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Padre Eterno
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Este Momento
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Tuyo Soy
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Señor Te Amo
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Eres Mi Señor
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Salmo 91
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Levanto Mi Cruz
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Cada Paso
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Es Bueno Dar Gracias
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Dios Eres Bueno
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TUYO SOY (I AM YOURS) Spanish invitation to a life of complete surrender to Jesus. Songs that draw the listener into intimate, open interaction, answering the call of Jesus to "come to Me."

10 MP3 Songs in this album (38:36) !
Related styles: Spiritual: Praise & Worship, Latin: General, Christian

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TUYO SOY is a long-time dream come true.
A beautiful and powerful resource for the missions and ministries working in Spanish-speaking communities. TUYO SOY is available for retail purchase but its primary purpose is to be available by-the-box for those ministries which will make the most fruitful use of it as part of their evangelism and discipleship efforts. They can be sent to ministries that we are connected with or to specific ministries designated by you. Just contact us.

We've known for many years that we would someday record a Spanish album, but Tuyo Soy has gone beyond all our dreams. We teamed up with the Gutierrez Brothers who translated all but one of the songs and were committed to communicating the messages of the songs in a way that the listener would have the least distraction from our accent and just hear the Lord calling them. Tuyo Soy is the silent song of every human's heart. We just want to help make the song audible and the intimacy with Jesus real and transforming.

Tuyo Soy Story

The work of selecting the songs began in July of 2007. Since the mission is to make a strong invitation toward intimate conversation with Jesus, the first priority was to make sure that the songs which carried that invitation in English actually carried the same message in Spanish. There were 35 songs on our list that over the years have been fruitful, in English, toward this mission. At first we didn't want to overload the Gutierrez Brothers with that many songs and tried to give half to someone else. That didn't work, so they ended up with all of them and what a blessing that was! They almost immediately were able to get to work on thinking through which songs could say the same thing in Spanish. Within a couple of months, even with busy road schedules for all of us, by cell phone we had determined which were real candidates and in a few more days had isolated the 10 songs that would be on the album.

The songs weren't the ones we expected. The "obvious" picks were ruled out quickly in the process. Songs like Let's Worship and Thank You Jesus just didn't pass, the language is too American English and did not convey within the recognizable structure and melody.

Once the songs were picked, Jeff Lams who produced this first for all of us, started working out new arrangements and laying out the plans and schedule for the studio time and players. He would do all the piano and keyboards, including his new acquisition, a classic Hammond B3. Dave Owens would play drums and percussion. David Coy on bass and Bob Somma playing guitars completed the best basic tracking team anyone could dream up.

That basic track recording had to be done while we were on the road. Just the week before we had done the final mix and mastering for WE'VE COME TO WORSHIP - LIVE. But everything worked like clockwork and it was obvious God was orchestrating every detail and schedule.

Tuyo Soy, even in it's raw recorded version confirmed that Jeff Lams was the perfect producer and arranger for this project. It was mind-blowing, beautiful! Those tracks would have been so wonderful to sing to in our vocal sessions, except for the little detail of having to sing in Spanish! We are so grateful that Jose Luis and Arturo were in the studio with us every minute. The agreement was that this couldn't just sound like some gringos doing their best. The distractions from the message of the songs had to be cut to the minimum. Cut is a good word. It was one of the hardest things we've ever done and that goes for the Gutierrez Brothers too, but worth every impossible challenge.

Now, I want to share something extremely important to understand. Out motivation for this project is not to become the new Spanish music artist. We believe Jesus wants to penetrate the hearts of the Spanish-speaking people with the powerful drawing of His Spirit and we believe Tuyo Soy is a resource for those ministering in those communities. If you hear that foundational element when you hear these songs, please pray about how you can help get them in those hands that God means them for. That means that the Hispanic and Latino ministries need to have boxes of these in their tool box. As the Gospel is preached, they can send the hearer on their way with a CD that will become a personal tool of the Holy Spirit to start or continue talking to Jesus and surrendering to Him.

