Electronic" with various names as "Techno", "Electronica", "Trance" and other. Characteristic of this and concretely the "Trance" tinge where pole of attraction for many listeners and new artists was. Was the fast rhythm, the psychedelic succession of sound colors as melodic sequences from a lot of deliveries of populations of west and east, from our known map of Gaia. Thus therefore roughly the year
1994 a young child from Hellas and Athens, "DIMITRIOS" occupied with electronic music, massively, having central interest to the formerly Techno Dance, (and only..). This was also the time he started playing amateur as Cassette Jockey to private parties. Having a lot of musical hearings like several genres from the 70''s decade Electronic music until then 90''s, Rock and almost all of its genres, Ambient, Ethnic, Hellenic and world''s Traditional, Byzantine, and Classical, through his family, friends as some radio stations in Athens those days, comes on the year 1996 the same time DIMITRIOS was creating Hip Hop tunes with other participants became known to this artist, the music genre "Elevation", Psychedelic Goa Trance. Irrelevant it has not got instantly this young attention, it did not took a long time to captivated from the "Ecstasis" of this type of music sound shades, and became frame and respect to his music expression.
Therefore again, his first occupation with the music compose, orchestration and production, having essential starting point the year
1998 realizing completely Psychedelic Goa and Uplifting Trance* productions, (*With the Hellenic style and meaning). Reference to Uplifting Trance, in Hellas, was axis of reflection on his music influence and music production of uplifting, hoisting and composing tracks, of "high frequencies", reaching exclusively today, to Psychedelic Goa Trance music production. In the same time, into a big "fasma" of sound collection and stimulants, he started to experiment with different genres , like ambient, chill out, uplifting, psychedelic n'' Goa trance tracks, also productions of other music styles like Hellenic Traditional music, World ethnic, Drum n'' Base, House and Euro Trance. 1998 also was the time which he starts working as Disc jockey professionally at night entertainment centers, night clubs, of Athens, and out of capital, playing several styles of music, doing this way his first steps like music producer.
Through years he has attendance speeches, short period lessons, seminaries, for the Pythagorean music and harmony of celestial spheres, working and studding between ancient and traditional music theory, compose of music, of musical instruments and also has been exposition overseer for global modern, music technology. In January of the year
2003 releases "OMEGAHERTZ-Dreamcatcher" and "OMEGAHERTZ-Theogenesis" music tracks via internet in collaboration with Unicorn Music and their web site servises 2004 did his first present in discography with the psychedelic, Goa track "Elxis", under the artistic name "OMEGAHERTZ", in a compilation with the name "Conspiracy 2", of "Unicorn Music" Label. Till present, he released musical projects in collaboration with the Labels "Unicorn Music", "Kagdila Records", "Space Baby Records", "Freeze mgn" and "Cosmicleaf Records", in "Psychedelic Goa Trance" and "Ambient", "Chill Out Downtempo "style respectively and he is going on...
2006 releases his first versus album and great success "Purple Energy 2" with Balint Tihamer "Goasia", a release of "Unicorn Music" catalogue. The same year he also writes music for the central signal of "G TV" Athens television channel and several of its TV shows. On
2007 gives his music to "0-6 TV" Athens television channel for its central signal and also to a lot of TV commercial "spots" in Hellenic television. On
2008 makes also his first compilation in collaboration with "Kagdila Records" with a roster of very talented artists of several musical roots, a various artist album with the title "Pure Planet 3". And the 12th month of the 2008 founded the Record Label "ELXIS DISCOGRAPHIC" and released on the
2009, 10th of July his debut personal Psychedelic Electronica Trance 12! Track album "ANAMORFOPLASIS" and the first time participating the glorious Singer SILVIE P. (Featuring SILVIE P:
OMEGAHERTZ-Psychedelic Valley/OMEGAHERTZ-Wonderful Times} Sing), and great personalities like ANNA A, ANASTASIA ALEXIOU, in a compilation of several sound forms.
2011 after a lot of difficulties, delays and a loss of a whole 10+ track album data before!!! OMEGAHERTZ rally his powers and with the True Love of his supporters, hurls exploding Love and Passion releasing the amazing 14! Track album "VALSAMON", with the historical participations of
SILVIE P. (Featuring SILVIE P:
OMEGAHERTZ-Two Souls One Body/OMEGAHERTZ-Mothers Lullaby } Sing),
MARIA PAPAVASILIOU (OMEGAHERTZ featuring SILVIE P.-Two Souls One Body} lyrics,
OMEGAHERTZ -Discovering New Planets} voice).
During 2004 till today he has started, under the title "OMEGAHERTZ" to make, live shows - performances, in Hellas and all around the human world, on several musical events.
The artistic title "OMEGAHERTZ" comes from the syllabication of, the 24th letter from Hellenicen alphabetos, OMEGA/ΩΜΕΓΑ – "Ω", and the word -name of the known scientist, physicist and electronic engineer, Heinrich Rudolf "Hertz". "Omega" means the total, the start and the end, defines something great, something eternal. "Hertz" comes from the S.I. measuring unit of frequencies, is in a few words a honor of to the same scientist, and also one subject of work, in connection with waveforms, generally in relation with the product sound of a musician…
Stay Tuned for the next... Until then,
With inexhaustible Love for all of you, yes, every single one of you!!!


