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Stop Settling For Piddly Traffic,
A Site That Customers Click Away From,
And Too Few Sales.

TURBO-QUIZ Might Look Like Just An
Innocent Amusement to Your Readers,
But You Know The Truth...
Hidden Beneath Its Playful Surface
Is The Ultimate Marketing Weapon
That Packs a Powerful Punch!

Add it to your site in just minutes
and watch what happens...

Turbo Quiz GeneratorYou'll keep your visitors on your site L-O-N-G-E-R because they're having FUN!

Turbo Quiz Generator You'll "read" your visitors minds, so you can offer them EXACTLY what they want to buy

Turbo Quiz Generator You'll DRAMATICALLY increase the response rate on your articles and advertisements

Turbo Quiz Generator You'll even make your site VIRAL, with visitors enthusiastically telling others to GO TO YOUR SITE!

You can even...

Turbo Quiz Generator Offer interactive e-courses where your students take real tests, and get graded immediately.

Turbo Quiz Generator Find out what your customers already know and have, so you can offer them what they're missing.

Turbo Quiz Generator Target the right product to the right customer with laser precision!

Dear Marketer,

Can one simple little tool make your site...

more interactive...
more viral...
more interesting...

and just plain more fun?

You bet it can!


Turbo Quiz Generator

Your Secret Marketing Weapon
That Packs a Powerful Punch!

While your competition won't even know what you're doing...'re going to be increasing your traffic and your sales right under their noses.

Who would suspect that a simple script you can add to your website in just minutes can do everything listed above and more!

Now you can harness the power previously enjoyed only by big corporate sites.

Turbo Quiz Will Keep Visitors on Your Site
LONGER by Making Your Site Interactive and Fun

There is no doubt about it, people love to take fun quizzes.

Cosmopolitan(TM) magazine is a great offline example of this.

For decades they have always added at least one quiz to every issue of their magazine.

Who hasn't taken a Cosmo quiz?

It's the most popular feature in their magazine, the one people love to talk about and share with others.

Obviously, the quiz has done amazing things for Cosmo's circulation over the years.

Their readership is 17.7 MILLION strong.*

Now imagine someone is on your website...

takes your quiz...
LOVES your quiz...

(was it fun? silly? educational? enlightening? entertaining? all of the above?) wants to share it with a buddy.

You already know how much easier it is to share something online than in a magazine!

You Can Also Target the Right Product to
The Right Customer with Laser Precision

With Turbo Quiz Generator, you can direct users to a specific page based on the points they gather through their answers to the quiz.

And you define the points, too.

So if you're selling Internet marketing info, you could offer your clients a quiz that tests their skill as a marketer.

If they do really well, offer them an advanced level ebook.

If they do poorly, offer them an ebook for newbies.

And if they fall somewhere in the middle, offer them a product that corresponds with their skills and knowledge.

Regardless of their level of expertise, you can offer them a product that perfectly matches their needs!

Add Excitement to Your Website With
Timed Quizzes And Contests

Tired of putting your readers to sleep?

Want to shake things up a bit?

Offer timed quizzes with contest prizes!

You can test their knowledge of ANYTHING you want.

Set the timer for as long (or short) as you want on each question, and then watch the fun!

Your traffic will now be competing to see who wins the prizes!

And you can make the prizes anything you want.

Maybe an intro chapter to your new book?

How about a discount on your latest offer?

Or maybe a free product or service.

You're limited only by your imagination.

And as you know, the Internet is becoming more and more interactive.

If your readers can't actively participate on your site, you're going to lose them!

But make your site fun by adding quizzes, and not only will your readers get excited, they'll even start telling their friends...

After taking the quiz at

Add a Button Next to Your Quiz
For Sharing it With a Friend,
And Your Site is Now VIRAL.

Have you ever seen those IQ tests that uses to lure people to their site?

They're like honey to flies... who can resist the trail of intriguing questions?

As of this writing, their site ranks 884 on Alexa, a direct result of their quizzes.

I wonder what adding a Turbo Quiz to your site can do for YOUR traffic?

Need ideas for what sort of quizzes you can create?

Go to to get ideas for creating your own quizzes, like these...

Are You Millionaire Material?

How Do You Connect to People?