If you know a ministry like that and you want to help supply them with this tool, make an order today. There are special prices for volume orders. Believe me, we're not finished doing our part, but it will be great to link arms and see what God will do!

The text on the inside (Spanish & English)

El Alma es algo de valor incalculable

Esto llego a ser muy claro cuando mis ojos fueron abiertos. Tome inventario de mi vida y entendí que había vendido mi alma por la primera satisfacción que podía obtener, por el costo mas mínimo. Esa vida parecía tan vacía y humillante que no podía comprenderla.
Detestando mi vida, me retire y con mi mente me aleje.

Los Doctores comentaban que la psicosis era muy profunda, no había esperanza de recuperación. Pero al tercer día recostado en la cama del hospital, escuche la voz de un amigo de mi niñez. Me dijo, Terry, Yo se como te sientes. âYo he visto todo lo que el hombre ha hecho y también estoy descontento por elloâ. Así es que has decidido dejar de ser humano. Quiero que sepas que Yo escogí hacerme humano por tiâ¦En ese momento el amor que se hizo humano por mí, me lavo por completo y lleno mi alma vacía con su razón de ser humano âcon su gran amorâ. Me dio una mente nueva
e inmediatamente el nuevo diagnostico fue y todavía es, ârecuperación satisfactoriaâ

Yo malbarate mi alma, pero El pago el precio completo para hacerme libre. Su Vida y su amor por los seres humanos. Salmo 95:7 Dice, âHoy, si escuchas Su voz no endurezcas tu Corazónâ Te invito, a escuchar estas canciones y que oigas Su voz que te esta llamando.. El llenara el vacio que hay en ti, El te quiere dar esperanza y propósito. Como lo ha hecho por mí. En Juan10:10 Jesús nos dice, â El ladrón no viene sino a robar, matar y destruir; Yo he venido para que tengan vida y para que la tengan en abundancia. Jesucristo es el único que te puede dar vida eterna. Y El te la ofrece hoy.

De tal manera amo Dios al Mundo que dio a su hijo unigénito, para que todo aquel que en El crea no se pierda mas tenga vida eterna-. Juan 3:16

Si confesamos nuestros pecados El es fiel y justo para perdonar nuestros pecados y limpiarnos de toda maldad- 1 de Juan 1:9
A soul is a priceless thing.

That became clear to me on the night my eyes were opened. I took inventory of the life I had lived and I realized that I had sold my soul for the quickest, cheapest satisfaction I could get. My life was too empty and humiliating to comprehend. Abhorring my life, I left it there in a heap and, in my mind, walked away.

The doctors said the psychosis was too deep, there was no hope of recovery. But on the third day lying in the hospital, I heard my childhood friend's voice. He said, "Terry, I know how you feel. I've seen everything Man has ever done and I'm horrified by that, too. For that reason, you have decided not to be a human being. For the same reason, I chose to become one."

Then the Love that made that choice, washed over me and filled my empty soul with His reason for being human. He gave me a new mind. Immediately the new diagnosis was, and is still, Recovering Satisfactorily. I had sold my soul cheaply, but He came and paid full price for my freedom to be what He made me for â His life and His love.

"Today, if you will hear His voice, do not harden your heart." Psalm 95:7(b) I invite you, as you listen to these songs, to listen for His voice. If you hear it, Jesus will be calling you to Himself. He allows you to freely make the choice to turn and come to Him. In exchange for your emptiness, He will give you hope and purpose.

In John 10:10, Jesus reveals: "The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that you may have life and that you may have it more abundantly." Jesus Christ is the only One who can give the gift of eternal life, and He offers that to you now.