Trance / Psychedelic
Personal Albums
Valsamon _2011
Anamorfoplasis _2009
Versus Albums
Purple Energy 2 _2006
Compilations by OMEGAHERTZ
Pure Planet 3 compiled by OMEGAHERTZ _2009
Compilations by others
Magic Dew _2009
Shamanisma _2008
Perfect Goa & Psy _2008
Pure Planet 2 _2007
Gravity 2 _2004
Good Mood _2004
Conspirasy 2 _2004
Chill / Downtempo
Compilations by others
Perfect chill out vol.2 _2008
Chill on ice - second edition _2006
Nova Natura _2005
Fragile life _2005
Chill on ice _2004

2. OMEGAHERTZ-Storm Dance
Lyrics: Anastasia Alexiou
Song: Dimitrios Pouranis
Waiting forward, you to bring
Happiness, unexpected gift
Life n’ hope, Angel dance, storm dance
I do not know what will come
To me again my true love, I say.
Waiting forward, beautiful life
Happiness, sun n’ day gift
Summer night
Angel dance, storm dance
I do not know what will come
To me my true love, I say.

https://www.tradebit.comGAHERTZ-Discovering New Planets
Text: Dimitrios Pouranis
Voice: Dimitrios Pouranis, Maria Papavasiliou
-Αστροσκάφος «ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΙΑΝ»,
[-Starship “ELEFTHERIAN (freedom)”,]
Κεντρον ελεγχου, ζητείται άδειαν απογειώσεως.
[Control center, requiring a take-off permission.]
-Αστροσκάφος «ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΙΑΝ», σε λαμβάνουμε,
[-Starship “ELEFTHERIAN”, we get you,]
Αναμείνατε δια αναγνώρισην... Έλεγχος παραμέτρων...
[Wait for recognition… Parameters control…]
Αστροσκάφος «ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΙΑΝ» έχετε άδειαν απογειώσεως
[Starship “ELEFTHERIAN” you have permission to take-off]
Αστροσκάφος «ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΙΑΝ» μας λαμβάνεις;
[Starship “ELEFTHERIAN” do you get us?]
-Ελήφθη, κέντρον ελέγχου, έτοιμην προς απογείωσην...
[-Roger, control center, ready for take-off…]
Δέλτα, Γάμα, Βήτα...
[Delta, Gama, Beta…]
-Χαίρε «ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΙΑΝ», καλόν ταξίδι!
[-Greet “ELEFTHERIAN”, have a nice trip!]
-Χαίρε Γαίαν!
[-Greet Gaian (Earth)!]

https://www.tradebit.comGAHERTZ featuring SILVIE P.-Two Souls One Body
Lyrics: Maria Papavasiliou
Song: Silvie P
Looking for a star
Something like you
Someone to speak for you
Can’t live without you
I know you will return
Our love had to be true
Come back I miss you
My babe you know I wait for you.

https://www.tradebit.comGAHERTZ featuring SILVIE P. - Mother''s Lullaby
Lyrics: Dimitrios Pouranis
Song: Silvie P
Close my sweet your sparkling eyes
Stop the lies...
Fly above the Magicland
Hold My Hand
Don’t try to escape
From your fears, babe
Just paint and your Dreams
Will come true!