Do You Think Outside the Box?

Are You a Sex Goddess?

The Ultimate Personality Test

What's Your Romantic Pattern?

Do You Need a Career Makeover?

How Hip Are You?

Are You an Internet Marketing Expert?

What's Your Money I.Q.?

What Does Your Style Say About You?

How Green is Your Thumb?

Do You Have What it Takes to Be on the T.V. Show, The Apprentice?

How Sexy Are You Really?

Are You a Good Parent?

What's Your Baby's Claim to Fame?

Which T.V. Mom Are You?

Is it Love or Lust?

Do You Have What it Takes to Make Your Fortune Online?

The possibilities are limited ONLY by your imagination.

Let's say you're selling a course on how to drive maximum traffic to websites....

Write a quiz on all the different methods of traffic generation.

Or, to drive home the BENEFITS of having a lot of traffic... a quiz on which sites are getting major traffic... they're doing it... how much they're making as a result of their efforts.

You could even get your readers to write your quiz questions for you, by...

(you guessed it...)

https://www.tradebit.comzzing them on what questions to ask!

Which brings us to the next reason to grab Turbo Quiz Generator right now...

Automatically INCREASE the Response Rate Of
Your Articles and Advertisements by Advertising a Quiz

Writing articles is an excellent way to promote your site.

Ezines and websites pick up your articles and run them on their sites for content, along with your resource box.

Now, instead of having the same old boring info in your resource box... can spice it up...
https://www.tradebit.comab their attention... have them clicking over to your site in a flash.

For example, if you're a financial planner, you might write an article on a particular type of investment.

Then, in your author's box, instead of simply saying...

"For more information, go to"

You can say something like...

"To take our two minute quiz and discover if you're an investment stud or an investment dud, click here!"

Which one do you think will get more response?


And advertisements work the same way, whether you're advertising on a search engine, in an ezine or on a website.

You're naturally going to get more traffic when you entice the reader with fun, interactive quizzes that are all about THEMSELVES!

And Don't Forget the Social Bookmarking Sites
That Will Bring You MORE Traffic,
Resulting in MORE Sales!

Wondering how to get readers to add your site to social bookmarking sites?

Add a Turbo Quiz!

With your fun and interactive quizzes, your readers are far more likely to social bookmark your site.

This means MORE traffic for you, resulting in MORE sales!

Not to mention this also adds links to your site...

https://www.tradebit.comch can boost you HIGHER in the search engine ratings!

I don't mean to make Turbo Quiz Generator sound like the greatest tool in your money-making arsenal, but it's certainly going to be in your top five.

And it might even be your favorite, because look what else you can do with it...

Become the World's Greatest Internet Detective by
Finding Out EXACTLY What Your Customers Want,
How They Want It, and What They're Willing to Pay.
THEN Let Them Tell You Exactly How to Sell It to Them!

Ever wish you could read your customers' minds so you knew exactly what they're thinking?

Just imagine, if you know exactly what problems your customers have...

https://www.tradebit.comt solutions they're desperate for... what answers they'll pay good money to find... can strike gold anywhere and everywhere you look!

It's like having a special tool that finds money everywhere you go.

Here's a secret of some of the biggest Internet marketers online, one that you've probably read no where else...

You've heard that the big dogs find needs and fill them.

They find niches that are lacking answers or info, and they provide it.

Essentially, they look for what's missing, and supply it.

But do you know what their number one secret tool is?

It's so simple, a child could use it.

But until now, few people had access to it.

You see, the secret to discovering EXACTLY what people want... they want it...
https://www.tradebit.comt they're willing to pay... how to sell it to them, is to...


Okay, sounds too easy.

And it is!

Pick a niche, any niche.

Let's go with child care.

Rather than second guess your customers needs and wants, create a quiz that asks them what's important to them, and what they want to learn.

Their answers determine your next product.

Who are you going to sell it to?

Start with the folks who took your quiz, of course!

And what's a great shortcut to writing your sales letter?

Turn the questions you asked and the answers they chose into bullet points!

With a little practice, you can be turning out quizzes that get to the heart of what your prospects want.

Stop guessing what your prospects want, and let them tell you for a change!

No more spending weeks on a product that doesn't sell.