God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever would believe on Him would not perish but have eternal life. â John 3:16

If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. â 1John 1:9

Tuyo Soy Lyrics (Spanish & English) & Credits (English. Spanish on CD cover)

Lluvia de bendición
Constante misericordia
Fuerza cuando clamamos
Nos rescatas cuando caemos
Humildemente adoramos
Firmes nuestros corazones
Esperan por Ti

Padre eterno
Creador del mundo
Nos postramos ante Ti
Padre eterno
Padre damos
Gloria a tu nombre

Torre y refugio
Y gran muralla de salvación
Rey y mayordomo
Eres bello en toda ocasión
Esperanza y gozo del mundo
Toda la creación
Cantemos a Ti


Dios, esta es la hora
Me has dado este momento
Escuché tu voz
Haré mi decisión
Yo vengo a Ti

Dejando todo atrás
En ti pongo mi mirada
Me has llamado a ti
Y como permanecer
Yo vengo a Ti

Yo vengo a Ti
Pero aquí estoy
Yo vengo a Ti
Tal como soy


Dios muéstrame el camino
Yo quiero proclamar
Tu palabra y tu voluntad
Hablaras por mi
Sanaras al quebrantado

Dios hazme tu siervo
Paciente esperaré
Quiero conocerte
Tocar tu Corazón
Quiero ser tu siervo amado

Tuyo soy, tuyo soy
Me has comprado con tu sangre
Tuyo soy, yo soy
Nuevo en ti mi Cristo
Tuyo soy, tuyo soy
Tienes mi vida en, tus manos
Y quando escucho que tu espíritu
Me llama, y yo, te sigo
Porque, tuyo soy

Señor lléname con tu espíritu
Bautízame en tu amor
Toma el fuego del altar
Al tocar mis labios
Que consuma las tinieblas a mi alrededor


No hay un día que pase
Que yo no recuerde eres fiel
No hay un momento en el tiempo Sin
Razon ni motivo en tu mente
Ayúdame a ver, lo que tu ves
Vivir cada momento diciéndote

Señor, te amo
Señor, te adoro
Señor, te alabo
Con todo mi ser

No hay un lugar donde ir
Que no estés, conmigo, siempre conmigo
Por eso, me rindo ante ti
Rindo toda mi vida por siempre
Ayúdame a ver, lo que tú ves
Vivir cada momento diciéndote


Eres mi Señor
Te alabaré para siempre
Levantaré mi canción hacia ti

Cantaré para ti una nueva canción
Adoración y alabanzas de mi corazón
Porque eres mi Dios
Y eres mi Rey
Te alabaré

Eres mi Señor
El cielo declara tu gloria
Tu Nombre es supremo y bendito Señor

6. SALMO 91

El que habita al abrigo de el altisimo
El que habita al abrigo de el altisimo
Morara bajo la sombra del Omnipotente
Y el dirá mi Dios en El Confiaré
En El Confiaré (rpt)

Morara bajo la sombra del Omnipotente
Y el dira mi Dios en ti Confiaré
En ti Confiaré


Levanto mi cruz y te seguiré
Te seguiré, yo te seguiré
Levanto mi cruz y te seguiré
Cristo guiamé

Tu sangre fue derramada por mi
Hazme libre y fluye en mi
Levanto mi cruz y te seguiré
Cristo guiamé
Cristo guiamé


Estoy aqui otra ves de Nuevo
Tu voz escucho me llama hacia Ti
Y no hay otra voz que sigo
Solo a Jesús en quien habito yo
No hay razón que me demore
Ayer paso y debo de seguir
Y aunque no se lo de mañana
Yo se que cielo vamos a llegar

Donde beberé agua viva
Donde he de escuchar de tu voz
Como he de saber de cierto
Que sigo en tu camino
Al menos que
Que siga cada paso que tu das

Sabiendo que no hay otra puerta
Es mas claro hacer la decisión
Siempre en el lugar secreto
Paciente espero hasta escuchar tu voz
Agoviado y temeroso
Pensando que todo debo saber
Porque pregunto cuando y donde
Sabiendo que me ama el buen pastor


Es bueno dar gracias a Ti oh Señor
Y cantarte alabanzas, mi Dios
Anunciar por la mañana tu misericordia
Y en la noche tu fidelidad

Digno, Digno es tu nombre Señor, mi Señor
Digno, Digno es tu nombre Señor, mi Señor


Dios eres bueno
Tú siempre has sido bueno
Lo canto por la eternidad
Dios eres bueno

