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Exploiting Clickbank for Fast Profits

Learn the Secrets of Selling and Publishing on ClickBank!

Selling Other Peoples Information Products is a Significant Way to Make A Lot of Money Online Fast ...



Finally a how-to-manual exists that teaches you how to exploit Clickbank and its money-making potential from every single angle!

Create generous affiliate commissions for yourself whilst at the same time getting others to generate them for you too!

Learn how the richest people in marketing work the Clickbank system by reading and following the step-by-step rules set out in this groundbreaking and very analytical eBook...

Exploiting Clickbank for Fast Profits

Learn how to promote your product, attract targeted traffic and land the big sales numbers that you have always dreamed of as an affiliate publisher or marketer!

Dear Fellow Internet Marketer!

You just cant be in any online business today without somehow stumbling across https://www.tradebit.com, which is by far one of the largest and biggest product network sites on the net.

At any given time this monster-mall of affiliate products is offering over ten thousand items to promote!

In turn these products are marketed to the world at large by an excess of over 100,000 active affiliate sales people, many who are expert professionals that make their living exclusively by selling for Clickbank.

One of the most interesting things about Clickbank is that it is like a creaky old ship that has launched a thousand online marketing careers. It is the place where you find the most beginners in marketing because it is so easy to use. It is also a non-discriminatory and cheap place to start up an affiliate business and the site itself has great online assistance and pays both affiliates and publishers in an expedient and fair manner.

Many people who have had absolutely no experience marketing at all got their first virtual experience selling by marketing products on Clickbank.

The reason I decided to write a book about Clickbank is because one of the biggest mistakes that most beginners make when they first enlist with the site is leaving it to fate when they pick products to promote.

To make money on Clickbank it is best to have a bit of strategy when it comes to picking products that will sell. The plain truth is that some are better sellers than others but these products may have been exploited by another affiliate already - to the extent that you dont have a chance of making a great deal of money!

So in a nutshell, the two main keys to opening the vault to Clickbank success are:

1) know how to choose a non-exploited product or service that will sell

2) know how to attract targeted traffic using artful promotional techniques!

These two keys to Clickbank success are discussed thoroughly in Exploiting Clickbank for Fast Profits.

However, because I wrote this eBook for beginners as well as advanced marketers I leave no stone unturned and start from scratch by --

* Explaining why Clickbank is the #1 information product affiliate marketing site on the web

* Describing the business model for Clickbank and giving you a brief history of how it started out

* Providing you with a full explanation of how affiliates make money on Clickbank

* Giving you a thorough explanation of how publishers make money on Clickbank

* Letting you know what you need to have in place in your own business before you can become an affiliate on Clickbank (the answer may surprise you!)

* Informing you as to why you can consider being an affiliate marketer as an equal opportunity job and one of the most inspiring ways to start out your online career as an entrepreneur!

* Describing how and how often you are paid commissions by Clickbank

* Telling you where to find the information you need on the very large and sometimes complex Clickbank site

* Guiding you to where the best forums and information sources, run by actual Clickbank users and experts, are on the internet

* Advising you on how to avoid falling for Clickbank offers that promise to make you a millionaire overnight

* Giving you the insider story on why over 95 would-be affiliate marketers fail within the first two years of setting themselves up in business

* How to avoid many common errors made by newbie Clickbank users that put themselves out of business

* Advice on measuring how much your affiliate business is costing you in both time and money and whether it is going to be worth promoting certain Clickbank products

* Understanding the concept of buying once and how this affects both you and your customers behavior when it comes to buying and selling

...and much more basic information about Clickbank and how it works and how you can make a profit from it as effortless and inexpensively as possible.

In Exploiting Clickbank for Fast Profits you are never left in the dark about exactly how you are going to go about setting up this business so that it earns you generous profits.

By following my step-by-step outline and screenshots (taken from my own experience of setting up a successful affiliate business on Clickbank) you will learn -

* How to acquire and set up your very own Clickbank account

* How to select an initial Account Nickname

* How to use Clickbanks new randomly encrypted affiliate links (which are a newer development on the site) to prevent hackers from hacking into your links and stealing your profits

* How to research available products for sale on the Marketplace page on Clickbank

* How to find products using a specific keyword or phrase

* How to understand how Clickbanks search filters work so you can find the perfect product to sell

* How to use the drop down menu on the Marketplace to search for different types of products

* How to deal with the fact that all Clickbank products come with an unconditional guarantee and the fact that clients must get their money back if they ask for it - no questions asked!

* How to calculate how much money you could possibly earn as an affiliate by looking at the publishers offer

* Why so many of the offers on Clickbank seem to give their affiliates almost absurdly high percentages

* How to understand the difference between Future and Total sales figures on your account page

* How to tell by looking at the commission percent whether or not the publisher is also selling the product and is in direct competition with you

* How to understand the Clickbank concept of gravity (which is the sites way of telling you which of their products are the most popular

* Why you may not want to promote products that are already being aggressively and successfully promoted by other affiliate marketers

* How to assess the sales letter page of a publisher to help you decide whether or not you can sell the product

* How to examine the testimonials on products to find out whether they are for real or not and whether they can be a good indicator of a product being successful for you

* Why video testimonials are better than written ones when it comes to assessing a products value

* How to create the automatically generated hoplink that you will use to sell Clickbank products

* How to identify your unique tracking code in your hoplink

* How to find a URL shortening service to shrink the very long Clickbank affiliate links and use a URL name that is more appropriate to the product - this makes it easier for both search engine spiders and people to find you!

