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Have you ever wanted to create a membership site offering top-notch quality scripts to your customers? Now YOU CAN!

"Ever Wish You Had A Robot To Command:
"Robot Make Money For Me - NOW!"
Good News -- Today I'm Going To Introduce
You To Your https://www.tradebit.comually, I Have 2 For You!
The Journey To Your Future Starts NOW..
Or To Be Specific: It Already Started
Once You Landed Here!

Dear Marketer,

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that Bill Gates is the man who makes billions of dollars selling software - and he's the idol of marketers worldwide.

Software sells, there's no doubt about that. And today it's even easier than ever before to do so. The Internet has enabled entrepreneurs to accept orders online and automatically fulfill them through digital means.

Thats the bright side of the moon

Now lets see the dark side too

Unfortunately, the Internet has also allowed every son and his mother to declare themselves programmers. Today there are hundreds of thousands of self-proclaimed programmers, and we both know that not all fingers are alike

But it gets worse - you can also get software applications that come with resale rights so you can resell them and make money...


Since when is making money a problem?


Here's the problem: Unknowingly, you end up selling a bad software application, and okay, your customers grumble but nothing really comes of it.

But then you do it again, now your customers are getting a little red in the face, they make their complaints heard, and they grudgingly accept your humble apology.

Sell them one more bad software application and youre historydonepast bad memory and you end up slapped on the black sellers list.

Sounds a bit frustrating eh?

At your fingertips are countless opportunities to make money

When you try making money with software, you end losingcash, because you paid for software that didn't workpride because customers run when they smell you around

With so many coders, sellers, software marketers and SO MANY shining opportunitiesthe final question is
"Who Can You Trust?"

On the one hand you have the "dark" side of today's opportunities leaving you with nothing more than a bad taste in your mouth, a pain in your heart, and an empty pocket.

On the other hand, that ever-present glowing and glittering side of the "moon" IS https://www.tradebit.comine, looking at you, wearing her sardonic smile, teasing you until you go MAD whispering in your ears as you try to sleep...

Whats wrong with you? Cant you catch me?

And you shut your eyes, cover your ears, and just try to sleep and forget

because you have NO answer to give to the Siren of Success.

If the above scene says nothing to you, then you are one of the lucky guys.

Those that don't know about the money making opportunities online, wellm they don't worry either.

But if the above scenario feels like a part of your daily routine


Houstonwe have a problem

Listen, I'm not trying to scare you. In fact, I'm not even referring to YOUR nightmares here. What I just described above was the THRILLER I was experiencing in my life night and day until my frustration came to a head.

Now I don't want to bore you with the rest of the story, but I will tell you that I'm happy today because:
blue arrow I KNOW what and whom to trust online

blue arrowI have direct contact with top-notch software applications that make the life of an online marketer better and easier

blue arrow I finally gained access to the BEST, ULTIMATE and the ONLY tools I need for building a lifelong enduring online future

blue arrow I enjoy my life, my nightmare-free nights, my creative days, and BEST of all:
I Captured The Siren Of Success And YOU Can Too!

I have made the money-shining, glittering Siren of Success - the same one that has been torturing me with sleepless nights - MINE!

Yes, the same seductress who has been torturing you too, and guess what?

I will make her pay you back by spilling all my secrets to you, the exact same ones that have allowed me to rid myself of the temptress's sardonic smiles and nightly teasing.

The bottom line is that I can tell you today with the self-confidence of a 10-ton silver elephant: "There is NOTHING wrong with you OPPORTUNITY is HERE waiting for you!"

I know, that sounds like another marketing cliché, but synonyms for that phrase are minimal in the English language and I'm no Hemingway - to describe what I need to tell you today in a different, better way.

Fact is, I'm here, you're here, and while we're both here together, we might as well help each other and enjoy our mutual benefits.

Did I say benefits?

Oh yes

Ready? (I'm sure you are)
Here's How It Works...

Okay, Ill start with my benefit first so everything is crystal clear. My benefit is that you will become another one of my happy customers. My customers are happy because THEY ALSO get the benefits YOU will get, and now its time to talk about them:
checkmark You get the chance to sell top-notch scripts and software applications online. And I'm talking about products you can TRUST, remember? More on this later...

checkmark You can begin taking orders online today

checkmark You have the luxury to choose between taking flat orders or recurring ones that make you money again and again

checkmark You get access to fresh scripts every month so it's easy for you to keep your customers happy happy customers means residual income dropping like rain each and every month into your pocket

Everything I just mentioned is run through a cool, smooth and simple system.

In fact, it's the exact same system I use and now I want to pass it onto you too, so you can experience the same joy and happiness that I've added to my life.

Let me guess, this all sounds too good to be true right?

I know, that was how it sounded to me toountil I actually applied the system I'm talking about to my business

(You know the rest of the story)

Ladies and GentlemenI have the honor to present to you today THE revolutionary discovery that changed my life and it can change your life too without missing a leg or a hand (you know what I mean)
For The First Time Revealed To The Public, I Introduce
Turbo Platfrom Scripts --
Grandma's Favorite Way To Make Money Online!

still there?