All musical themes Written Produced and Arranged
Participations: (Track Number)
ANASTASIA ALEXIOU, lyrics (2) MARIA PAPAVASILIOU, lyrics (4) voice (3) ANNA A., voice (1-4-8-13),
OMEGAHERTZ live performed: Solo Keyboards-Sound Design(All tracks),
Sing(2),Voice(2-3-10-12),Vocals(7-8),Wooden Flute[Japanese](5),Wooden Flute[Hellenic](7),
Bendir-Tarabuka-Bells(7),Flute(12),Electronic Arp+Lyrics(14)
Sound-Mastering Engineering, Post Production
made by Dimitrios Pouranis at IKAROS Laboratory Hellas:
For relevant services, Mixing/Mastering
/Remixing/Orchestration etc-> Info@https://www.tradebit.com
Graphic and Video Design, Artwork and Photography by FantapsyArt:
For relevant services, CD covers/Event “Flyers”
/Video Edits etc -> GraphDesign@https://www.tradebit.com
https://www.tradebit.com https://www.tradebit.com
Email:OMEGAHERTZ@https://www.tradebit.com Skype:https://www.tradebit.comRANIS
Telephone:00 30 69 77 59 43 12
Web site:https://www.tradebit.com https://www.tradebit.com
https://www.tradebit.com https://www.tradebit.com
https://www.tradebit.com https://www.tradebit.com
https://www.tradebit.com https://www.tradebit.com
Digital Disrtibution - https://www.tradebit.com /Physical - https://www.tradebit.com
Licencing, Feedback: Info@https://www.tradebit.com
Product and Copyright ELXIS DISCOGRAPHIC HELLAS Mylopotamou 32-34
Abelokipi, Attica, p.c.11526, Athens, Hellas-Greece
Official products, CDs, Clothing, Accessories, Gifts:
Write and Click https://www.tradebit.com give your true Love, buy and Support!

Dedications: SILVIE P (Singer):Your heart shall host the
melody of Love, to the sounds of Joy! Hits for melodies
creator, Dimitrios...ANASTASIA ALEXIOU (Librettist): Love to
musician Dimitrios and wonderful journeys to the lands of his music...
MARIA PAPAVASILIOU (Librettist):For everyone who has the free spirit
to look for a star, although their heart is committed...

From the depths of my soul,
Mighty Global Power,all my sweet and lunatic family,
Maria Papavasiliou,Anastasia Alexiou,Evangelos Pouranis,
Helene & Evangelos Grigoriou,Kristina Axelsen,Stefanos Kollias,
Ioannis Ferhati,Spirus the Virus,Aristides Ferhati,Leonidas Giotis,
plus Simos Fouliotis, Vera, Maria and Irina Sinichich,Nick Miamis/Side Liner,
Mamuka L./GE,Efstathios Mallios, Evangelos Kotsis,Vangelis the Chef,
Andrey Averin/Okujah-EuphoriaPromo,Gregory Staikos/Mixdown - life892,
Balint Tihamer & Kanc Cover/Goasia-Opsy, Lara/soundmute, Goran Uric/Talpa,
Bill Hasley/Cosmosis, https://www.tradebit.com & https://www.tradebit.com audience, 0-6 TV/GR.
This work is tribude to:
All of the true true true fan-atic supporters!!!
In all around the human and not only world.
All of you, yes, yes! YOU!! You are and have the power source
of my effort and work all these years, I send you all the time my
Love from the far depths of my soul!!! And always remember,
ONLY true Love, true Purity and no other substitute,
is the key for a better and unique life in our universe! ;)
All the rest you know who you are, maybe you
cannot be placed all here for now, but for
sure in my soul you are written indelible…
Prepare and enjoy our journey…

We proudly inform you that NO ONE
of the recorded performances, songs, vocals
or any other instruments has been applied
any kind of automatic tuning.

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