Yo quiero alabarte
Día y noche quiero adorarte
De pie para darte Gloria
Por la eternidad

Eres hermoso Dios
Tú eres tan hermoso Dios
Y cada dia eres fiel
Dios eres bueno

Spanish©2009 Clark Brother Keepers 1. EVERLASTING

A shower of blessings
Constant presence of mercy
Strength whenever we call
You deliver us when we falter
So humbly we adore you
Standing altered
Our hearts are waiting for You

Creator of the world
We bow before you
Father, we give praise
Unto Your name

A tower of refuge
A mighty wall of salvation
King of all You survey
Beautiful for all situations
The hope and joy of the whole earth
All creation rejoice!
We sing unto You


Lord this is my time
You gave me this moment
I have heard Your voice
Here I make my choice
I come to You

Leaving all behind
Your face is in focus
I heard You call my name
So how could I remain
I come to You

I come to You
Helpless and broken
But here I stand
I come to You
Just as I am


Lord, make me a vessel
Of your Word and your will
Speak your words through these lips
Your own Words of Life
Let them heal the broken-hearted

Lord, make me a servant
I'll wait on you hand and foot
Draw me close, let me know you
Let me touch your Heart
Let me be your prize creation

I am yours, I am yours
I've been bought with Life so precious
I am new
I'm brand new in you, my Jesus
I am yours, Yes, I'm yours
You hold all my life in your hand
And when I hear your Spirit calling me
I'll follow
Yes, I'll follow
Because I am yours

Lord, fill me with your Spirit
Baptize me in your love
Take the Fire from the altar
Let it touch my lips
And consume the darkness around me


There's not a day that goes by
That I don't remember, Lord You're faithful
There's not a moment in time
Without rhyme or reason in Your mind
So Lord help me rest
In You knowing best
I'll spend every breath letting You know that...

Oh Lord, I love You
Oh Lord, I praise You
Oh Lord, I worship You
With all my heart

There's not a place I can go
That You won't be with me, always with me
So I'll surrender my way
I'll surrender my life every day
So Lord help me rest
In You knowing best
I'll spend all my breath letting You know that...


You're my Lord God
And I will praise you forever
Ever will I let my song rise to you

I will sing unto a brand new song
Worship and praises raise from my heart all day long
For you are my God
And you are my King
Let praises ring

You're my Lord God
The heavens declare your glory
You are so mighty and Holy is your Name


He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High
He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High
Shall abide in the shadow of the Almighty
And he shall say
My God, in Him will I trust
In Him will I trust

Shall abide in the shadow of the Almighty
And he shall say
My God, in You will I trust
In You will I trust


I'll pick up my cross and follow You
Follow You, follow You
I'll pick up my cross and follow You
Jesus, lead the way

It was Your Blood that was shed for me
Let It flow now, set me free
And I'll pick up my cross and follow You
Jesus, lead the way
Jesus, lead the way


Standing at another threshold
Hearing Your voice call me to Your side
There's no other voice I'll follow
My Shepherd, You're the place that I abide
There's no reason I should tarry
Yesterday's gone, I must carry on
Though I don't know 'bout tomorrow
I know that we are headed straight for Home

Where else can drink Living Water
Where else can hear words of Life
How else can I know for sure
I'm traveling Your way
Unless I go
Unless I follow every step You take

Knowing there's no other doorway
Makes it clearer how to make a choice
Mostly in the secret, still place
I wait and work until I hear Your voice
How can I be down and fearful
Thinking I'm the one that needs to know
Why should I wonder why and worry
Knowing that my Shepherd loves me so


It is good to give thanks
Unto You, O my God
To sing praises to Thy name
O Most High
To show forth Thy love by morning
Thy faithfulness by night
To sing praises to Thy name
O Most High

Worthy, worthy is the name
Of the Lord, of the Lord
Worthy, worthy is the name
Of the Lord, of the Lord


God you're so good to me
You've always been so good to me
I'll sing it through eternity
God you're so good

