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List Building Bully-Master Resell Rights

Its true, the gold is in the list...

Learn The Low Competition, High Results Way To Build A Super Responsive E-mail List Without All The Frustration & High Advertising Costs!

Build A Huge List Using These Simple Steps!
ebook cover
Is It True? Does Size Really matter?

Sorry to disappoint you, but it is in fact true. Size does matter!

Of course Im talking about the size of your e-mail list!

The fact is, if you have a little list, youre going to generate little profits.

If you have a big list, youre going to generate big profits and have more business security - a real business asset.

Its not really rocket science to understand but the task of actually building your list CAN seem very difficult at times.

Dont worry though, because there is good news...

Is Your List Performing The Way You Would Like?
Do You need More Subscribers?

Tuesday 11:06 AM

Dear Friend,

Is your mailing list as big as you would like it to be?

Do you get the response you plan to get when you mail out an advertisement or promotion to your mailing list?

If you answered no to either of those questions, youre in the right place because youre going to learn the secrets to building a huge mailing list. Youll also learn how to get that mailing list to buy your products!

If youve been struggling to get enough subscribers to make a difference in your business, this will change your business forever.

This is the most important list building letter every written.

Youre going to learn something that, up until now, has been kept under lock and key for very good reason...

The secrets ive personally used to build huge subscribers lists, exploit them for massive cash surges, and keep them responsive forever!

Youre going to learn everything Ive learned about building not only a big mailing list, but one that buys over and over again. cd image

Im talking about a mailing list that you can rely on to be responsive.

A mailing list that not only reads your message but spends money on your products, services, and offers.

A list of subscribers that love you, and does not delete your messages right away.

Youll learn everything I know about building a subscriber list that you can promote to over and over again.

It doesnt matter if you have little or no experience, you can do this! You just have to have a determination to succeed and the guidance I can give you!

You just follow my simple steps and youre on your way to creating a mailing list that you can continue to milk for money, over and over again.

If you already have a start on a list, Ill show you how to supercharge your efforts.

Youll learn the best tricks Ive discovered over my years building huge mailing lists that get big time results and generate big time income.

Have you noticed dwindling results in your list building activities or lower response for your current subscribers?

Are you new to list building all together?

Have you noticed your list building efforts declining as far as the effectiveness of bringing in new subscribers or leads?

Maybe youre new to your online business and you just have no clue where to start as far as building an effective mailing list. Hey, thats no big deal - weve all been there at some point when getting started.

The fact is, the recent boom in online business has created a highly competitive environment that makes building an email list hard.

This higher competition also makes it harder to get any kind of decent list building results and brings down overall conversion rates.

Thats a pretty hard thing to deal with considering youre in big trouble if you dont have a mailing list you can sell your products to!

You may have also noticed that when you do mail to your list, you see a decreased response rate versus those response rates you achieved just a couple of years ago. That means less money per mailing!

While this isnt always easy to accept, these are some of the effects of a more competitive marketplace on the Internet.

The Importance of List Building
And Why You Should care...

Dont Fall Into the trap of Saying
I Dont need A List!

Some people say things like I dont need a mailing list or Ill be just fine without subscribers I can mail to, which is probably one of the biggest flat out misconceptions Ive ever heard someone say.

Sadly, many people who say things like this do it with a big time false sense of security in their businesses.

before you start jumping to conclusions, let me explain in great detail what I mean with a real list example...

Lets say you get all the traffic you need. Youre generating 10,000 visitors a month, and generating hundreds of sales.

Your business is in good financial shape and it would seem that you dont need a mailing list to keep your business successful. Thats a fair thing to assume for most people who are getting a decent amount of traffic.

Now heres where it gets scary...

The 10,000 visitors a month your business is getting is coming form Google who loves your website, at least for the time being.

But what happens if Google changes their algorithm, or ranking procedures, and your business goes down in the rankings, cutting your visitors to 500 visitors a month?

Can you say out of business overnight?

So how does having a mailing list help?...

A Responsive Mailing list is the ultimate profit guaranteeing asset you Can possibly have in your business!

The scenario you heard above is pretty scary. After all, what would it feel like to be out of business that fast? I know it would be a heartbreaking affair if I had to deal with something like that.

The reason I told you that story was to emphasize the value of a high quality mailing list in your business and why you need one.

If you have a mailing list, you can mail it and generate traffic, sales, and income in your business on demand, whenever you want.

That means that even if Google shuts your traffic off completely, you can still generate income from your web business while you rebuild. Its as simple as shooting off a message to your mailing list!

Thats huge!

And if youre starting a new business, its vital that you get off on the right foot from the beginning and build a mailing list that you can generate a relationship with. This will give you business security right from the beginning on top of the higher profits youll get from repeatedly selling products to your subscribers!

Having a mailing list gives YOU the power to generate income rather than being at the mercy of some search engine! Thats power!

Are You Ready To Build A Mailing List?

Would you like to generate subscribers and then turn those subscribers into cold, hard cash?

Sure you would! But most people are confused as to where to get started and how to build a quality mailing list.

That confusion is going to be completely cleared today! I would like to introduce you to something very special...

The Ultimate List Building Course!
List Building Bullyflat

If youve want to learn how to build a massive mailing list, the List Building Bully course is your ticket to success!

Youll discover everything I know about building a highly responsive mailing list, even if you have no experience!

Youll learn how to create a high converting squeeze page quickly.

Youll also learn how to ensure you get the best response on traffic you send to your brand new squeeze page.

I also go over generating targeted traffic to build your list! If you dont have traffic, you cant generate subscribers!

After all this, you learn about maintenance, management, mailing, and all of the other vital aspects of running your new list.

I also cover things like generating income with your list, increasing conversions, and many other important subscriber getting tricks.

As you can see, nothing is left to chance. You learn everything that Ive discovered in my journey of going form no list, to having a huge, highly responsive mailing list that I can mail to over and over again!

This is where you are going to put your testimonial. The best way to obtain a testimonial is to ask a close family member or friend to review your product and share his or her opinion on it.

Write down what they say and make sure that they dont mind you using their name on your website.

This sales letter only has two testimonial boxes so finding a family member or two to offer some feedback should be easy.

Once you start generating customers, you can ask for testimonials from them and add them to this site creating even more credibility!

~Customer Name

The List Building Bully course is loaded with all of the information you need to start building a high quality list today - not a month from now.

If you dont know how to generate traffic, convert the traffic, create a squeeze page, or manage your list, youll learn it all here.

After going through the course, you will be ready to get started building your own income generating mailing list immediately!

Here is just some of what is covered in the list building bully book:

* how to setup a quality squeeze page quickly and easily.

* the secrets of generating traffic to a squeeze page and turning them into subscribers.

* management, maintenance, and money making with your list.

* the best way to pull income from your mailing list Quickly.

* how to start building a mailing list as soon as tonight On the Cheap!

* extremely easy to setup, fast to implement, and results oriented.

Of course this is just a small sampling of what youre going to get in the complete list building bully course.

Nothing is left uncovered!

Its time you had a huge e-mail list!
Its easy To Do And Fast To put into action!

Courses like this always sell for a fortune when you see them released. You probably already know this just by watching the launches that seem to hit our market more than a boxing glove to a face.

However, youll be glad to know that you dont have to pay a fortune for the List Building Bully course.

In fact, the price is a low $17.95. Thats right, less than the cost of a movie and a bucket of popcorn for one!

Just order today to lock in this low price and youll also get instant access to something else youre going to love.

Actually, youre going to get access to THREE high value bonuses that will help you make more cold, hard cash from your online business!
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