Now you can know in advance what's hot and what's not, what will sell and what won't.

And no more guessing about how much to charge anymore, either.

With Turbo Quiz Generator you can even ask your customers how much that information or solution is worth to them.

What could be simpler?

Discover Your Customers Hidden Needs
(The One's Even They're Not Aware Of)
To Blow Your Competition Away and
Make Even MORE Sales

You'll look like you have a marketing crystal ball with this trick... your competitors will be shaking their heads in amazement when they see how "insightful" and knowledgeable you really are!

Sometimes, customers don't know what they want...

https://www.tradebit.comply because they don't know what they're MISSING.

For example, if you're promoting Internet marketing products... might survey your readers to find out what they're knowledgeable about... where they're lacking tools and skills.

They might not even know that they need to learn how to do a certain technique or skill to be truly effective online... so you can offer them a ebook that fills that gap for them.

Or they may not know about certain tools and scripts that will make their work and their life a whole lot easier.

Thanks to the results of the survey, you know exactly what to offer them, and even how to position the offer to maximize sales!

And Turbo Quiz Generator is The Ultimate Tool For
Creating Interactive Lessons and eCourses
(Another Profit Stream for You)

There is a tremendous amount of money to be made online by teaching others.

After all, why do most people go online in the first place?

To find information.

To fill in the gaps in their learning.

And to learn brand new things.

You can be the one who teaches them.

Follow each lesson up with an online quiz that is immediately and automatically graded, and they can see exactly how well they're learning the material.

When they've completed all the lessons and passed all the tests, you can send them their certificate of completion.

Your e-courses look extremely professional and credible.

Whatever your area of expertise, there are people who want to learn what you know.

This can be an entirely new avenue of income for you.

You can even set up e-courses for other people.

Think of the possibilities!

With Turbo Quiz Generator, You Can
Create Unlimited Quizzes
With Unlimited Questions and
Unlimited Answers Per Quiz

You Control Everything...

The title of the quiz
The number of questions per quiz [you can place any number of questions in the quiz (for example; 100) and display any number of those (for example; 10) in a specific order or randomly shuffled.]
The seconds allowed for each question [TurboQuiz counts down the time right on the viewer's screen]
Whether or not you show the results
Whether or not you deduct points for extra time
You can display top scorers [or not] through a "Hall of Fame" link
You choose the page templates (header and footer) for each quiz
You can direct users to a page you define according to the points they gather through their answers
You define the points earned for each answer

Turbo Quiz Generator makes your site ENJOYABLE (Fun!)... your traffic stays on your site L-O-N-G-E-R.

Turbo Quiz Generator makes your site VIRAL...

so your traffic sends MORE traffic...

https://www.tradebit.comch sends MORE traffic... soon you've got a regular traffic JAM... if you're like

https://www.tradebit.combe even an Alexa rating UNDER 1000!

Turbo Quiz Generator increases the click-through rate on your articles and advertisements...

https://www.tradebit.comding more people to your site... stay longer... tell others...
Your traffic can just grow and GROW and GROW with Turbo Quiz!

And don't forget... more guessing what your customers want.

Now you can ASK them exactly what they want to know...

https://www.tradebit.comt problems they need solved... how much they're willing to pay!

And your sales letters will be easier to write... guaranteed more effective...

https://www.tradebit.comce you're using the answers your customers chose as your bullet points.

Your customers have told you exactly how to sell them!

Want to find the holes in your customers arsenals... offer them exactly what they need?

Give your customers a quiz on what they know and don't know.

Find out where they're lacking... then show them what they're missing!

Don't forget, another great way to add an entirely new income stream to your sites is to...

https://www.tradebit.comer your customers interactive e-courses.

Your students can take real tests... get graded immediately.

And with Turbo Quiz Generator you can even...

https://www.tradebit.comget the right product to the right customer with laser precision.

When you order Turbo Quiz right now, you will instantly receive...

Turbo Quiz Generator The Script
Turbo Quiz Generator The PDF Manual
Turbo Quiz Generator A Video Tutorial

You also get...

Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

You have 30 days to decide. If at any time in thirty days you decide that this is not what you needed then you will get your money back asap by contacting us. No questions asked at all.

Visit for more great ebooks and digital products.
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