I wanna sing your praise
All night long and every day
I'll stand and worship you
My whole life through

God you're so beautiful
You are so beautiful
Every day you're faithful
God you're so good

All songs © Clark Brothers Keepers

CREDITS (Spanish & English)


Terry y Nancy Clark
Con Los Hermanos Gutierrez

Arreglos y Produccion: Jeff Lams
Traducciones- Hermanos Gutierrez
excepto âEres Mi Señorâ Traducida por- Alex y Maria Mladineo

Asesores de lenguaje en studio: Hermanos Gutierrez
Asesor de lenguaje adiccional: Paula Otorola

Primeras Voces- Terry y Nancy Clark
Coros: Jose Luis Gutierrez, Arturo Gutierrez, Bill Batsone,
Nancy Clark, y Terry Clark.
Arreglos de Voces- Bill Batsone, Jeff Lams, y Hermanos Gutierrez
Piano, Teclados y Hammond B3- Jeff Lams
Bateria y Percusion- Dave Owens y Jeff Lams
Bajo- David Coy
Guitarras- Bob Somma
Requinto- Arturo Gutierrez
Cello- Cameron Stone

Grabacion de metales Studio, Mobile, Alabama
Arreglos de Metales- Tommy Vaughan
Trompeta- Tommy Vaughan
Trombon- Rodney Mills
Saxofon â Shane Philen

Grabacion de bases y overdubs
Sonikwire Studios, Irvine, CA
Ingenieros- Alex Bush y Chris Bahnsen
Aria Studios, Costa Mesa, CA
Ingeniero de grabacion- Jeff Lams y Jordan Lams
Grabacion de voces
Calvary Chapel Studios, Santa Ana, CA
Ingenieros: Jeff Lams y Dan Salas
Jasmine Sound, John Schriener, San Clemente, CA
Ingenieros de grabacion â Jeff Lams
Grabacion de las guitarras de Bob Somma
Lopaka Studios, San Juan Capistrano, CA
Ingeniero- Bob Somma

Mesclado y Masterizado por: Jeff Dykhouse
Worship Mix
Temecula CA

Encuentre las Letras de canciones en


Terry & Nancy Clark with the Gutierrez Brothers

Produced by Jeff Lams
Arrangements â Jeff Lams
Translations â The Gutierrez Brothers except Eres Mi Señor â translation by Alex & Maria Mladineo
In-studio language coaching â The Gutierrez Brothers
Additional coaching â Paula Otalora
Lead vocals â Terry & Nancy Clark
Background vocals â Jose Luis Gutierrez, Arturo Gutierrez, Bill Batstone, Nancy Clark, Terry Clark
Background vocal arrangements â Bill Batstone, Jeff Lams, The Gutierrez Brothers
Piano, Keyboards & Hammond B3 â Jeff Lams
Drums & Percussion â Dave Owens & Jeff Lams
Bass â David Coy
Guitars â Bob Somma
Requito Guitar â Arturo Gutierrez
Cello â Cameron Stone
Horn arrangements â Tommy Vaughan
Trumpet â Tommy Vaughan
Trombone â Rodney Mills
Sax â Shane Philen
Horns recorded at studio Mobile, Alabama
Basic tracks & overdubs recorded at Sonikwire Studios
17831 Sky Park Circle Suite K, Irvine, CA 92614 - 877-766-4555
Engineers â Alex Bush and 2nd engineer Chris Bahnsen

& Aria Studios
Engineer â Jeff Lams & Jordan Lams
Vocals recorded at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, 3232 West MacArthur Blvd, Santa Ana, CA 92704
Engineers â Jeff Lams & Dan Salas
Vocal overdubs recorded at Jasmine Sound, John W Schreiner
942 Calle Amanecer, Ste F, San Clemente CA 92673 - (949) 498-1883
Engineers â Jeff Lams
Bob Somma guitars recorded at Lopaka Studios
Engineer â Bob Somma
Mixed & Mastered by Jeff Dykhouse, WorshipMIX, Temecula, CA 951â¢698â¢5202

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