I can't hear your applause I bet you're probably thinking, "TurboWhat???

Don't worry, that was my initial reaction too.

Allow me to give you a tour of your future:

Turbo Platform for Scripts is basically just another script - actually it's a package of 2 scripts. What really matters is what these scripts allow you to DO!

The first script is called the Platform, and this is what you'll use to send your customers top-notch scripts, and as a direct result, they'll also be very happy customers.

The second script is called the Client, and this is the script your customers (a.k.a. Clients) will get from you. They will be able to install the "Client" anywhere they want online, and whenever you release a new script, they simply login to their Client script andVoila! The scripts you've released are right there, waiting for them!


And maybe it's because I love Star Wars a lot too. I'm sure you've seen an episode at least one?

If so, do you remember the telekinesis?

Clark would go inside the machine, hit a button and then was transmitted to another place in the cool to forget, dont you agree?

Anyway, that's how the Turbo Platform For Scripts works too
Put Your Scripts In The Turbo Platform, Hit A Button
And Enjoy Star Wars "Telekinesis" In Action

As corny as that sounds, it's true!

Thanks to the Internet and its secret technology, I'm enabling you to transmit scripts to the Client's (your customer's) machine FOR EACH OF YOUR CUSTOMERS separately, and all they have to do is login, get their new scripts, install them on their server, and USE THEM FROM FROM THEIR OWN machine!

Let me ask you a question:

Does all this sound too good to be true?

Hell NO!

Its how the Turbo Platform For Scripts WORKS!

Its HOW YOU can make it WORK for YOU, your family, your business, and life

Take a look:


Much much easier to understand right?

And yes, its really that simple.

Whenever you want to send new stuff to your customers, you just login to the Platform, click some buttons, and that's it! Your customer just has to login, whenever they want, check out the new stuff, and USE the scripts right from the Client interface.

Cool eh?

Now if you'll remember what I mentioned earlier:

You are transmitting the scripts to the Clients machine FOR EACH OF YOUR CUSTOMERS separately

That means:

If you have 1 customer, you have 1 customer that gets 1 Client from you yadda, yadda, yadda

If you have 100 customers, each one of your customers gets 1 Client from you and each time you RELEASE a script, that product is TRANSMITTED to ALL CUSTOMERS AUTOMATICALLY!

Let me simplify this for you:


Easier eh?

Ya, its that simple

Again: when you release a script, the script goes to all customers Clients like this:



Great! Because thats how the Turbo Platform For Scripts works and how you can serve your own customers: through an easy, worry-free system.

Now lets get to the best part:

You have the system ready.

But now you're probably wondering how you get orders from your customers, and where you find the scripts to sell and release through the Platform?
Here's How You Get Orders From Your Customers
And The Scripts You Need To Sell
And Release Through The Turbo Platform

Do you remember when I told you at the beginning of this letter that I have access to the finest, ULTIMATE and ONLY tools I need to be successful, and as promised I'm going share them with you.

You see, I'm one of the many happy DELAVO owners.

DELAVO is for eCommerce what Windows® is for computers - that is it's the ULTIMATE most complete system one can use for:

checkmark Getting orders online

checkmark Selling any type of product, through any server, and thus centralizing all sales through 1 roof

checkmark Running affiliate programs

checkmark Offering coupons, special offers, points as rewards

checkmark Managing events

DELAVO can do almost anything a marketer ever needs for their business, and even more features can be added through Plugins.

Looks good, so how do you sell online?

That's easy! I'm going to set you up with a hosted account on my DELAVO system and you can be up and running TODAY simply add your information and payment options and start taking orders.

And where will you get the scripts to sell to YOUR customers?

Thats easy too - I'll deliver those scripts to you so you don't have to worry about a thing. Simple.

You can get as many scripts as you want, load them to your Platform and release them to your customers.

Yes! It's really THAT simple!

And guess what?

You can use your DELAVO hosting account for selling NOT ONLY access to your Turbo Platform For Scripts, but you can also use it to sell ANY kind of product or service you want.

In short, I'm giving you access to a powerful all-in-one eCommerce account that you can use for selling anything you want online.

Your access to the scripts is just 1 of the countless ways you can monetize DELAVO!
Here Is Your Big Secret Shortcut...
Turbo Platform For Scripts

Turbo Platform
For Scripts

Now You Can Finally Capture Your Very Own Siren Of Success

In A Nutshell Here's What You Get:

checkmark Your very own hosted DELAVO account

checkmark The Turbo Platform for Scripts: your own Platform and the Client script you can deliver to your customers.

checkmark Products like scripts to sell just load them to your Platform and let the Client do its magic

Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

You have 30 days to decide. If at any time in thirty days you decide that this is not what you needed then you will get your money back asap by contacting us. No questions asked at all.

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