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After School Activities The Pros and Cons with MRR


Are after school activities necessary? How do I help my child in choosing an after school activity? What are after school activity programs? Can I plan after school activities at home? Where are the various after school activities available? How do I encourage my child to participate in after school activities? What are the guidelines for choosing an after school activity? How to strike a balance between school and after school activities?

These are just some questions that pop up into the mind of every parent who is aware of the importance of after school activities. And this is just the tip of the iceberg you would surely be having many more questions.

And its not easy to get the answer to all these questions at a single place. Often, hunting for the answers to these questions is a tough job and it becomes frustrating when you dont get any definitive answers.

This e-book is an effort to provide you with the answers to all the questions at one single place. In that sense, this e-book could be easily termed as the:


Dear Friend,

Every responsible parent is concerned about the growth and all round development of their children. Its the childrens problems, childrens education, childrens health, childrens career and everything that is related to or affects children, which causes the maximum concern to any parent. I know this from my own experience of being a mother of four children.

As a responsible parent, you look for not only the best school for your child buy also the best set of after school activities to complement the school education and aid in all round development of your child. Any decision that is related to children doesnt come through very easily. There are many ifs and buts associated with the decisions. You have to listen to what your child wants and you also have to ensure that they make the right choice in every sphere of life; and this applies to their choice of after school activities too.

Often, parents are seen in a dilemma over this issue of choosing (or rather helping the child in choosing) after school activities. Sometimes they themselves dont know much about after school activities and at other times they are not sure about what all considerations go into making of such a decision. Again, I have gone through this myself too; so, I know how one gets into a fix over such issues. This is what prompted me to write this e-book.

Every parent can use this e-book to resolve their dilemma over such issues and ensure that their child makes the right decision with respect to after school activities; and that he/ she gets the best opportunities for ALL ROUND DEVELOPMENT THROUGH AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITIES.

Play An Important Role In The Physical, Mental,
Social And Emotional Development Of A Child

Though After school activities can be used to refer to the whole gamut of activities that children engage in outside the school hours, it is generally used to refer to the activities (mostly evening activities) that help the children enjoy and utilize their time in a productive manner. After school activities play an important role in the all round development of children and adequate importance must be given to them by the parents and guardians.
Some parents and guardians focus just on school education and school activities, and pay no heed to after school activities of their children. They look for getting the best school education for their child but show no interest in what their child does after school. They leave the after school activities completely at the discretion of their children. But a child is a child and might not be able to plan his/ her after school activities in the best way.

Even though your child might not ask for your advice explicitly, most children do need the guidance of their parents in planning their after school activities. Moreover, how can any responsible parent pay no attention to this important aspect that helps in the all round development of their child?

However, in order to guide your child and help them plan their after school activities, you need to know the various considerations that go into such guidance and planning. The knowledge about these various considerations will help you in getting more conviction in the importance of having your child choose the right kind of after school activities. This is something that will help you in discussing the various after school activities with your child and even encourage him/ her to take up some really productive after school activities

And more ..

Need for after school activities

Parents have different views on after school activities. Some believe that after school activities are essential for the overall development of the child while others believe that after school activities help in proper utilization of the time (after school hours of the children). Experts believe that these activities are essential for the physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of the child:

Main factors to consider when helping your child choose an after school activity Part 1 (Strengths and weaknesses of the child)
The general advice is that you should allow your child to choose an after school activity by himself/ herself (since it is them who will be taking part in that after school activity). However, this does not mean that you should leave the decision completely to your child. A child is a child, after all; and children might not be able to make the best of the decision even on matters that concern them to the core. This means that your child does need your help in choosing an after school activity.

Even before you talk to your child about the after school activity and his choice of one, you should evaluate his/ her strengths, weaknesses, interests and overall growth.

Should the child be persuaded to continue with an after school activity?

After school activities are beneficial programs that are designed to put the after school hours of children to productive use. But many children want to step out of these activities (mainly because they think of after school activities as a second shift of their school). In such a scenario, should the child be persuaded to continue with the activity or should they be allowed to quit the after school activity?

Its a difficult question to answer and the answer will be different for different cases. Parents or Guardians have to themselves look for an answer to this question. For this, the parents or guardians need to carry out discussions with the child and understand the problems that the child is encountering.

It might just be the case that the child doesnt like that particular after school activity. But he or she might have find interest in some other after school activity. In such a case, there is no point in persuading the child to take up an activity in which he or she is not interested. They might not enjoy it and it could make them irritated.

Tips for encouraging a child to join after school activities After school activities are essential for the all round development of a child. However, they are many children who are not interested in these activities. Instead, they are often seen glued to the television or computer games etc.

Here are some tips that you can use to encourage your child to take up after school activities....

You should talk to your child, learn about his/ her interests and encourage them to work or play with you (i.e. participate in an activity). For example if your childs interests point to the suitability of craft work as an after school activity, you can think of a craft project and invite your child to help you on with that. This would encourage participation from your child (since most children like to emulate their parents).

And a lot more than that
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