...and many more very practical tips to encourage your marketing success as an affiliate for Clickbank.

Do You Want to Start An Online Business Selling Products for Clickbank Publishers Right Now?

Of course part of having any successful business is knowing how to track your successes and failures and analyze how well your business is doing on a regular basis.

In Exploiting Clickbank for Fast Profits I also give you lots of information about -

* How to use CBTrends to discover a good deal more about any product that you are thinking of promoting

* How to read the charts on CBTrends to find out what the most recent books and services are that have just been offered on Clickbank

* How to find out which products are most requested by using the filters on CBTrends

* How to evaluate the performance trends described in the graphs and charts on CBTrends in order to decide if you should sell a product

* How to use CBEngine to perform an independent analysis of products offered on Clickbank

* Why products that show newly acquired gravity on CBEngine are probably the best ones for you to sell

* How to use the CB Insider section of the CBEngine website to find products that are underexposed and climbing so you can maximize your products

* How to make the most of that free, fully registered trial on Centime to determine whether or not it is the best evaluation tool for you

* How to use the free parts of both Centime and CBTrends to figure out which are the best sales products for you to sell

* How to use these analytical tools to start selling a product before it is discovered and becomes too popular with other affiliate marketers to make a profit with ...

* How to seed the market with your promotional materials so that nobody can grab your slice of the profits once the money starts rolling in

...and lots more information about how to use these two analytical tools to your advantage.

However, your Clickbank-based business is never really going to get past square one unless you focus on two things.

First of all you have to build your business in the correct manner.

If you dont do so, you set yourself up for long-term affiliate marketing failure from the beginning.

Secondly, with your business properly established, you need to promote that business in the most effective manner.

You can have the most sophisticated product in the world sold from the most attractive website ever seen and youll never make a single penny if people do not know where you are or what you have to offer!

In Exploiting Clickbank for Fast Profits I acknowledge that there is both a wrong way and a right way when it comes to Clickbank promotion. These good, the bad and ugly ways of promotion are discussed in my eBook including such issues as -

* How to write an amazing sales letter that works with your unique affiliate link to send customers to your Clickbank landing page...

* Why promoting on Clickbank can be compared to being on a treadmill

* How to find a continual stream of new prospects for promoting your Clickbank product while keeping your expenses at an absolute minimum

* How to turn every customer that you sell a product to into a future returning customer for you

* How to create a webpage or site of your own to which you can send visitors before you send them on to the original product sales page

* How to collect contact information from every single individual who visits your website

* Why the experts say that every customer on a mailing list is on average worth one dollar a month to your business

* How to create a squeeze page that trains your customers to leave their email address with you

* How you can use a review of the product you are selling to bring more customers to you

* How to install and interpret Google Analytics on your site so you can keep track of what you are doing

* How to test your website pages to make sure that you are making the maximum amount of money possible with them

* How to create a scoring system of the products you sell to feature on your page so it looks like you are making a clearer sales pitch

* How to get your site visitors to give you their email address by luring them with additional information that they can only get from you if they leave you their private, personal email

* How to come up with a bonus package of your own that competes with any other affiliate that offers bonuses to potential product purchasers

* How to choose a great autoresponder to automatically handle your email for you

* Where you can find two of the best online monthly subscription services to help you host your autoresponder and increase your overall efficiency

* How to use Google to find out how many other marketers have written pages and posted them online with the purposes of promoting a particular project so you do not find yourself wallowing in a saturated market

* How to create a keyword savvy Google AdWords advertisement to lure targeted customers to your pages

* How to make ruthless decisions about dropping products that dont sell and move on

* How to write keyword rich articles that you can submit to major article directory sites like Ezine Articles, GoArticles and Search Warp

* How to create videos for free and post them on YouTube to lure people to your web pages

... And a lot more information about the time, effort, expense and commitment it takes to create a truly profitable business based on Clickbanks affiliate products.

Building huge Clickbank profits is something that takes time and focus and without building your business properly from the beginning, it is never realistically likely that you are ever going to see very much more than moderate profits (or more commonly, no profits whatsoever) from your efforts.

This is both tragic and silly, because if you build your business correctly or if you decide to follow the normal affiliate marketing route of sending visitors directly to a product sales page, the amount of time and effort you have to put into your business is pretty much the same.

As long as you have a system or process set up to maximize the profitability of your business from the beginning you can make oodles of money on Clickbank!

Set up your business for long-term success as a Clickbank affiliate!


Everything in this eBook is practical and proven to work and if you put it all into effect these strategies can bring you in thousands of dollars more during the month.
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