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Working From Home selling E-Books and Doing surveys

I like every other person on the planet would like to do more with my time and money. In fact like most people I have a job, I have hobbies and I like to have fun. However as you get older you suddenly start having less fun, whether its lack of time or lack of money or more responsibility. Hence about 6 months ago I decided I wanted a change. I not only wanted to work for my self but I also wanted to earn more than I currently was earning in my full time.

I wanted maximum results from minimal time. So what did I do? Well I didnt do much but I came across Ebay. Ebay was the
largest and most important component of this whole puzzle. Its fantastic as you will know. I mean you can buy pretty much anything you want and at a pretty good price too. Right so now you are wondering why is he telling me this, you already knew this right. Well yes you already know this but its important for me to emphasis that without ebay you could not do what I am telling you to do. I can tell you that with certainty.

Ok so lets move on as this paragraph is supposed to be about me and how I found this opportunity. Lets take it back about 12 months. I was around 25 then and I had just started buying on ebay. I enjoyed it so very much that I decided to start up my own business. What does everyone do when you say the word business, well in my experience they try to find something to buy (usually sourcing it from a wholesaler) and then try to sell it on at a higher price. This is what trade is about and this is what a business is. Well I continued on with this idea of buying and selling products for a few months realising that its a load of rubbish. There were a few problems:

1.) The wholesalers were too expensive hence profit margins in a business where you are buying and selling real products was terrible

2.) Ebay is a cool place but its just not suited to selling new products, or selling anything that is available to everyone. E.g. selling Nike trainers is difficult because of the huge amount of competition. The amount of people trying to sell the same thing is huge. Also people with loads of money already have an advantage over you because they can buy huge amounts of stock and just drive the price down. A normal person like me can only afford a couple of hundred pounds worth of stuff at any time. Not to mention the retail shops you obviously are also in competition with them : (

3.) The other problem I noticed was that often you have the wholesalers selling directly on ebay so you can never really offer a bargain to your customers. You will never have the lowest price. So after learning the hard way I realised that

a) Ebay is not good at selling new products (I cannot emphasis how true this is in most of the cases, although there are some exceptions which I will discuss later)
b) You need to be the producer of a unique product. This way you can charge a unique price for a unique product which is yours and no one elses. No need for those wholesalers and those high prices.

I hope you are still with me because some important points are coming up. At this point I was doomed. I thought to my self. How the hell do I come up with my own product, how the hell can I do that , I would need a factory or something for that and loads of money to start such an operation up. Well thats when it clicked. I realised my biggest mistake. The mistake of thinking that things you sell are always tangible real objects. It suddenly just occurred to me why people buy things. People dont buy something for no reason, people buy things because it solves a problem for them.

They are willing to pay you a certain amount of money for solving their problem, their dilemma , their issue so that they can
continue on with their lives. So when someone buys a toy car from you, its not just because they like the car but its because it might be solving the problem of getting a gift for their son or daughter for their birthday, when someone goes on holiday they buy a package deal because it satisfies their recreational instinct, it allows them to have fun, or just gets the family who is nagging him/her for that holiday of his/her back. The examples are countless but if you really think about it and I suggest you do, you will notice that people will pay you to solve their problems.

The beauty about this is that often you dont require a real life tangible product a lot of the times its just information they require. When I first came up with this conclusion I thought Naaaah now way will someone pay me for some information. Thats just plain stupid. My brain was telling me I was stupid but my experiences of life and selling tangible real products on EBay was telling me otherwise.

So what did I do, simple, I put my idea to the test just like any scientist would. I thought about how I could help people what I could provide to customers that they would be willing to pay for. Then it occurred to me. Why not sell the names and addresses of all those wholesale suppliers I was using when I was selling real products on ebay.

Ok so why did I think that selling these contact details might be profitable. Well to do this you have to pretend you are the consumer. I reminded my self of how long it took me to initially gather these contacts when I was starting out my business a year ago and when I thought about it I realised that it took me a couple of days of searching on the web and calling up people and really doing some serious research to get those contacts in the first place, so I thought to myself heck if was back at the beginning would I have paid someone to have all those contacts handed to me on a plate. The answer was a definitive yes.

So what happened I put my little E-Books together and put it up on ebay. You wont believe this but I sold like 50 in 10 days from a single auction. I made 200 GBP for doing nothing. I just put the document together from my experiences and to this day that ebook is still making me good money. I would say that its made me over 3000 GBP over the last 6 months. It was a top seller and still is now imagine having 4 similar products which I actually do have now so in 6 months you have just earned yourself 3000 * 4 = 12,000 GBP, now thats a serious side income and you havent even spent that much time to earn it, most of it is automated and the money is just
flowing into your account. Dont forget thats for 6 months in 12 months you are looking at around 24,000. You can clearly see that you can build your income incrementally by adding new ebooks to your product catalogue every week. Of course some will sell well others will not but they all make you profit and it all adds up Trust me on that.

The package i advertised at the start is for 1000's upon 1000's of ebooks to resell and make load and loads of money, imagine just sell each ebook once and you get 1000's of pounds. But here's the best bit, because they are E-Books they can be sold as many times as you wish, its great.

Any way you can see where I am going with this now. Information sells because information is a product. Its a product because it solves some fundamental problem in some ones life. As soon as you realize this you will come to understand that business is not just tangible products but any service that solves another persons problems. Of course it has to be something that they cannot do easily themselves and the more difficult it is for them to do for themselves the higher the price you can charge for that information, but even simple services like my games wholesale list (provided in the exclusive offer above) sell so it doesnt have to be really really difficult.

Ok so that single thought process and way of looking at a business has got me where I am today. I am earning well over 2000GBP in automated ebook sales a month, I am also making money from completing online surveys ( we will come to this soon), and lastly I am making a decent income from drop shipping.(Again we will come to this shortly). I am currently aiming to increase my monthly income to 3000- 4000 GBP. Even this ebook was created on the same principles I have been telling you about as I am essentially packaging my knowledge into a service and this service is coming to you in the form of an ebook. My knowledge and information is going to solve a problem in your life, I dont know exactly what it is or was but you probably do I am making money from my experience and knowledge and thats what I am going to teach you to do. Teaching you to do this is more about understanding the concepts and ideas of this business so that you can reapply it again and again in your own life. You will have your own experiences and ideas so will be selling your own ebooks but the main thing is to appreciate that information does sell and it sells well.

This is where ebay comes into it. Ebay at any one point in time has something like 6 million browsers online worldwide looking to buy something. Now because ebooks dont fetch a large value you are really relying on selling huge numbers of books and without the member base of ebay you could never do this, so appreciate what you have in front of you. Ebay is a monster selling portal, you no longer have to search for customers they are already out there and you know exactly where to find these hungry customers, there sitting there in front of Ebay. And the beauty about selling information is that people from all over the world will be interested in that information since its very rare for information to be region specific.

Ok I have bored you enough with my chit chat and I am sure you get the jist of my finding. It may sound like common sense but I have formalized it and its working for me and will work for you. Now that we have laid the foundations we will get to the actual web sites and details of how to get started. The Details Ok I mentioned in my ebay ad that there are three ways to make money from home using information. The next few sections will go into each one giving you everything
you need to know to get started.

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